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Polling Station List Jammu East Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Jammu East

The Jammu East assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Jammu district. Know the names of polling booths inside Jammu East assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Dounthaly A - M
2Dounthaly B - M
3Dounthaly C - M
4Kachi Chown A - M
5Kachi Chowni B - M
6Kachi Chowni C - M
7Kachi Chowni D - M
8Chowgan Salathian - M
9Pacci Dhaki A - M
10Pacci Dhaki B - M
11Pacci Dhaki C - M
12Julakha Mohalla A - M
13Julakha Mohalla B - M
14Julakha Mohalla C - M
15Juloaka Mohalla D - M
16Julakha Mohalla E - M
17Julakha Mohalla F - M
18Mast Garh A - M
19Mast Garh B - M
20Mast Garh C - M
21Mast Garh D - M
22Purani Mandi A - M
23Purani Mandi B - M
24Mohalla Acharjian - M
25Bhabarian - M
26Patel Chowk A - M
27Patel Chowk B - M
28Kali Jani A - M
29Kali Jani B - M
30Kali Jani C - M
31Kachi Chowani I - M
32Kachi Chowani Ii - M
33Kachi Chowani Iii - M
34Pacca Danga - M
35Prade Ground - M
36Pharian A - M
37Pharian B - M
38Malhotrian A - M
39Malhotrian B - M
40Malhotrian C - M
41Malhotrian D - M
42Devi Dwara - M
43Khumharan - M
44Pir Mitha A - M
45Pir Mitha B - M
46Pir Mitha C - M
47Dalpatian A - M
48Dalpatian B - M
49Dalpatian C - M
50Dalpatian D - M
51Panj Bakntar A - M
52Panj Bakntar B - M
53Partap Garh A - M
54Partap Garh B - M
55Gummat - M
56Ragunath Pura A - M
57Ragunath Pura B - M
58Talab Khatikan A - M
59Talab Khatikan B - M
60Talab Khatikan C - M
61Talab Khatikan D - M
62Gandu Chowni A - M
63Gandu Chowni B - M
64Gandu Chowni C - M
65Jogi Gate A - M
66Jogi Gate B - M
67Jogi Gate C - M
68Jogi Gate D - M
69Jogi Gate E - M
70Jogi Gate F - M
71Gujjar Nagar A - M
72Gujjar Nagar B - M
73Gujjar Nagar C - M
74Rani Mandir - M
75Chand Nagar A - M
76Chand Nagar B - M
77Company Bagh A - M
78Company Bagh B - M
79Company Bagh C - M
80Mohalla Tawi Par A - M
81Mohalla Tawi Par B - M
82Mohalla Tawi Par C - M

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