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Polling Station List Bijbehara Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Bijbehara

The Bijbehara assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Anantnag district. Know the names of polling booths inside Bijbehara assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Khiram A - M
2Khiram B - M
3Khiram C - M
4Khiram D - M
5Khiram E - M
6Sirhama A - M
7Sirhama B - M
8Sirhama C - M
9Sirhama D - M
10Nowshehra - M
11Shaligam A - M
12Shala Gam B - M
13Waghama A - M
14Waghama B - M
15Waghama C - M
16Waghama D - M
17Sather Satgar - M
18Sather Satgar A - M
19Marhama A - M
20Marhama B - M
21Marhama C - M
22Marhama D - M
23Marhama E - M
24Marhama F - M
25Marhama G - M
26Marhama H - M
27?Opzan A - M
28Opzan B - M
29Kandipora - M
30Bijbehara A - M
31Bijbehara B - M
32Bijbehara C - M
33Bijbehara D - M
34Bijbehara E - M
35Bijbehara F - M
36Bijbehara G - M
37Bijbehara H - M
38Bijbehara I - M
39Bijbehara J - M
40Bijbehara K - M
41Bijbehara Ki - M
42Bijbehara L - M
43Dupatyar - M
44Takiyabal - M
45Zarpara - M
46Zirpara A - M
47Khasee Tengh A - M
48Katri Tengh - M
49Thajiwara - M
50Krandigam B - M
51Gadiseer A - M
52Batagund - M
53Veeri A - M
54Veeri B - M
55Guree A - M
56Guree B - M
57Adder - M
58Banderpora A - M
59Banderpora B - M
60Kanelwan A - M
61Kanelwan B - M
62Kanelwan C - M
63Chandipora - M
64Bewoora - M
65Hatigam A - M
66Hatigam B - M
67Mehind A - M
68Mehind B - M
69Khush Roi Kalan A - M
70Khush Roi Kalan B - M
71Katoo - M
72Satkipora - M
73Darigund - M
74Viday - M
75Nowbugh - M
76Arbugh A - M
77Rakhi Chee - M
78Nanil A - M
79Nanil B - M
80Nanil C - M
81Mattipora - M
82Matipora A - M
83Mattan A - M
84Mattan B - M
85Mattan C - M
86Mattan D - M
87Mattan E - M
88Mattan F - M
89Mattan G - M
90Mattan H - M
91Mattan I - M
92Faqirpora - M
93Faqirpora A - M
94Shamsipora - M
95Hutmuraha A - M
96Hutmuraha B - M
97Bona Nambal A - M
98Bona Nambal B - M
99Poshkreeri A - M
100Posh Kreeri B - M
101Hugam A - M
102Hugam B - M
103Hugam C - M
104Akoora A - M
105Akoora B - M
106Akoora C - M
107Panard Kasnard - M
108Dadoo - M
109Gantlipora - M
110Nanil D - M
111Mattan J - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014