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Polling Station List Batamaloo Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Batamaloo

The Batamaloo assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Srinagar district. Know the names of polling booths inside Batamaloo assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Gund Hassibhat A - M
2Gund Hassibhat B - M
3Gund Hassibhat C - M
4Zainakote A - M
5Zainakote B - M
6Zainakote C - M
7Zainakote D - M
8Zainakote E - M
9Zainakote F - M
10Zainakote G - M
11Malroo A - M
12Malroo B - M
13Malroo C - M
14Shalateng A - M
15Shalateng B - M
16Shalateng C - M
17Mujagund A - M
18Mujagund B - M
19Lawaypora - M
20Khushipora A - M
21Khushipora B - M
22Khushipora C - M
23Tankanwaripora - M
24Bakshipora A - M
25Bakshipora B - M
26Parimpora A - M
27Parimpora B - M
28Parimpora C - M
29Parimpora D - M
30Parimpora E - M
31Barthana A - M
32Barthana B - M
33Barthana C - M
34Barthana D - M
35Arampora A - M
36Arampora B - M
37Rampora A - M
38Rampora B - M
39Rampora C - M
40Sherikashmir Colony A - M
41Sherikashmir Colony B - M
42Rampora D - M
43Police Colony Qammerwari - M
44Bemina A - M
45Bemina B - M
46Bemina C - M
47Bemina D - M
48Bemina E - M
49Bemina F - M
50Bemina G - M
51Bemina H - M
52Bemina I - M
53Bemina J - M
54Bemina K - M
55Bemina L - M
56Bemina M - M
57Bemina N - M
58Bemina O - M
59Bemina P - M
60Bemina Q - M
61Bemina R - M
62Bemina S - M
63Bemina T - M
64Bemina U - M
65Bemina V - M
66Bemina W - M
67Bemina X - M
68Qammerwari A - M
69Qammerwari B - M
70Qammerwari C - M
71Qammerwari D - M
72Guzarbal A - M
73Guzarbal B - M
74Guzarbal C - M
75Patlipora Payeen - M
76Patlipora Bala A - M
77Patlipora Bala B - M
78Bagiyas A - M
79Bagiyas B - M
80Chana Mohalla A - M
81Chana Mohalla B - M
82Zamin Bagiyas - M
83Danawari - M
84Mughal Mohalla - M
85Baghi Nand Singh A - M
86Baghi Nand Singh B - M
87Baghisunder Payeen A - M
88Baghisunder Payeen B - M
89Baghisunder Bala A - M
90Baghisunder Bala B - M
91Nalbandpora A - M
92Nalbandpora B - M
93Wattal Kadal - M
94Karan Nagar A - M
95Karan Nagar B - M
96Karan Nagar C - M
97Karan Nagar D - M
98Karan Nagar E - M
99Suthrashahi A - M
100Suthrashahi B - M
101Nursing Garh A - M
102Nursing Garh B - M
103Guru Bazar - M
104Chota Bazar A - M
105Chota Bazar B - M
106Chota Bazar C - M
107Shaheed Gunj A - M
108Shaheed Gunj B - M
109Shaheed Gunj C - M
110Shergari - M
111Batmaloo A - M
112Batmaloo B - M
113Batmaloo C - M
114Batmaloo D - M
115Batmaloo E - M
116Batmaloo F - M
117Batmaloo G - M
118Batmaloo H - M
119Batmaloo I - M
120Batmaloo J - M
121Lachmanpora A - M
122Lachmanpora B - M
123Lachmanpora C - M
124Lachmanpora D - M
125Lachmanpora E - M
126Lachmanpora F - M
127Baranpather Batmaloo A - M
128Baranpather Batmaloo B - M
129Magarmal Bagh A - M
130Magarmal Bagh B - M
131Haft Chinar - M
132Haft Chinar Baranpather - M
133Allochibagh A - M
134Allochibagh B - M
135Allochibagh C - M
136Shalpora A - M
137Shalpora B - M
138Firdousabad A - M
139Firdousabad B - M
140Firdousabad C - M
141Firdousabad D - M
142Tengpora A - M
143Tengpora B - M
144Bonapora A - M
145Bonapora B - M
146Mahrajpora - M
147Solina Payeen A - M
148Solina Payeen B - M
149Solina Payeen C - M
150Solina Bala - M
151Gogjibagh A - M
152Gogjibagh B - M
153Wazirbagh A - M
154Wazirbagh B - M
155Wazirbagh C - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014