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Polling Station List Bandipur Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Bandipur

The Bandipur assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Bandipur district. Know the names of polling booths inside Bandipur assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Kehnoosa A - M
2Kehnoosa B - M
3Zurimanz - M
4Ashtangoo A - M
5Ashtangoo B - M
6Benlipora A - M
7Benlipora B - M
8Benlipora C - M
9Aloosa A - M
10Aloosa B - M
11Aloosa C - M
12Aloosa D - M
13Malangam A - M
14Malangam B - M
15Malangam C - M
16Malangam D - M
17Kema - M
18Quil A - M
19Quil B - M
20Muqam A - M
21Muqam B - M
22Mangnipora - M
23Turkapora - M
24Turkapora - M
25Onagam A - M
26Onagam B - M
27Onagam C - M
28Patushay A - M
29Patushay B - M
30Laharwalpora - M
31Laharwalpora - M
32Qazipora - M
33Qazipora A - M
34Watapoa A - M
35Watpora B - M
36Panjigam - M
37Kaloosa A - M
38Kaloosa B - M
39Kaloosa C - M
40Kaloosa D - M
41Nathpora - M
42Lawapora - M
43Khayar - M
44Mantrigam A - M
45Mantrigam Ai - M
46Mantrigam B - M
47Mantrigam C - M
48Chandaji - M
49Sonarwani - M
50Chakreshipora - M
51Ajar - M
52Ayatmulah Anayatpora - M
53Ayatmulah Anayatpora - M
54Ahami Shareef - M
55Buthoo - M
56Bonakoot A - M
57Bonakoot B - M
58Bonakoot C - M
59Bonakoot D - M
60Bonakoot E - M
61Bonakoot F - M
62Aathwatoo - M
63Weavan - M
64Nowpora A - M
65Nowpora B - M
66Kharpora - M
67Dachigam - M
68Bandipora A - M
69Bandipora B - M
70Bandipora C - M
71Bandipora D - M
72Bandipora E - M
73Bandipora F - M
74Nusoo A - M
75Nusoo B - M
76Lankreshipora - M
77Papachan - M
78Mader - M
79Gundi Qasiar - M
80Kunan Baba Gund - M
81Chaki Arsala Khan - M
82Gamroo - M
83Gundpora Rampora - M
84Gundpora Rampora - M
85Lowdara - M
86Takya Ahmad Shah - M
87Arin A - M
88Arin Ai - M
89Arin B - M
90Arin Bi - M
91Arin C - M
92Shamthan - M
93Sumlar A - M
94Sumlar B - M
95Sumlar C - M
96Chuntimulla - M
97Kudara - M
98Sirandar - M
99Nadihal A - M
100Nadihal B - M
101Kulhama - M
102Gund Dachina - M
103Brar - M
104Chittaybanday A - M
105Chittaybanday B - M
106Chittibanday Bi - M
107Chittaybanday C - M
108Chattaybanday D - M
109Aragam A - M
110Aragam B - M
111Garoora A - M
112Garoora Ai - M
113Garoora B - M
114Ajas A - M
115Ajas B - M
116Ajas C - M
117Ajas D - M
118Ajas E - M
119Ajas F - M
120Bazipora A - M
121Bazipora B Ajas - M
122Ajas G - M
123Saderkote Payeen A - M
124Saderkote Payeen B - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014