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Polling Station List Akhnoor Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Akhnoor

The Akhnoor assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jammu and Kashmir state falls under the Jammu district. Know the names of polling booths inside Akhnoor assembly with their polling station numbers.

Polling Station No.Polling Station
1Saliote - M
2Hardo Malwara - M
3Hardo Malwara - M
4Jhang - M
5Ghar - M
6Dhanna Dhano - M
7Dhanna Ambo Shani - M
8Budhi Charpai - M
9Choura A - M
10Chohda A - M
11Bandral Khurd - M
12Gangal - M
13Latheri - M
14Gheur - M
15Manoh - M
16Kathar - M
17Dhara - M
18Gosan - M
19Jakh - M
20Noor Jagir - M
21Mandrian - M
22Rehani - M
23Mera Jagir - M
24Mundh - M
25Narri A - M
26Narri B - M
27Godhan - M
28Balgara - M
29Payan - M
30Barui - M
31Kandi - M
32Barola - M
33Gandharwan - M
34Kotli Hari Singh - M
35Gandharwan B - M
36Gandharwan B One - M
37Bharda Kalan - M
38Sungal A - M
39Sungal B - M
40Sungal C - M
41Sungal C One - M
42Sungal D - M
43Sungal E - M
44Sungal F - M
45Sungal F One - M
46Mawa Karora - M
47Palwan - M
48Pangiari Gopala A - M
49Pangiari Gopala B - M
50Badgal Kalan - M
51Dhok Jagir - M
52Jamotian - M
53Manani - M
54Mawa Brahmana - M
55Mawa Brahmana A - M
56Panjgrain - M
57Gurah Jagir A - M
58Gurah Jagir A One - M
59Chak Kirpalpur A - M
60Chak Kirpalpur B - M
61Bhalwal Brahmana - M
62Bhalwal Brahmana A - M
63Bheri Tarai - M
64Jadh - M
65Chak Bhagwana - M
66Rajwal - M
67Dhak Khalsa A - M
68Dhak Khalsa B - M
69Rakh Dhok C - M
70Rakh Dhok C One - M
71Rakh Dhok D - M
72Rakh Dhok D One - M
73Bandowal Mandiwala - M
74Bandowal Mandiwala A - M
75Bandowal - M
76Muthi - M
77Mera - M
78Mera - M
79Kot Garhi - M
80Gurah Brahmana - M
81Gurah Brahmana B - M
82Gurah Brahmana C - M
83Dasgal - M
84Dasgal - M
85Sunail - M
86Bandral Kalan - M
87Bandral Kalan - M
88Akhnoor A - M
89Akhnoor B - M
90Akhnoor C - M
91Akhnoor D - M
92Akhnoor E - M
93Akhnoor F - M
94Akhnoor G - M
95Akhnoor G One - M
96Ambaran - M
97Ambaran - M
98Targwal A - M
99Targwal B - M
100Devipur A - M
101Devipur B - M
102Chak Badyalan - M
103Bamal - M
104Kaink Jagir Sohal - M
105Kaink Jagir Sohal - M
106Garkhal A - M
107Garkhal B - M
108Lehrian - M

Last Updated on December 01, 2014