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Ministry of Defence

Nirmala Sitharaman is the Current Defence Minister of India

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is associated with co-ordinating and managing all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national security and the Indian armed forces and has the largest budget of the federal departments of India. It is headed by the Defence Minister who is supported by a Minister of State for Defence and the lower-ranked Deputy Minister of Defence. Baldev Singh was the first Defence Minister of India. The position has been previously held by people like Pranab Mukherjee, George Fernandes, Jaswant Singh, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Sharad Pawar. Nirmala Sitharaman is at present handling charge of the Defence Ministry.

List of Defence Ministers of India

S. NoNameFromToPolitical Party
1Nirmala SitharamanSept 04, 2017IncumbentBharatiya Janata Party
2Arun JaitleyMarch 13, 2017Sept 4, 2017Bharatiya Janata Party
3Manohar ParrikarNov 09, 2014March 13, 2017Bharatiya Janata Party
4Arun JaitleyMay 27, 2014Nov 08, 2014Bharatiya Janata Party
5A.K. AntonyOct 24, 2006May 26, 2014Indian National Congress
6Pranab MukherjeeMay 23, 2004Oct 24, 2006Indian National Congress
7George FernandesOct 15, 2001May 22, 2004Samata Party
8Jaswant SinghMarch 16, 2001Oct 14, 2001Bharatiya Janata Party
9George FernandesMar 19, 1998March 15, 2001Samata Party
10Mulayam Singh YadavJun 1, 1996Mar 19, 1998Samajwadi Party
11Pramod MahajanMay 17, 1996May 31, 1996Bharatiya Janata Party
12P. V. Narasimha RaoMar 05, 1993May 16, 1996Indian National Congress
13Sharad PawarJun 26, 1991Mar 05, 1993Indian National Congress
14P. V. Narasimha RaoJune 21, 1991Jun 25, 1991Samajwadi Janata Party
15Chandra ShekharNov 21, 1990Jun 20, 1991Samajwadi Janata Party
16V. P. SinghDec 06, 1989Nov 10, 1990Janata Dal
17K. C. PantApril 18, 1987Dec 03, 1989Indian National Congress
18V. P. SinghJan 15, 1987April 12, 1987Indian National Congress
19Rajiv GandhiSept 25, 1985Jan 24, 1987Indian National Congress
20P. V. Narasimha RaoJan 01, 1985Sept 24, 1985Indian National Congress
21Shankarrao ChavanAug 01, 1984Dec 31, 1984Indian National Congress
22R. VenkataramanJan 15, 1982Aug 01, 1984Indian National Congress
23Indira GandhiJan 14, 1980Jan 15, 1982Indian National Congress
24Chidambaram SubramaniamJul 30, 1970Jan 14, 1980Janata Party
25Jagjivan RamMar 28, 1977Jul 27, 1979Janata Party
26Bansi LalDec 21, 1975Mar 24, 1977Indian National Congress
27Indira GandhiDec 01,1975Dec 21, 1975Indian National Congress
28Sardar Swaran SinghOct 10, 1974Dec 01, 1975Indian National Congress
29Jagjivan RamJune 27, 1970Oct 10, 1974Indian National Congress
30Sardar Swaran SinghNov 13, 1966June 27, 1970Indian National Congress
31Yashwantrao ChavanNov 21, 1962Nov 13, 1966Indian National Congress
32Pandit Jawahar Lal NehruNov 01, 1962Nov 21, 1962Indian National Congress
33V. K. Krishna MenonApril 17, 1957Nov 01, 1962Indian National Congress
34Pandit Jawahar Lal NehruJan 30, 1957April 17, 1957Indian National Congress
35Kailash Nath KatjooJan 10, 1955Jan 30, 1957Indian National Congress
36Pandit Jawahar Lal NehruJan 27, 1953Jan 10, 1955Indian National Congress
37N. Gopal Swamy AyangarMay 13, 1952Feb 10, 1953Indian National Congress
38Baldev SinghAug 15, 1947May 15, 1952Indian National Congress

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