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Polling Booth in St. Andre Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in St. Andre

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the St. Andre Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. St. Andre Assembly Constituency falls under the St. Andre Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary & Middle School CurcaCurca, Bambolim : Gujrebhat, Talaulim, Copril, Santan, Central Santan, Santan
2 Govt. Primary School. GawalimoulaGawalimoula, Bambolim : Santan, Talaulim, Churchwaddo, Santan, Vernekar Wado, Santan, Gawalim Moula, Huntha
3 Govt. Primary & Middle School CurcaCurca, Bambolim : Canturlim, Curca, Confribhat, Curca, Arcar, Curca, Azad Co-Op. Housing Society, Curca, Gaonkarwado, Curca, Kendriya Vidyala Staff Quarters, Curca, B.S.N.L. Staff Quarters, Bambolim
4 Govt. Primary School. WadwadWadwad Bambolim : Wadwad, Curca, Moulebhat, Curca, Gaunkarwado, Curca
5 Balwadi Premises, ArcarArcar Curca : Confribhat, Curca, Canturlim, Curca
6 Govt. Primary School BambolimBambolim : Old Bambolim, Bambolim, All India Radio Quarters, Bambolim
7 Govt. Primary School PirbhatPirbhat Bambolim : Pirbhat, Bambolim, Nauxim Village, Bambolim
8 P.W.D. Office, G.M.C. Complex, CanturlimCanturlim Bambolim : G.M.C. Quarters, Bambolim, Gomeco Housing Society, Bambolim, Cpwd Quarters, Bambolim, Defence Civilian Quarters, Bambolim
9 Govt. Primary School. SiridaoSiridao : Bhatan, Jesus Nazareth, Jesus Nazareth, Siridao, Modlowado (Beach Side), Siridao, Jesus Nazareth (Near Chapel), Siridao, Connu, Jesus Nazareth
10 Govt. Primary School. PaliemPaliem Siridao : Purter, Paliem, Deulwado, Paliem, Vallar, Palem, Diwar, Palem
11 Govt. Primary School., PaliemPaliem Siridao : Ortant, Paliem, Orchawado, Paliem, Chowken, Palem
12 V.P. SiridaoSiridao : Tariwada, Paliem, Modlowado, Siridao, Firguembhat, Siridao, Pudden, Siridao
13 V.P. Ghar Batim (Balwadi)Batim : Balwadi, Portel Bhat, Milagres Chapel, Vodlem Bhat, Mudsai, Vodlem Bhat, Ruma Bhat, Romabhatwado, Bondir, Roma Bhat Wado, Kharvet, Seveskai Waddo, Bando Bhat, Seveskai Bhat, Near Holy Cross Chapel, Seveskai Waddo
14 Govt. Primary School., Gaonkar WaddoGaonkar Waddo, Batim : Batim Centre, Portel Bhat, Chinel Bhat, Portel Bhat, Portel Bhat, Batim, Near Goan Food, Gaonkar Waddo, Gaonkar Waddo, Batim, Maina Wado, Batim
15 Govt. Primary School. MainaMaina, Batim : Near Holy Cross, Maina Batim, Near Sluice Gate, Maina, Gancim Moula, Moula Waddo, Near Sateri Temple, Moula Waddo, Zarichem Bhat, Maina
16 Govt. Primary School., DandoDando, Goa Velha : Zorichen Bhat, Pilar, Sinari Bhat, Pilar, Near Society Of Pilar, Pilar, Radhan Bhat, Dando
17 Office of Provedoria Asst. Public, DandoDando : Provedoria Quarters, Goa Velha, Bhangarbai Waddo, Goa Velha, Near P.A.P., Dando, Mascarenhas Waddo, Goa Velha
18 Govt. Primary School., ForgottemForgottem, Goa Velha : Opposite P.A.P (Old Age), Firguem Bhat, Near Popular English School, Firguem Bhat, Silva Waddo, Goa Velha, St. Francis Waddo, Goa Velha
19 Govt. Primary School., ForgottemForgottem, Goa Velha : Forgotem, Goa Velha, Near Govt. Primary School, Forgotem Goa Velha, Uddi Wado, Goa Velha
20 Popular English High School Forgottem, Goa VelhaForgottem, Goa Velha : Goa Velha, Saleri, Dias Waddo, Goa Velha
21 Peoples House (Casa De Pova) ForgottemForgottem, Goa Velha : Morgado Waddo, Goa Velha, Zuari, Goa Velha
22 Govt. Primary School. Agacaim Tryceum Classes, Mercurim Baixo De IgrejaMercurim Baixo De Igreja : Near St. Lawrence Church, Baixo De Igreja, Market Area, Baixo De Igreja
23 Govt. Primary School. MercurimMercurim : Mercurim Grande, Agacaim
24 Govt. Primary School., MercurimNr. Mercurim Panchayat : Mercurim Pequeno, Agacaim
25 St. Lawrence High School, AgacaimAgacaim : Dandi, Agacaim, Sholom Area, Agacaim, Padri Bhat, Agacaim, Padri Bhat, -
26 V.P. Office, AgacaimAgacaim : Padri Bhat (Agacaim), Agacaim, Dexibhat, Agacaim, Moita, Agacaim, Moita., Agacaim, Dugrem, Agacaim
27 Govt. Primary School. SulabhatSulabhat : Sulabbhat, Agacaim
28 Govt. Primary School., MercurimNr. Mercurim Panchayat : St. Lourence Chapel, Malawara
29 Fr. Agnel Central School, MalwaraMalwara, Aggacaim. : Mercurim, Malawara
30 Village Panchayat, NeuraNeura : Donde Bhatneura, Neura, Padri Bhat, Neura, Xencre Bhat, Neura
31 GPS Neura -O-Pequen, NeuraNeura -O-Pequen, Neura : Neura -O -Pequeno, Neura, Devbhat, Neura, Near Mahadev Temple, Devbhat
32 Govt. Primary School. Igrejwado,Igrejwado, Neura : Gudiwada, Neura, Igrejawada, Neura, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Vadabhat
33 Govt. Primary School ,Tito, MandurTito, Mandur : Baccar, Azossim, Alegao, Igorjewado, Mandur, Corpir, Azossim, Duldolem, Azossim, Watta Wado, Azossim, Manxe Bhat, Mandur, Moddlem Bhat, Azossim
34 Govt. Primary School , Tito, MandurTito, Mandur : Near St. Mathew Chapel, Padri Bhat, Near Medical Health Centre, Padribhat, Near Panchayat Office, Padribhat, Palmar, Mandur, Tinto, Mandur, Pelem Bhat, Azossim
35 Govt. Village Library ,Dongrim ThorlebhatDongrim Thorlebhat : Dhakelem Bhat, Mandur, Dhakelem Bhat, -
36 Govt. Village Library ,Dongrim ThorlebhatDongrim Thorlebhat : Palmar Pequeno, Mandur, Palmar Grande, Mandur
37 V.P. Office Azossim Mandur.Azossim Mandur. : Palman Grande (Part), Mandur, Igrejwado, Mandur, Ampara Bhat, Mandur, Mirya Bhat, Mandur

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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