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Polling Booth in Siolim Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Siolim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Siolim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Siolim Assembly Constituency falls under the Siolim Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt.Primary School Chopdem Oxel Siolim Chopdem Oxel : Chowki Gubla Wado, Oxel, Ramwado, Oxel
2 Govt.Primary School Bamanvado, OxelBamanvado, Oxel : Aradi Oxel, Oxel
3 Govt. Primary Schoo Bamanvado Oxel Bamanvado Oxel : Near Xetrapal Temple, Oxel, Bandirwado, Oxel
4 Govt. Primary School, Chopdem Oxel Chopdem Oxel : Bhati, Second Chopdem, Oxel
5 Village Panchayat Office siolimSiolim : St. Anthony Chapel, Siolim, Fernandes Wado, Siolim
6 St. Francis Xavier's High School, SiolimSiolim : Wadi Karem, Siolim, Our Lady Of Piety Chapel, Siolim, Aframent Wado, Siolim
7 Govt. Primary School New Dando, SiolimDando, Siolim : Dando, Siolim, Jagor, Siolim, Kaloba Devasthan, Siolim
8 Govt. Primary School Bamanvado, Siolim Bamanvado, Siolim : Bamanwado, Siolim, St. Joseph Chapel, Siolim, Madlem Bhat, Siolim
9 Govt. Primary School Bamanvado, SiolimBamanvado, Siolim : Kerem Cross, Siolim, St. Francis Xavier School, Siolim, Near Panchayat, Siolim, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Siolim
10 Kirti Vidhyalaya Siolim Siolim : Rai - Siolim, Siolim, Porta Waddo, Siolim, Near Agus Saibin Chapel, Siolim
11 Kirti Vidhyalaya Siolim Siolim : Dadoba Temple, Siolim, Porta Waddo, Siolim
12 Kirti Vidhyalaya, Siolim Siolim : Tarchibhat, East, Siolim, Tarchibhat, West, Siolim
13 Govt. Primary School Guddem siolimGuddem siolim : Guddem, Siolim, Kashi Keshav Temple, Siolim
14 Holy Cross Convent High School Siolim Siolim : Xellit, Siolim, Holy Cross Convent Gausawaddo, Siolim
15 Holy Cross Convent High School siolim Siolim : Rodrigues Waddo, Siolim, Kalcha Waddo, Siolim
16 Govt. Primary School Tropa sodiem siolim Tropa Sodiem Siolim : Pilimbi Waddo, Siolim, Maina, Siolim, Shiv Sakhaleshwar Temple, Siolim, Teen Mad, Siolim
17 Govt. Primary School Tropa Sodiem Siolim Tropa Sodiem Siolim : Tropa - Sodiem, Siolim, Near V.P. Sodiem, Siolim, Near Govt Primary School, Tropa, Siolim, Bankar Waddo, Siolim
18 Wood Craft Training Centre Siolim Siolim : St. Anthony Church, Siolim, Primary Health Centre, Siolim
19 Wood Craft Training Centre Siolim Siolim : Near Wood Craft Training Centre, Siolim, Soares Waddo, Siolim
20 Govt. Primary School Chapora Anjuna Chapora Anjuna : Govt. Primary School, Bandir Wado, Chapora, Anjuna, Bandir Wado, Chapora, Anjuna, Fair Price Shop, Bandir Wado, Chapora, Anjuna, Bandir Waddo, Anjuna
21 Govt. Primary School Huddo Chapora Huddo Chapora : Market Area Dabolwada, Chapora, Anjuna, Market Area Bandir Waddo, Chapora, Anjuna, Huddo Waddo, Chapora, Anjuna, Deulwada, Chapora, Anjuna, Hudowado, Near Vithal Temple, Chapora, Anjuna
22 Govt. Primary School Chapora Huddo Chapora : Dabol Waddo, Near Palyenkar'S House, Anjuna
23 Govt. Primary School Chapora Chapora : Near Sea Shell To Sterling Restaurant, Anjuna, Near Julie Jolly To Sea Shell, Anjuna, Near Julie Jolly Restaurant To Chapora Cross, Anjuna
24 Sacred Heart High School AnjunaAnjuna : D Mello Waddo, Anjuna, Praias Waddo, Anjuna, Gaonkar Waddo, Anjuna
25 Sacred Heart High School Anjuna Anjuna : St. Michael Waddo, Anjuna, Dhakte Pede, Anjuna, Hodle Pede, Anjuna, Sim Waddo, Anjuna
26 Govt. Priamary School Bandirwado AnjunaBandirwado Anjuna : Zor Waddo, Anjuna
27 Village Panchayat Office Gavadi AnjunaGavadi Anjuna : Ponno Tinto, Anjuna, Near Bhumika Temple, Anjuna, Gaun Wadi, Anjuna, Church Waddo, Anjuna, Kumar Waddo, Anjuna, Doshi Xir, Anjuna, Malbar Band, Anjuna
28 Govt. Primary School Mazalwado Anjuna Mazalwado Anjuna : Tembi Waddo, Anjuna, Mazal Waddo, Anjuna, Onachem Bhat, Anjuna, Monteiro Waddo, Anjuna, Soranto Waddo, Anjuna
29 Govt. Priamary School Mazalwado Anjuna MazalwadoAnjuna : Saranto Waddo, Anjuna, Mazal Waddo, Anjuna, Monteiro Waddo, Anjuna, Gumal Waddo, Anjuna
30 Govt. Priamary School Anjuna ChiwarChiwar Anjuna : Batim, Anjuna, Pequeno Chinwar, Anjuna, Grand Chinwar, Anjuna, Deul Waddo, Anjuna, Small Vagator, Anjuna
31 Govt. Primary School Munong AssagaoMunong Assagao : Varad Vinayak Temple, Assagao
32 Govt. Primary School Munong AssagaoMunong Assagao : Munong Junction, Assagao, Near Govt. Primary School, Assagao
33 Govt. Primary School Badem AssagaoBadem Assagao : Badem Alto, Assagao, Badem Alto Assagao Bardez Goa, Assagao
34 Govt. Primary School Badem Assagao Badem Assagao : Badem Assagao Bardez Goa, Assagao, Govt. Primary School, Assagao
35 Dr. August Souza High School Assagao Assagao : High View House, Vale Waddo, Assagao, Paloti House, Bairo Alto, Assagao
36 Dr. August Souza High School Assagao Assagao : Sakal Waddo, Assagao, Bounta Waddo, Assagao, St. Agusta High School, Assagao
37 Don Bosco Youth Welfare Center VerlaVerla : Krishna Temple, Verla, Naik Waddo, Verla, Naik Waddo, Narayan Devasthan, Verla
38 Village Panchayat Office VerlaVerla : Near Govt. Primary School, Verla, Parra Village Boundary, Verla, Fondak Wado, Verla
39 Govt. Primary School Lopeswado verla Lopeswado Verla : Aframent Waddo, Verla, Rebello Waddo, Verla, Freitas Waddo, Verla
40 Sacred Heart High School Verla Verla : Narayan Devasthan, Verla, Near Sacred Heart High School, Verla
41 Sacred Heart High School Canca Canca : Opp. Sacred High School, Canca, Abbas Waddo, Canca, Near Anganwadi, Canca, 20 Point Programme, Canca, Near Vishvati Vishveshwar Temple, Canca
42 Sacred Heart High School Canca Canca : Near Saibaba Temple, Canca, Near Rashtroli Temple, Canca, Behind Joma Building, Canca, Near Hindu Crematorium, Canca
43 Govt. Primary School Canca bandh Canca bandh : Khalap Waddo, Canca, Govt. Primary School, Canca, D Mello Waddo, Canca
44 Govt. Primary School Canca bandh Canca bandh : Canca Bandh, Canca, Narayan Temple, Canca, Madlo Bandh, Canca

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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