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Polling Booth in Sanvordem Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sanvordem

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sanvordem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Sanvordem Assembly Constituency falls under the Sanvordem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Government Primary School, DharguemDharguem : Dharguem, Surla, Sacorda, Toldem, Surla, Sacorda, Sakawada, Surla, Sacorda, Borihali, Surla, Sacorda, Tambdi, Surla, Sacorda, Karemola, Surla, Sacorda
2 Government Primary School, UdalshemUdalshem : Udalshem, Aglote, Sacorda, Khumbhar Wada, Aglote, Sacorda, Deulamola, Aglote,Sacorda
3 Government Primary School, NavemNavem : Navem, Aglote, Sacorda, Odkar Wada, Aglote, Sacorda
4 Govt. Primary School,SurlaSurla : Bolkornem, Aglote, Sacorda, Deulmola, Aglote, Sacorda, Fatigal, Aglote, Sacorda, Satpal, Sacorda, Bottar, Aglote, Sacorda, Madhalowada, Surla, Sacorda, Surla, Surla, Sacorda
5 Govt. Primary School,SancordaSancorda : Mahatma Phule Nagar, Sacorda, Dhatimol, Sacorda, Sacorda, Dongor Wada, Sacorda
6 Govt. Primary School, MalemMalem : Murguem, Aglote, Panas, Aglote, Bhatwada, Sacorda, Malem, Sacorda, Goudsai, Sacorda, Margawada, Sacorda, Kajumol, Sacorda
7 Government Primary School GurkhemGurkhem : Talsai, Dharbandora, Shivdem, Dharbandora, Gurkhem, Dharbandora
8 Government Primary School, TamsodoTamsodo : Tamsodo, Dharbandora, Metawada, Dharbandora, Petkem, Dharbandora, Shetimol, Dharbandora, Morod, Dharbandora
9 Government Primary School Pratap NagarPratap Nagar : Pratap Nagar, Pilliem, Dharbandora, Ponsulem, Pilliem, Dharbandora
10 Govt.Primary School, Pilliem , DharbandoraPilliem, Dharbandora, : Bhumika Nagar, Pilliem, Dharbandora, Dhadewada, Pilliem, Dharbandora
11 Govt.Primary School, Pilliem , DharbandoraPilliem, Dharbandora : Gauthan, Pilliem, Dharbandora, Near Farm Hospital, Pilliem, Dharbandora
12 Government Primary School Dayanand NagarDayanand Nagar Pillem : Dayanand Nagar, Pilliem, Dharbandora, Sugar Factory Quarter Dayanand Nagar, Pilliem, Dharbandora, Okamb, Pilliem, Dharbandora
13 Government Primary School DaukondDaukond : Dhullai, Dharbandora, Ambem, Dharbandora, Daukond, Dharbandora, Thatodi, Dharbandora
14 Govt.Primary School, CodliCodli : Santona, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal, Codli Tisk, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal, Codli Wada, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal
15 Immaculate Conception Parochial Primary School, KalsaiKalsai, Kirlapal : Kalsai, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal, Talap, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal
16 Government Primary School DabalDabal : Dabal, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal
17 Government Primary School CamarcondCamarcond : Camarcond, Kirlapal-Dabal, Vadamola, Camarconda, Kirlapal-Dabal, Kholuli, Camarconda, Kirlapal-Dabal, Holuli, Camarconda, Kirlapal-Dabal, Vagel, Moissal, Kirlapal-Dabal
18 Government Primary School VaghonaVaghona : Vaghona, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal, Sadgal, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal
19 Government Primary School KirlapalKirlapal : Kirlapal, Codli, Kirlapal-Dabal
20 Government Primary School BandolBandol : Bandol, Kirlapal-Dabal
21 Government Primary School CormonemCormonem : Cormonem, Kirlapal-Dabal, Baburli, Cormonem, Kirlapal-Dabal, Shel-Kirlapal, Cormonem, Kirlapal-Dabal
22 Government Primary School DhatDhat : Dhat Farm, Sangod, Mollem, Dhat, Sangod, Mollem, Kajumola, Sangod, Mollem, Palaskata, Sangod, Mollem, Maisal, Sangod, Mollem, Suktolim, Sangod, Mollem, Devgal, Sangod, Mollem, Makadyem, Sangod, Mollem, Perimal, Sangod, Mollem, Bhagatmol, Sangod, Mollem
23 Government Primary School CasavlimCasavlim : Duklem, Mollem, Bondumola, Mollem, Casavlim, Mollem, Borkottem, Mollem
24 Government Primary School MollemMollem : Nandran, Mollem, Jamboli, Mollem, Mollem, Zarishet, Mollem, Satpal-Gawali Wada, Mollem
25 Govt.Primary School, CollemCollem : Near Our Lady Of Piety Church, Collem, Pimplamola, Collem
26 Govt.Primary School, CollemCollem : Bazaarwada, Collem, Vikaswada, Collem
27 Govt.Primary School, CollemCollem : Meta Wada, Collem, Navawada, Collem, Kumbhar Wada, Collem, Santan Wada, Collem, Tambdimola, Collem
28 Govt.Primary School, Maida, CollemMaida, Collem : Souzamola, Collem, Sonaulim, Collem, Caranzol, Collem, Dudhsagar, Collem, Maida, Collem
29 Govt. Primary School, BharipwadaBharipwada, Collem : Gandhi Nagar, Collem, Bharipwada, Collem
30 Government Primary School VakekulnaVakekulna : Vakekulna, Shigao, Collem, Ambetem, Shigao, Collem, Vashimorod, Shigao, Collem, Velip Wada, Shigao, Collem, Matojem, Shigao, Collem
31 Government Primary School, ShigaoVansai Shigao : Tank Wada, Shigao, Collem, Vansai, Shigao, Collem, Turimorod, Shigao, Collem, Karayamola, Shigao, Collem, Near Dhat Farm Shigao, Shigao, Collem, Salgonkar Mine Quarters, Shigao, Collem, Bimbal, Shigao, Collem, Canel Wada, Shigao, Collem
32 Government Primary School AmbeudokAmbeudok : Ambeudok, Sanvordem, Periudok, Sanvordem, Kudegal, Sanvordem, Dukarkond, Sanvordem, Coranguinim, Sanvordem
33 Government Primary School GuddemolGuddemol : Guddemol, Sanvordem
34 Govt. Primary School ,Sanvordem (East)Sanvordem : Tony Nagar, Sanvordem
35 Shree Sharda English High School, SanvordemAnandwadi Sanvordem : Anandwadi, Sanvordem, Capxem, Sanvordem
36 Village Panchayat Office, SanvordemSanvordem : Vishwambarwadi, Sanvordem, Near V.P, Baagwada, Sanvordem
37 Govt. Primary School Complex, Savordem (West)Sanvordem : Baagwada, Sanvordem, Dattawadi, Sanvordem, Dudhagala, Sanvordem
38 Government Primary School DhademDhadem : Dhadem, Sanvordem, Gandhi Nagar, Sanvordem
39 Government Primary School MirabagMirabag : Mirabag, Sanvordem, Madel, Sanvordem
40 Governement Primary School CostiCosti : Costi, Calem, Colamb Khazan, Calem, Chowgule Colony, Calem, Costimola, Calem, Khazan, Calem, Chanimola, Calem, Ambemola, Calem, Morkottem, Calem, Socre, Calem, Coranguinim, Calem
41 Govt.Primary School, Calem Calem : Khutkar Wada, Calem, Thorlemola, Calem
42 Govt.Primary School, Calem Calem : Cuinamola, Calem, Bhat Wada, Calem, Dukarkond, Calem, Devanamol, Calem
43 Sarvangin Balvikas Yojana Anganwadi,CalemCalem : Kamdar, Calem, Kariamol, Calem, Pokarmola, Calem, Bondel, Calem, Voldev, Calem
44 Government Primary School MaulinguemMaulinguem : Maulinguem, Calem, Khambamola, Calem, Dudal, Calem, Kuinamola, Calem, Pirlagal, Calem, Deugatimola-Boma-Dongurli-Oxe, Calem

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