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Polling Booth in Quepem Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Quepem

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Quepem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Quepem Assembly Constituency falls under the Quepem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, Cottombi, Quepem GoaCottombi, Quepem Goa : Near G P S, Baga Wada-Cottombi, Near G P S Gauthanwada, Gauthan Wado, Near Gps Bhindimola, Bhindimola Wada, Near G P S Gonvol, Govalwada
2 Govt. Primary School, Avedem, Quepem Goa.Avedem, Quepem Goa : Near V P Avedem, Padribhat, Near Temple Of Shri Mahamaya, Gudowada, Near G P S, Zerlabhat Avedem, Near G P S, Dessaiwada, Near G P S, Naikwada, Near G P S, Gaonkarwada, Near Market Complex, Odshet-Wada, Overseas Electors, -
3 Old Govt. , Avedem, Quepem Goa.Avedem, Quepem Goa. : Near Market Complex, Kenyabhat Wado, Near G P S, Loundebhat Wada, Near Market Complex, Mollawada, Near Market Complex, Josepaubhat-Gurvabhat, Near Market Complex, Covatem, Near G P S Amona, Chafi
4 Office Of the Inspector Of Survey & Land Records, Quepem GoaQuepem Goa : Near G.P.S., Condi, Condi
5 Government Office Complex,Garage, Quepem Goa.Cusmane : Near Chapel, Quepem, Near Chapel, Bobrumordi, Bobrumordi, Near Police Station Quepem, Dongal
6 Government Primary School, , Deao-Cusmon,Quepem GoaDeao : Near Pope John School, Deao Zoglamordi, Near Chapel ,Igramol, Igramol, Near Municipal Hall, Valemtembi
7 Government Primary School, Deao-Cusmon, Quepem GoaDeao : Near Chapel, Igramol, Overseas Electors, -
8 Government Primary School, Gaonkarwada,Deao,Quepem Goa.Gaonkarwada : Near G P S, Gaonkarwada, Near Chapel, Deusa, Near Coir Factory, Ontorem, Near Coir Factory, Benamola
9 Quepem Municipal Council Meeting Hall Quepem Goa.Quepem Town : Near Mamlatdar Office, Biptimola, Near Cementary, Bhindimola, Bhindimola
10 Quepem Municipal Council - Administrative Block, Quepem GoaQuepem Town : Near Chapel, Odlembhat, Near Chapel, Sonarbhat, Near Chapel, Movati, Overseas Electors, -
11 Government Primary School , Ambaulim - Quepem GoaAmbaulim : Near G P S, Copelabhat, Near Chapel, Nave Wada
12 Government Primary School, South Wing, Ambaulim - Quepem GoaAmbaulim : Near Chapel, Betiabhat,, Near P.W.D. Canal, Near Chapel,Bhindimol, Near P.W.D. Canal, Bibeagale, Near P.W.D. Canal, Satanamol
13 Government Primary School, Kumbhar-Wada, Sirvoi, Quepem GoaKumbhar-Wada/Sirvoi : Near G P S Kumbharwado, Padadega ,Kumbharwada, Near G P S Kumbharwada, Tolyamala, Near Chamundeshwari Temple, Bomdamola
14 Government Primary School Borimol, Quepem GoaBorimol-Sirvoi : Near Chamundeshwari Temple, Deulmol
15 Government Primary School Borimol, Quepem GoaBorimol-Sirvoi : Near Primary Health Centre, Borimol, Near Chapel, Borimol, Ghotnamordi, Near Someshwar Temple, Telugal, Navavadda, Overseas Electors
16 Asst.Eng, Sub Division II, Work Division XIV, Command Area Development Authority, Quepem GoaBorimol-Sirvoi : Near Z A O Quepem, Pimpolcoto, Pimpolcoto, Near A D E I Office, Borimol
17 Government Primary School , Cotto - Amona , Quepem GoaAmona Cotto : Near G P S, Cotto,Amona, Near G P S Cotto Amona, Colleamordi
18 Government Primary School Cotto - Amona, Quepem GoaAmona Cotto : Near Temple, Chapheabhat, Near Govt. Primary School, Amona, Near Chapel, Vithalamorddi
19 Government Primary School, Amona Chinchemol - Amona, Quepem GoaChinchemol, Amona : Near St. Francisco Chapel, St. Franciscowado, Near Electricity Office, P.W.D. Quarters,, Electricity Office, Electricity Quarters, -
20 Government Primary School, Adnem, Quepem GoaAdnem : Near Chapel, Kumrashir, Near Milk Dairy, Maitem, Near Durgale, Government Primary School, Bimtimal, Bimtimal, Shevlem Adnem, Shevlem, Near Shree Devi Gharvoi Temple, Ghadiwada, Near Shree Dev Somnathn Temple, Velipwada, Near Shree Dev Giro Temple, Cottawada, Near Shree Devi Sati Temple, Dawtwada, Dawtwada
21 Government Primary School, Cupe, Adnem - Balli, Quepem GoaAdnem : Near Government Primary School, Cupawada, 20 Point Programme, Takwada
22 Government Primary School, Cotta - Fatorpa Quepem GoaTiloi : Near Pritam Soda Factory, Tiloi, Near Saraswati Mandir, Cotta, Balli-Tiloi, -
23 Government Primary School, Cordem - Balli, Quepem GoaCordem : Near Government Primary School, Cordem
24 Government Primary and Middle School, Benurdem, Quepem GoaBenurdem : Near Vithoba Temple, Benurdem
25 Government Primary School Bomdamol-Fatorpa, Quepem GoaBomdamol /Fatorpa : Near Church Hall, Cotto, Near Village Panchayat Fatorpa, Near G.P.S. Kolapaina, Near Kalpurush Devasthan, Madimol
26 Government High School , Bomdamol - Fatorpa,Quepem GoaBomdamol - Fatorpa : Near Shree Mahamaya Temple, Horna, Near Agranwadi, Mola, Near Shree Vetal Devasthan, Bolo, Near Shantadurga Fatorpekarin Devasthan, Darvotem
27 Government Primary School Bomdamol- Fatorpa, Quepem GoaBomdamol /Fatorpa : Near G P S, Fatorpa, Near G P S, Bomdamol, Near G P S, Vontem
28 Government Primary School, Quitol, Quepem - GoaQuitol : Behind V P Fatorpa ,Quitol, Ambeamol, Near G P S, Quitol
29 Government Primary School, Betul-Quepem-GoaBetul-Quepem-Goa : Tariwada, Postwada, Curniwada, Betul, Vollir, Betul
30 Office Of the Village Panchayat Naqueri-Betul, Quepem- GoaNaqueri-Betul, Quepem : Tankwada, Betul, Churchwado/Novowaddo, Betul, Gawaliwada, Betul, Pirwada, Betul
31 Village Community Hall, Canaguinim, Quepem - GoaCanaguinim Quepem : Near G.P.S., Naqueri, Near Church Hall, Canaguinim, Near G P S, Bondoi
32 Government Middle School, Canibag Fatorpa Quepem-GoaCanibag Fatorpa Quepem : Near G.P.S., Cazuwada, Near G.H.S., Canibag, Borighotov, -
33 Government Primary School, Morpirla Quepem - GoaMorpirla Quepem : Near Sapt Koteshwar Temple, Vailawada-Morpirla, Madalawada-Morpirla, Saklawada, Kidamkarwada, Velipwada, Naskiwada, -
34 Government Primary School, Dabem- Morpirla, Quepem - GoaDabem- Morpirla, Quepem : Vaizwada, Navowado, Near G.P.S, Dabem, Morpirla, -
35 Bhagawant Mahavir Govt. High School, Padi QuepemPadi, Quepem : Near Shree Dev Mahadev Temple, Padi, Near Shree Dev Panch -Purush Temple, Quedem, Near Shree Dev Mallikarjun Temple, Assoldi
36 Govt. Primary School, Subdolem-Barcem QuepemSubdolem-Barcem Quepem : Near Shree Dev Kalpurush Temple, Subdolem
37 Govt. Primary School, Shirli Barcem QuepemShirli Barcem Quepem : Near Shree Dev Mahadev Temple, Shirli-Barcem
38 Govt Primary School, Barcem QuepemBarcem Quepem : Near G P S, Velipwada, Barcem
39 Govt. Primary School, VelipwaddaVelipwada : Velipwada, -
40 Govt. Primary School, Quisconda Quepem-GoaQuisconda, Quepem : Near Dev Mallikarjun Temple, Quisconda, Near Shree Dev Vajait Jalmi Temple, Vavurla, Near G.P.S, Goculdem
41 Govt. Primary School, Nuvem Khol, CanaconaNuvem Khol, Canacona : Near Ganapati Temple, G.P.S, Molorem, Community Hall (Surrounding), Nuvem, Bondkivol, -
42 Govt. Primary School, Cuddi Khol, CanaconaCuddi Khol, Canacona : Near Sidhamath Mutt, (Surrounding), Zogimath, Antop, Near Sidda Math (Surrounding), Kuddi, Near G.H. School (Surrounding), Gonval, Fort (Surrounding), Cabo De Rama
43 Govt. Primary School, Popoidando, CanaconaPopoidando, Canacona : Navar, Near G.P.School, Popoidando, Near Shri Betal Temple, Soliem
44 Govt. Primary School, Shiroti CanaconaShiroti Canacona : Near G.P.S./ Kapaleshwar Temple, Vagon, Fondgal, Near G.P.S./Laxminarayan Devalaya, Shiroti, Near Adinath Temple (Surrounding), Matvem, Ghanem, Paryecottam, -
45 Govt. Primary School, Saleri Khol, CanaconaSaleri Khol, Canacona : Near Vittal Rakumai Temple, Saleri, Saraswati Hall, Ambdem
46 Gurukul Middle School Kajumol Khol, CanaconaKajumol Khol, Canacona : Near Govt. Middle School, Kajumol, Near G.P.S., Karegal, Near G.P.S., Kudai, Near G.P. S., Paryemol

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