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Polling Booth in Poriem Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Poriem

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Poriem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Poriem Assembly Constituency falls under the Poriem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, TulshimalaTulshimala : Tulshimala, Poriem, Mathwada, Poriem
2 Government Primary School, PodocemPodocem : Dhat Wada, Padocem, Vazar Wada, Padocem, Talapa Wada, Padocem, Zariwada, Padocem, Zariwada, Podocem, -
3 Government Primary School, Belwada Belwada, Poriem : Gosavi Wada, Poriem, Bel Wada, Poriem, Tamidgi Waddo, Poriem
4 Government Primary School, Belwada Belwada, Poriem : Ameshiwada, Poriem, Gurav Wada, Poriem, Ranewada, Poriem, Chinchmala, Poriem
5 Government Primary School, PoriemPoriem : Near Bhumika Temple, Poriem, Majik Wada, Poriem, Sawant Wada, Poriem
6 Government Primary School, GholwadaGholwada, Poriem : Arune Wada, Poriem, Mhalsekar Wada, Poriem, Ghol Wada, Poriem
7 Govt. Primary School Rehabilitation Colony, MorlemRehabilitation Colony, Morlem : Rehabilitation Colony, Pansuli, Morlem, Rehabilitation Colony, Anjunem, Morlem
8 Govt. High School Rehabilitation Colony, MorlemRehabilitation Colony, Morlem : Rehabilitation Colony, Gullem, Morlem
9 Government Primary School,Ghodemal, MorlemGhodemal, Morlem : Guimai Wada, Morlem, Ghodemal, Morlem, Kasar Wada, Morlem, Devul Wada, Morlem
10 Government Primary School, KesarkarwadaKesarkarwada, Morlem : Kesarkar Wada, Morlem, Malik-Wada, Morlem, Bag Wada, Morlem
11 Govt.High school, Querim Querim : Khalacha Wada, Ghoteli No.2, Keri, Tem Wada, Ghoteli No. 2, Keri
12 Govt.Primary School, GonteliGonteli(I), Querim : Dhangar Wada, Ghoteli No. 2, Keri, Near Gps, Ghoteli No.1, Keri, Haddicho Kano, Ghoteli No.1, Keri
13 Government Primary School, ShiroliShiroli : Khalachawada, Shiroli, Keri, Varacha Wada, Shiroli, Keri, Ghol Wada, Shiroli, Keri
14 Government Primary School, Querim Querim : Harijan Wada, Querim, Halit Wada, Querim, Majik Wada, Querim, Gawas Wada, Keri, Parshekar Wada, Querim, Deul Wada, Querim
15 Government Primary School, Querim Querim : Naik Wada, Querim, Rane Wada, Querim, Muslim Wada, Querim, Dam Site, Querim, Temb Wada, Querim
16 Government High School, QuerimQuerim : Baheril Wada, Querim, Near Shankarnath Math, Querim, Chaudura Wada, Querim
17 Government Primary School Rehabilitation Colony, Qualavade, RavonaQualavade, Ravona : Rehabiliation Colony, Ravona, Pelawado Ravan, Ravona
18 Govt. Primary School Madhalawada, RavanaMadhalawada, Ravana : Khalchawada, Ravona, Madhalawada, Ravona, Varchawada, Ravona
19 Government Primary School, SurlaSurla : Near Sateri Temple, Surla
20 Government Primary School, Iverim BuzrucoIverim Buzruco : Near Primary School, Hiverem Buzruk, Temb Wada, Hivrem Buzruk, Near G.P.S., Hivrem, Khurd, Korgaonkar Wada, Hivrem Khurd, Deuswada Hivre - Budruk, Hivrem Khurd
21 Government Primary School, CharaunemCharaunem : Deul Wada, Charvane, Paltadwada, Charvane
22 Government High School Thane Thane : Maddi Wada, Thane, Sateri Wada, Thane, Paltadwada, Thane
23 Government High School, Thane Thane : Desai Wada, Thane, Naik Wada, Thane, Deulwada, Thane, Harijan Wada, Thane
24 Government Primary School, GolauliGolauli : Masurkar Wada, Dongurli, Near Sateri Temple, Dongurli, Bhatwadi, Dongurli, Near Primary School, Golauli, Dhangar Wada, Golauli, Near Sateri Kelbai Temple, Rivem
25 Government Primary School, Deulwada PalPal : Khalacha Wada, Pal, Devul Wada, Pal, Jambli Temb, Pal, Ganvat, Pal
26 Govt. Primary School, Sawant Wada PalSawant Wada, Pal : Sawant Wada, Pal, Naneli, Naneli
27 Government Primary School, CopardemCopardem : Near Bramhani Maha Maya Temple, Copardem, Harijen Wada, Copardem, Indira Nagar, Copardem, Dhangar Wada, Coperdem
28 Government Primary School, Mauxi Mauxi : Warcha Wada, Mauxi, Near Tank, Mauxi, Near G.P.S, Mauxi, Panchayat Wada, Mauxi, Chinchmal, Mauxi, Near K.G.N Garage, Mauxi
29 Government Primary School, Mauxi Mauxi : Deul Wada, Mauxi, Near Govt Primary School, Mauxi, Panvelkar Wada, Mauxi
30 Government Primary School, NagveNagve : Near G.P.S., Nagvem
31 Government Primary School, ZarmeZarme : Near Sateri Temple, Zarme
32 Government High School, DabemDabem : Gaulan Wada, Dabe, Near Govt. High School, Dabe
33 Government Primary School, SanvorcemSanvorcem : Muslimwada, Savorcem (Old Nanus), Dhangarwada, Ansolim, Near Shri Kalika Devasthan, Savorcem
34 Government Primary School, BirondemBirondem : Near V.P.Office, Bhirondem
35 Government Middle School, PadeliPadeli : Bhomwada, Padeli, Gawadewada, Padeli, Gaonkarwada Padeli, Padeli
36 Government Primary School, (Dongarwada)Dongarwada, Vantem : Dongorwada, Vantem, Parwalwada, Vantem, Varchawada, Vantem, Maddi Wada, Vantem, Gaonkar Wada, Vantem, Bondke Vhali, Vantem
37 Government High School, AdvoiAdvoi : Pilienkar Wada, Vantem, Dhatwada, Vantem, Kalo Kopro, Vantem, Sukad, Vante, Madai Wada, Vantem
38 Government Primary School, AdvoiAdvoi : Near Cashew Factory, Advoi, Desaiwada, Advoi, Advoi, Kumbharwada
39 Government Primary School, CodiemCodiem : Near Navadurga Temple, Panshem, Near M P Hall, Shingane, Near G P S, Khodiye, Near Vygreshwar Devasthan, Vaghurem
40 Government High School, PissurlemPissurlem : Panchayat Wada, Pisurlem, Gaonkar Wada, Pissurlem, Devul Wada, Pissurlem, Harijan Wada, Pissurlem
41 Govt.High School, Pissurlem Pissurlem : Band Wada, Pissurlem, Dhonkal Wada, Shantinagar,Pissurlem, Kajreachi Vali, Dhat Wada, Pissurlem
42 Govt.Primary School, CumbarcondCumbarcond : Kumarkhand, Pissurlem, Dob Wada, Pissurlem, Dhangar Wada
43 Govt. Primary School Gaonkarwada HondaGaonkarwada Honda : Gaonkar Wada Honda, Gps Gaonkarwada
44 Govt. Primary School Gaonkarwada HondaGaonkarwada Honda : Gaonkar Wada Honda, Saleli Road Bondanwada, Gaonkar Wada Honda, Thakurwada
45 Govt. Primary School, HondaHonda : Vadadev Nagar, Honda, Vadakade, Honda
46 Bhagwan Mahavir Government High School, HondaHonda : Near Post Office, Post Wada, Varchawada, Hudo Wada, Honda
47 Government Primary School, Narayan Nagar Narayan Nagar : Tisk Wada, Honda, Ajoba Nagar, Honda
48 Government Primary School, Narayan NagarNarayan Nagar : Narayan Nagar, Honda
49 Government Primary School, SoliyemSoliyem : Near G P S, Sonus, Chireval, Soliye
50 Government Primary School, OvaliyemOvaliyem : Ovliyem, Ovliyem
51 Government Primary School, SaleliSaleli : Bondan Wada, Saleli, Varcha Wada, Saleli, Rane Wada, Saleli, Ponshemol, Saleli
52 Government High School, BhuipalBhuipal : Gaonkar Wada, Bhuipal, House Site Colony, Bhuipal, Bhedshiwada, Bhuipal, Forest Check Post, Bhuipal

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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