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Polling Booth in Nuvem Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Nuvem

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nuvem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Nuvem Assembly Constituency falls under the Nuvem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Government Primary School, NagoaNagoa : Near Pirni Bus Stop, Pirni, Near Police Quarters, Castel-Wado, 20 Point Programme, Castel Waddo, Police Quarters, Castel Vaddo, Pirni, Castel Vaddo, Near St. Joseph Convent, Corbolem
2 Village Panchayat Gr. Floor Nagoa,Nagoa : Near Our Lady Of Socorro Church, Cumborda, Near Godinhos Bakery, Santmolem, Near Co-Operative Bank, Nagoa, Near V.P.Nagoa, Nagoa, Near Khuris, Pimpalwado, Near Holy Cross, Pimpalvaddo, Near Shaikh Inus Mill, Pimpalvaddo
3 Village Panchayat Library Office, NagoaNagoa : St. Mary Guest House, Mazilwado, Near O.L.Of Perpetual Socorro Church, Mazilwado, Near Our Lady Of Carmel Church, Mazilwado, Olps School, Sonarwaddo, Near St. Sebastiao Chapel, Sonarwaddo, Near Holly Cross, Sonarwaddo, Near Modern Chemical, Sonarwaddo, Near Chapel, Sonarwaddo
4 Government Primary School, Povacao,Verna Povacao, Verna : Near Chapel, Poriebhat
5 Govt. Primary School, Povacao,Verna Povacao, Verna : Near Holy Cross Church, Povacao, Near Temple Mahalasa Goddess, Mardol, Near Temple Mahalasa Goddess, Vetollem, Near Mungrupol Chapel, Vodlebhat, Near R/O Joe Boy, Umborem, Near R/O Joe Boy, Pocol, Near Hotel Allava, Manjo, Verna
6 Village Panchayat Office, VernaVerna : Near Dr. Kudchadkar Dispensary, Dignem, Near Chawl, Dignem, Near V.P. Verna Chawl, Dignem, Near Mathew Garage, Cumberda, V.P.Verna, Cumborda, Near Kantak House, Cumborda, Cumborda Chapel, Cumborda, Near Afonso Leo Pedro House, Cumborda
7 Marian English High School, VernaVerna : Near Handkant Chapel, Bamborda, Near R/O Olga Pereira, Ambulor
8 Marian English High School, VernaVerna : Near R/O Justiano Rebello, Sodovim, Near Lume Chapel, Mugropoi, Near R/O Jose Fernandes, Sirlim, Near R/O Camilo Costa, Dulap
9 Fr. Agnel Primary School, Verna Verna : Near Agnel Ashram, Matola, Near Agnel Ashram, Dando, Near Agnel Ashram, Morod, Near Agnel Ashram, Ambeque, Near Agnel Ashram, Ambebag
10 Fr. Agnel Primary School, Verna Verna : Near Senaulim G P S, Senaulim, Near Sanaulim G P S, Senaulim, Near Fr. Savio Gomes House, Senaulim
11 Government Primary School, RassaimRassaim, Loutulim : Near Loutulim Church, Rassaim, Near Ferry Rassaim, Rassaim, Near Carvota Chapel, Rassaim
12 Village Panchayat, LoutolimLoutulim : Near Judas Bar, Carvota, Near Veleghor Cross, Carvota, Quelbeon, Carvota
13 Saviour Of World High School, LoutulimLoutulim : Udo, Carvota, Loutulim, Near Carvota Chapel,, Loutulim, Mudelor, Carvota, Loutulim
14 Govt. Middle School ,Vanxem, LoutolimVanxem, Loutulim : Near G P S, Vanxem (Part), Loutulim
15 Govt. Middle School, Vanxem,Loutolim Vanxem, Loutulim : Near G.P.S, Vanxem (Part), Loutulim
16 Savior Of World High School, LoutulimLoutulim : Near Chapel Devoti,, Loutulim, Orgao, Loutulim
17 Communidade Office, Orgao, LoutulimOrgao, Loutulim : Near St Xavier H School, Orgao, Loutulim
18 Rosary High School, Belloy, NuvemBelloy, Nuvem : Near Tata Servicing Centre, Dongorim, Nuvem, Near Bus Stop, Duguem, Nuvem
19 Rosary High School, Belloy, Nuvem Belloy, Nuvem : Near Holy Rosary Convent, Belloy, Nuvem
20 Govt. Primary School, PateapurPateapur, Nuvem : Near Moonlight Restaurant, Gounloy, Nuvem, Near Govt. Primary School, Pateapur, Nuvem, Near Anganwadi, Anssao, Nuvem, Near Chapel, Agali, Nuvem
21 Govt. Primary School, KirbhatKirbhat, Nuvem : Near Chapel & G P S, Kirbhat, Nuvem
22 Mae Dos Pobres Primary School Complex, PovacaoPovacao, Nuvem : Near Chapel, Anuzwaddo, Nuvem
23 Mae Dos Pobres High School, Povacao Povacao, Nuvem : Near Chapel & G P S, Kirbhat, Nuvem, Near Mae Da Pobre Church, Povocao, Nuvem, Near Mae Da Church, Povocao, Nuvem
24 Integrated Child Development Services, PovacaoPovacao, Nuvem : Near Oxygen Gas Factory, Cupem, Nuvem, Near Bakery, Gorvote, Nuvem, Near Chapel & G P S, Kirbhat, Nuvem
25 Govt. Primary School, Guirim, NuvemGuirim, Nuvem : Near G P S, Guirim, Nuvem, Near Chapel, Odguem, Nuvem, Near Chapel, Murda-Grande (Part), Nuvem
26 Mae Dos Pobres High School, Povocao, Povocao, Nuvem : Near Chapel, Murda Grande(Part), -
27 Mae Dos Pobres Primary School, PovocaoPovocao, Nuvem : Murda Pequeno, Near Majorda Road
28 Family & Child Welfare Center, Utorda Utorda, Majorda : Near Pilho Garage, Acsona, Utorda, Near Family & Child Welfare Centre, Antonio Pereira Wado, Utorda, Near Family & Child Welfare Centre, Francisco Pereira Wado, Utorda, Our Lady Loyala Chapel, Loyolawado, Utorda, Near Cementary, Baddem, Utorda
29 Our Lady Of Lourdes School, Gabriel Cruzwado, UtordaGabriel Cruzwado, Utorda : Near Our Lady Lourdes Chruch, Gabriel, Cruzwado, Utorda
30 Our Lady Of Lourdes School, Gabriel Cruzwado, UtordaGabriel Cruzwado, Utorda : Near Football Ground, Francisco Costa Vaddo, Costawado, Utorda
31 Govt. Primary School, CalataCalata, Majorda : Near G P S, Dongorim, Calata, Tolebandh, Godinhowado, Calata, Calata- Seraulim Road, Godinhowaddo, Calata, Near St. Rocks Chapel, Godinhowaddo, Calata, Near Piedade Chapel, Calata, Near Asilo, Calata, Near Chawl, Calata
32 Village Panchayat Office,Calata, Utorda, MajordaIgrejwado, Calata : Pereira Waddo, Majorda, Near Three Roads, Ultima (Part), Majorda, Near R/O Laxmi Gonsalves, Carbota, Majorda, Near Railway Station, Ultima (Part), Majorda, Near Railway Station, Majorda, Behind Bank Of Baroda, Majorda
33 St.Anthony High School, MajordaMajorda : Near Church, Igrej Waddo, Majorda, Near V.P. Majorda Utorda Calata, Igrejwaddo, Majorda, Near Convent, Majorda
34 Govt. Primary School, Gomeswaddo, MajordaGomeswaddo, Majorda : Near Chapel, Pachecowado, Majorda, Motiwado, Majorda, Adaovado, Majorda
35 Govt. Primary School, Gomeswaddo, Majorda Gomeswaddo, Majorda : Gomeswado, Majorda, Godinhowado, Majorda, Near G P S, Costawaddo, Majorda, Sanglewaddo, Majorda
36 Govt. Primary School, BetalbatimBetalbatim : Near Church Of Betalbati, Bhimwaddo, Betelbatim, Near Our Lady Of Lourdes Chapel, Tondwado, Betelbatim
37 Panchayat Library, BetalbatimBetalbatim : Near Cristo Rai Chapel, Goansua, Near Jesus Mary Joseph Chapel, Rianwaddo, Betelbatim
38 Govt. Primary School, Betalbatim, I.C.Betalbatim : Near Our Lady Of Piedade Chapel, Nagwaddo, Betelbatim
39 Govt. Primary School, BetalbatimBetalbatim : Hopoth, Pockwaddo, Betelbatim, Nosnode Nagwado, Betelbatim, Pockvaddo Betalbatim, Betalbatim

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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