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Polling Booth in Mayem Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mayem

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mayem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Mayem Assembly Constituency falls under the Mayem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. High School Sirigao ( Deulwada)Deulwada, Sirigao : Wadachawada, Sirigao, Bhatlewada, Sirigao, Deulwada, Sirigao
2 Govt. Primary School Sirigao,(Deulwada)Deulwada,Sirigao : Palniwada, Sirigao, Madhalawada, Sirigao, Manaswada, Sirigao
3 Poira High School, Poira GoaPoira, Maem : Poira, Maem, Bharatwada, Poira, Maem
4 Govt. Primary School SinquerimSinquerim, Maem : Haldanwadi, Maem, Sinquerim, Maem
5 Govt. Primary School ( Karbhat ) HaldanwadiKarbhat, Maem : Chimulwada, Maem, Pato, Maem, Karbhat, Maem
6 Govt. Primary School GaonkarwadaGaonkarwada, Maem : Ardhawada, Maem, Gaonkarwada, Maem, Bhandarwada, Maem
7 Govt. Primary School KumbharwadaKumbharwada, Maem : Kumbharwada, Maem, Sastiwada, Maem, Jambulbhat, Maem
8 Govt. Primary School Kelbaiwada Kelbaiwada, Maem : Tirthbag, Maem, Gawaswada, Maem, Kelbaiwada, Maem
9 Govt. Primary School Kelbaiwada Kelbaiwada, Maem : Gosaviwada, Maem, Sharadanagar, Maem
10 Govt. Primary School Deus BhatwadiDeus Bhatwadi, Maem : Deus Bhatwadi, Maem, Chinch Bhatwadi, Maem
11 Govt. Primary School HaturliHaturli, Maem : Haturli, Maem, Varpal, Haturli, Maem, Deulwada, Haturli, Maem, Dhorli, Haturli, Maem, Masscol, Haturli, Maem
12 Vijayanand Higher Secondary School of Arts and Commerce, TikhajanTikhajan, Maem : Tikhajan, Maem, Marmawada ( 2 ), Naroa
13 Govt. Primary School VainguinimVainguinim, Maem : Vaingunim, Maem
14 Govt. Primary School BhavkaiBhavkai, Maem : Bhavkai, Maem, Sawanwada, Maem
15 Govt. Primary School DeugiDeugi, Chorao : Deugi, Chorao
16 Govt. Primary School KeremKerem,Chorao : Kerem, Chorao, Karabhat, Chorao, Sirsat, Chorao
17 Chodan Madel Village PanchayatMadel,Chodan : Boctawado, Chorao, Saude & Bautona, Chorao, Gavona, Chorao
18 Electricity Department Office of the Jr. Engineer, Electricity, Chorao llhasMadel,Chodan : Pandavwado (1), Chorao, Caraim, Chorao, Sodotim,Caraim, Chorao, Camarabhat, Chorao, Pandavwada (2), Chorao
19 Integrated Child Dev. Proj.Ser.Sch.(Anganwadi),ChoraoChodan : Carabhat, Chorao, Conaldem, Chorao, Belabhat, Chorao
20 Govt. Primary School PadavwadaPandavwada,Chodan : Amberiem, Chorao, Kheradwada, Amberiem, Chorao, Malewada, Amberiem, Chorao, Atchutwada, Amberiem, Chorao, Khadapwada, Amberiem, Chorao, Khursawada, Amberiem, Chorao, Muddiwada, Chorao
21 Govt. Primary School Madel Madel, Chodan : Madel (1), Chorao, Madel (2), Chorao
22 Govt. Primary School Madel Madel, Chodan : Madel (3), Chorao, Chamberem (1), Chorao, Chamberem (2), Chorao
23 Govt. Primary Middle School Gaonkarwada NaroaGaonkarwada, Naroa : Marmawada (1), Naroa, Deulwada, Naroa
24 Govt. Primary Middle School Gaonkarwada NaraoGaonkarwada, Naroa : Gaonkarwada, Naroa, Talewada, Naroa, Digiwada, Naroa, Hinalewada, Naroa, Murdiwada, Naroa, Totewada, Naroa
25 Govt. Primary School Tarwada PilgaoTarwada, Pilgao : Gaonkarwada, Pilgao, Tarwada, Pilgao, Murdiwada, Pilgao, Totewada, Naroa
26 Ideal High School, PilgaoPilgao : Deulwada, Pilgao, Varchawada, Pilgao, Gimona, Pilgao, Vargao, Pilgao, Newwada, Pilgao
27 Govt. Primary School BagwadaBagwada, Piligao : Bagwada, Piligao, Dhatwada, Piligao
28 Govt Primary School MathwadaMathwada, Piligao : Sarmanas, Pilgao, Fanas Kungo, Pilgao, Mathwada, Pilgao
29 Narayan Zantye College of Commerce (Vathadev)Vathadev, Sarvan : Vathadev (1), Sarvan, Newwada, Sarvan
30 Narayan Zantye College of Commerce, (Vathadev)Vathadev, Sarvan : Vavti, Sarvan, Vathadev (2), Sarvan
31 Govt. Primary School Vailowada SarvanVailowada, Sarvan : Vailowada, Sarvan, Sakailowada, Sarvan, Temwada, Sarvan, Parvatinagar, Near Adhar Hospital, , Sarvan, Ektanagar, Sarvan
32 Govt. Primary School Kothi Karapur Karapur : Ghardiwada, Carapur, Kothiwada, Carapur, Vizolewada, Carapur
33 Govt.Primary School KudapwadaKudapwada, Karapur : Ghadiwada, Carapur, Maharwada, Carapur, Gavandiwada, Carapur, Kudapwada, Carapur
34 Govt.Primary School BholwadaBholwada, Karapur : Kodal, Carapur, Kolambwada, Carapur, Bholwada, Carapur
35 Govt.Primary School Vithalapur KarapurVithalapur, Karapur : Mestawada, Vithalapur, Carapur, Lalbag, Vithalapur, Carapur
36 Office of the Executive Engineer, WD-V,WRD Karapur TiskKarapur Tisk : Satiwada, Vithalapur, Carapur, Karapur-Tisk, Carapur
37 Govt. Primary School Vithalapur KarapurVithalapur, Karapur : Deulwada,Vithalapur, Carapur, Rajwada, Vithalapur, Carapur, Madhalawada, Vithalapur, Carapur, Kajiwada, Vithalapur, Carapur
38 Govt. Primary School Deulwada Deulwada, Kudchirem : Naiguinim, Curchirem, Dhangarwada, Curchirem, Paltadiwada, Curchirem, Talewada, Curchirem
39 Govt. Primary School Deulwada Deulwada, Kudchirem : Bramhaniwada, Curchirem, Deulwada, Curchirem, Saterkarwada, Curchirem, Bhatwada, Curchirem
40 Govt. Primary School (Naikwada), Maulinguem Maulinguem : Paltadwada, Maulinguem, Harijanwada, Maulinguem, Mayekarwada, Maulinguem
41 Govt. Primary School (Naikwada) , Maulinguem Maulinguem : Naikwada, Maulinguem, Ghadiwada, Maulinguem
42 Govt. Primary School OnaKasarwada, Ona : Gaonkarwada, Ona, Maulinguem, Kasarwada, Ona, Maulinguem, Newwada, Ona, Maulinguem

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