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Polling Booth in Curchorem Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Curchorem

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Curchorem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Curchorem Assembly Constituency falls under the Curchorem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Government Primary School, HodarHodar : Xic-Xelvona, Durgawada, Hodar, Near Maruti Mandir, Mordi, Near Sateri Temple, Hodar/Hodarwada, Near St. Sebastian Chapel, Cupamoddi, Near Alma Cross, Dodyyalem-Xelvona, Overseas Electors, -
2 Government Primary School, XelvonaXelvona : Near Timblo Dry Dock, Gavant-Xelvona, Near Kudo Mharu Temple, Voilowado-Xelvona, Near G P S, Bag-Xelvona
3 Govt. Primary School, AssoldaAssolda : Near Post Office, Cuineamordi, Near Chapel, Pingal, Near Sateri Temple, Addermordi, Copamordi, Machamordi, Musneamordi, Gulem, Kumsaiwada, -
4 Govt. Primary School, AssoldaAssolda : Near G P S, Gavathanwada, Mordy-Assolda, Guiwada-Assolda, Chinchimol-Assolda, Near Impala Factory, Compromordi-Assolda, Mordi-Khazan, Dhaku-Tolem-Assolda, Near Dattratraya Temple, Betkator -Assolda
5 Govt. Primary School, Dhamadwada Xeldem Dhamadwada Xeldem : Near Mobile Tower,, Voyamol, Near Govt. Primary School,, Dhamad
6 Govt. Primary School Gonvol-SheldeGonvol-Shelde : Near Govt. Primary School,, Gonval
7 Govt. Primary School, Dhamadwada Xeldem Dhamadwada Xeldem : Ghanemorod, -
8 Govt. High School,Sheldem Quepem Sheldem Quepem : Near Chowgule Textile Mills,, Chandegal
9 Govt. High School Sheldem Quepem Sheldem Quepem : Near Govt. Primary School,, Camonsai
10 Gram Panchayat Ground Pavilion Room,TilamolTilamol : Near Church,, Tilamol, Near Cementary Chapel,, Caregal-Sonafator
11 Government Primary School, KumbharwadaKumbharwada : Near Govt. Primary School,, Nirmalanagar
12 Electricity Department Section Office,Tilamol, XeldemTilamol-Xeldem : Near Shree Sai Baba Temple, Pimplamol-Padimol, Near Civil Court,, Tilamol
13 Government Primary School, Cacumordi (St. Cruz)Cacumordi (St. Cruz) : Near Govt. Primary School, St. Cruz, Cacumordi
14 Govt. Primary School BetmordiBetmordi : Near Taki & Mahadev Temple, Davodxet-Chinchegal
15 Govt. Primary School, BetmordiBetmordi : Near Chapel, Zariwad- Bandwada, Cacora-Curchorem, Near Chapel, Bandwada,, Cacora-Curchorem, Near Govt. School, Bethmoddi, Cacora-Curchorem
16 Government Primary School, GhotmoradGhotmorad : Near Old Govt. Primary School, Ghotmorad
17 Government Primary School, KhamamolKhamamol : Near Govt. Primary School, Khamamol, Near Old I.T.I. , Khamamol
18 Govt. Primary School, Camaral CurchoremCamaral Curchorem : Near Kakubai Math,, Astemol, Near Sai Baba Math,, Camral
19 Govt. Primary School, Shree Gajanan Curchorem GoaCurchorem : Near Nagnath Temple, Khandiwada, Near Mahadev Temple, Deutewada
20 Smt. Chandrabhaga Tokuba Naik High School Curchorem Goa Room No. 2,Gate No. 1Curchorem : Near Ice Factory, Bhatniwada, Near Mahadev Temple, Manerkarwada, Near Sati Temple, Vastawada
21 Sarvanjin Bal Vikas Yojana, Shirford Curchorem GoaShirford Curchorem : Near Purushmharu Temple, Xirford
22 Govt. Primary School Baga CurchoremBaga Curchorem : Near Govt.Primary School,, Bagwada, Near Saw Mill,, Chowkwada, Near Hindu Cementary,, Baga
23 Govt. Primary School CurchoremCurchorem : Near New Educational Institute, Bepquegal(Part)
24 Govt. Primary School CurchoremCurchorem : Near Ravindra Bhavan & Nr. Old Prashant Theatre, Curchorem
25 The Sports Authority of Goa Upgraded Indoor Sports Hall, CurchoremCurchorem : Near Church,, Morailem
26 The New Education Institute, CurchoremCurchorem : Near Police Quarters, Curchorem, Near Guardian Angel High School, Curchorem
27 Government Primary School, Pontemol Pontemol : Near Sanzgiri Farm, Pongirwal, Near Mirabag Bridge, Udelwada
28 Government Primary School, PontemolPontemol : Near G P S & Near Ram Mandir, Pontemol-Curchorem
29 Govt. of Goa, Office of the Assistant Engineer, Electricity Dept. Sub Div. I Curchorem - GoaCurchorem : Opposite Electricity Dept.Quarters,Electricity Dept Ofiice,, Pontemol-Curchorem
30 Curchorem - Cacora Municipal Council, Deulsai CacoraDeulsai Cacora : Near Shree Mahadev Temple, Sawantwada
31 Govt. Primary School Maad-Cacora Maad-Cacora : Near Sateri Temple, Maharwada, Bansai Cacora
32 Govt. Primary School Maad- Cacora Maad-Cacora : Near Shree Ganapati Temple,, Maad-Cacora
33 Govt. Primary School Cacora Cacora : Near Vita Industries, Madegal, Shabgiri, Shabgiri-Cacora
34 Govt. Primary School, Cacora Cacora : Near Shree Mahadev Temple, Deulsai, Near Shri Ling Temple, Lingwada, Near Masjid, Somulwada, Near Govt Primary Health Centre, Marutigad
35 The New Education Institute CurchoremCurchorem : Near Masjid, Cariamoddi
36 Govt. of Goa, Office of the Assistant Engineer, Electricity Dept. Sub Div. IV (Const) Curchorem- GoaCurchorem : Electricity Colony, Cariamoddi
37 The New Education Institute, CurchoremCurchorem : Near Figueriedo Ground, Pontemol
38 Government Primary School, Ghadiwada, CacoraGhadiwada-Cacora : Near Dhanu Ghadi Temple, Ghadiwada, Near Chapel, Karmaliwada, Near Govt. Primary School, Chircunally
39 Industrial Training Institute, Cacora Cacora : Near Industrial Training Institute, Cadebag, Near Industrial Estate, Mathemol
40 Industrial Training Institute, Cacora Cacora : Near Industrial Estate, Thorlemol
41 Government Primary School, SoliemSoliem : Near Govt. Primary School, Soliem

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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