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Polling Booth in Cuncolim Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Cuncolim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Cuncolim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Cuncolim Assembly Constituency falls under the Cuncolim Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 St.Francis Xavier High School,MacasanaMacasana : Near Bar, Sorla, Near Tony Bar, Kupator, Near Chapel, Chonny, Near Caitan Costa House, Maklem
2 Govt. Primary School.MacasanaMacasana : Near V.P Office, Pavoasao, Near John House, Borla, Near V.P.Office, Tumbabhat, Near Holy Cross, Zoddim
3 St.Francis Xavier High School,MacasanaMacasana : Near Alex D Sa, Moll, Near Elvira Costa, Modsai, Valquicer, Near Pedro Antao, Novo Bazar, Near Carmelo Carvalho, Cantem, Near Albert Fernandes, Pokrem, Near Natty Raposo House, Ghoddar, Near Jacinta Menezes House, Munxim
4 Government Primary School,CottaCotta,Chandor : Bairo-Morod, Chaple,Railway Track, Cantewado, Near Nandi Shiv Temple, Cotta,Chandor, Cotta,Dias Vaddo, Near Chapel,Electric Transformer, Locnol, Near Basil Fernandes House, Miriagirem
5 St.Joseph Educational Institute,ChandorChandor : Near The Market, Igorjebhat, Near The Church, Culsabhat, Mena-Covatem, -
6 Village Panchayat Office,Chandor-CovorimChandor-Cavorim : Near Cotta Cruz House, Molla Sailabhat, Near John Dias House, Covatem
7 Multipurpose Hall Of Village Panchayat,Voily-CavorimVoily-Cavorim : Voily-1, Voily-2, Voily-3, Cansaraxir, Gotmorod, Deunimol, Bindimol, -
8 Government Primary School,MorodMorod,Guirdolim : 20 Point Programme, Amblimoll, Nicolau Fernandes House, Gainally, Bernando Bar, Gally, Balwadi,Rohinibhat, Chapel,Modemwado, Cross Chapel ,Cantem, Jack D Costa House, Birmulem, Cross Chapel ,Bacho, -
9 Village Panchayat Office ,GuirdolimGuirdolim : House Of Flavia D Costa, Revora, Chapel, Covatem, Bill Cardoz,Ryan D Costa,Donald Peirota House, Niamorod, Guirdolim,Gaddar, Guirdolim,Morod, Guirdolim,Bandol, Guirdolim,Ponsabhat, Guirdolim,Molla, -
10 Government Primary School,Coloso,GuirdolimColoso,Guirdolim : Church,Folly, Old Rly Station,G.P.S.Collosso, Guirdolim,New Township, -
11 Government Primary School,Coloso,GuirdolimColoso,Guirdolim : Temple,Sanjay Zambodkar House, Poclemol, Guirdolim Sports Club, Antoi
12 Government Primary School,ParodaParoda : Holy Cross Chapel,Anganwadi, Carali,Combhat, V.P.O.Electric Sub Office, Combhat, Juno Bazar, Immaculate Conception Church,Chandreshwar Temple, Dessaiwado, Bhutnath Temple, Parvat, Bhairav Temple,G.P.S.Yuvak Sangh Sports, Mullos
13 Government Primary School,AgramorodAgramorod,Gudi-Paroda : Mahadev Temple, Coraida/Mulem, Taichoguno/Modemwado, Curpem, Agramorod, -
14 Government Primary School,GudiGudi,Paroda : Damodar Secondary School,Brahma Temple, Gudi
15 Government Primary School,GudiGudi,Paroda : Talleawada, Chinchemandap, Zoriwaddo
16 Govt. Primary School,TalvordaTalvorda : Shenvi Dev Temple, Moddewaddo, Talvorda, -
17 Govt. Primary School,SimplerSimpler : Near Power House, Simpler, Near Char Rasta Junction, Bhatyem
18 Government Primary School,VerodaVeroda : Near G.P.S., Veroda, Veroda,Gautan, Gautan
19 Government Primary School,MuridaMurida : Near G.P.S. Murida, Murida, Murida, -
20 Government Primary School,DemaniDemani : Socrecotto, Corogem, Cottamol, Kollem & Shirogem, -
21 Shantadurga Marathi Vidhyalaya BhiunsaBhiunsa : Near Soda Factory, Josegal, Mollanguinim, Pairabandh, -
22 Government Primary School,,DemaniDemani : Near Masjid ,G.P.S.Demani, Demani
23 Government Primary School,MaddicottoMaddicotto,Comba : Near The House Of Rudolph Coutinho, Milliamwado, Near Prakash Transport Bus Service, Maddicotto Part, Near Old Infant Jesus, Maddicotto (Part)
24 Cuncolim Multipurpose,MaddicottoMaddicotto,Comba : Bencleam Wado,Near Chapel, Morod, Maddicotto(Part), -
25 Government Primary School,BhuinsaBhuinsa : Near Pimple Ped At Bhuinsa, Bhuinsa, G.P.S.Bhuinsa, Bhuinsa, Zoribhat, -
26 Balwadi,JosegalJosegal,Bhuinsa : Gotton, Nangillio, -
27 Cuncolim United Higher Secondary School, DondoraDondora : Cancanamoddi, G.P.S.Dandora, Dandora
28 Govt. Primary School Savorcotto Sanvorcotto : Near The House Of Fr.Fernandes, Sanvorcotto, Sanvorcotto, -
29 Govt. Primary School Savorcotto Sanvorcotto : Sanvorcotto, Near Laxmi Temple, Sanvorcotto-1, Near The House Of Freedom Fighter, Sanvorcotto-2
30 Cuncolim Muncipal Library, MoquimMoquim : Culvado(Part), Coprewaddo, Bandekarwado, Culvado
31 Government Primary School,ToleabhatToleabhat : Near Electricity Office, Cuncolim,Moquim, Salmadem, Odi, Chamramudi, -
32 Government Primary School,ToleabhatToleabhat : Nr. Shri.Molu Desai S House,Nr.Shantadurga Temple, Culwado, Porbulemwado, Anvalem, -
33 Government Primary Schoool TakabandTakaband : Near G.P.S. School,, Takaband,Buring, Quegdicotto, Gouleacotto, Takaband, -
34 Government Primary School,Panzarconni,Panzarconni : G.P.S.Panzarconi,Paik Devasthan, Panzarconni, Gaonkarwaddo, Panzarconni
35 Government Primary School,Panzarconni,Panzarconni : Near Chapel Of Panzarconi,Comba Central(Near Chapel), Cunkolim, Comba Central Part, Cuncolim, Paitomadde, Cuncolim
36 Infant Jesus High School, Paricotto,Paricotto : Masconim, Cuncolim, Takaband, Cuncolim, Near The House Of Shri. Laxman Naik, Gulleacotto
37 Infant Jesus High School, Paricotto,Paricotto : Comba Paricotto, Cuncolim
38 Village Panchayat Office,Chinchemol,AmbaulimChinchemol : Near Chapel, Baman Bhat, Near Chapel, Godgal, Near G.P S. Chinchemol, Chinchemol
39 Government Primary School,ChinchemolChinchemol : Near G.P S. Chinchemol, Covatemwada, Near Shree Dev Sateri Temple, Gudumol, Tembiwada, Cuncolim, Near Dev Sateri Temple, Panamol, Careatemod, Near Govt.High School, Corgualgal, Novewada, Near G.P.S.Acamol, Bhatwada, Near G.P.S.Acamol, Acamol
40 Government Primary School,DeulwadaDeulwada : Near Shree Shantadurga Ballikarin Temple, Deulwada, Near Shree Devi Gharvoi Temple, Velipwada, Near Devi Sati Temple, Ghodkem
41 Government Primary School,Motta-BalliMotta-Balli : Near V.P.Building, Balli Moth
42 Government Primary School,Motta-BalliMotta-Balli : Near House Of Ex-Talathi, Buring, Near G.P.S. Patiemwada, Patiemwada

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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