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Polling Booth in Cumbarjua Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Cumbarjua

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Cumbarjua Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Cumbarjua Assembly Constituency falls under the Cumbarjua Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, VanximVanxim, Sao Mathias : Vanxim, Sao Mathias
2 Govt. Primary School, Malar, Sao MathiasMalar, Sao Mathias : Malar, Sao Mathias, Belsurwado, Sao Mathias
3 Govt. Primary School, Naroa, Sao MathiasNaroa, Sao Mathias : Naroa Malar, Sao Mathias
4 Village Panchayat Office, Sao MathiasSao Mathias : Malar, Sao Mathias, Belsurwado, Sao Mathias
5 Commudade Office , NavelimNavelim : Xinowada, Navelim, Madantwada, Navelim, Madant, Navelim, Khursawaddo, Navelim, Madantwada I, Navelim, Madantwada Ii, Navelim
6 Village Panchayat Goltim, NavelimNavelim : Localwada, Goltim, Prabhuwaddo, Navelim, Inanwado, Navelim, Morodwada, Navelim, Fetorimwada, Navelim
7 St. Aloysius High School, SantarbhatSantarbhat : Santarbhat, Goltim
8 Govt. Primary School, Asilo , PiedadePiedade : Sonarwado, Navelim, Sonar Localwado, Navelim, Khursowado, Navelim, Localwado, Navelim, Sonarwado Ii, Navelim, Fetorimwada, Navelim, Fetorim, Navelim, Santarbhat, Navelim
9 Govt. Primary School, AkhadaAkhada : Churchwado Tolto, Jua, Akhada, Jua
10 VillagePanchayat Ghar, St. EstevamSt. Estevam : St. Francisco Waddo, Jua, Polwado, St. Estevam, Jua
11 Office of the Jr. Engineer, St. EstevamSt. Estevam : Forowado, St. Estevam, Jua, Overseas Electors, -
12 St. Thereza High School, Palmar Palmar : Palmar, St. Estevam, Jua
13 Govt. Primary School, PolwaddoPolwaddo : Tonca, Jua
14 St. Thereza High School, Palmar Palmar : Palmar, Jua, Manguiral, Jua
15 Govt. Primary School, Khadapwada Khadapwada : Talapwada, Cumbharjua, Rambhuvanwada, Cumbharjua
16 Govt. Primary School, Khadapwada Khadapwada : Takwadda, Cumbharjua, Rambhuvanwada I, Cumbharjua, Rambhuvanwada Ii, Cumbharjua, Rambhuvanwada Iii, Cumbharjua
17 Govt. Primary School, GawantwadaGawantwada : Mallawada, Cumbharjua, Thapanwada, Cumbharjua, Gawantwada, Cumbharjua, Gawantwada I, Cumbharjua
18 Govt. Primary School, Khadapwada (Side )Khadapwada : Mallawada, Cumbharjua, Zorcantor, Cumbharjua, Zorcantor I, Cumbharjua
19 Sharada Vidyalaya, Khadapwada, CumbarjuaKhadapwada, Cumbarjua : Khadapwada, Cumbharjua, Gholwada, Cumbharjua, Gholwada I, Cumbharjua
20 Govt. Primary School, KhadapwadaKhadapwada : Surchebhat, Cumbharjua, Khadapwada, Cumbharjua, Khadapwada I, Cumbharjua
21 House of Smt. Alice Afonso, GaundalimGaundalim : Gaundalim, Gaundalim, Overseas Electors, -
22 Office of Z.A.O. Tiswadi, Ella FarmBaiguinim, Old Goa : Baigunim, Old Goa
23 Old Goa Education Institute, EllaElla : Ella, Se Old Goa
24 Govt. Primary School , MollarMollar : Near Satyam Hotel, Mollar, Near Vandevi Temple, Mollar, Near Govt. Primary School, Mollar, Near Vijaynagar Hsg. Society, Mollar, Near Milrock Wood , Mollar, Near Madkaikar Plaza, Mollar, Bamboo Bhat, Mollar
25 Govt. Primary School, Ella Mollar, Se old Goa : Near Dessai , Mollar, Se Old Goa, Near Railway Overbridge, Mollar, Se Old Goa, Near Dotor Bhat, Mollar, Se Old Goa, S.F.X. Building - Phase I & Ii, Mollar, Se Old Goa, Near Icar Complex, Mollar, Se Old Goa, Dhauji, Mollar, Se Old Goa, Near Railway Track, Dhauji, Mollar, Se Old Goa
26 Govt. Primary School, Ella Se Old Goa : Edmar /Peribhat, Se Old Goa, Near St. Paul Church, Se Old Goa, Near Bom Jesus , Se Old Goa, Near Carl Centre, Se Old Goa, Behind Handmaids Of Christ Convent, Se Old Goa, Ella, Se Old Goa
27 Village Panchayat Office, CorlimCorlim : Bellavista, Corlim, Volwadao, Corlim, Nr. Jyoti Estate, Corlim
28 Multipurpose Community Hall, CorlimCorlim : Nr. Health Centre, Corlim, Churchwada, Corlim, Taquant, Corlim, Calvaddo, Corlim, Mollar, Corlim, Near Keni Colony, Corlim
29 G.I.D.C. Corlim Office Industrial Estate, CorlimCorlim : Mollar, Corlim, Near Hotel Ownden, Corlim, Near Bhomkar Chambers, Corlim, Nr. Primos Park, Corlim, Housing Board Colony, Corlim
30 Madkaikar Navchaityan High School, CorlimCorlim : P.D.A. Colony, Corlim, Nr. Green Valley, Corlim
31 Anganwadi Centre, Mangado, CorlimCorlim : Nr. Syngenta Colony, Corlim, Mangado, Corlim, Dhulaapi, Corlim
32 Govt. Primary School, Mangado, CorlimMangado, Corlim : Rawalnath Nagar, Corlim, Mangado, Corlim, Funskool Road, Corlim
33 Govt. Primary School, DhulapiDhulapi : Dhulaapi, Corlim
34 Convent of Jesus & Mary Sarvajanik High School CarambolimCarambolim : Gaunsabhat, Carambolim, Xirnem, Carambolim, Khalpora, Carambolim, Dhado, Carambolim
35 Govt. Primary School , CarambolimCarambolim : Saklebhat, Carambolim, Gaunsabhat, Carambolim
36 Govt. Primary School , CarambolimCarambolim : Saklebhat, Carambolim, Donamaria, Carambolim
37 Village Panchayat Office, CarambolimCarambolim : Donamaria, Carambolim, Caribhat, Carambolim, Khandiwada, Carambolim
38 Village Panchayat Office, Dona Maria, CarambolimDona Maria, Carambolim : Pether Ekawada, Carambolim, Khandiwada, Carambolim, Parkebhat, Carambolim, Dhakte - Porke Bhat, Carambolim, Panchamanas, Carambolim
39 Communidade , CarambolimCarambolim : Cardoz Ward, Zorichebhat, Carambolim, Near Holy Cross Chapel, Zorichem Bhat, Carambolim, Ganvkollem, Zorichem Bhat, Carambolim, Near Platinum Residency, Zorichem Bhat, Carambolim, Near Piedade Chapel, Gavant, Carambolim, Near Barros Residency, Gavant, Carambolim, Near Godheshwar Temple, Gavant, Carambolim, Igorje Waddo, Pether, Carambolim, Ritiebhatt, Pether, Carambolim, Church Square, Pether, Carambolim

Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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