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Polling Booth in Benaulim Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Benaulim

Benaulim Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Benaulim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Benaulim Assembly Constituency falls under the Benaulim Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Infant Jesus High School, Vanelim, Colva, Vanelim, Colva : Modlowaddo, Vanelim, Pequeno, Vanelim, Tolloi, Vanelim
2 Govt. Primary School,Sernabatim, Sernabatim : Ambeaxir, Sernabatim, Padrigullem, Sernabatim
3 Infant Jesus High School, ColvaNew Building, South Wing : Copelwaddo, Novowaddo, Sernabatim
4 Govt. Primary School, SernabatimSernabatim : Grande Vanelim, Vanelim, Chinchemorod, Vanelim
5 Govt. Middle School ColvaColva : 3rd Bairo Colva, Gandaulim, Colva
6 Govt Middle School East WingWest Wing : 4th Bairo Part A, -
7 Infant Jesus High Schhol, ColvaNorth Wing, New Building : 4th Bairo Part B
8 Village Panchayat Office ColvaColva : Premeiro Bairo, Colva
9 Infant Jesus High School, ColvaColva : Segundo Bairo, Colva
10 Govt Primary School, Seraulim, Seraulim : Near Railway Station, Duncolim
11 Govt Primary School, SeraulimSeraulim : Seraulim, Pedda Seraulim
12 Village Panchayat, Seraulim, Village Panchayat, Seraulim : Reliance Park, Per Seraulim
13 Village Panchayat, Seraulim, Village Panchayat, Seraulim : Nr. 20 Point Programme, Socubhatt
14 Old Govt. Primary School., Povacao, Povacao : St. Paul Chapel, Pedda, Pedda Grande, Pedda
15 Old Govt. Primary School., Povacao, Govt. Primary School, Povacao : Near Football Ground, Cana, Adsulim, Povacao, Pequen Pedda, Benaulim
16 Govt. Primary School , Near Sebastiao ChapelMazilwado : Pandolpem, Acsona, Benaulim, Kodant, Acsona, Benaulim, Ampem, Acsona, Benaulim, Diuleri, Acsona, Benaulim, Danswaddo, Acsona, Benaulim, Becklemoll, Acsona, Benaulim
17 Sub- Station Of Office Of Electricity Dept., Acsona, MazilwadoAcsona, Mazilwado : Near Electricity Department, Pakem Waddo, Pakamwaddo, Acsona, Illiant, Acsona, New City, Parodem, Acsona, Zoriwaddo, Acsona, Parodem, Acsona, -
18 Govt. Primary School , Nr Sebastiao Chapel, MazilwadoBenaulim : Mellant, Mazil Wado, Pitalem, Maria Bhat, Ladin Khuris, Poebhat, Patollem, -
19 St.Aloysius High School, BenaulimBenaulim : Holy Trinity Church, Mazilvaddo, Livrament Monument, Mazilvaddo, Panchayat Office, Mazilvaddo, Laxmi Temple, Mazilvaddo, Holy Cross, Mazilvaddo, Near Dangwaddo, Mazilvaddo
20 Village Panchayat Office , MazilwadoVillage Panchayat Office, Mazilwado, Benaulim : Dangwaddo(Part), Benaulim, Near Dando Ground, Dando, Near Chapel, Vaswaddo, Monea Khuris, Vaswaddo, Vaswaddo (Part), Benaulim, Komla Tollem(Part), Vaswaddo
21 Village Panchayat Office , BenaulimMazilwado Benaulim : Sorient, Vaswaddo, Vaswaddo, Komla Tollem, Vaswaddo, Vaswaddo, Bandar
22 St. Aloysius High School , BenaulimBenaulim : Tambdi Mati, Vaswaddo, Vigrabhat, Vaswaddo, Vaddie, Vaswaddo, Calvaddo, Vaswaddo
23 Govt. Primary School Pulwaddo , PulwadoPulwado, Benaulim : Tolleaband, Pulwado (Part), River Sal Estate, Pulwaddo (Part), Maddar, Pulwaddo (Part), Rebod, Pulwaddo, Near Jose Vaz Monument, Pulwaddo, Birondi, Pulwaddo (Part), Kandar, Pulwaddo (Part), Pequeno, Pulwaddo (Part)
24 Directorate Of Ind. Wood Craft Training Centre,PulvadoBenaulim,Birondim : Mondo, Pulwaddo (Part), Prima Vaxim, Pulwaddo (Part), Near G.P.S., Pulwaddo (Part), Cajunt, Pulwaddo (Part)
25 Govt. Primary School , PulwadoPulwado, Benaulim : Grande Pulvaddo, Benaulim, Pequeno, Pulwaddo (Part), Pulvaddo, Benaulim, Prima Vaxim, Pulvaddo (Part)
26 Govt. Primary School Calvaddo,VarcaCalvaddo Varca : St. Piedade Chapel, Chadvaddo, St. Cruz Chapel, Novangulli
27 Govt. Primary School Calvaddo,VarcaVarca Calvaddo : Laxette, Varca, Razvado, Varca, Guneavado, Varca, Langottem, Varca
28 St. Mary High School Kg Class, Calwaddo, VarcaCalwaddo, Varca : Pedda Uttordoxi, Varca, Pedda Nomeio, Varca, Pedda, Dumottem, Varca, Cobia Pedda, Varca
29 St. Mary High School, Varca X BVarca/Calvaddo : Varca- Calvado, Varca, V. P. O Varca, Reprovado, Varca
30 Govt. Primary School, FatradeVarca/Fatrade : Renaissance Hotel, First Fatrade, Varca, Odiawaddo, First Fatrade, Varca, Duskelem Second Fatrade, Varca, Pobremod, Second Fatrade, Varca, Pireswaddo, Varca Second Fatrade
31 V. P. Office, OrlimOrlim : St Pires High School, Gulloi, Orlim, Police Station, Gontonaik, Orlim, Candelem, Orlim, Upguellem, Orlim, Demonaik, Orlim, Palcutta, Orlim, Dessonaik, Orlim
32 St. Pius High School, Batty OrlimBatty Orlim : Bank Of Baroda, Maddem, Orlim, Temple Bironaik, Orlim, Chandonaik, Orlim, Batty, Orlim, Sambatty, Orlim
33 Govt. Primary School, CalvaddoCavelossim/Igrejwaddo : Tamborim Ward, Cavelossim, Saico,Igreza Ward, Cavelossim, Batty Dias, Gomes Ward, Cavelossim
34 Village Panchayat Office, CavelossimCavelossim/Kalvaddo : Afonsovaddo, Cavelossim, Patrecantem, Cavelossim, Rodrigues Ward, Cavelossim, Kalvaddo, Cavelossim
35 Govt. Primary School, MoborMobor/Cavelossim : Bandoi, Khandy, Cavelossim, Mobor, Cavelossim, Tibet, Passos, Cavelossim
36 Sacred Heart Of Jesus High School, Igreja Carmona, Igreja Carmona : Olvaddo, Carmona, Gopalem Wado, Carmona, Chouki, Carmona, Igreja, Carmona, Ratmadem, Carmona
37 Sacred Heart Of Jesus High School , Igreja CarmonaIgreja Carmona : Janot Bazar, Kirbhat, Milagres Chapel, D'Mello, Santa Cruz Chapel, Fondo, Santa Cruz Chapel, Ankur Luis
38 Govt. Primary School CarmonaCarmona : George Waddo, Carmona, Xetmallem, Carmona, Batty, Carmona, Gavon, Carmona, Beach Zalor, Carmona
39 Govt. Primary School CarmonaCarmona : Tamdeg, Carmona, Batty Viegas, Carmona, Alemao Xiro, Carmona, St. Sebastiao Chapel, Alemao Xiro, Xiro, Carmona, Holy Cross, Xiro

Last Updated on February 17, 2014