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Polling Booth in Warisnagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Warisnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Warisnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Upgraded Middle school, Sajanapur
2Primary school, Dhuralakh
3Upgraded Middle School, Makasudapur
4Upgraded Middle school, Babupur
5Upgraded Middle School, Ratanapur
6Upgraded Middle school, Dhanahar Right side
7Upgraded Middle school,Dhanahar Left side
8Primary School Makatab Milaki
9Upgraded Middle School Warisnagar Market Right side
10Upgraded Middle School Warisnagar Market middke Side
11Upgrade middle School Warisnagar Left Part
12Upgraded Middle school, Rampur Right side
13Upgraded Middle school Rampur Left side
14Upgraded Middle school, Rahua Right Side
15Kanya Middle school, Rahua
16Primary School Rahua Tole Kangoi
17Islamiya Madarsa Shekhtoli Rahua
18Middle school Darasur Right side
19Middle school, Darasur Left side
20Middle School Darsur Middle Side
21Middle school, Ballipur Right side
22Middle school, Ballipur Left side
23Upgraded Middle School Ladwara
24Panchayat Bhavan,Rahua East Right side
25Panchayat Bhavan Rahua East Left side
26Primary girls school urdu
27Middle school, Warisnagar
28Swarn (Rsvn) Jayanti Building rural self employment Gohi
29C.D.P.O. office, Warisnagar
30Block office, Warisnagar
31Panchayat Bhavan,Gohi
32Primary school, Urdu Gohi
33Upgraded Middle school, Ramapur Vishun
34Upgraded Middle School Rampur Vishun House No. 4
35High school, Kishanapur
36Upgraded Middle school, Raghunathapur
37Upgraded Middle school,Urdu Madhopur
38Community Building, Dumarbanna
39Middle school, Kusaiya
40Panchayat Building Kusaiya
41Upgraded Middle school, Urdu Sukhapur
42Primary school, Mathurapur,Kusaiya
43Primary school, Daulatapur
44Upgraded Middle school, Shekhopur Right side
45Upgraded Middle school, Shekhopur Left side
46Schedule Caste Chaupal Mannipur
47Urdu Primary school, Begamapur Right side
48Urdu Primary school, Begampur Left side
49Upgraded Middle school, Akabarapur Right side
50Upgraded Middle school, Akabarapur Left side
51Upgraded Middle school, Mathurapur, Right side
52Panchayat Bhavan Mathurapur
53Upgraded Middle school, Mathurapur Left side
54Upgraded Middle school, Mathurapur Middle side
55Upgraded Middle school, Mannipur
56Middle school, Sari (Right side)
57Middle school, Sari (Left side)
58Middle school Sari (Middle side)
59Panchayat Bhavan Sari (Right side)
60Panchayat Bhavan Sari (Left side)
61Urdu Makatab Nagarabasti
62Family Welfare Centre Nagarabasti (Right side)
63Family Welfare Centre Nagarabasti (Left side)
64Basic school Hansa (Right side)
65Basic school Hansa (Left side)
66Upgraded Middle school, Mohiudinapur Tole Ekadwari (Right side)
67Upgraded Middle school, Mohiudinapur Tole Ekadwari (Left side)
68Upgraded Middle school, Mohiudinapur
69Makatab Mohiudinapur
70Upgraded Middle school, Hajapurava (Right side)
71Upgraded Middle school, Hajapurava (Left side)
72Upgraded Middle School Hajpurwa Middle Side
73Middle school Chhataneshwar (Right side)
74Middle school, Chhataneshwar (Left side)
75Upgraded Middle school,Tara Tol Chhataneshwar
76Upgraded Middle school, Paroriya
77Upgraded Middle school, Lavahatata
78Primary school, Satamalapur
79Upgraded Rahimuddin Middle girls Makatab Satamalapur
80Upgraded Middle school shekh Toli Satamalapur, Urdu
81Middle school, Satamalapur(Right side)
82Middle school, Satamalapur (Left side)
83Middle school, Balahi (Right side)
84Middle school, Balahi (Left side)
85Upgraded Middle school, Charo
86Upgraded Middle school, Puranahi (Right side)
87Upgraded Middle school, Puranahi (Left side)
88Upgraded Middle school, Rayapur (Right side)
89Rupgraded Middle school, Rayapur (Left side)
90Primary school, Chandauli
91Upgraded Middle school.,Mugalanichak
92Middle school, Kasaur (Right side)
93Middle School,Kasare (Left side)
94Primary school, Matua
95Panchayat Bhavan,Lakhanapatati, (Right side)
96Panchayat Bhavan Lakhanapatati, (Left side)
97Upgraded Middle school, Shadipur Bathanaha (Right side)
98Upgraded Middle school, Shadipur Bathanaha (Left side)
99Primary school, Bhadoghat (Right side)
100 Primary school,Bhadoghat (Left side)
101 Upgraded Middle school, Basantapur Ramani (Right side)
102 Upgraded Middle school, Basantapur Ramani (Left side)
103 Primary school, Kishanapur Baikuntha
104 Middle school, Kishanapur Baikuntha (Right side)
105 Middle school, Kishanapur Baikuntha,(Left side)
106 Upgraded Middle school, Kamala Baha
107 Upgraded Middle school, Navatol
108 Upgraded Middle school, Madhurapur
109 Water Wage Office Madhurapur Hathhathaudi Kothi (North side)
110 Water Wage Office, Madhurapur, Hathhathaudi Kothi (South side)
111 Upgraded Middle school, Dharmpur Right Side
112 Upgraded Middle School Dharmpur Left Side
113 Upgraded Middle school, Rahatauli (North side)
114 Upgraded Meddle school, Rahatauli, (South side)
115 Anganabadi Centre Bhatahi
116 Primary school, Maheshabara
117 Upgraded Middle school Bhataura (East side)
118 Upgraded Middle school, Bhataura, (West side)
119 Upgraded Middle school, Kathaghara
120 Primary School, Shahapur Chintamani
121 Upgraded Middle school, Akhatavara
122 Govt. Middle school, Chhatauni
123 Primary School, Garib Bsdantpur
124 Upgraded Middle school, Shaharu(Right side)
125 Upgraded Middle school, Shaharu (Left side)
126 Middle school, Dahiyar (North side)
127 Middle school, Dahiyar(south side)
128 Upgraded Middle school, Ranna
129 Panchayat Bhavan Ranna
130 Upgraded Middle school, Sarahila
131 Upgraded Middle school, Parasa (Right side)
132 Upgraded Middle school, Parasa (Left side)
133 Primary school, Shripur
134 Primary School Khanpur Belhar
135 Primary school, Boraj
136 Upgraded Middle school, Kharasam
137 Middle school, Paravana(North side)
138 Middle school, Paravana (south side)
139 Primary school, Dube Pur
140 Primary school, Narasinha
141 Panchayat Bhavan Dumra Mohan
142 Primary school, Dumara Mohan
143 Primary school, Amarauti Right side
144 Primary school, Amarauti Left side
145 Primary school, Bathanaha
146 Upgraded Middle School Shripuragahar Right side
147 Upgraded Middle School Shripuragahar Left side
148 Primary school, Chakamahi Mujari
149 Primary school, Shivanagar
150 Upgraded Middle School, Gudarghat
151 Upgraded Middle school, Hosopur
152 Panchayat Building Hansopur
153 Primary school, Salemapatati
154 Upgraded Middle school, Kamopur
155 Primary school, Babanaghat Right side
156 Primary school, Babanaghat Left side
157 Upgraded Middle school, Suraul(Urdu)
158 Primary School Moditol
159 Middle school, Bhanapur Right side
160 Middle school, Manapur (Left side)
161 Upgraded Middle school, Khatuaha (Right side)
162 Upgraded Middle school, Khatuaha (Left side)
163 Upgraded Middle school, Barahagama (Right side)
164 Upgraded Middle school, Barahagama (Left side)
165 Primary school, Kharaj
166 Panchayat Building Khairi Gram Siropatati
167 Middle school, Siropatati (Right side)
168 Middle School Siropati Middle Part
169 Middle school, Siropatati (Left side)
170 Govt Basic school, Khairi (Right side)
171 Govt Basic school, Khairi (Left side)
172 Upgraded Middle school, Kanubishunapur (Right side)
173 Upgraded Middle School Kanuvishanpur Left part
174 Primary School Bhupatpur
175 Library building, Chakoti
176 Primary Agriculture Credit Copretive Society Chakoti
177 Panchayat Building Manwara
178 Schedule Caste Caupal Ilamasanagar
179 Upgrade middle School Raini Right Part
180 Upgraded Middle school, Raini Left Part
181 Upgraded Middle school, Kothiya
182 Upgraded Middle School Pirakhpur
183 Upgraded Middle school, Madhutol(Right side)
184 Upgraded Middle school, Madhutol(Left side)
185 High school, Siropatati Khatuaha (Chakvakhar) Left Part
186 High School Siropati Khatua (Chkwakhar) Right Part
187 Upgraded Middle school, Ramanagar
188 Primary school, Singiyahi
189 Middle school, Revada
190 Primary School Jagdishpur
191 Primary School, Goriyahi
192 primary school, Ranjitapur Right Side
193 Primary School Rajitpur Left Side
194 Middle school, Khanapur (Right side)
195 Middle school, Khanapur (Left side)
196 Upgraded Middle School HariyaBad Chak Right Part
197 Upgraded Middle School Hariyabad Chak Lift Side
198 Primary school, Tengaraha
199 Middle School Sadipur Right Side
200 Middle school, Shadipur Middle side)
201 Middle school, Shadipur (Left side)
202 Primary school, Sedukha
203 Primary School Mananpur
204 Primary school , Simaraha
205 Upgraded Middle school, Vikramapatati
206 Upgraded Middle school, Fatehapur
207 Upgraded Middle school, Hasanapur (Right side)
208 Upgraded Middle school, Hasanapur (Left side)
209 Panchayat Samiti Building Khanapur
210 Upgraded Middle school,Udayapur
211 Upgraded Middle school, Madhuban Right part
212 Upgraded Middle school, Madhuban Left part
213 Upgraded Middle school, Milki
214 Upgraded Middle school, Tedha (Right side)
215 Upgraded Middle school, Tedha (Left side)
216 Primary school, Hariharapur Khedhi (Right side)
217 Primary school, Hariharapur Khedhi (Left side)
218 Upgraded Middle school, Masina (Right side)
219 Upgraded Middle school, Masina (Left side)
220 Middle school, Shobhan (Right side)
221 Middle school, Shobhan (Left side)
222 Upgraded Middle school shobhan, Basantpur
223 Primary school, Basantapur Right Side
224 Primary School Basantpur Left Side
225 Govt Basic school Bhore Jay Ram (Right sdie)
226 Govt Basic school, Bhorejayaram (Middle side)
227 Govt. Basic school, Bhorejayaram (Left side)
228 Rajamani High school, Bhorej Shahpur (Right side)
229 Rajmani High school, Bhore Shahpur (Left side)
230 Upgraded Middle school, Amasaur
231 Upgraded Middle school, Bishanpur Sonsa
232 Primary School Murgiya Chak
233 Upgraded Middle school, Bachhauli Tole Parana (Right side)
234 Upgraded Middle school, Bachhauli Tole parana (Left side)
235 Middle school, Natthudwar (Right side)
236 Middle school, Natthudwar (left side)
237 High school, Natthudwar
238 Primary school, Bujurg Dwar (Right side)
239 Primary school ,Bujurg Dwar (Left side)
240 Upgraded Middle school Amasaur Chaur Tol
241 Primary school Karua
242 Upgraded Middle school, Samana (Right side)
243 Upgraded Middle school, Samana (Left side)
244 Middle school, Vishanapur Aabhi
245 Primary school, Dhaigh
246 Primary School Haripur
247 Primary school Balha Vishwanath (Right side)
248 Primary school Balha Vishwanath (Left side)
249 Upgraded Middle school Sivaisingapur (Right side)
250 Upgraded Middle school Sivausingapur (Left side)
251 Upgraded Middle school, Rajvara

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