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Polling Booth in Thakurganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Thakurganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Thakurganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Upgraded Middle School Palsa
2P. S. Dakupara
3Middle Vidyalaya Singhimari (North.Part)
4Ma0 B0 Singhimari (South.Part)
5Madarsa Singhimari Milik North Part
6 Madarsa Singhimari South Part
7 Upgraded Middle School Malmali
8 M. S. Lashmipur Talagachha(North Part)
9 M. S. Lashmipur Talagachha (South0Part)
10Upgraded Middle School Fulwari Lohagara
11Madarsa Lohagada
12U. M. S. Haribhitta
13Upper Middle School Bherabheri (North Part)
14Upper MiddleSchool, Bherabheri (South Part)
15Upgraded Middle School Sherashahawadi Tola Dogiraja
16Upgraded Middle School Kutuawa Bhitta
17Upper Middle School Nayan Bihtta
18M. S.Haruadanga
19Upgraded Middle School Dighal Bank (North Part)
20Upgraded Middle School Dighal Bank (South Part)
21P. S. Khari Dubri (North Part)
22P. S. Khadi dubari (South Part)
23U. M. S. Maltoli
24Upgraded Middle School Mohamari (North Part)
25Upgraded Middle School Mohamari (South Part)
26M. S. Dhantola (North Part)
27M. S. Dhanatola (South Part)
28P. S. Balubari
29Upgraded Middle School Pipla
30Upper Middle School, Kamat
31M. S. Ganderabhdanga (North Part)
32Madhya vidyalya Grabhandanga Madhya Bhag
33Middle School Ganderabhdanga (South Part)
34Upgraded Middle School Basbari
35Upper Middle School Pothimari
36Madarsa Talavadi
37M. S. Tapapu (North Part)
38Middle Vidyalaya Tapapu (South Part)
39P. S. Kanya Tapapu (North Part)
40P. S. Kanya Tapapu (South Part)
41U. M. Vidyalaya Mangura
42Prathamik Vidyalaya Guavari
43Upgraded Middle School Dahibhat (North Part)
44Upgraded Middle School Dahibhat (South Part)
45Upgraded Middle School Dahibhat kala
46Upgraded Middle School Mustafaganj
47Dahibhat Madarsa (North Part)
48Dahibhat Madarsa (Dakshini Part)
49Uchcha S. Tulsiya (West Part)
50Uchcha S. Tulsiya (East Part)
51Upgraded Middle School Miradhanadangi
52M. S. Tulsiya
53Upgraded Middle School Bhat Toli
54M. S. Katahalwadi
55P. S. Kachchunala
56Panchyat BhawanJageer Padampur (North Part)
57Panchayat Bhawan Jageer Padampur (South Part)
58Madarsa Handi Pokhar
59P. S. Jiyapokhar
60U. M. S. Athagachhiya
61U. M. Vidyalaya Tangatangi
62Madarsa Dogachchhi
63Maltola Madrasa (North Part)
64Maltola Madrasa (South Part)
65Madarsa Fulagachhi
66U. M. S. Jarazulla
67U. M. S. Kamati
68Madarsa Taravari
69U. M. S. Chahatpur
70Halka Kachhari Ikada (South Part)
71Halka Kachhari Ikada (North Part)
72Madarsa Khaikhat
73Utkramit Middle S. Kumhiya
74Panchayat Bhawan Kumhiya
75U. M. S. Bandarjhula ,North Part
76U. M. S. Bandarjhula South Part
77U.M.S. Kaddubhitha
78Madarsa Jiyapokhar
79P. S. Jiyapokhar
80Madarsa Bandarjhula
81P.S. Gilhabari BEP
82U. M. S. Rajagonv North0 Part
83U. M. S. Rajagonv South Part
84Malinagonv Madarsa
85Panchayat Bhawan Malinagonv
86Madarsa, Dumriya (North Part)
87Madarsa Dumariya South Part
88Utkramik Madhya Vidyalaya Panchgachi, Purab Bhag
89Utkramit Madhya Vidaylya Panchgachi, Paschim Bhag
90Prathamik Vidyalaya, Petabhari
91U.M.S Coach Basti
92M. S. Pauakhali Utari Part
93Middle Vidyalaya Pauakhali Dakshin Part
94High School Pauakhali North Part
95High School Pauakhali Dakshin Part
97Madarsa Mirabhitata
98U.M.S. Suribhittha
99New P. S. Bhelagudi
100 M. S. Kadogonv
101 U.M.S. Duraghati
102 U.M.S. Gambhiragadh
103 P. Vidyalaya Sabodangi North Part
104 P S. Sabodangi South Part
105 Utkramit M. Vidyalaya Khanabadi
106 M. Vidyalaya Rasia
107 Panchayat Bhawan Rasia
108 U.M.S. Paikapada North Part
109 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalaya Paikapada South Part
110 Ambedkar Bhawan Baluvadi
111 Upgraded Middle School Saraiguri
112 Madarsa Bhaulmara
113 Prathamik Vidyalaya Bholmara
114 New P. S. Chandapatava
115 Madarsa Bhayankaradwari Utari Part
116 Madarsa Bhayankaradwari (South.Part.)
117 Upgraded Middle School Kharudah North Part
118 Upgraded Middle School Kharudah (Middle Part)
119 U. M. S. Kharudah (Dakshin Part)
120 Pvt0 B0 Karuamani
121 U. M. S. Barahamani
122 Panchayat Bhawan, Kharudah
123 Upgraded Middle School Katharo Gogaria
124 Prathamik Vidyalaya Gheghatoli
126 Utkramit Middle S. Kudimani South Part
127 M.S.BARCHAUNDI East Part
128 Ma0 B0 Barachaundi West Part
129 U. M.S. Bhorabhitha
130 P. S. Dangigachha
131 Upgraded Middle School Jiranagachh North Part
132 Utkramit Madhya Vidaylya Jirangacch, Madhya Bhag
133 Upgraded Middle School Jiranagachha (South Part)
134 Madarsa Nisichitpur (North Part)
135 Madarsa Nishchitapur (Dakshin Part)
137 Prathamik Vidyalaya Pathamari
138 U.M.S.Dallegonv E. Part
139 U.M.S.Dallegonv w. Part
140 U.M.S.Bhawaniganj
141 U.M.S. Andavadi
142 Madarsa Birnabadi
143 P.S. Viranavadi
144 Prathamik Vidyalaya Jhala
145 U.M.S.Lodha East Part
146 U.M.S.Lodha West Part
148 U. M. S. Dhumagadh East Part
149 U. M. S. Dhumagadh West Part
150 Madhya Vidyalya Bhagdogra (North Part)
151 Madhya Vidyayal Bhogdabar (Dakshin Part)
152 Primary School Dangihajari
153 Upgraded Middle School Nuniyatari (North Part)
154 Prathamik Vidyalaya Nuniyontari West Part
155 U. M. S. Bahadurapur ,East Part
156 U. M. S. Bahadurapur ,West Part
157 Pvt. Vidyalaya Budhaniya
158 U. M. S. Dudhaaunti
159 Panchayat Bhawan, Dudhaaunti
160 Madarsa, Suhagi
161 U. M. S. Dogachchhi
162 U. M. Vidyalaya Bholabhitha
163 Anganbadi Kendra No 223 Tetalgudi
164 U. M. S. Fatamari
165 P. S. Part Kharna
166 Middle Vidyalaya Ruidhasa
167 Prathamik Vidyalaya Karuamani Sona Chandi
168 P. S. Katahaladangi
169 Prathamik Vidyalaya Kuridangi(Purab Part)
170 P. S. Kudidangi (West Part)
171 Middle Vidyalaya Kharna
172 U. M. S. Pateshwari
173 Suba Bai Kanya Middle Vidyalaya Thakurganj (North Part)
174 Subabai Kanya Madhya Vidyalaya Thakurganj(Dakshin Part)
175 Madarsa Thakurganj
176 National College Thakurganj
177 Adarsh Middle Vidyalaya Thakurganj (Purab Part)
178 Adarsh Uchcha Vidyalaya Thakurganj (West Part)
179 Uchcha Vidyalaya Thakurganj (West Part)
180 Uccha Vidyalya Thakurganj (Middle Part)
181 Uchcha Vidyalaya Thakurganj (Purab Part)
182 U M. S.Chaingamari
183 P. S. Gulashanabhitha
184 Madarsa Jamnigudi
185 U. M. S. Jamunigudi
186 Middle Vidyalaya Behabuladangi
187 Janta Hat Madarsa, Jalamilik
188 U. M. S. Khadibasti
189 Middle Vidyalaya Galagaliya (North Part)
190 Middle Vidyalaya Galagaliya (Middle Part)
191 Madhya Vidyalya Galgaliya ,Paschim Bhag
192 Middle Vidyalaya Galagaliya (Dakshini Part)
193 P. S. Bandarabadi
194 U. M. S. Bhatagonv
195 U. M. S. Nemugudi (North Part)
196 U. M S. Nemugudi (South Part)
197 U. M. S. Negadaduba
198 U. M. S. Nejagachha(East Part)
199 U. M. S. Nejagachha West Part
200 Uchcha Vidyalaya Churali (North Part)
201 Middle Vidyalaya Churali(North Part)
202 Middle Vidyalaya Churali(Middle Part)
203 M. S. Churli (South Part)
204 Uchcha Vidyalaya Churali (Dakshin Part)
205 Prathamik Vidyalaya Gandhugachha East Part
206 Prathamik Vidyalaya Gandhugachha (West0Part)
207 Middle Vidyalaya Baurigachha Purab Part
208 Middle Vidyalaya Baurigachha, West0 Part
209 Prathmik. Vidyalaya Sahebganj
210 U. M. S. Dangibari North Part
211 Utkramit Middle B. Dangivadi South0 Part
212 Prathamik Vidyalaya, Yogitola East Part
213 P. S. Jogihat West Part
214 Prathamik Vidyalaya Hulahuli (Purab Part)
215 Prathmik Vidyalaya Hulahuli (Ma Part)
216 Prathmik. Vidyalaya Hulahuli (West0 Part)
217 U. M. Vidyalaya Gunjaramari
218 U. M. S. Gwalagachha
219 P. S. Guthanigachha North Part
220 Pvt0 B0 Gudhanigachha South0 Part
221 Upgraded Middle School DarjiBhitta
222 U.M.S. Bairagijhad
223 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalaya, Harubhitha

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