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Polling Booth in Tarari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Tarari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tarari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Pratdamik Vidyalay, Dusadhi Bazar, Ward No.-1
2Pushpa Uchcha Vidyalay, Piro (Uttari Bhag), Ward No.- 12
3Pushpa Uchcha Vidyalay Piro (Dakshin Bhag) Ward No.- 10
4Balika Madhya Vidyalay Piro Ward No. -11(Purvi Bhag)
5Balika Madhy Vidyalay, Piro
6Prathamik Vidyalay, Milki, Ward No.-5
7Manrega Bhawan Piro Purwi Bhag
8Manrega Bhawan Piro Paschim Bhag
9Urdu Prathamik Vidyalay, Bhagalapur ,Vard Na.- 3
10Urdu Prathamik Vidyalay, Bhagalapur ,Vard Na.-3
11Madhya Vidyalay Piro (Balak) , Ward No.-10
12Madhya Vidyalay Pira Valak, Vard Na.-10
13Urdu Garlsa Prathamik Vidyalay,Piro,Vard Na.-14 Bayan Bhag
14Urdu Garlsa Prathamik Vidyalay,Piro,Vard Na.-14 Dayan Bhag
15Urdu Madhya Vidyalay, Piro Vard Na.- 14,Uttari Bhag
16Urdu Madhya Vidyalay, Piro Ward No.- 14
17Urdu Madhy Vidyalay, Piro Ward No 14
18Prathamik Vidyalay, Balua Tola, Vard Na.- 17
19Prathamik Vidyalay, Ibrahimapur, Hindi Piro ward no-7
20Prathamik Vidyalay, Ibrahimapur, Hindi Piro dayan bhag
21Prathamik Vidyalay, Dhanapura
22Prathamik Vidyalay, Itimha Ganesh
23Prathamik Vidyalay Chilabiliya
24Madhya Vidyalay Bachari
25Madhya Vidyalay, Bachari
26Prathamik Vidyalay ,Govindadih
27Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Lahari Tiwari Dih
28Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Jaisidih
29Madhya Vidyalay Bhadasar
30Madhya Vidyalay, Bhadasar
31Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bhulukuo
32Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Khairi Tivaridih
33Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Sukharauli
34Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Kachanath
35Sanskrit Mahavidyalay, Pacharukhiya
36Sanskrit Mahavidyalay, Pancharukhiya
37Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Motidih
38Prathamik Vidyalay, Rasauli(Purvi Tola)
39Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Sahejani
40Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Sahejani
41Madhya Vidyalay, Nonar
42Madhya Vidyalay Nonar
43Utkramit Harijan Madhy Vidyalay Nonar
44Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Basamanpur -1
45Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Tetaradih
46Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Amai
47Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Amai
48Uchcha Vidyalay Hasan Bazar, Katar (Daya Bhag)
49Uchch Vidyalay, Hasan Bazar, Katar (Baya Bhag)
50Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Katar(Urdu) Pashchimi Bhag
51Utkramit Madhya Urdu Vidyalay Katar (Purwi Bhag)
52Madhya Vidyalay Hasan Bajar
53Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Mazianv Bhavan Na. 1
54Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Harijan Toli, Hasanbazar
55Prathamik Vidyalay Garahatha
56Prathamik Vidyalay Pachama (Purwi Bhag)
57Prathamik Vidyalay Pachama (Pashchimi Bhag)
58Utkramit Madh Vidyalay Baisadih
59Madhya Vidyalay Narayanapur Purwi bhag
60Madhya Vidyalay Narayanapur Paschimi bhag
61Madhya Vidyalay Narayanpur (Uttari Bhag)
62Madhya Vidyalay, Narayanpur (Dakshin Bhag)
63Prathamik Vidyalay Khoravar Mathiya
64Uchcha Vidyalay Jamodhi
65Prathamik Vidyalay Rajamaladih, Uttari Bhag
66Prathamik Vidyalay, Harila
67Prathamik Vidyalay, Nauva
68Prathamik Vidyalay, Chakiya
69Prathamik Vidyalay, Balua
70Madhya Vidyalay, Chakiya
71Utkramit Mahdy Vidyalay, Navadih
72Prathamik Vidyalay, Fatehapur
73Urdu Prathamik Vidyalay, Kuramuri ,Uttar Bhag
74Urdu Prathamik Vidyalay, Kuramuri , Dakshin Bhag
75Prathamik Vidyalay, Kuramuri , Pashchim Bhag
76Madhya Vidyalay, Kuramuri Paschimi Bhag
77Madhya Vidyalay, Kuramuri Purwi Bhag
78Utkramit Madhyn Vidyalay, Diridih, (Purwi Bhag)
79Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Daridih (Pashchimi Bhag)
80Urdu Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bagar, (Purwi Bhag)
81Urdu Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bagar (Madhy Bhag)
82Urdu Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bagar, Pashchim Bhag
83Janata Hitaishi Pustakalay, Bagar
84Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay ,Basara
85Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Nonadih
86Urdu Prathamik Vidyalay, Panavari
87Harijan Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Panavari
88Uchcha Vidyalay, Sikarahata, Purwi Bhawan (Dakshin Bhag)
89Uchch Vidyalaya, Sikarahata Purvi Bhawan (Madhay Bhag)
90Uchcha Vidyalay, , Sikarahata Pashchim Bhavan, Uttar Bhag
91Madhya Vidyalay, Sikarahata Kala (Purwi Bhag)
92Madhya Vidyalay, Sikarahata Kala (Pashchimi Bhag)
93Urdu Prathmik Vidyalay, Sikarahata Khurd ,(Purwi Bhag)
94Urdu Prathmik Vidyalay, Sikarahata Khurd,Pashchimi Bhag
95Kanya Vidyalay, Sikaraul Purw bhag
96Kanya Vidyalay, Sikaraul Paschim Bhag
97Madhya Vidyalay, Sikaraul(Pashchim Bhag)
98Makhatab Labana
99Pustakalay Patakhauli
100 Prathamik Vidhalay, Nirbhay Dihara
101 Utkramit Madhy Vidhalay , Basauri (Uttari Bhag)
102 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Basauri (Dakshini Bhag)
103 Prathamik Vidhalay, Sedaha
104 Madhya Vidhalay, Sedaha
105 Uchcha Vidhalay, Sedaha
106 Sahakarita Godam, Sedaha
107 Madhya Vidhalay, Beladihari
108 Prathamik Vidhalay, Ramanagar
109 Madhya Vidyalay,Koshadihara
110 Prathamik Vidhalay, Jethavar(Purwi Bhag)
111 Prathamik Vidhalay, Jethavar (Pashchim Bhag)
112 Utkramit Madhya Vidhalay, Bagasanda
113 Prathamik Vidhalay, Gaharuo
114 Prathamik Vidhalay, Haradiya
115 Prathamik Vidhalay, Amharuo
116 Madhya Vidyalay, Dumariyo (Purwi Bhag)
117 Madhya Vidyalay, Dumariyo (Pashchimi Bhag)
118 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Kapur Dihara,
119 Prathamik Vidyalay, Dharmadas Dihari
120 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Dhangaon, Purwi Bhag
121 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Dhangaon, Pashchimi Bhag
122 Prathamik Vidyalay, Ranni
123 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Itahuri
124 Madhya Vidyalay, Chanda (Uttari Bhag)
125 Madhya Vidyalay, Chanda (Dakshini Bhag)
126 Madhya Vidyalay Dev Dakshin Bhag
127 Madhya Vidyalay Dev Purw Bhag
128 Madhya Vidyalay Dev Uttar Bhag
129 Madhya Vidyalay Dev Paschim Bhag
130 Madhya Vidyalay, Khutaho
131 Madhya Vidyalay, Moap Kala
132 Panchayat Bhavan, Moap Kalo
133 Prathamik Kanya Vidyalay, Moap Kalo
134 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Vishwambharapur
135 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bahadurapur
136 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Sabana
137 Prathamik Vidyalay, Berai
138 Prathamik Vidyalay, Narayanapur
139 Utkramti Madhy Vidyalay, Sahiyara, Uttar Bhag
140 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Barasi
141 Madhya Vidyalay, Moap Khurd , Purw Bhag
142 Madhya Vidyalay, Moap Khurd,Pashchimi Bhag
143 Madhya Vidyalay, Bhadasera
144 Uchcha Vidhalay, Badakagonv (Uttari Bhag)
145 Uchcha Vidyalay, Badaka Gonv (Dakshini Bhag)
146 Madhya Vidhalay, Badakagonv (Balak)(Pashchimi Bhag)
147 Panchayat Bhavan, Badaka Gonv
148 Uchcha Vidhalay, Itimho
149 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalaya, Shankardih
150 Prathamik Vidyalay Khavani
151 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Kusumhi
152 Prathamik Vidhalay, Kharauna
153 Prathamik Vidyalay Kudariya
154 Madhya Vidhalay, Sara
155 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Akarauj
156 Prathamik Vidhalay, Sarafora
157 Prathamik Vidhalay, Malave
158 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Mishrakarma
159 Prathamik Vidyalay, Dhamana
160 Prathamik Vidhalay, Padariyo
161 Madhya Vidhalay,Bhakura(Uttari Bhag)
162 Madhya Vidhalay, Bhakura(Dashrin Bhag)
163 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Durgapur
164 Prathamik Vidhalay, Karath (Pu.Bhag.)
165 Madhya Vidyalay, Karath (Pashchim Bhag)
166 Madhy Vidyalay, Karath (Madhy Bhag)
167 Madhya Vidhalay, Karath (Purwi Bhag)
168 Prathamik Vidyalay, Karath(Pashchim Bhag)
169 Prathamik Vidhalay, Diliyo
170 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bandhawa (Daya Bhag)
171 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bandhwa (Baya bhag)
172 Madhya Vidhalay, Tarari (Purwi Bhag)
173 Madhya Vidyalay, Tarari (Pashchim Bhag)
174 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Mahadevapur
175 Madhya Vidyalay, Maheshadih
176 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Panapura
177 Madhya Vidyalay, Saidanapur
178 Madhya Vidyalay Bihata 'Balak'
179 172 Madhya Vidyalaya, Bihata 'Balak'
180 Uchcha Vidhalay, Bihata (Uttari Bhag)
181 Uchcha Vidyalay, Bihata, Madhy Bhag
182 Uchcha Vidyalay, Bihata (Dakshin Bhag)
183 Prathamik Vidyalay, Dharmapura
184 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bihata Inglish
185 Madhya Vidyalay, Imadapur
186 Prathamik Vidyalay, Imadapur
187 Madhya Vidyalay, Vishnupura
188 Prathamik Vidyalay, Vishnupura
189 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Rajpur
190 Madhya Vidyalay Purahara
191 Prathamik Vidyalay Nima, ( Anusachit Jati )
192 Prathamik Vidyalay Bangauti
193 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Kodiyar
194 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Bahuara
195 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Koni
196 Madhya Vidyalay Chauri
197 Prathamik Vidyalay Tajapur Chhapara (Chauri )
198 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Amaruho, Da0 Bhag
199 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Bhatabigaha
200 Madhya Vidyalay Kosiyar ,U0 Bha0
201 Madhya Vidyalay Kosiyar (Da0 Bhag.)
202 Prathamik Vidyalay, Hanuman Chhapara Ekavari
203 Urdu Prathamik Vidhalay, Ekavari U0 Bhag
204 Prathamik Sanskrit Vidyalay Ekavari
205 Utkaramit Kanya Madhya Vidyalay Ekwari 1
206 Sanskrit Prathamik Madhya Vidyalay Ekawari,Dakshini Bhag
207 Sanskrit Prathamik Madhya Vidyalay Ekavari, Uttari Bhag
208 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Ekwari Yadav Tola
209 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay inrukhi Purw Bhag
210 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay inrukhi Paschim Bhag
211 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Shivachak
212 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Anua
213 Panchayat Bhavan, Gulajarapur
214 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Gulajarapur, U0 Bhag
215 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Gulajarapur, Da0 Bhag
216 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Bajareya
217 Prathamik Vidyalay, Vishunapura
218 Madhya Vidyalay Baruhi, (Pu.Bhag.)
219 Madhya Vidyalay Baruhi, Pa0 Bhag
220 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Kushwaha Tola, (Uttar Bhag)
221 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Kushwaha Tola (Dakshin Bhag)
222 Ardash Madhya Vidyalay Navada, Utar Bhag
223 Adarsh Maghya Vidyalay Navada, Da0 Bhag
224 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay Patariha
225 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Koranadihari
226 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Koranadihari, (Navanirmit Bhavan)
227 Prathamik Vidyalay Banshidihari
228 Prathamik Vidyalay Peur
229 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Peur
230 Prathamik Vidyalay Mathurapur
231 Sahar Dak Bangala (Daya Bhag)
232 Sahar Dak Bangala (Baya Bhag)
233 Madhya Vidyalay Sahar (Pu.Bhag.)
234 Madhya Vidyalay, Sahar (Pa0 Bhag )
235 Utkramit Urdu Kanya Madhya Vidyalay Sahar (Purav Bhag)
236 Utkramit Urdu Kanya Madhya Vidyalay Sahar (Paschim Bhag)
237 Madhya Vidyalay Perahap (Pa.Bhag.)
238 Madhya Vidyalay Perahap (Madhya Bhag)
239 Madhya Vidyalay Perahap (Pu0 Bhag.)
240 Dugdha Utpadan Sahayog Samiti Ka Bhavan Perahap
241 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay ,Khaira
242 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Hatimaganj
243 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Karabasin
244 Madhya Vidyalay Dhanachhuho (Pu.Bha.)
245 Madhya Vidyalay Dhanchhuhan (Madhy Bhag)
246 Madhy Vidyalay, Dhanchhuhan (Pashchim Bhag)
247 Madhya Vidyalay Chak Chaudhari (Pashchim Bhag)
248 Madhya Vidyalay Chak Chaudhari (Pu.Bhag.)
249 Prathamik Vidyalay Patalapura
250 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Janakapuriya
251 Prathamik Urdu Vidyalay Kaulodihari U0 Bhag
252 Prathamik Urdu Vidyalay Kaulodihari, Dakshin Bhag
253 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Kaulodihari, (Pulis Kaimpa Ke Pas)
254 Urdu Madhya Vidyalay Chhatarapura
255 Prathamik Vidyalay Harapur
256 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Janaidih
257 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Ozavaliya
258 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Athapa
259 Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay Dharmapur
260 Madhya Vidyalay Fatehapur
261 Sanskrit Uchcha Vidyalay Andhari (U.Bha.)
262 Sanskrit Uchcha Vidyalay Andhari (Da0 Bhag.)
263 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay Sakhuana
264 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Khadonv Chatubhurj, Utari Bhag
265 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Khadav Chaturbhuj, Dakshin Bhag
266 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Khadav Bujurg, Navanirmit Bhavan Baya
267 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Khadav Burjug, Sadak Ke Pashchim Navanir
268 Utkramik Madhya Vidyalay Ghavari Navanirmit Bhavan
269 Prathamik Vidyalay Lodipur

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