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Polling Booth in Sheikhpura Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Sheikhpura

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sheikhpura Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Utkramit Middile School Oraiya
2Prathamik Vidyalay, Faridapur
3Middlle School Mafo,East Wing
4Middlle School Mafo,West Wing
5Panchayat Bulding,Mafo
6Primary School, Lakshmipur
7Middle School, Bataura
8Primary School, Sahara
9Utkramit middle School, Belouni
10 Middle School, Gagaur Left Wing
11 Middle School Gagour,Middle Wing
12 Middle School,Gagaur Right Wing
13Middle School,Korma
14Samudayik Buildding, Jagdishpur
15Middle School,Dih Kusumbha East Wing
16Middle School,Dih Kusumbha West Wing
17Lalit Narayan High School. Ghatkusumbha East
18Lalit Narayan High School. Ghatkusumbha West
19Utkramit Middile School,Sujabalpur
20Utkramit Middile School,Koyala
21Utkramit Middle School, Bhadousi
22Utkramit Middle School, Baughat
23Utkramit middle School,Dariyapur
24Middle School, Bhadaus
25Primary School,Bhadaus,Yadav Tola
26Primary School,Mohammadpur
27Primary School,Alapur
28Primary School, Panapur
29Middle School,Chandey (East Wing)
30Middle School,Chandey(West Wing)
31Middle School,Abgil (North Wing)
32Middle School,Abgil (South Wing)
33Middle School, Puraina (East Wing)
34Middle School,Puraina(West Wing)
35Utkramit Middle School,Kamasi
36Primary School, Hasanganj
37Primary School,Kanya Maktab Sakunat
38Urdu Library Building,Yahiyapur (South Wing)
39Marwari Marriage Hall,Sheikhpura
40Registry Office,Sheikhpura
41Old Sub-Division Office,Sheikhpura
42Samudayik Buildding, Khadpar(East Wing)
43Samudayik Buildding,Khandpar(West Wing)
44Utkramit Middle School, Jamalpur(East Wing)
45Utkramit Middle School,Jamalpur(West Wing)
46Navsrijit Primary School, Bighapar Jamalpur
47Primary School,Katra Chowk
48Primary School, Madpasauna
49Primary School, Badi Sangat Pulpar
50D.M. High School, Sheikhpura
51Harijan Samudayik Building,Mahadevnagar
52Harijan Samudayik Buildding Mahadevnagar (New Buildding)
53Primary School,Urdu Chadihari
54Basanti Kanya Middle School, Sheikhpura(Left Wing)
55Basanti Kanya Middle School,Sheikhpura(Right Wing)
56Samudayik Buildding Chakdiwan(Left Wing)
57Murarka Kanya High School,Sheikhpura (Left Wing)
58Murarka Kanya High School,Sheikhura(Right Wing)
59Primary School,Balak Maktab sakunat (North Wing)
60Primary School,Balak maktab sakunat (South Wing)
61Primary School, Makhdumpur (East Wing)
62Primary School, Makhdumpur (West Wing)
63Utkramit middle School,Tarchha(Left Wing)
64Utkramit Middle School,Tarchha(Right Wing)
65Utkramit Middle School,Jamuara,Pathraita
66Primary School,Urdu Katanikol
67Madarsa Habibiya primary School, Jamuara
68Primary School, Inday
69Samudayik Buildding, Inday Khata No-169, Khasara -103,Thana-190
70Nirikshan Buildding Sheikhpura(Left Wing)
71Nirikshan Buildding Sheikhura (Right Wing)
72Utkramit Middle School, Girihinda,(North Wing)
73Utkramit Middle School,Girihinda,(South Wing)
74Utkramit Middle School,Girihinda,(new Buildding)
75Utkramit Middle School, Eksari Bigha
76Utkramit Middle School, Eksari (Left Wing)
77Utkramit middle School, Eksari (Right Wing)
78Utkramit Middle school, Khorampur
79Primary School,Kunda
80Utkramit Middle School, Barui
81High School,Pachna (Left Wing)
82High School, Pachna (Right Wing)
83Middle school,Pachna
84Primary School, Nirpur
85Utkramit Middle School, Madari
86Primary School, Othama
87Utkramit Middle School, Mahasar
88Primary School, Jaymangala
89High School, Sirari
90Middle School,Kaithawan,(East Wing)
91Middle School, Kaithawan (West Wing)
92Primary School, Bhatchak
93Utkramit Middle School, Paigamberpur
94Kishan Buildding,Maniyanda
95Utkramit Middle School, Manpur
96Middle school, Varma
97Utkramit Middle School,urdu Pind
98Primary School, Gunhesa
99Primary School, Akauna
100 Primary School, Rudasi
101 High School Gagari
102 Utkramit Middle School, Hasaudi
103 Utkramit Middle school, Sultanpur
104 Utkramit Middle school, Dhankaul
105 Primary School, Teldih
106 High School, Afani
107 Primary School, Baibigha
108 Primary School, Mayamarpur
109 Utkramit Middile School,Kamal Bigaha
110 Utkramit Middle School, Manipur
111 Utkramit Middle School, Latakana
112 Utkramit Middle School, Mankaul
113 Primary School, Jakhaur
114 Utkramit Middle School, Bhojdih
115 Primary School, Sahnaura
116 Utkramit Middle School, Sanaiya
117 Anganbari Centre, Belchhi
118 Schedule Caste Samudayik Building,Sanaiya
119 Primary School,Belchhi,(Harijan Tola) New Buildding
120 Primary School, Pandhar
121 Utkramit Middle School, Chandi
122 Samudayik Bhawan, Usari
123 primary School, Ranka
124 Primary School, Randi
125 Primary School, Brindawan
126 Harijan Samudayik Buildding, Hajaratpur Madaro
127 Utkramit Middle School, Karki
128 Primary School, Maulanagar
129 Middle School, Hussainabad
130 Revenue Tahashil Katchari, Hussainabad
131 Public Libaray Building , Husainabad
132 Middle School, Navinagar Kakarad East Buildding
133 Middle School, Navinagar Kakarad West Buildding
134 Middle School, Navinagar Kakarad North Buildding
135 Middle School, Diha
136 Primary School, Diha
137 Block Office,Ariyari
138 Utkramit Middle School, Baikatapur
139 Utkramit Middle School, Itahara
140 Utkramit Middle School, Ekaray
141 Middle School, Biman
142 Utkramit Middle School, Rampur (Hindi)
143 Primary School, Dalhar
144 Utkramit Middle School, Kamalpur
145 Middle School,Reuta
146 Utkramit Middle School, Ariyari
147 Primary School, Gagaura
148 Primary School,Aruaara
149 Utkramit Middile School,Belhari
150 Middle School, Sasabahana
151 Middle School, Ghuskuri(East Wing)
152 Middle school, Ghuskuri(West Wing)
153 Primary School, Ishapur
154 Middle School, Kasar(North Wing)
155 Middle School,Kasar (South Wing)
156 Kanya High School, Kasar,New Buildding(South Wing)
157 Kanya High School, Kasar,New Buildding(South Wing)
158 Middle School,Barsa
159 Utkramit Middle School, Sumka
160 Utkramit Middile School ,Jangalibigha
161 Utkramit Middle School, chorwar
162 Harijan Samudayik Buildding,Chorwar
163 Utkramit Middle School, Baruni
164 Utkramit Middle School, Masaurha
165 Utkramit Middile School, Raghunathpur
166 Utkramit Middle school, Chakabagil
167 Primary School, Daudpur Itawa
168 Middle School, Afardih
169 Utkramit Middle School, Baruna(East Wing)
170 Utkramit middle School, Baruna(West Wing)
171 Utkramit Middle School, Gohada
172 Panchayat Buliding Chordhdargah
173 Primary School,Chodhdargah DPEP III
174 Utkramit Middle School,Chordhdargah
175 Utramit Middle school,Mahuli
176 Middle School, Sohadi
177 Utkramit Middle School, Fulchordh
178 Utkramit Middle School, Mane
179 Primary School, Kamalgardh
180 Primary School, Kushokhar
181 Primary School, Barari
182 Primary School, Chakandra
183 Middle School, Chakandra
184 Primary School, Basant
185 Middle school, Andauli
186 Sanskritik Buildding,Chewada
187 Middle school chewada
188 Primary School,Rankad
189 High School Chewara (East Wing)
190 High School,Chewara,West Wing
191 Panchayat Buildding,Chewara
192 Utkramit Middile School, Bahuara(West Wing)
193 Utkramit Middle School,Bahuara(East Wing)
194 Utkramit Middle School, Belkhundi
195 Utkramit Middle School, Kemara
196 Primary School, Rajaura
197 Utkramit Middile School,Gadua
198 Utkramit Middile School,Ekrama,East Wing
199 Utkramit Middile School,Ekrama, West Wing
200 Primary School, Angapur
201 Middle school, Lohan,North Wing
202 Middle School,Lohan,South Wing
203 Utkramit Middle School,Bhalua
204 Primary School, Fatehpur
205 Middle school,Akardha
206 High School, Akardha
207 Utkramit Middle School, Sijhaudi
208 Utkramit Middle School, Maheshpur
209 Utkramit Middile School,Chhathiyara,North Wing
210 Utkramit Middle School, Chhathiyara,South Wing
211 Middle School, Kapasi
212 Primary School, Kewali
213 Panchayat Buildding,Lutaut
214 Primary School, Masardhi
215 Middle school, Lutaut
216 Primary School, Tiyay
217 Primary School, Bengucha
218 Utkramit Middle School,Urdu Asthawan,North Wing
219 Utkramit Middle School, Urdu Asthawan,South Wing
220 Utkramit Middle School, Dhari
221 Primary school,Hansapur
222 Utkramit Middle School, Lahana
223 Middle School, Karaney
224 Utkramit Middle School, Kurmuri
225 Middle School, Belchhi
226 Utkramit Middle School, Ukasi
227 Utkramit Middle School,Siyani North Wing
228 Utkramit Middle School,Siyani,South Wing

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