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Polling Booth in Samastipur Assembly Constituency

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Samastipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Samastipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Samastipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Govt Basic school, Jagatsinghpur
2Govt.Upgraded Middle school Punas Choti
3Middle school, Punas
4Panchayat Building Punas
5Girls Primary school, Pancharukhi
6Primary school Bidaulia
7Govt Upgraded Middle school Vajidpur(Left side)
8Govt Upgraded Middle school,Bajatpur(Right side)
9Upgraded Middle school, Harpur singhiya
10Panchayat Building Madhopur Left Part
11Panchayat Bhavan Madhopur Right Part
12Upgraded Middle school, Rani Tol
13Govt Upgraded Middle school, Tajpur Ratanpur
14Middle school, Singhiya Khurd (Left side)
15Middle school, Singhiya Khurd,(Right side)
16Middle School Singhya Khurd Middle Part
17Milk Collection Centre,Singhiya Khurd
18Govt. Upgraded Middle school, Chakhaji Right Part
19Rajakiy Upgraded Middle School Chakhagi Left Part
20Middle school Bela Pancharukhi ,(East side)at Revenue village
21Middle school Bela Pancharukhi, (West side)at Revenue village,
22Library Raghunathpur Bela ,(Left side)
23Library Building Radhunathpur Bela (Right side)
24Primary school, Jagadishpur Rami
25Upgraded middle school, Harpur Jairam
26Govt. Upgraded Middle school,Madanpur Right Part
27Rajakiy Upgraded Middle School Madanpur Left Part
28Upgraded Middle school, Pokharaira
29Panchayat Building Pokharaira
30Govt Upgraded Middle school,Silaut (East side)
31Govt Upgraded Middle scool, Silaut (West side)
32Upgraded Middle school, Rahamtapur (Left side)
33Upgraded Middle school, Rahamatpur (Right side)
34Upgraded Middle school,Rahamatpur(Middle side)
35Panchayat Building,Rahamtapur Chaknur Right Part
36panchayat building Rahamatpur Chaknur Left Part
37Upgraded Middle school,Chaknur
38Upgraded Middle school, Garuara
39Govt Upgraded Middle school, Taldasharaha
40Primary school, Bajopur
41Primary school, Balbhadrapur,(police Line)
42Middle school, Dudhapura(East side)
43Middle school, Dudhapura(West side)
44Primary school, Nirpur Purana Bhawan
45Primary School Nirpur Naya Bhawan
46Upgraded Middle school, Nirpur Hat
47Govt primary Urdu school, Chakasaraf
48Primary school, Jagadishpur
49Primary Kanya school,Ramakrishnapur
50Ugraded Middl school, Ramakrishnpuraganj
51Library Building,Karpurigram
52Primary school, Mukudpur
53Govt Primary Urdu Makatab,Dadhiya Belar
54Govt Upgraded Middle school, Dadhiya Belar Right Part
55Rajakiy Upgraded Middle School Left Part
56Govt Upgraded Middle school, Narayanpur Dadhiya
57Jagdish Middle school, Shambhupatti (Left side)
58Jagdish Middle school, Shambhupatti(Right side)
59Panchayat Building, Shambhupatti
60Primary School Chandopatti
61Upgraded Middle school,Pahepur
62Primary school, Rajakhand
63High school, Dharmpur (Left side)
64High school, Dharmpur (Middle side)
65Gandhi Pustakalay Dharampur
66Ramnirikshan College, Musapur
67Upgraded Middle school, Musapur Bangara(Left side)
68Upgraded Middle school, Musapur Bangara(Right side)
69Primary school, Bhuidhara,(Right side)
70Primary school, Bhuidhara, (Left side)
71Primary school, Bhuidhara,(Middle side)
72Govt Primary school,Rudauli
73Middle school, Dhuralakh,(East side)
74Middle school, Dhuralakh (West side)
75Primary girls school, Dhuralakh
76Govt Upgraded Uudu Middle school, Chak abdulgani (Left side)
77Govt Upgraded Urdu Middle school, Chak abdulgani,(Right side)
78Middle school, Vikrampur Bande,(Left side)
79Middle school, Vikrampur Bande,(Right side)
80Panchayat Building Vikrampur Vande
81Govt Upgraded Middle school, Vishanpur Bande (SC)
82Upgraded Middle school, Rahimpur Rudauli
83Makatab Karimatul Banat, Rahimpur Rudauli
84Makatab ,Rahimpur Rudauli
85Upgraded Middle school, Bhamarupur, (Left side)
86Upgraded Middle school, Bhamarupur (Right side)
87Govt Middle school, Harpur Elauth (Right side)
88Govt Middle school, Harpur Elauth (Left side)
89Upgraded Middle school, Harpur Elauth (Right side)
90Upgraded Middle school, Harpur Elauth (Left side)
91Govt Upgraded Middle school, Bejhadih (Left Part)
92Rajkiye Upgraded Middle School Bejhadih (Right Part)
93Community Devlopment Hall shiltalpatti
94Upgraded Middle school, Rampur Keshopatti (Right Part)
95Upgraded Middle school, Rampur Keshopatti (Left Part)
96Middle school, Laguniya Raghukanth
97Govt Upgraded Middle school, Laguniya Raghukanth, Bhiri
98Primary school, Laguniya Raghukanth ,Pachhiyari Tol
99Community Development Building,Laguniya Radhukanth Bangahi
100 Santakabir College, Korbaaddha, Revenue village, Laguniya
101 Panchayat Building Laguniya suryakanth at Korbaddha
102 Middle school, Korbaddha,Laguniya Suryakanth
103 Upgraded Middle school, Laguniya Suryakanth
104 Kalyan Kendr Mahadew Pokhar Laguniya Suryakanth
105 Library Building, Khori Laguniya Suyarkanth
106 Primary school, Hasanpur (SC Tol)
107 B.R.B.College, Samastipur (Left side)
108 B.R.B.College, Samastipur (Right side)
109 Govt Upgraded Middle scool, Mohanpur (Left part)
110 Rajkiay Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Mohanpur (Daya Bhag)
111 Saryug College, Mohanpur (Right side)
112 Saryug College ,,Mohanpur (Left side)
113 Urdu Middle school, Dharampur (Left side)
114 Urdu Middle school, Dharampur School office room
115 Urdu Middle school, Dharampur, (Middle side)
116 Urdu Middle school, Dharampur (Right side)
117 B.Ed.Training College, Samastipur (Left side)
118 B.Ed. College, Samastipur, Office Room
119 B.Ed. College, Samastipur (Left side)
120 Tirahut Akedami school,Samastipur(Left side)
121 Tirahut Akedami school,Samastipur(Right side)
122 R.S.B.Inter College,Samastipur(Left side)
123 R.S.B.Inter College,Samastipur(Middle side)
124 R.S.B.Inter College,Samastipur(Rihgt side)
125 Sadhna Devi Vidyapith Ward no.13 Dharampur,Panjabi Coloney
126 Secondary Teacher Association, Bhavan , Samastipur(Left side)
127 Secondary Teacher Association, Bhavan, Samastipur (Right side)
128 Subdivision office,Electricity Board,(Left side)
129 SDO Office Electrict Borad Middle Part
130 Subdivision office,Electricity Board,(Rightt side)
131 Mahila College Samastipur New
132 District Board office Samastipur, (Left side)
133 District Board office Samastipur, (Right side)
134 Womens College, Samastipur
135 Girls High school, Samastipur
136 Vetenary Hospital, Magaradahi
137 Middle school, Magaradahi, (Left side)
138 Middle school, Magaradahi, (Right side)
139 N.E Railway Junior Institute Gondhi Park
140 Girls High school, Ghosh Len,(Left side)
141 Girls High school, Ghosh Len,(right side)
142 Urdu school, Magaradahi (Left side)
143 Urdu Primary school, Magaradahi Outer Part Room
144 Urdu Primary school, Magaradahi (Right side)
145 Millat Ekedami,(Right side)
146 Millat Ekedami, (Right side)
147 Ram Narayan Gaya Prasad Rdhashala,Baya Bhag
148 Ram Narayan Gaya Prasad Rdhashala,Daya Bhag
149 Navajivan Club Pethiya Gachhi
150 Primary School Ambedkar Nagar Left Part
151 Primary school, Ambedakar Nagar Right Part
152 Middle school, Bahadurapur,(Left side)
153 Middle school, Bahadurapur,(Right side)
154 Model High School Bahadurpur Left part
155 Modal High school, Bahadurapur Right Part
156 Harijan Primary school, Vahadur Pur (Left side)
157 Harijan Primary school, Vahadur Pur (Right side)
158 N.E.Railway High school,Golf field (Left side)
159 N.E.Railway High school,Golf field (Middle side)
160 N.E.Railway High school,Golf field (Right side)
161 Middle school gandhi Park
162 Sri Krishna hight school Jitwarpur Right Part
163 Shrikrishna High school, Jitvarpur Nijamat
164 Railway Middle school, Jitvarpur Nijamat
165 Primary school, Jitvarpur Nijamat Right Part
166 Primary School jitwarpur Nizamat Left part
167 Govt. Primary School yadav Tol, Jitwarpur
168 Primary school, Jitvarpur Chauth,
169 Community Building Jitvarpur Chauth Block office Campus
170 Primary School, Khirhar pokhar, jitwarpur chouth right side
171 Primary school, khirhar pokhar Jitwarpur chuth Left part
172 Middle school, Jitvarpur Chauth
173 Upgraded Middle urdu School navada hakimabad left part
174 Upgraded Urdu Middle school, Navada Hakimabad Left Part
175 Upgraded Middle school, Kharaj
176 Upgraded Middle school, Navada
177 Upgraded Middle school, Dariyapur Malhatoli (Left side)
178 Upgraded Middle school, Dariyapur Malhatoli (Right side)
179 Govt. Middle school, Vishanapur (Left side)
180 Rajkiya middle school bishanpur midle part
181 Govt. Middle school, Vishanapur (Right side)
182 Panchayat Building, Vishanapur
183 Upgraded Middle school, Moradiva
184 Primary school, Rasalapur Paithan
185 Primary school, Moradiva
186 Library Building, Kevas Nijamat, (Left side)
187 Library Building, Kevas Nijamat (Right side)
188 Upgraded Middle school, Kevash Nijamat left part
189 Upgraded Middle school, Kevash Nijamat (Right side)
190 Upgraded Middle school, Kevas Jagir
191 Upgraded Middle School Keosh Jagir Left Part
192 Libarary Building, Madhopur
193 Govt. Primary school, Ramnathapur
194 Ramalakhan Library, Chhatauna
195 Govt. Basic school, Chhatauna
196 Upgraded Middle school, Suratapur
197 Primary school, Dadhiya Ramakrishnapur
198 Upgraded Middle school, Bhusari
199 Ahamadiya Library, Shahapur Baghauni
200 Islamiya madarsha shahpur bhaghauni right part
201 Islamiyo Madarasa Shahapur Baghauni Left Part
202 Upgraded Middle School shahpur baghauni left part
203 Upgraded Middle school, Shahapur Badhauni Middle Part
204 Upgraded Middle school, Shahapur Badhauni,(Right side)
205 Panchayat Bhavan, Bherokhada, (Left side)
206 Upgraded Middle Schook Bhairokhra Urdu Kanya Right Part
207 Upgraded Middle School Bhairokhra Urdu kanya Left part
208 Middle school, Bherokhada, (Left side)
209 Middle school, Bherokhada (Right side)
210 Upgraded Middle School Bhairokhra badhai Tola Left part
211 Upgraded Middle School Bhairokhra Badhai Tola Right Part
212 Primary school, Tajapur Math (Left side)
213 Primary school, Tajapur Math (Right side)
214 Primary School motipur left part
215 Primary school, Motipur Right Part
216 Panchayat Building, Motipur, (Left side)
217 Panchayat Building, Motipur, (Right side)
218 Middle school, Adharapur, (Right side)
219 Middle school, Adharapur (Left side)
220 Primary school, Yogiyamath (Left side)
221 Primary school, Yogiyamath (Right side)
222 Primary School Urdu Makatab Maulana Chak,
223 Upgraded Middle school, Adharpur Tole Nasi
224 Primary Girls school, Baghi
225 Upgraded Middle school, Baghi
226 Library Building Baghi
227 Upgraded Middle school, Gangapur harijan

Last Updated on August 25, 2015