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Polling Booth in Manihari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Manihari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Manihari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
102 Panchayat Bhavan Bauliya Uttar Bhag
103 Panchayat Bhavan Bauliya Dakshin Bhag
104 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Katigang Bauliya Purab Bhag
105 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Katigang Bauliya Paschim Bhag
106 Madarasa Faijul Gurava Bauliya Diyara
107 Prathamik Vidyalay Abadullapur
108 Anganbari kandra-109 Maheshapur Diyara
109 Madhya Vidyalay Patani Maheshapur
110 Prathamik Vidyalay Baghamara Pashchim Bhag
111 Prathamik Vidyalay Baghamara Dakshin Bhag
112 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Gondhi Tola Pashchim Bhag
113 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Gondhi Tola Purab Bhag
114 Laharu Smarak Uchcha Vidyalay Nababaganj Purab Bhag
115 Laharu Smarak Uchcha Vidyalay Nababaganj Pashchim Bhag
116 Prathamik Vidyalay Balu Tola
117 Panchayat Bhavan Nababaganj
118 Basadev Prasad Shukadev Prasad Uchcha Vidyalay Manihari Purab
119 Baldev Prasad Shukadev Prasad Uchcha Vidyalay Manihari Pashchim
120 Baldev Prasad Shukadev Prasad Uchcha Vidyalay Manihari Uttar
121 Basadev Prasad Shukadev Prasad Uchcha Vidyalay Manihari Dakshin
122 Prathamik Vidyalay Urdu Manihari dakshin bhag
123 Urdu Prathmik Vidhyalay Manihari Uttar Bhag
124 Madhya Vidyalay Ajamapur Gola
125 Prakhand Karyalay Manihari Uttar Bhag
126 Prakhand Karyalay Manihari Dakshin Bhag
127 Prathamik Vidyalay Baladiyabari
128 Prathamik Vidyalay Manihari
129 Kanya Uchcha Vidyalay Manihari
130 Prathamik Vidyalay Kajeeganw
131 Traisam Bhavan Manihari Uttar Bhag
132 Traiyasam Bhavan Manihari Dakshin Bhag
133 Prathamik Vidyalay Medanipur Purab Bhag
134 Prathamik Vidyalay Medanipur Naya Bhavan
135 Prathamik Vidyalay Medanipur Pashchim Bhag
136 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Baghar
137 Madhya Vidyalay Mirjapur
138 Prathamik Vidyalay Mijarpur
139 Prathamik Vidyalay Urdu Makatab
140 Madhya Vidyalay Kantakosh
141 Prathamik Vidyalay Babupur
142 Madarasa Haji Tola Purab Bhag
143 Madarasa Haji Tola Pashchim Bhag
144 Panchayat Bhavan Dakshini Kantakosh
145 Maghya Vidyalay Deva Lakshmipur
146 Prathamik Vidyalay Nayatola
147 Prathamik Vidyalay Baida
148 Prathamik Vidyalay Halabaida
149 Panchayat Bhavan Roshanamal
150 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Bharanathi Pashchim Bhag
151 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Bharanathi Purab Bhag
152 Prathamik Vidyalay Dumariya
153 Prathamik Vidyalay Jamada Dakshin Bhag Ratanapur
154 Pachayat Bhavan Dakara Ingalish Sthit Gauripur
155 Prathamik Vidyalay Jamada
156 Mpanchayat Bhavan Bairiya
157 Madhya Vidyalay Bairiya
158 Madhya Vidyalay Bairiya Uttar Bhag
159 Madarasa Bairiya
160 Panchayat Bhavan Zola
161 Prathamik Vidyalay Bhavanipur
162 Prathamik Vidyalay Jhoula
163 Madhya Vidyalay Radhemadhe
164 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Sindhiya
165 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Okasatal
166 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Jiyamari
167 Prathamik Vidyalay Belagachchhi
168 Madarasa Lakhanapur, utar bhag
169 madarsa lakhanpur dakshin bhag
170 Madhya Vidyalay Dakara Ingalish
171 Madhya Vidyalay Dilli Divanaganj
172 Prathamik Vidyalay Chharramari
173 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Baidhanathapur
174 Madhya Vidyalay Balaramapur
175 Prathamik Vidyalay Pranapur
176 Panchayat Bhavan Uttari Karimullapur
177 prathmik vidhayalay chama
178 Prathamik Vidyalay Balua Ghatati
179 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Topada
180 Prathamik Vidyalay Garadatola
181 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Lalabathani Dakshin Bhag
182 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Lalabathani Uttar Bhag
183 Panchayat Bhavan Kishanapur
184 Rajeev Gandhi seva kendra kishanpur
185 Prathamik Vidyalay Raghunathapur Uttar Bhavan
186 Prathamik Vidyalay Pahadapur Uttar Bhavan
187 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Pahadapur Dakshin Bhag
188 Prathamik Vidyalay Balua
189 Madhya Vidyalay Janata Gopalapur
190 Prathamik Vidyalay Chama
191 Paikas Bhavan Chama
192 Samudayik Bhavan Meghu Tola
193 Utkarmit madhy Vidyalay Basantapur Nirmandhin
194 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Meghutola Dakshin Bhag
195 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Meghutola Uttar Bhavan
196 anganbari kendra Banku tola-45
197 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Narayanapur Balugawn daxin bhag
198 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Narayanapur Balu Gonv utar bagh
199 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Bhavanipur Khatati daxin bagh
200 babla banna Madarasa Banyabhag
201 babla banna Madarasa Daya Bhag
202 Madarasa Zabbutola purab bhag
203 madarsa Jhabbu tola paschim bhag
204 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Dhannitola
205 Panchayat Bhavan Paradiyara
206 Madhya Vidyalay pardiyara Krititola
207 Prathamik Vidyalay Gopalapur Baya Bhag
208 Prathamik Vidyalay Gopalapur Daya Bhag
209 Indravati Uchcha Vidyalay Amadabad
210 Adarsh Madhya Vidyalay Amadabad
211 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Bholamari
212 kanya madhya bidlaya amadabad purab bhag
213 kanya Madhy vidhyalay Amdabad paschim bhag
214 Prathamik Vidyalay GovindPur
215 Prathmik Vidyalay paanikmla
216 Prathamik Vidyalay Amadabad Harijan daxin bhag
217 Prathmik Vidhyalay amdabad harijan uttar bhag
218 Prathamik Vidyalay Trimuhani
219 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Mayamari uttri bhag
220 Uttkramit Madhy Vidhyalay Mayamari dakshin bhag
221 Panchayat Bhavan Govindapur Durgapur
222 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Baharasal
223 Prathamik Vidyalay Kamarudadin Tola
224 Madhya Vidyalay Lakakhi Tola Uttar Bhag
225 Madhya Vidyalay Lakakhi Tola Dakshin Bhag
226 Prathamik Vidyalay Bablabanna
227 Prathamik Vidyalay Ratan Tola
228 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Bhagavan Tola uttar bhag
229 Uttkramit madhy vidhyalay bhagawan tola dakshni bhag
230 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Narayanapur Bhimatola Baya Bhag
231 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Narayanapur Bhimatola Daya Bhag

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