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Polling Booth in Kishanganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kishanganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kishanganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Upgraded Middle School, Sonapur
2P.S. Thekalbadi
3Upgraded Middle School, Teli Bhitta North Part
4Upgraded Middle School, Teli Bhitta (South.Part.)
5Upgraded Middle School, Gola Panbar North Part
6Utkramik Madhya Vidyalaya, Gola Panwar South Part
7U.M.S. Bodhigachchh
8U.M.S. Dubanochi
9Kanya M.S. Gilhabadi
10M.S. Bhelagachhi Virpur(East..Part.)
11M.S. Bhelagachhi Virpur(West.Part.)
12Middle School Bhelagachhi Birpur Middle Part
13P.S. Barahghariya
14U.M.S. Purandarpur North Part
15U.M.S. Purandarpur South Part
16M.S. Kasvakaliyaganj (North Part)
17M.S. Kasva Kaliyaganj (South0 Part)
18Panchayat Bhawan Kasaba Kaliyaganj
19Madarsa Chichuabari North Part
20Madarsa Chichuabari South Part
21Panchayat Bhawan Taiyabpur
22Gandhi Pustakalay Saithavadi
23M.S. Mirjapur North Part
24M.S. Mirjapur Middle Part
25M.S. Mirjapur (South Part)
26Upgraded Middle School, Janta Hat Madanganj
27M.S. Daluahat (East Part)
28M.S. Daluahat (West Part)
29Upgraded Middle School, Makhan Pokhar
30M.S. Haripokhar Kantigachh East Part
31M.S. Haripokhar Kantigachchh West Part
32U.M.S. Koimari
33Primary School, Bagmara North Part
34Primary School, Bagmara (South Part)
36U.M.S. Kusiyari North Part
37Upgraded Middle School, Dangipokhar
38Upgraded Middle School, Nimlagaon North Part
39U.M.S. Kushyari S.Part
40Upgraded Middle School, Nimlagaon S. Part
41Madarsa Chochpada
42Upgraded Middle School, Kachkachipara
43U.M.S.Panchgachhiya North Part
44U.M.S. Panchgachhiya South Part
45Madarsa Chanamana Tipizadi
46Panchayat Bhavan Chanamana Tippijhari South Part
47Amwedakar Bhawan Panasi, Tipizadi
48P.S. Panasi
49U.M.S. Jaluchowk
50Upgraded Middle School, Chanamana
51M. S. Jalu Chowk, New Bhawan
52Upgraded Middle School, Naukatta (North Part)
53Upgraded Middle School, Naukatta (SouthPart)
54Upgraded Middle School, Naukatta Middle Part
55U.M.S.Pamal North Part
56U.M.S. Pamal South Part
57P.S. Chilhamari
58Upgraded Middle School, Ghiyagaon
59P.S. Sarogoda
60U.M.S. Belgachhi
62U.M.S. Ramaniya Pokhar
64Madarsa Chhamatiya
65Madarsa Bakhonala
66Madarsa Kashibadi Notrh Part
67Madarsa Kashibadi South Part
68Upgraded Middle School, Galgaliya
69Upgraded Middle School, Jharbari West Part
70Upgraded Middle School, Jharbari East Part
71U.M.S. Suhagi dangi Basti North Part
72U.M.S. Suhagi, Dangi basti South0 Part
73Madarsa Suhagi
74U.M.S. Bhotathana (North Part)
75U.M.S. Bhotathana (South Part)
76U.M.S. Bhotathana Middle Part
77Upgraded Middle School, Satboliya
78Madarsa Navanadi (North Part)
79Madarsa Navnadi (South Part0)
80A. M. S. Pothiya
81P.S. Goabadi
82Kanya P.S. Pothiya East Part
83Kanya P.S. Pothiya West Part
84Upgraded Middle School, Patilabhasha
85U.M.S. Budhara East Part
86U.M.S. Budhara West Part
87Singhari Govindpur Madarsa North Part
88Singhari Govindpur Madarsa South Part
89Singhari Govindpur Madarsa, Middle Part
90U.M.S. Singhari Gobindpur North Part
91U.M.S. Singhari Gobindpur (S. Part)
92Panchayat Bhawan Dhantola
93Upgraded Middle School, Khajurbari (East Part)
94Upgraded Middle School, Khajurbadi New Building
95Upgraded Middle School, Khajurbari (West Part)
96M.S. Shitalpur (East Part)
97M.S. Shitalpur (West Part)
98Madarsa Shitalpur
99Mariya Madarsa Katahalbadi
100 Panchayat Bhawan Koltha (Purab Part)
101 Panchayat Bhawan Koltha W. Part
102 U.M.S. Mahsul Katahalbadi
103 M.S. Baldia Hat
104 Madarsa Hardasmani
105 M.S. Chhatargachh East Part
106 M.S. Chhattargachh North Part
107 Upgraded Middle School, (Girls) Chhattargachh East Part
108 Upgraded Middle School, (Girls) Chhattargachh West Part
109 Upgraded Middle School, Geramari North Part
110 Upgraded Middle School, Geramari South Part
111 Madarsa Farrabadi
112 Halka Kachahari,Raypur Kharkhadi
113 P.S. Arrabadi East Part
114 U.M.S. Arrabadi W.Part
115 M.S. Raypur
116 U.M.S. Dhobiniya
117 Paks Godown Arrabadi
118 Panchayat Bhawan Parlabadi (East Part)
119 Panchayat Bhawan Paralabadi (West Part)
120 Madarsa Fejul Ulum Sindhimari
121 Madarsa Haldagaon West Part
122 Madarsa Haldagaon (North Part)
123 Upgraded Middle School, Parlabari North Part
124 Upgraded Middle School, Parlabari South Part
125 Ratua Madarsa (East Part)
126 Ratua Madarsa (West Part)
127 Pahadkatta Madarsa
128 U.M.S.Sitajhadi
129 Panchayat Bhawan Pahadakatta E.Part
130 Panchayat Bhawan Pahadakatata West Part
131 U.M.S. Dhekipada
132 Panchayat Bhawan Panasi Mohaniya
133 P.S. Adhikari
134 Upgraded Middle School, Lohagara
135 M.S. Ratanpur (North Part)
136 M.S. Ratanpur (Dakshin Part)
137 Madarsa Belpokhar (East Part)
138 Madarsa Belpokhar (West0 Part)
139 M.S. Jahangirpur(NorthPart)
140 Middle School Jahangirpur Middle Part
141 M.S. Jahangirpur (South Part)
142 U.M.S. Belpokhar
143 M.S. Damalbadi
144 Chaman Emustafa Madarsa Bansbadi
145 Madarsa Purana Hat Damalbadi
146 U.M.S. Bagalbadi-2 East Part
147 U.M.S. Bagalbadi-2 West Part
148 Upgraded Middle School, Bagalbari -1
149 Sarkari Madarsa Bisani
150 M.S. Halamala East Part
151 M.S. Halamala West Part
152 M.S. Halamala Middle Part
153 U.M.S. Motihara E.Part
154 U.M.S. Motihara (West Part)
155 U.M.S. Motihara, Middle Part
156 Madarsa Motihara Taluka North Part
157 Madarsa Motihara Taluka South Part
158 U.M.S. Kolha Banbadi
159 M.S.Panisal (North Part)
160 M.S. Panisal (Dakshin Part)
161 P.S.Chhagaliya
162 U.M.S.Maida
163 Upgraded Middle School, Singhiya Kulamani North Part
164 Upgraded Middle School, Singhiya Kulamani South Part
165 Madarsa Darul Huda Kashipur E.Part
166 Madrasa Darul huda Kashipur W.Part
167 H.S. Singhiya
168 U.M.S. Satkhamar Purana Bhawan
169 U. M. S. Satakhamar New Bhawan
170 U.M.S. Maheshbathna North Part
171 U.M.S. Maheshbathna South Part
172 U. M. S. Teusa Purana Bhawan
173 U. M. S. Teusa New Bhawan
174 M.S. Simalbadi
175 P.S. Dheksara
176 U.M.S.Kolha
177 M.S. Shiksha Sudhar (East Part)
178 M.S. Shiksha Sudhar (West Part)
179 Madarsa Anjuman Kishanganj (North Part)
180 Madarsa Anjuman Kishanganj (South Part)
181 Madarsa Anjuman Kishanganj Middle Part
182 M.S. Line Urdu Kishanganj E.Part
183 M.S. Line Urdu Kishanganj W.Part
184 P.S.Madhav Nagar (West Part)
185 P.S. Madhavnagar Middle Part
186 P.S. Madhavnagar E.Part
187 P.S. Motibag North Part
188 P.S. Motibag South Part
189 P.S. Tanti Tola (North Part)
190 P.S. Tanti Tola (South Part)
191 P.S. Teghariya (North Part)
192 P.S. Tegharia Middle Part
193 P.S. Teghariya (South Part)
194 P.S. Tegharia East Part
195 U.M.S. Faring goda North Part
196 U.M.S. Faring goda South Part
197 U.M.S. Dilawarganj North Part
198 U.M.S. Dilawarganj South Part
199 Manoranjan Club Kishanganj (East Part)
200 Manoranjan Club Kishanganj (West Part)
201 Kamla Nehru Balika M.S. Kishanganj
202 Rajkiya Kanya Middle School Kishanganj
203 Rajkiya Kanya Middle School Kishanganj (West Part)
204 Bajme Adab Kanya H.S. Kishanganj (North Part)
205 Bajme Adab Kanya H.S. Kishanganj (South Part)
206 National High School Kishanganj(South Part)
207 National High School, Kishanganj (North Part)
208 Pratap Middle School Line Kishanganj(East Part)
209 Pratap Middle School Line Kishanganj(West Part)
210 P.S. Kajlamani North Part
211 P.S. Kajalamani S.Part
212 Ambedkar Awasiya H.S. Kishanganj East Part
213 Ambedkar Awasiya H.S. Kishanganj Middle Part
214 Ambedkar Awasiya H.S. Kishanganj West Part
215 M.S. Ashalata(North Part)
216 M.S. Ashalata (South Part)
217 Vyapar Mandal Sahyog Samiti Kishanganj
218 Vyapar Mandal Sahyog Samiti, Guest House Kishanganj
219 M.S. Sardar Gopal Singh East Part
220 M.S. Sardar Gopal Singh(West Part)
221 Middle School Sardar Gopal Singh Middle Part
222 Kanya H.S. Dumriya (North Part )
223 Kanya H.S. Dumriya Middle Part
224 Kanya H.S. Dumriya (South Part)
225 Halka Kachhari Khagda
226 Dist. Matasya Office, Khagda Kishanganj
227 M.S. Khagda North Part
228 M.S. Khagda S.Part
229 U.M.S. Purana Khagada E.Part
230 U.M.S. Purana Khagada W.Part
231 U.M.S. Pothia Dhekabhinja North Part
232 U.M.S. Pothia Dhekabhinja South Part
233 Sub Division Agro Farm Office , Kishanganj
234 Khagda Mela Office, Kishanganj
235 P.S. Juljuli Room No. 1
236 P.S. Juljuli Room No. 2
237 U.M.S. Majhiya (North Part)
238 U.M.S. Majhiya (South Part)

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