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Polling Booth in Kanti Assembly Constituency

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Kanti Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kanti

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kanti Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Madhya Vidyalay, Virpur, Uttar Bhag
2Madhya Vidyalay, Virpur, Dakshini Bhag
3Panchayat Bhavan, Birapur
4Prathamik Vidyalay, Sain, Chhapara, Devanand Hindi
5Prathamik Vidyalay, Sain, Chhapra, Devanand Urdu
6Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Khajuri
7Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Vishunapur, Mahanand Urdu
8Prathamik Vidyalay, Peni Chhapra
9Prathamik Vidyalay, Vishunapur, Piramiya
10Madhya Vidyalay Yashodamath
11Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bahuara
12Prathamik Vidyalay, Bhimalapur
13Prathamik Vidyalay, Sadikapur
14Prathamik Vidyalay, Sainapatti Bheriyar Tola
15Samudayik Vikas Bhavan, Sain Harijan Tola
16Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Madhukar Chhapra
17Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bangara Pati Sain Tole Dayal
18Madhya Vidyalay Sain
19Prathamik Vidyalay,Gausi Chhapra
20Prathamik Vidyalay, Sainpatti Tola Ramray
21Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,,Akuraha Kharagi, Uttar Bhag
22Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Akuraha Kharagi, Dakshin Bhag
23Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Dhebaha Uttar Bhag
24Utkramit Madhya Vidlyalay Debaha Dakshni Bhag
25Prathamik Vidyalay, Kushi Harpur Horil
26Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Ratanapura
27Project Girls Uchcha Vidyalay,Kanti Kasaba
28Anusuchit Jati Baithaka, Kishunagar
29Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Kishunagar
30Prathamik Vidyalay, Anusuchit Jati Tola, Kanti Kasava
31Prathmik Vidyalay,Kushi Station Tola, Kanti
32Officers Club, Kanti Tharmal Colony
33Madhya Vidyalay, Tharmal Kanti Kaloni, Kasva
34Madhya Vidyalay, Kanti Kasva Uttar Bhag
35Madhya Vidhyalay Kanti Kasva Dakshin Bhag
36Prathamik Vidyalay, Gop Tola, Kanti Kasva
37Prathamik Vidyalay, Tivari Tola
38Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Gosai Tola
39Kanya Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Kothiya,Kanti Uttar Bhag
40Kanya Utkramit Vidhyalay Kothiya, Kanti Dakshin Bhag
41Balak Prathamik Vidyalay, Kothiyo Kanti
42Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Pakri Uttar Bhag
43Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Pakadi, Dakshin Bhag
44Prathamik Vidyalay, Narsanda
45Madhya Vidyalay, Kaparapura, Dhamauli Ramanath, Uttar Bhag
46Madhya Vidyalay, Kaparapura, Dhamauli Ramanath, Dakshin Bhag
47Prathamik Vidyalay, Pasi Tola,Saramaspur
48Prathamik Vidyalay, Sarmastpur
49Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Tarma
50Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Kalavari,Uttari Bhag
51Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Kalavari,Dakshini Bhag
52Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Madhuban (Uttari Bhag)
53Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Madhuban Dakshini Bhag
54Prathamik Vidyalay, Chandrabhan, Kalavari
55Prathamik Vidyalay, Fatahapur
56Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bagahi Tole Dhamauli Ramnath
57Madhya Vidyalay, Mustafapur, Uttari Bhag
58Madhya Vidyalay,Mustafapur,Dakshin Bhag
59Panchayat Bhavan, Mustafapur, (Uttari Bhag)
60Panchayat Bhavan,Mustafapur,Dakshin Bhag
61Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Salemapur Dhab
62Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Mithan Saray Tole, Madhopur Purvi
63Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Mithan saray Tole Madhopur, Pashchimi
64Panchayat Bhavan, Laskaripur
65Samudayik Vikas Bhavan ,Laskaripur
66Harisingh Uchcha Vidyalay,Chhapra
67Madhya Vidyalay,Chhapara
68Prathamik Vidyalay Bajhila
69Madhya Vidyalay, Shyamapur Bhoja
70Samudayik Vikas Bhawan, Nurullahpur Bangra
71Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Nurullahapur Bangara
72Makatab Harapur, Machiya Purab Bhag
73Maktab Harpur, Machiya Pashchim Bhag
74Samudayik Bhavan, Barakuraba
75Samudayik Bhavan Urf Lohiya Bhavan, Gangapur
76Madhya Vidyalay, Bhediyahi Soti
77Prathamik Vidyalay,Sherukahi,Nikat Majar
78Kanya Madhya Vidyalay, Kabilpur
79Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Mobarakpur
80Madhya Vidyalay, Hardasapur
81Prathamik Vidyalay,Balahan
82Prathamik Vidyalay, Ahaladapur
83Madhya Vidyalay, Fulkanha Mani
84Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay, Govind, Fulkanha
85Prathamik Vidyalay, Madho Chhapara Urdu
86Prathamik Vidyalay, Bangara, Hardas
87Uttkramit Madhyamik Vidyalay,Singar,
88Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Mausaha
89Prathamik Vidyalay, Bhediyahi, Salona
90Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,, Bathanaha Urdu
91Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,, Gopalpur Hindi
92Prathamik Vidyalay, Maharatha Urdu
93Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,, Zitakahi, Madhuvan, (Uttar Bhag)
94Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Zitakahi Madhuban, (Dakshin Bhag)
95Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Asanagar Urdu, (Purwi Bhag)
96Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Asanagar,Urdu ( Pashchimi Bhag)
97Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Asanagar Hindi, (Purwi Bhag)
98Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Asanagar Hindi, Pashchimi Bhag
99Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bakatapur, Uttar Bhag
100 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bakatapur, Dakshin Bhag
101 Madhya Vidyalay,Kushiharapur Ramani
102 Madhya Vidyalay,Chhittarapatti Narayanpur
103 Prathamik Vidyalay, Pokhraira
104 Prathamik Vidyalay, Manpura
105 Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Godai Fulakanha (Uttari Bhag)
106 Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay ,Godaei Phulkaha (Dakshini Bhag)
107 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Adara
108 Samudayik Bhavan,Jolagava
109 Uchcha Vidyalay, Panapur Kariyat,(Uttari Bhag)
110 Uchcha Vidyalay, Panapur Kariyat, (Dakshini Bhag)
111 Prathamik Vidyalay, Raushanpur
112 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Mohammadpur Kanti
113 Urdu Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Harachanda, (Uttar Bhag)
114 Urdu Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay
115 Urdu Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Harachanda, (Dakshin Bhag)
116 Uchha Vidhyalay Sirsiya
117 Panchayat Bhawan Manikpur Narottam
118 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Chhapara Manorath
119 Pustakalay Bhavan, Vishunapur Sumer
120 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bariyarapur
121 Prathamik Vidyalay,Narayan Bhediyahi
122 Madhya Vidyalay,Basantapu Sherana
123 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Sonabarsa
124 Mushahar Prathamik Vidyalay, Sadatapur Uttari Bhag
125 Mushahar Prathmik Vidhyalay Sadatpur Dakshini Bhag
126 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Barmatapur
127 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Sadatapur,( Purvi Bhag)
128 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Sadatpur, (Pashchimi Bhag)
129 Madhya Vidyalay, Shahpur Purvi Bhag
130 Madhya Vidyalay, Shahpur (Pashchim Bhag)
131 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Shahabajpur
132 Kanya Utkramit Vidyalay, Sherapur
133 Prathamik Vidyalay, Arijapur
134 Prathamik Vidyalay, Hichhada
135 Prathamik Vidyalay, Mirjapur
136 Madhya Vidyalay, Bairiya, (Uttar Bhag)
137 Madhya Vidyalay, Bairiya, (Dakshin Bhag)
138 Musahar, Prathamik Vidyalay, Paigambarapur Kolhua, Pulis Lain,(
139 Musahar, Prathamik Vidyalay, Paigambarapur Kolhua, Pulis Lain,(
140 Nathuni Bhagat Uchcha Vidyalay , Paigambarapur Kolhua, (Uttar
141 Nathuni Bhagat Uchcha Vidhyalay Paigambarpur Kolhua (Uttar
142 Nathuni Bhagat Uchcha Vidyalay, Paigambarapur Kolhua, (Uttar
143 Nathuni Bhagat Uchcha Vidyalay, Paigambarapur Kolhua, (Uttar
144 Nathuni Bhagat Uchcha Vidyalay, Paigambarapur Kolhua , (Dakshi
145 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Kolhua Paigambarapur Hindi Uttar Bhag
146 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Paigambarpur Kolhua Hindi Dakshin
147 Panchayat Bhavan, Paigambarapur Kolhua, (Uttar Bhag Ka Purwi
148 Panchayat Bhavan, Paigambarapur Kolhua, (Uttar Bhag Ka Madhya
149 Panchayat Bhavan, Paigambarapur Kolhua,(Uttar Bhag Ka Paschhimi
150 Panchayat Bhavan, Paigambarapur Kolhua, (Dakshin Bhag)
151 Anganbadi Kendra,Paigambarpur Kolhua
152 Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Kothiyapur Uttar Bhag
153 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Kothiyapur Dakshin Bhag
154 Prathamik Vidyalay, Dadar, (Purwi Bhag)
155 Prathamik Vidyalay, Dadar, (Madhya Bhag)
156 Samudayik Vikas Bhavan, Dadar
157 Prathamik Vidyalay, Dadar,( Pashchimi Bhag)
158 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Vijayi Chhapara, (Utari Bhag)
159 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Vijayi Chhapra,(Dakshin Bhag)
160 Makatab Damodarapur, (Uttar Bhag)
161 Makatab Damodarapur,(Dakshin Bhag)
162 Madhya Vidyalay,Damodarpur (Uttar Bhag)
163 Madhya Vidyalay, Damodarpur (Uttar Bhag Ka Purwi Khand)
164 Tahasil Kachahari,Damodarpur (Purvi Bhag)
165 Tahasil Kachahari Damodarpur(Pashchimi Bhag)
166 Madhya Vidyalay, Damodarapur, (Dakshin Bhag Ka Purwi Khand)
167 Madhya Vidyalay, Damodarapur, (Dakshin Bhag Ka Pashchimi Khand)
168 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Chakamurmur Uttar Bhag
169 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Chakmurmur Dakshin Bhag
170 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Basatpur, Purwi Bhag
171 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Basatpur Dakshini- Purv Bhag
172 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Basatpur,(Pashchimi Bhag)
173 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Chikua (Purvi Bhag)
174 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Chikua (Paschhimi Bhag)
175 Uchcha Vidyalay, Badaka Gov,
176 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Kataha Urf Chhapra Hussain
177 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bharara Hindi Uttar Bhag
178 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Bharara Hindi Dakshini Bhag
179 Panchayat Bhavan,Badakagaun (Uttari Bhag)
180 Panchayat Bhavan,Badakagaun, (Dakshini Bhag)
181 Prathamik Vidyalay, Barauna Uttar Bhag
182 Prathmik Vidhyalay Barauna, Dakshini Bhag
183 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Raksa, Urdu
184 Prathamik Vidyalay, Raksa, Pashchim
185 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Raksadih Kanya
186 Prathamik Vidyalay, Raksa Dakshin
187 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Raksa Bajar
188 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Raksa Purvi
189 Madhya Vidyalay, Akhtiyarapur Panapur
190 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Chainapur, Dakshin Bhag
191 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Chainpur, Uttar Bhag
192 Madhya Vidyalay, Aima Vishunpur
193 Madhya Vidyalay, Zakhada Shekh
194 Prathamik Vidyalay, Navada
195 Urdu Prathamik Vidyalay, Darapatti
196 Prathamik Vidyalay, Jiyan Khurd Urdu
197 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Jiyan Hindi
198 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Madavan Bhoj
199 Gandhi Janaki Uchcha Vidyalay, Bhatauna Madavan Khurd
200 Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Goriyara Paschim Bhag
201 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kajipur Goriyar Purvi Bhag
202 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Rautaniya
203 Prathamik Vidyalay, Salahapur
204 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bangari, Uttar Bhag
205 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bangari,Dakshin Bhag
206 Prathmik Vidyalay, Bagahi
207 Musahar Prathamik Vidyalay, Mithanapura
208 Urdu Madhya Vidyalay, Pakadi Pakohi, Uttari Bhag
209 Urdu Madhya Vidhyalay Pakadi Pakohi
210 Urdu Madhya Vidyalay, Pakari Pakohi, Madhya Bhag
211 Balika Madhya Vidyalay, Pakadi Pakohi
212 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bathnaram Uttar Bhag
213 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Bathnaram Dakshin Bhag
214 Sanskrit Vidyalay, Chikanauta
215 Madhya Vidyalay, Repura
216 Samudayik Bhavan, Rupauli
217 Madhya Vidyalay Rasulapur,Gadha Uttar Bhag
218 Madhya Vidyalay Rasulapur, Dakshin Bhag
219 Prathamik Vidyalay,Shubhankarpur Purab Bhag
220 Prathamik Vidyalya Shubhankarpur Dakshin Bhag
221 Prathamik Vidyalay, Vishnudattpur
222 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Pakadi Jalal
223 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Chainpur Fatehapur, Purwi Bhag
224 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Chainpur Fatehpur Madhya Bhag
225 Prathamik Vidyalay,Miya Pakadi
226 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Chainpur Phatehapur, Dakshin Bhag
227 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Chainpur Phatehpur Uttar Bhag
228 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Khalilapur
229 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Makdumpur Kodariya, Uttar Bhag
230 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Makdumpur Kodariya Purab Bhag
231 Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Makdumpur Kodariya, Dakshin Bhag
232 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Mansurapur, Chamarua Purab Bhag
233 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Mansurpur Pashchim Bhag
234 Prathamik Vidyalay, Arijapur Mushahar
235 Uttkramit Madhya Vidhyalay,Gopalapur
236 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Borvara
237 Madhya Vidhyalay, Bhatauna, Uttari Bhag
238 Madhya Vidyalay, Bhatauna, Madhya Bhag
239 Madhya Vidyalay, Bhatauna, Purvi Bhag
240 Madhya Vidyalay, Bhatauna Pachhim Bhag
241 Prathamik Vidyalay, Gavasara Bangari, Uttar Bhag
242 Prathmik Vidhyalay, Gavsara Bangari Purab Bhag
243 Prathamik Vidyalay, Mohammadapur Aima
244 Prathamik Vidyalay, Akhtiyarpur
245 Prathamik Vidyalay, Naraharsaray
246 Prathamik Vidyalay, Naurangshahpur Bhagwatpur
247 Prathamik Vidyalay, Anant Karaja
248 Madhya Vidyalay, Karaja Dih Uttar Bhag
249 Madhya Vidyalay, Karja Dih Purab Bhag
250 Kanya Prathmik Vidhyalay Karja Purab Bhag
251 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Karja Pashchim
252 Besik Vidyalay,Pratappur
253 Prathamik Vidyalay, Pratappur, Purwi Tola
254 Panchayat Bhavan, Karaja
255 Uttkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Dwarikanathapur Pashchim Bhag
256 Prathamik Vidyalay, Mahamadapur Khaje Purab Bhag
257 Prathmik Vidhyalay, Mahammadpur Khaje
258 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Chainpur Mahamadapur Khaje
259 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Fanda Purvi Bhag
260 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay,Fanda Pashchim Bhag

Last Updated on August 22, 2015