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Polling Booth in Harlakhi Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Harlakhi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Harlakhi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Madhya Vidyalay, Madhwapur, Uttar Bhag
2Madhya Vidyalay, Madhwapur, Madhy Bhag
3Madhya Vidyalay, Madhawapur, Dakshini Bhag
4Kanya Madhya Vidyalay, Madhawapur
5Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Ramapur
6Madhya Vidyalay, Ramapur
7Madhya Vidyalay, Basuki Bihari, Uttar Bhag
8Madhya Vidyalay,Basuki Bihari, Dakshini Bhag
9Panchayat Bhavan, Bihari, Uttari Bhag
10Panchayat Bhavan, Bihari, Dakshini Bhag
11Panchayat Bhavan, Bihari, Madhy Bhag
12Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Ramanagar, Kazra
13Prathamik Vidyalay, Babhanipatti
14Utakramit Madhya Vidyalay Brahamapuri
15Madhya Vidyalay , Basuki Bihari
16Utakramit Madhya Vidyalay Durgapatti
17Buniyadi Vidyalay, Raima, Baya Bhag
18Buniyadi Vidyalay, Raima, Daya Bhag
19Prathamik Vidyalay, Mukhiyapatti, Mushahari Tol
20Panchayat Bhavan, Mukhiyapatti
21Madhya Vidyalay, Mukhiyapatti
22Utakramit Madhya Vidyalay , Balaba, Uttari Bhag
23Utakramit Madhya Vidyalay , Balba Dakshin Bhag
24Prathamik Vidyalay, Makatab Hanuman Nagar
25Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Aaura
26Utakramit Madhya Vidyalay Maghudih, Bairava (Dayo Bhag)
27Utakramit Vidyalay, Madhudih Bairaba, Baya Bhag
28Utakramit Vidyalay, Madhudih Bairaba, Madhya Bhag
29Madhya Vidyalay,Sahar
30Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Basabariya Dayan Bhag
31Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Basabariya Bayan Bhag
32Rajkiy Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Sahar Goth Madhya Bhag
33Prathamik Vidyalay, Saharagoth, Uttari Bhag
34Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Loma
35Utkramit Madhy Vidyalay, Keraba
36Harijan Dalan, Keraba
37Prathamik Vidyalay, Akarahar
38Panchayat Bhavan, Sahar, Uttari
39Prathamik Vidyalay, Ramanagar
40Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Mahua
41Utkarmit Madhya Vidyalay, Bara
42Buniyadi Vidyalay, Salemapur
43Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Pahipura
44Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bokaha Pashchim Tol Dayan Bhag
45Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Bokaha Pashchim Tol Bayan Bhag
46Madhya Vidyalay, Pokharauni
47Prathamik Vidyalay, Dumara
48Uchcha Vidyalay Uttara Purwi Bhag
49Uchcha Vidyalay Uttara Madhya Bhag
50Uchch Vidhyalay, Uttara Pashchami Bhag
51Uccha Vidyalay Utara Uttari Bhag
52Prathmik Vidlaya Ratouli
53Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay,Minti
54Prathamik Vidyalay Sovarauli Dhovi Tol
55Madhya Vidyalay, Pihavara Daya Bhag
56Madhya Vidyalay, Pihavada Baya Bhag
57Utkramit Vidyalay, Karahua Goth Dayan Bhag
58Utkramit Vidyalay, Karahua Goth Bayan Bhag
59Buniyadi Vidyalay, Baingara Dakshin Bhag
60Buniyadi Vidyalay, Baingara Purvi Bhag
61Madhya Vidyalay, Avari Uttari Bhag
62Madhya Vidyalay, Avari Dakshin Bhag
63Prathamik Vidyalay, Patar, Dhaunsi Nadi Ke Puraw
64Madhya Vidyalay, Andauli
65Prathamik Vidyalay, Parari
66Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Taraiya, Purwi Bhag
67Madhya Vidyalay, Taraiya, Pashchim
68Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Pirokhar Uttari Bhag
69Utkramit madhya Vidyalay, Paraukhar
70Prathamik Vidyalay, Pirokhar Mushahari
71Madhya Vidyalay, Sujatapur
72Kanya Vidyalay, Sujatapur
73Prathamik Vidyalay, Ekari
74Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Pakadsham Dayan Bhag
75Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Pakadsham Bayan Bhag
76Madhya Vidyalay, Vishanpur
77Avasiy Madhya Vidhyalay, Trimuhan Baya Bhag
78Avasiy Madhya Vidyalay, Trimuhan Daya Bhag
79Prathamik Vidyalay, Pakadi
80Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Harane Uttar Bhag
81Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Harane Dakshin Bhag
82Urdu Makatab, Harane
83Madhya Vidyalay Haralakhi Uttar Bhag
84Madhya Vidyalay Haralakhi Dakshin Bhag
85Panchayat Bhavan,Haralakhi
86Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Kamalapatpatti Uttar Bhag
87Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay kamalapatpatti Dakshin Bhag
88Madhya Vidyalay Karuna Pashchami Bhag
89Madhya Vidyalay Karuna Purab Bhag
90Prathamik Vidyalay,belatol
91Prathamik Vidyalay, Mangpatti Harijan
92utkramit madhya vidhalay vidhaul purab bhag
93utkramit madhya vidhalay vishaul pashchim bhag
94Prathamik Vidyalay, Karuna Tole, Vishaul
95utkramit madhya Vidyalay, Sohapur
96utkramit madhya Vidyalay, Ramapur
97Prathamik Vidyalay, Ranipatati
98Prathamik Vidyalay, Potagah
99Prathmik Vidyalay Naharniyan Hindi Purab Bhag
100 prathamik Vidyalay, Naharaniya paschim bhag
101 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kasera kanya
102 Utkramit madhya Vidyalay, Hatavariya Purab Bhag
103 Utkramit madhya Vidyalay, Hatavariya Pashchim Bhag
104 Prathamik Vidyalay, Mahadevapatati
105 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kundal Madhiya
106 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kalana chowk
107 Madhya Vidyalay, Kalana
108 Prathamik Vidhyalay Mohanapur
109 Madhya Vidyalay, Vituhar
110 Madhya Vidyalay, Vituhar pachami bhag
111 Madhya Vidyalay, Umagov
112 Uchcha Vidyalay, Umagown uttar bhag
113 Uchcha Vidyalay, Umagown dhakshni bhag
114 Prathamik Vidyalay, Baluaha
115 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Sothagov Uttar Bhag
116 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Sothagov Dakshin
117 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Sethgaon Urdu Uttar Bhag
118 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay Sethgaon Urdu Dakshin Bhag
119 Prathamik Vidyalay, Durgapatti,
120 Harijan Prathamik Vidyalay, Piparaun,
121 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Piparaun Uttar Bhag
122 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Piparaun Dakshin Bhag
123 Madhya Vidyalay, Piparaun
124 Utkramik Madhya Vidhalay hahparsa Uttar bhag
125 Utkramik Madhya Vidhalay Hah Parsa
126 Prathamik Vidyalay, Betaparasa, Urdu
127 Madhya Vidyalay Hurrahi,Uttar Bhag
128 Maghya Vidyalay, Hurrahi,Dakshin Bhag
129 Madhya Vidhyalay, Sisauni Uttar Bhag
130 Madhya Vidhyalay, Sisauni Dakshin Bhag
131 Prathamik Vidhyalay, Sisauni
132 Madhya Vidyalay, Harusabar
133 Buniyadi Madhya Vidyalay Sukhavasi
134 Sanskrit Vidyalay, Harusabar
135 Madhya Vidyalay, Kauaha
136 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kanharapatti Uttar Bhag
137 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kanharapatti Hindi Dakshin Bhag
138 Madhya Vidyalay, Barahi
139 Prathamik Vidyalay, Barahi
140 Utkrmati Madhya Vidyalay, Mangarahatha Uttar Bhag
141 Utkrmati Madhya Vidyalay, Mangarahatha Dakshin Bhag
142 Prathamik Vidyalay, Piparaun Tola Didhiya
143 Madhya Vidhyalay, Fulhar
144 Madhya Vidyalay, Fulahar
145 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Kamataul
146 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay Fulahar
147 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Manoharapur Uttar Bhag
148 Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay, Manoharapur Dakshin Bhag
149 Prathamik Vidyalay, Gopalapur
150 Uchcha Vidyalay, Gangaur Purab Bhag
151 Uchcha Vidyalay, Gangaur Paschim Bhag
152 Madhya Vidyalay, Gangaur
153 Madhya Vidyalay, Gangaur
154 Uchcha Vidyalay, Sonai
155 Uchcha Vidyalay, Sonai
156 Madhya Vidhyalay, Sonai
157 Madhya vidyalay, Sonai
158 Harijan Chaupala Baigara
159 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay, Bhala Baingra
160 Madhya Vidyalay, Semhali Uttar Bhag
161 Madhya Vidyalay, Semhali Dakshin Bhag
162 Panchayat Bhavan, Jiraul
163 Utkramit Madhy Vidhyalay Jiraul Purab Bhag
164 Utkramit Madhy Vidhyalay Jiraul Madhy Bhag
165 Utkramit Madhy Vidhyalay Jiraul Pashchim Bhag
166 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay, Baurahar
167 madhya Vidyalay, Baurahar
168 Madhya Vidyalay, Khirahar
169 Kanya Prathamik Vidyalay Hisar
170 Buniyad Vidyalay, Hisar Purab Bhag
171 Buniyad Vidyalay, Hisar Madhy Bhag
172 Buniyad Vidyalay, Hisar Pashchim Bhag
173 Khadi Bhandar, Hisar
174 Prathamik Vidyalay, Pahara Bayan Bhag
175 Prathamik Vidyalay, Pahara Dayan Bhag
176 Panchayat Bhavan, Zitaki
177 Madhya Vidyalay, Zitaki,
178 Utkramit madhya Vidyalay, Balarahi
179 Kanya Madhya Vidyalay, Khirahar Mishrahi Tola
180 Kanya Madhya Vidyalay, Khirahar Mishrahi Tola
181 Utkramit Madhya Vidhyalay, Khirhar Bharan Tola Bayan Bhag
182 Prathamik Vidyalay, Khirahar Bharan Tol
183 Prathamik Vidyalay, Kabiriyahi Khirahar
184 Prathamik Vidhyalay, Khirahar urdu Uttar Bhag
185 Prathamik Vidhyalay, Khirahar Urdu Dakshin Bhag
186 Rajkiy Prathmik Vidyalay, Adhavari
187 Prathmik Vidyalay, Baratpur Baya Bhag
188 Prathmik Vidyalay, Baratpur Dayan Bhag
189 Prathmik Vidyalay. salha. Daya Bhag
190 Prathmik Vidyalay. salha. Bayan Bhag
191 Prathmik Vidyalay, Khutauna
192 Prathmik Vidyalay, Lorika Dayan Bhag
193 Prathmik Vidyalay, Lorika Bayan Bhag
194 Prathamik Vidyalay, Ghanauja Bayan Bhag
195 Prathamik Vidyalay, Ghanauja Dayan Bhag
196 Prathamik Vidyalay, Samada Dayan Bhag
197 Prathamik Vidyalay, Samada Baya Bhag
198 Madarasa Islamiya Samada
199 Madhya Vidyalay, Soharaul Bayan Bhag
200 Madhya Vidyalay, Soharaul Dayan Bhag
201 Harijan Baithak Soharaul
202 Madarasa Karahara
203 Prathamik Vidhyalay Karhara Bayan Bhag
204 Prathamik Vidhyalay Karhara Daya Bhag
205 Kanya Prathmik Vidyalay, Betauna
206 Prathmik Vidyalay Betauna
207 Sanskrit Vidyalay, Kalidas Dih, Uchchaith Bayan Bhag
208 Sanskrit Vidyalay, Kalidas Dih, Uchchaith Dayan Bhag
209 Prathamik Vidyalay Kachhara
210 Prathamik Vidyalay Kachhara Basabariya
211 Adarsh Pustakalay, Tyaunth
212 Prathmik Vidyalay, Tisiyahi
213 Prathmik Vidyalay, Chahuta
214 Prathmik Vidhyaly Birauli Dayan Bhag
215 Prathmik Vidhyaly Birauli Bayan Bhag
216 Prathamik Vidyalay, Manapaur Bayan Bhag
217 Prathamik Vidyalay, Manapaur Dayan Bhag
218 Prathmik Vidyalay, Dugauli Danya Bhag
219 Prathmik Vidyalay, Dugauli Bayan Bhag
220 Madhya Vidyalay, Gamhariya
221 Prathamik Vidyalay, Gaivipur
222 Prathmik Vidyalay, Depura, Dayan Bhag
223 Prathmik Vidyalay, Depura, Banya Bhag
224 Prathamik Vidyalay, Ladaut, Baya Bhag
225 Prathamik Vidyalay, Ladaut, Daya Bhag
226 Madarasa Islamiya, Ladaut
227 Madhya Vidhyaly Mahamadapur Banya Bhag
228 Madhya Vidhyaly, Mahamadpur Dayan Bhag

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