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Polling Booth in Bibhutpur Assembly Constituency

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Bibhutpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bibhutpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bibhutpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Upgraded Middle School Patapara Uttar ( South Side )
2Upgraded Middle School Patapara Uttar ( North side)
3Primary School Patapar ( South)
4Primary School Bharapura Dih East Side
5Primary School Bharapura Dih West Side
6Upgraded Middle School Chochai Bharpura
7samudaik bhawan musahari tola chochahi
8Primary School Belsandi Tara Brahaman Tol
9Middile School Belsandi tara
10panchyat bhawan Belasandi Tara
11Kramshala Bhavan Belsandi Tara
12Primary School haman Fulwariya east side
13Primary School, Fulavariya (West side)
14Upgraded Middle School Sindhiya Bujurg left part
15Nirikshan Bhavan Singhiya Ghat
16Primary Makatab Sindhiya Bujurg Tole Fakaratakiya
17Community Hall Pani Tanki Ke Samip Sindhiya Bujurg
18Upgraded Middle School, salkhanni left part
19Upgraded Middle School Salkhanni left part
20Upgraded Middle School Mahathi Tol Sonavarachak(East Side)
21Upgraded Middle School Mahathi Tol Sonavarachak ( West side)
22Portable Booth Gandak Nadi Ke Daya Tatabandh par Khesara SaO
23primary school mohanpuur ward no. 13
24Community Hall Chura Par Mahathi Ram Tol
25Gram Panchayat Bhavan Tole Mahathi
26Primary school Mandaya
27Angan Badi Kendra Bhidi Sindhiya Bujurg Dakshin
28Prathamik Vidyalay,Birasahiya
29Radhunandan Seth High School Sindhiya Bujurg(East side)
30Radhunandan Seth High School Sindhiya Bujurg(West side)
31Panchayat Bhavan Sindhiya Bujurg South
32Primary School, Kodariya Gauth
33Upgraded Middle School Kodriya tole pharpur right part
34Pugraded Middle School Kodariya Tole Paharpur left part
35Upgraded Middle School Mahathi Tola Alampur West part
36Upgraded Middle School Alampur ( East side)
37Community House Mushahari Alampur
38Upgraded Middle School Belsandi Dih West Part
39Upgraded Middle School Belsandi Dih ( East side)
40Primary School Madadiha
41Upgraded Middle school, Bajidapur Bambaiya Tole East tol ( Left
42Upgraded Middle School Bajidapur Bambaiya East Tola Right side
43Upgraded Middle School, Bajidapur Bambaiya West part
44Primary School mahisi North part
45Primary School Mahishi east part
46Upgraded Middle School, Mahishi Ishwar Tola south
47Upgraded middle School Mahishi Ishwar Tola Utter side
48t Primary School mahishi Uttar side
49Upgraded Middle School Rupauli Khurd
50Middle School Kerai ( North side)
51Middle School Kerai ( South side)
52Primary School Kerai Dih ,Left side
53Primary School Kerai Dih kerai dih
54Sanskrit primary school Mushahara
55Upgraded Middle School Kerai tole Sarapati
56Upgraded School, Shahapur Parohi
57Community building chakhoja Mushar toli
58Upgraded Middle School Chakahavib (East side)
59Upgraded School chkhbib north Part
60Middle School, chakhbib west part
61Middle School Chakahavib ( Middle Side)
62Middle School Chakahavib north part
63Primary School Mustafapur North side
64Agan Bari Kandra Bhavan Mustafapur ( Left side)
65Agan Bari Kendra Bhavan Mustafapur ( Right side)
66Upgraded Middl School Mustafapur ( North side)
67Upgraded Middle School, Mustafapur (South Side)
68Upgraded Girl Middle School Milki, Bhumihar Tol
69Pachayat building , Kalyanpur ( East side)
70Panchyat building Kalyanpur ( West side)
71Primary School Kalyanpur Benipur Koina
72Primary Girl School Kalyanpur Gadh
73Middle School Kalyanpur ( West side)
74Middle School , Kalyanpur ( East side)
75Primary School, Vishanapur Shishabanni
76Middle School, Samartha
77Portable booth , Gwal Tol Samartha Gairamajarua Am,Khesara Na0-
78Primary School Gwal Tol Samartha
79Upgraded Middle School Kalyanpur Bhisun tol
80Middle School Khokasaha East side to left part
81middle school khoksaha east to right part
82Middle School Khokasaha (West Side to left part
83middle school khaksaha west to left part
84Primary School Madhopur ( West side) right part
85Primary school, madhopur middle part
86Primary School Madhopur ( East side)
87Middle School Kapan ( South Side)
88Middle school kapan middle part
89Middle School Kapan ( North Side)
90High School Sirasi
91Girl School Sirasi
92Primary School Ekadara North
93Primary School Ekadara ( Left side)
94Upgraded middle school academy, right side
95Middle School Mohanpur Mahathi
96Panchayat building Boriya
97Upgraded Middle School Baso Tol Narahan
98Middle School Manaray Tol
99Upgraded middle school boriya dih
100 Primary School Narhan Rayapatati right part
101 primary school narhan raipatti right side
102 Primary Girl School Narahan (South Side)
103 Primary Girls School Narahan ( North Side)
104 Middle School Narahan left part
105 Middle school right part
106 High School Narahan
107 Divan Bahadur Kameshwar Narayan Sinngh College Narahan right
108 Divan Bahadur Kameshwar Narayan Sinngh College Narahan left
109 Upgraded Middle School Khadiyahi ( East side)
110 Upgraded Middle School Khadiyahi ( West side)
111 Upgraded middle school khadiyahi middle part
112 Middle School Shahapur Basauna
113 Primary School Bibhutipur
114 Primary Urdu School Bibhutipur
115 Upgraded Girls Middle School Bibhutipur
116 Panchayat building Bhusavar
117 Upgraded Middle School, Bhusavaradih
118 Upgraded Middle School Sahapur Litiyahi ( Left side)
119 Upgraded Middle School litiyahi right part
120 Upgraded Middle School Basauna Bhusavari ( left side)
121 Upgraded Middle School Sahpur Litiyahi ( Right Side)
122 Primary School, Rotaganna
123 Middle School, Banahaiti
124 Primary School Saidpur
125 MiddleSchool chod surari right part
126 Middle school chandsurari left part
127 Upgraded Middle SchoolChora Ramachandrapur ( Left side)
128 Upgraded MiddleSchoolChora Ramachandrapur ( Right side)
129 Upgraded Middle School, Mishrauliya
130 High School Mishrauliya
131 Primary School Sakara Maithli tola Saraiya
132 Upgraded Middle School Mahammadapur Sadara ( Middle Side)
133 Community Hall Mahammadapur Sakara, Viran Ram Ke Ghar Ke
134 Upgraded Middle School Mahammadapur Sakara (Right side)
135 Upgraded Middle School Muhammadapur Sakara ( Left side)
136 Upgraded Middle School Muriya Sthan Muhammadapur Sakara
137 Middle School, Tabhaka
138 High School Tabhaka ( Left Side)
139 High school tabha middle part
140 High School , Tabhaka ( Right Side)
141 Primary School Pandit tol Tabhaka
142 Middle School Khamhar
143 Primary Girl School, Tole Narayan
144 Primary School balha
145 Primary School Dih Tabhaka
146 Primary school Prushotampur
147 Primary School Bariyarapur
148 Upgraded Middle School Chakahavib (East side)
149 Primary School Surauli North Tol
150 Upgraded Middle School, Damodarpur ( West side)
151 Upgraded Middle School, Damodarapur ( East side)
152 prathamick bidhayalay bariyarpur
153 Middle school raghopur right part
154 middle school Raghopur left part
155 Upgraded Middle School Gangauli ( North side)
156 Upgraded Middle School Gangauli ( South side)
157 Primary School Vijaiya Manda
158 Middle School Surauli
159 Upgraded Middle School Zahura Sakhamohan
160 Primary School Shyamavaha Sakhmohan South
161 Upgraded Middle School Badiya Sakhmohan
162 Portable booth Khesara Sankhya 1037/909 Teli Tol Sakhamohan
163 Portable booth Khesara Sankhya 1037/909 Teli Tol Sakhamohan
164 Middle School Sakhamohan ( East side)
165 Middle School Sakhamohan (West side)
166 Primary School, Patailiya Pashchim ( West)
167 Davakara D. W. C. R. A. building Patailiya
168 Primary Girl School Patailiya Harijan
169 Community Hall Sahani Tol Patailiya
170 maddhay viddlay saakhmohan paccahimi bhag
171 Sanskrit School Badiya Patailiya
172 Upgraded Middle School Diyanatapur Patailiya
173 Upgraded Middle School ( Right side)
174 Middle School Karrakh (Left side)
175 Middle School Patailiya
176 Panchayat building Desari
177 Middle School Desari (South side)
178 Middle School, Desari ( North side)
179 Upgraded Middle School Pakhahi ( Nadi ke Dakshin)
180 Primary School Makadamapur
181 Upgraded Middle School Konaila
182 Upgrade Middle School, Raghuvarapur
183 upgraded middle school desri middle part
184 Upgrade Primary Girl School Balukipur ( West side)
185 Primary Girls School, Bulakipur ( East side)
186 Comminity Hall Kamarov
187 Upgraded Middle School Kamarav Usarahi Pokhar ( South side)
188 Upgrded Middle School Kamarov Usarahi Pokhar ( North side)
189 Panchayat building, Kamaronv
190 Upgraded Middle School Shambhu
191 Middle School, Malapur ( South Side)
192 Middle School Malapur ( North side)
193 Panchayat building Malapur
194 Chaupal building Ramapur,Jalalapur Taule Malapur
195 Upgraded Middle School Gosapur, ( East side)
196 Upgraded Middle School Sambhua
197 Primary School Rampur Jalalpur West
198 Middle School Malpur North Side
199 Panchayat building , Ramapur Jalalapur
200 Primary Teachers Training College , Rampur Jalalpur (South side)
201 Upgraded Middle School Gospur East Part
202 Primary School Bhatagama
203 Upgraded Middle School Ajanaul
204 Upgreded Girls Midlle School Jalalpur Rampur
205 Upgraded Middle School Khokasa
206 Upgraded Girl Middle School Bambaiya Haralal ( West building )
207 Upgraded Middle School Bambaiya Harlal ( East side)
208 Upgraded Middle School, Bambaiya Haralal Dih
209 Upgraded Middle School, Ajnoul right part
210 Upgraded Middle School Ajnaul left part
211 Upgraded middle school, East Ajnaul
212 Upgraded middle school khosaha
213 Upgraded Middle school Bambaiya harial west part
214 Upgraded Middle school bambaiya harial east part
215 Upgraded Middle school bambaiya harial dih
216 Upgraded middle school, oriyama

Last Updated on August 25, 2015