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Polling Booth in Barbigha Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Barbigha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barbigha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Bihar. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth Name and Address
1Utkramit Middle School, Kashibigha
2Primary School, Kalyanpur
3Middle School,Teus (Nortd Wing)
4Middle School, Teus (Soutd Wing)
5Primary School, Teus Harijan tola
6Utkramit Middle School, Narsinghpur (East Wing)
7Utkramit Middle School, Narsinghpur(west Wing)
8Utkramit Middle school, Subhanpur
9Primary School, kabirpur
10Primary School, Kanhauli
11Samudayik Buildding, Bhanpura
12Utkramit Middle School,Jagdishpur
13Utkramit Middle school, Ukhdi
14Utkramit Middle School,Saraiya
15Samudayik Buildding,Toy,Harijan Tola
16Middle School, Toy
17Middle School, Pank
18Utkramit Middle School,Musapur
19Samudayik Buildding,Chainpur
20Utkramit Middle School,Makanpurdih
21Utkramit Middle School, Kajifattuchak
22Utkramit middle School, Punesara
23Primary School,Milkichak
24Samudayik Buildding,Baijnatdpur
25Utkramit middle school, Dih Nizamat
26Middle School Kewati, East Wing
27Middle School,Kewati (West Wing)
28Utkramit Middle School, Goddih
29Utkramit Middle School, Dharseni
30Primary School,Sheikhpurwa
31Middle School, Kutaut
32Utkramit Middle School,Ahiyapur
33Middle School, Kusherdhi
34primary School, Mahmada
35Utkramit middle School, Bhadartdi
36Utkramit Middle School,Dumri
37Rajo Singh High School,Pinjari
38Utkramit Middle School, Pinjadi
39Gaushala, Barbigha(West Wing)
40Gaushala Barbigha,East Wing
41Primary School,Badhanpura
42Pratdamik Vidyalay,Samachak
43Middle School, D.A.V Chandukuan(Nortd Wing
44Middle school,D.A.V Chandukuan,Barbigha,(Soutd Wing)
45Middle School, Sherpar
46Panchayat Buildding,Mahadevganj
47Primary School, Parsobigha
48Block Office, Barbigha
49Adarsh Kanya Middle School, Barbigha
50Tailik Balika High School, Barbigha
51Adarsh Town Middle School, Nasibchak,Barbigha
52Middle School,Barbigha,Telkar(Nortd Wing)
53Middle school,Barbigha Telakar (Soutd Wing)
54Utkramit Middle School,Sinday
55Madarsa Faijullahpur
56Harijan Samudayik Buildding,Faijullahpur
57High School Barbigha (Nortd Wing)
58High School, Barbigha, (Soutd Wing)
59Primary School, Narayanpur
60Utkramit Middle School,Gangati (Nortd Wing)
61Utkramit Middle School,Gangati (Soutd Wing)
62Utkramit Middle School,Koyaribigha
63Samudayik Buildding,Maur
64Middle School, Maur
65Utkramit middle school, Nasaratpur
66Utkramit Middle School, khojagachhi
67Mahatma Gandhi High School,Babhanbigha(East Wing)
68Mahatma Gandhi High School,Babhanbigha(West Wing)
69Utkramit Middle School, Kolhadabigha
70primary School,Samaskhurd
71Primary School, Dariyachak
72Utkramit Middle school, Khalilchak
73Panchayat Buildding,Samasbujurg
74Middle School, Samas Bujurg
75Utramit Middle School,Urdu Ramjanpur(Nortd Wing)
76Utkramit middle School, Urdu Ramjanpur(Soutd Wing)
77Utkramit Middle School,Kutubchak
78Utkramit Middle School, Rajaura
79Samudayik Buildding,Mirzapur
80Utkramit Middile School,Kanya Sarwa
81Primary School,Jamalpur
82Harijan Samudayik Buildding,Sarwa
83high School, Maldah
84Primary School,Mallikchak
85Middle School, Maldah
86Utkramit Middle school, Nagdih(East wing)
87Utkramit Middle School, Nagdih (West Wing)
88Utkramit Middle School, Ishmailpur
89Middle School, Onama, Nortd Wing
90Middle School, Onama (Soutd Wing)
91Utkramit Middle School,Dowadih
92Utkramit middle School, Astdana,Nortd Wing
93Utkramit Middle School, Astdana, Soutd Wing
94Primary School, Belao (Soutd wing)
95Primary School, Belao (Nortd Wing)
96High School, Belao
97Utkramit Middle School,Kisanpur
98Primary School, Chhabilatdika
99Utkramit middle School,Haiderchak
100 Utkramit Middle School,Madhepur
101 Utkramit middle School, Virpur(East Wing)
102 Utkramit Middle School,Virpur(West Wing)
103 Middle School, Ambari(Soutd Wing)
104 Middle school, Ambari (Middle school|
105 Middle School, Ambari (Nortd Wing)
106 Middle School, Chhema
107 Utkramit Middile School, Ahmadpur Chhema
108 Middle School, Sadikpur
109 Utkramit Middile School,Yodhanbigha
110 Library Building Charuawan (Left Wing)
111 Library Building Charuawan (Left Wing)
112 Middle School, Charuawan, East Wing
113 Middle school, charuawan,West Wing
114 Utkramit middle School, Shekhopur Dih(East Wing)
115 Utkramit middle School, Shekhopur Dih(West Wing)
116 Utkramit Middle School, Sugiya
117 Utkramit Middle School, Ranhicha
118 Utkramit Middile School,Kabirpur
119 Middle School, Panchi (East Wing)
120 Middle School,Panchi (Middle Wing)
121 Middle School,Panchi (West Wing)
122 Utkramit Middle School, Mahanandpur
123 Panchayat Buildding,Panchi
124 Middle School, Mohabbatpur (East Wing)
125 Middle School, Mohabbatpur (West Wing)
126 Middle School Mosimpur
127 Utkramit middle School,Khudiya
128 Middle School, Panhesa
129 Middle school,Nimi (Soutd Wing)
130 Middle school,nimi (Nortd Wing)
131 High School,Nimi(West Wing)
132 High School, Nimi (East Wing)
133 Utkramit Middile School, Pahadiya Balak (East Wing)
134 Utkramit Middle School, Pahadiya,Balak (West Wing)
135 Utkramit middle School, miyanbigha
136 Samudayik Buildding,Badebigha
137 Utkramit middle School, Gabay
138 High School, Gabay
139 Lohiya Buliding,Sarika
140 Middle School, Lodipur
141 Utkramit Middle School, Maniyodi
142 Primary School, Maktab,Nawada
143 Utkramit middle school, Sarmaidan
144 Primary School,Khalaspur
145 Middle School, Mehuns (East Wing)
146 Middle School, Mehuns (West Wing)
147 Middle School, Mehuns (Middle Wing)
148 Middle School,Ramanubigha
149 Utkramit middle School,kurauni
150 Library Buildding,Chitaura
151 Middle School, Aijhi (East Wing)
152 Middle School, Aijhi (West Wing)
153 Primary School,Mubarakpur
154 Library Building,Murarpur
155 High School,Katari
156 High School, Murarpur
157 Middle School, katari
158 Utkramit middle school, Gosaymardhi
159 Middle school, Badshahpur
160 Middle School, Audhey
161 primary School,Faridpur
162 Middle School, Dullapur
163 Primary School, Mandana
164 Utkramit Middle School, Bihata
165 Middle School, Kamata
166 Utkramit middle School, Rasalpur
167 Middle School, Hatdiyawan
168 High School, Hatdiyawan
169 Middle School, Purankama
170 Utkramit Middle School, Dharmpur
171 Utkramit middle School, Ramraypur
172 Primary School,Dihari
173 Middle School,Pain (Middle Wing)
174 Middle School, Pain (East Wing)
175 Middle School, Pain (West Wing)
176 Primary School, Nemdarganj
177 Samudayik Buildding,Devele
178 Primary School, Dheusabigha
179 Utkramit Middle School, Dheusadih
180 Middle school, Lodipur,East Wing
181 Middle School, Lodipur, West Wing
182 Utkramit middle School, Devara
183 Primary School,Patdraita
184 Utkramit Middle School,Khakhada
185 Primary School, Prabhubigha
186 Samudayik Buildding,Kosara
187 Primary School, Gangati
188 Utkramit middle School,Jiyanbigha (Left Wing)
189 Utkramit Middile School,Jiyanbigha(Right Wing)
190 Primary School,Gopichak
191 Primary School,Bhadeli
192 Utkramit Middle School, Bakarpur Bank
193 Primary School,Baraiyabigha
194 Panchayat Buildding,Kusumbha
195 Primary School,Beldari
196 Utkramit middle School, Amanatpur
197 Utkiramit middle School, matokhar (Left Wing)
198 Utkramit Middle school, Matokhar (Right Wing)
199 Middle School, kare (Nortd Wing)
200 Middle School,Kare (Soutd Wing)
201 Middle School, Kare (Middle Wing)
202 Utkramit middle school,Bazidpur
203 Utkramit Middle School,Surdaspur
204 Primary School, Kariho
205 Primary School, Lakshna

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