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Issues faced by the people in Hari Nagar constituency

Winner and Runner up MLAs from Hari Nagar Assembly Constituency

Winner MLAPartyAddressEmail
Jagdeep SinghAAP95, First Floor, Block-D Fateh Nagar, New Delhi-110018 [email protected]
Runner Up MLAPartyAddressEmail
Shyam SharmaSAD174, Pratap Nagar, Hari Nagar, New Delhi 110064N.A

Khazanan Basti of Hari Nagar will give you a glimpse of rural Delhi. It is hard to believe that it's located in the capital city of the country. Congested roads, open sewage and foul smell of garbage & human waste makes it difficult to stand there for more than a minute. Just imagine the plight of the people who have been staying there for years!

The local people are deprived of basic amenities like toilets in there homes, and thus they have to use the public toilets. Ironically, no one is allowed in these public toilets between 10pm till 6 am. So no nature's call can be responded to, in these toilets, during these hours. Consequently, people are forced to defecate in open!!
Modi Ji, what about your plan to set up toilets in every village and making such basic amenities available to the deprived and the underprivileged section of society? If this is the state of affairs in "DELHI", the national capital of the country, then the scale of non-seriousness and negligence can be imagined in the rest of the country.

Second question that arises is that "No toilets means people answering the nature's call in open thus playing their part in defacing and non-cleanliness of the city". So what about the "Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan" Modi Ji?
The cleanliness drive is not meant only for a select few (people or areas), but such localities are the places for the drive to be carried out in. In the capital city, Delhi, the drive should be executed at light's speed. But there seems to be no sign of it.

Can someone just listen to and do something substantial about the plight of these people?

#Answer Delhi!!!!!
The Govt. hospitals in the national capital city of Delhi are themselves critically ill, badly injured (damaged), poorly maintained. These hospitals are in such a pathetic condition that require 'Intensive Care' and need to be put on 'Life support' immediately. How can such hospitals take care of the patients and provide them with necessary treatment.

The team had visited the only Govt. hospital in Hari Nagar constituency of the Delhi Legislative Assmebly- "Deen Dayal Upadhayay(DDU)Hospital" The hospital does not even have adequate facilities and infrastructure to treat the patients. Acute shortage of staff, non-functioning machines, broken wheel chairs, out of stock medicines, filthy canteens and poor sanitation is the scene all around.

Where did the Crores of rupees allocated to health sector vanished?

Its the patients who bear the brunt of this non sense and negligence. They face tough times while receiving treatment in the hospital. Private test centers and medicine shops thrive outside the hospital complex due to the lack of infrastructure in the hospital.

Supposedly the most hygienic place "A Hospital" is the worst as far as hygiene is concerned, who is responsible for this?

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