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Polling Booth in Rampur Khas Assembly Constituency

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Rampur Khas Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Rampur Khas

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rampur Khas Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Naseerpur Room No .1754Nasirpur
2P.V. Naseerpur Room No 2837Nasirpur
3P.V. Naseerpur Room No. 3923Nasirpur
4P.V. Bhanwari741Bhawari
5P.V. Kishungarh1247Kishungarh
6P.V. Daulatpur981Daulatpur
7P.V. Saranwa681Sarawan
8P.V. Pedariya Room No. 11426Pedariya
9P.V. Pedariya Room No.2567Reoli
10P.V. Nanauti Room No 11096Nanautee
11P.V. Nanauti Room No 2803Nanautee
12P.V. Badahua Room No 1457Barahua
13P.V. Badahua Room No. 2455Barahua
14P.V. Rajapur Room No. 1881Rajapur
15P.V. Rajapur Room No. 2640Rajapur
16P.V. Mubarakpur1305Rajapur
17P.V. Jogapur871Jogapur
18P.V. Kushauli1052Kusauli
19P.V. Udayapur Room No 1942Udaipur
20P.V. Udayapur Room No 2821Udaipur
21P.V. Upadhyapur509Upadhyapur
22P.V. Pure Loka Room No. 11092Pure Loka
23P.V. Pure Loka Room No. 2688Pure Loka
24P.V. Pure Bhagawat1226Semra
25P.V. Makadumpur671Makhdumpur
26P.V. Kumbhiaima Room No. 11365Kumbhiaima
27P.V. Kumbhiaima Room No. 21476Kumbhiaima
28P.V. Kumbhiaima Room No. 31227Kumbhiaima
29P.V. Pinjari1209Pijari
30P.V. Alavalpur736Alawalpur
31P.V. Umarar Room No. 1903Umrar
32P.V. Umarar Room No. 2740Umrar
33P.V. Umarar Room No. 3917Umrar
34P.V. Masani772Pijari
35P.V. Ranjeetpur689Jariyari
36P.V. Jariyari701Jariyari
37P.V. Atheha Room No. 11221Atheha
38P.V. Atheha Room No. 21016Atheha
39P.V. Amanwa815Amawa
40P.V. Semara1071Semra
41P.V. Katariya1155Katariya
42Juniar High School Jodhepur669Jodhepur
43P.V. Dalapatti Room No. 11089Dalapatti
44P.V. Dalapatti Room No. 2536Dalapatti
45P.V. Kumbhideeha918Kumbhidiha
46P.V. Devari1306Dewari
47P.V. Ahadbeehad1030Aahadbihar
48P.V. Bhudaha800Patti Kachehra
49P.V. Usmanpur858Usmanpur
50P.V. Devapur Room No. 11144Patti Kachehra
51P.V. Devapur Room No. 2664Dewapur
52P.V. Muraini Room No. 1990Murainy
53P.V. Muraini Room No. 21177Murainy
54Bapu I.C. Rehualalganj Room No. 11049Rehualalganj
55Bapu I.C. Rehualalganj Room No. 2737Rehualalganj
56Bapu I.C. Rehualalganj Room No. 31355Rehualalganj
57P.V. Rehualalganj1213Rehualalganj
58P.V. Amishankarpur Room No. 11120Salhapur
59P.V. Amishankarpur Room No 21083Amishankerpur
60P.V. Khanipur Room No. 1887Khanipur
61P.V. Khanipur Room No. 21351Khanipur
62P.V. Mangapur Room No 1924Mangapur
63P.V. Mangapur Room No 21341Mangapur
64Sarswati Vidya Peeth Mangapur Room No 21073Mangapur
66P.V. Salwahanpur883Salwahanpur
67P.V. Ranki Room No. 11517Raki
68P.V. Ranki Room No. 21157Raki
69Panchayat Bhavan Ranki1076Raki
70P.V. Balipur Bodwa667Balipur Bodawa
71Uccha P.V. Naraval945Narwal
72P.V. Paranipur991Paranipur
73P.V. Ramnagar Kol616Ramnagar Kol
74Netaji I.C. Mustafabad Room No. 11496Mustafabad
75Netaji I.C. Mustafabad Room No. 21191Mustafabad
76P.V. Mustafabad Room No. 11148Mustafabad
77P.V. Mustafabad Roon No. 21238Mustafabad
78P.V. Rampur Kashiha1092Rampur Kasiha
79Sa. Sah. Samiti Rahateekar Room No 11359Rahatikar
80Sah. Samiti Rahateekar Room No. 2743Rahatikar
81Purv. Madh. Vi. Rahateekar Room No. 2790Rahatikar
83P.V. Pathariya819Pathariya
84P.V. Uchhapur Room No. 11006Uchhapur
85P.V. Uchhapur Room No. 21050Uchhapur
86P.V. Bevali1058Bewali
87P.V. Chahin Room No. 11343Chahin
88P.V. Chahin Room No. 2749Chahin
89P.V. Lakhapur470Lakhapur
90P.V. Darra Room No. 1973Darra
91P.V. Darra Room No. 21075Darra
92P.V. Samaspur Room No. 11075Darra
93P.V. Samaspur Room No. 2462Samaspur
94P.V. Oripur Naugeer Room No 11019Aoripur Naugir
95P.V. Oripur Naugeer Room No. 2817Aoripur Naugir
96P.V. Rajamatipur1184Rajmatipur
97P.V. Rajmatipur1266Rajmatipur
98Gandhi I.C. Sangipur Room No. 11195Buboopur
99Gandhi I.C. Sangipur1108Buboopur
100P.V. Sangipur Room No 1871Sangipur
101P.V. Sangipur Room No 2651Sangipur
102P.V. Gadiyan871Gadiyan
103P.V. Lakhahara Room No. 1970Lakhahra
104P.V. Lakhahara Room No. 21234Lakhanpur Soor
105P.V. Gopalpur1405Gopalpur
106P.V. Shukulpur Room No. 11376Shukulpur
107P.V. Shukulpur Room No. 2702Shukulpur
108P.V. Jagadesshpur585Jagdishpur
109P.V. Bhagaura890Bhagaura
110P.V. Devigarh800Devigarh
111P.V. Sinhgarh775Singhgarh
112Sa. Sah. Samiti Kalyanpur Kala1356Kalyanpur
113P.V. Pure Naraindash Room No 1862Pure Naryandas
114P.V. Pure Naraindash Room No 2705Pure Naryandas
115P.V. Katehati Room No 11142Katehti
116P.V. Katehati Room No 2756Katehti
117P.V. Bhawanigarh1171Bhawanigarh
118P.V. Nauhajaya666Nauhajaya
119P.V. Bhaisana Room No 1967Bhaisana
120P.V. Bhaisana Room No 2596Bhaisana
121P.V. Shahabari Room No 1991Shahbari
122P.V. Shahabari Room No. 2599Shahbari
123P.V.Sarailalshah735Sarai Lalshah
124P.V. Chihihara578Chichihara
125Ju.High School Sujakhar Room No 2917Sujakhar
127Beni. Madhav I.C. Silaudhi1513Silaudhi
128P.V. Badshahpur1193Badshahpur
129P.V. Dharushahpur1210Dhrushahpur
130P.V. Thariya942Thriya
131P.V. Basuapur1196Basuapur
132P.V. Deumpurab1222Pure Bhagmani
133P.V. Deum Paschim Room No 11492Pacham Deum
134P.V. Deum Paschim Room No 21211Pacham Deum
135Ra.Ram. I.C. Dabhiyar Room No 11430Dabhiyar
136P.V. I0C0 Dabhiyar Room No. 21114Naubasta
137P.V. Dabhiyar1016Pure Murli Kamyaanpur
138P.V. Kumbhapur756Kumbhapur
139P.V. Amanwa Room No 11301Amawa
140P.V. Amanwa Room No 2980Amawa
141P;V; Amanwa Room No 31488Amawa
142P.V. Sarai Jagat Singh Dihwa1218Saraijagat Singh
143P.V. Khalsa Sadat Room No 11070Khalsasadat
144P.V. Khalsa Sadat Room No 2619Khalsasadat
145P.V. Sheetalmau Room No 11048Shitalmau
146P.V. Sheetalmau Room No 2864Shitalmau
147P.V. Sheetalmau Room No 31482Shitalmau
148P.V. Umapur1073Umapur
149P.V. Khemasari547Khemsari
150P.V. Khanapatti1405Khanapatti
151P.V. Mishraninpur1031Mahasinpur
152P.V. Dhadhuagajan1231Dhadhuwa Gajan
153P.V. Bhavaram Bojhi491Pure Dinanath
154P.V. Pure Dinanath542Bhavram Bojhi
155P.V. Pure Tilakram1236Pure Tilakram
156Ram Anjor I.C. Lalaganj Room No 11240Sangipur
157Ram Anjor I.C. Lalaganj Room No 2294Sangipur
158P.V. Pure Banshi1229Pure Bansi
159P.V. Salembhadari Room No 1986Salem Bhadari
160P.V. Salembhadari Room No 2917Salem Bhadari
161P.V. Madipur1374Madipur
162P.V. Samapur1444Samapur
163Sanskrit Pathshala Pure Noti844Pure Noti
164Shivpratap Laghu Ma. Vi. Baijalpur1022Baijalpur
165P.V. Bhadari Kala Room No 11692Bhadrikala
166P.V. Bhadari Kala Room No 2984Bhadrikala
167Sanskrit Pathshala Pure Mathaha1168Pure Matha
168P.V. Ajhara Room No 11069Ajhara
169P.V. Ajhara Room No 21187Ajhara
170P.V. Jainpur378Jainpur
171P.V. Lalupur682Ramgarhraila
172P.V. Khajuri1326Khajuri
173P.V. Balipur Katara940Pure Herkishun
174P.V. Balipur Katara Room No 2693Katriay Balipur
175P.V. Asinapur850Asainapur
176P.V. Sarai Bhagamani662Sarai Bagmani
177P.V. Devapur805Dewapur
178Purv. Madh. Vi. Gaukhadi Room 21421Gokhari
179Purv. Madh. Vi. Gaukhadi Room No 2346Gokhari
180Purv. Madh.Vi. Gaukhadi Room No 3797Pandri
181P.V. Dharanpur829Udharanpur
182P.V. Dagarara1079Pichura
183P.V. Pichura Room No 1978Pichura
184P.V. Pichura Room No 2835Kaira
185P.V. Ramganj Bhojpur Room No 11231Bhojpur
186P.V. Ramganj Bhojpur Room No 21330Bhojpur
187P.V. Godawa Room No 11123Gondwa
188P.V. Godwa Room No 2559Gondwa
189P.V. Medanwa Room No 1807Medhawan
190P.V. Medanwa Room No 2994Medhawan
191P.V. Baribojh Room No 11125Baribojh
192P.V. Baribojh Room No 2864Bachhwal
193P.V. Kaithola Room No 11088Kethola
194P.V. Kaithola Room No 2566Kethola
195I.C. Sohagpur826Sohagpur
196P.V. Delhupur1221Delhupur
197P.V. Kalapur855Kethola
198P.V. Rohada758Rohara
199P.V. Agai Room No 1872Agai
200P.V. Agai Room No 2761Agai
201P.V. Agai Room No 31455Agai
202Purv.Madh.Vi. Agai1363Agai
203Purv.Madh.Vi. Agari Majara Second1149Agai
205P.V. Babahanpur1001Babhanpur
206Sardar I.C. Raniganj Kaithola1457Kaushlyapur
207P.V. Arjunpur1350Dewapur
208P.V. Payagipur1538Payagipur
209P.V. Madhukarpur Room No 11377Madhukarpur
210P.V. Madhukarpur Room No 2329Benipur
211P.V. Jagannathpur Room No 1684Jagannathpur
212P.V. Jagannathpur Room No 2992Jagannathpur
213P.V. Saripur1076Saripur
214P.V. Pure Basi1326Pure Vasi
215P.V. Jevani Room No 11422Jewain
216P.V. Jevani Room No 21088Jewain
217P.V. Virsingpur1383Birsinghpur
218P.V. Pure Aniruddha714Pure Balbhadra
219P.V. Narainpur Room No 11437Narayanpur
220P.V. Narainpur Room No 2881Narayanpur
221P.V. Lohangpur Room No 1540Babupur
222P.V. Lohangpur Room No 2901Lohangpur
223P.V. Bhavan Kedaura1054Kedaura
224P.V. Lakuri1077Lakuri
225Vasudev Sixa Ni.I.C. Bhagati1448Bhatani
226Ju.Be.Vi. Govindrashulpur756Govindrasoolpur
227P.V. Naudiha Room No 11342Naudhiya
228P.V. Naudiha Room No 21371Naudhiya
229P.V. Naudiha Room No 3358Naudhiya
230P.V. Umarpur1096Umarpur
231P.V. Alipur1092Alipur
232P.V. Jamalpur1377Jamalpur
233P.V. Manipur Room No 11024Maruhar
234P.V. Manipur Room No 2549Manipur
235Ju.Be.Vi. Arron Room No 11363Arro
236Ju.Be.Vi. Arron No 21091Kamapatti
237P.V. Kamapatti Room No 21408Kamapatti
239P.V. Pure Chhttu882Pure Chhattu
240P.V. Beejumau1408Pure Bhattacharya
241P.V. Sarai Sangaram Sigh1357Sarai Sangramsingh
242P.V. Rampurkhas Room No 11373Rampur
243P.V. Rampurkhas Room No 21020Rampur
244P.V. Pure Bahadur678Khaprahi
245P.V. Puresevakrai794Pure Shekh Sarai
246P.V. Khairapure Chhemi1176Pure Shanker
247P.V. Batauli1063Batauli
248P.V. Katarasangram Singh466Katra Sangramsingh
249P.V. Sarijanmati1099Sarai Janmati
250P.V. Raipurbhagdara1322Raipurtiyae
251P.V. Raipur Bhagadar1186Raipurtiyae
252P.V. Belha Room No 11224Belha
253P.V. Belha Room No 2940Belha
256P.V. Madangarh493Belha
257P.V. Asharahi1220Asrhi
258P.V. Pure Keval845Pure Keval
259Avadhesh U.Ma.Vi. Dharupur Room No 21268Dharupur
261Avadhesh U.Ma.Vi. Dharupur Room No 31441Dharupur
262P.V. Purvara Room No. 11446Purwara
263P.V. Purwara Room No 21010Purwara
264Sa.Ash.Samiti Purvara Room No 1826Purwara
265Sa.Sah.Samiti. Purwara Room No 2830Purwara
267P.V. Mothin1437Motin
268P.V. Mothin Room No 2864Motin
269P.V. Sari Lalmati718Sarai Lalmati
270P.V. Puresadhavram1407Pure Sadhoram
271P.V. Pure Sadhavram Room No 2765Darehat
272P.V. Puretodar942Todarpur
273P.V. Pure Bhikhari851Prataprudrapur
274P.V. Madamai Urf Sadasai Room No 1693Madamai
275P.V. Madamai. Urf Sadasai Room No 2962Madamai
276P.V. Khandawa Room No 1760Khandwa
277P.V. Khandawa Room No 2800Khandwa
278P.V. Pure Janai729Pure Janai
279P.V. Harnahar1105Hernahar
280P.V. Kasba Lateefpur Room No 1724Kasbalatif Pur
281P.V. Kasba Lateefpur Room No 2664Kasbalatif Pur
282P.V. Hisampur996Hisampur
283P.V. Sheshpur Dhanapur691Seshpur Dhanapur
284P.V. Baratpur655Bharatpur
285P.V. Devara762Dewara
286P.V. Rampurdabi990Ramapur
287P.V. Ratanmaheshpur614Ratanpur Maheshpur
288P.V. Ramapur791Rampur
289P.V. Dhantikariya1349Puredhna Tikariya
290P.V. Mohammad Pur Khas1014Mohamad Pur Khas
291P.V. Baliyapur652Baliyapur
292K.V.P. Aspg1304Asog
293P.V. Pratapur Chergarh966Pratappur Chergarh
294P.V. Sarai Nirbhay971Saray Nirbhay

Last Updated on December 19, 2014