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Polling Booth in Rampur Karkhana Assembly Constituency

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Rampur Karkhana Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Rampur Karkhana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rampur Karkhana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Madarapali Bulaki1121Madarapali Bulaki
2Islamiya .P.V. Pokharbhinda Ishwariprasad1065Pokhar Bhinda
3P.V. Vishunpur Bharathray688Bishunpur Bharatrai
4P.V. Sahabajpur1213Sahbajpur
6P.V. Rustampur628Rustampur
7J.H.S. Kesharpur1156Kesharpur
8P.V. Karmaha808Karamaha
9J.H.S. Sarangpur585Sarangpur
10P.V. Hiranandpur .R.N.11339Hirandapur
11P.V. Hiranandpur .R.N.2365Hirandapur
12P.V. Madhopur986Madhopur
13P.V. Mundera.R.N.1820Mundera
15P.V.Karanpur Urf Pachfeda .R.N.1824Karanpururf Pacafera
16P.V.Karanpur Urf Pachfeda .R.N.2707Bishunpur
17P.V. Raghopur430Raghopur
18A.I.C. Dumari.R.N.1949Dumari
19A.I.C. Dumari.R.N.2947Dumari
21J.I.C. Rampur Karkhana.R.N.1678Deoria (NPP)
22J.I.C. Rampur Karkhana.R.N.2948Deoria (NPP)
23J.I.C. Rampur Karkhana.R.N.31163Deoria (NPP)
24J.I.C. Rampur Karkhana.R.N.41471Deoria (NPP)
25J.I.C. Rampur Karkhana.R.N.51440Deoria (NPP)
26J.I.C. Rampur Karkhana.R.N.61309Deoria (NPP)
27P.V. Khadechhapar518Khrechhapar
28P.V. Govindpur1300Govindpur
29J.H.S. Madarapali.R.N.11003Madarapali
30J.H.S. Madarapali.R.N.2610Madarapali
31P.V. Harpur .R.N.11253Harpur
32P.V. Harpur .R.N.21242Harpur
33P.V. Baraipur1024Baraipur
34K.P.M.V. Samipatti R.N.11067Sita Patti
35K.P.M.V. Samipatti R.N.2531Sita Patti
36P.V. Piprahi Bharathray954Sita Patti
37P.V. Vishunpur Urf Chirkihva970Bishunpur
38P.V. Ahirauli766Ahirauli
39P.V. Mogalapura628Mugalpur
40P.V. Mohanmundera845Mundera
41P.V. Paraskhad1161Paras Khand
42P.V. Kaithauli.R.N.1718Paras Khand
43P.V. Kaithauli.R.N.21031Kaithawalia
44Ramchandra.I.C. Basantpur Dhusi (Sirsia Patti Husen)1399Sirsia Gotha
45P.V. Vishunpur Bhupat733Sirsia Gotha
46P.V. Madariya596Mandaria
47P.V. Sirsiya Gotha .R.N. 11048Sirsia Gotha
48P.V. Sirsiya Gotha .R.N. 2359Sirsia Gotha
49P.V. Khutha Patkhauli727Patakhauli
50P.V. Pakadichhapar Patkhauli.R.N.11025Pakari Chhapar Patkhauli
51P.V. Pakadichhapar Patkhauli.R.N.2893Pakari Chhapar Patkhauli
52P.V. Harpur Nijam968Sonhula Ramnagar
53P.V. Gopalpur837Gopalpur
54P.V. Rampur Shukla1362Rampur Shukla
55P.V. Pakadibabu744Pakari
56P.V. Pacharukhiya771Pachrokhia
57P.V. Ratanpura868Ratanpur
58K.I.C. Kanchanpur .R.N.11274Kanchanpur
59K.I.C. Kanchanpur .R.N. 21347Kanchanpur
60P.V. Sirvaniya .R.N. 1745Sirwania
61P.V. Sirvaniya .R.N. 21139Sirwania
62P.V.Konhawaliya .R.N.1847Konhwalia
63P.V. Konhawaliya .R.N.21262Konhwalia
64P.V. Kamdhenva1454Konhwalia
65P.V. Mathurachhapar1187Mathura Chhapar
66J.H.S. Kotva1425Kotawa
68P.V. Sirsiya .R.N.11484Sirsia
69P.V. Sirsiya .R.N.21333Sirsia
70P.V.Sirsiya R.N. 3532Sirsia
71P.V. Babhanauli835Babhanauli
72J.H.S. Bhimpur .R.N.1883Bhikham Pura
73J.H.S. Bhimpur .R.N.2672Bhimpur
74P.V. Pokharbhinda1131Pokhabhinda Ishawariprasad
75P.V. Barari666Rampur Karkhana
76P.V. Baikunthpur1001Baikunthapur
77P.V. Purushottampur792Purshottmpur
78P.V. Bhagwanpur572Bhagawanpur
79J.H.S. Shahapur R.N.11385Shahpur
80J.H.S. Shahapur R.N.2590Shahpur
81P.V. Sidhuva R.N.11486Sidhuwa
82P.V. Sidhuva R.N.21166Sidhuwa
83P.V. Gautamchak Mathiya .R.N.11462Gautam Chak Mathia
84P.V. Gautamchak Mathiya .R.N.2793Mathiya Khurd
85P.V. Mundera Mishra .R.N.1894Mundera Mishar
86P.V. Mundera Mishra .R.N.2750Mundera Mishar
87P.V. Harpurkala1187Harpur Kala
88P.V. Chandpur925Chandpur
90P.V. Kishunpali803Kishunpali
91P.V. Belvaniya Tola718Belwaniatola
92K.I.C. Vishunpurkala .R.N.1964Bishunpur Kala
93K.I.C. Vishunpurkala .R.N.2787Bishunpur Kala
94K.I.C. Vishunpurkala .R.N.3416Bishunpur Kala
95P.V. Goraya926Goraia
96I.C. Bindvaliya794Bindwalia
97P.V. Chakgajbabdhan Urf Mishrauli1102Chak Bandhan Urf Mishraulia
98J.H.S. Baghda Mahuari .R.N. 1917Baghramahuari
99P.V. Baghda Mahuari .R.N.2779Baghramahuari
100Panchayat.Bhavan Kaulamundera1350Kaula Mundera
101P.V. Bhaisadabar1196Bhaisadabar
102P.V. Mundera Jagdish1212Munderajagdish
103P.V. Pipra1170Pipara
104P.V. Malghot Viraicha822Malghotbiraicha
105P.V. Shahapur Puraini1317Shahpur Puraini
106P.V. Bhikhampur .R.N.11057Bhikham Pura
107P.V. Bhikhampur .R.N.21208Bhikham Pura
108P.V. Kushari .R.N.11379Kushari
109P.V. Kushari .R.N.2760Kushari
110P.V. Kushari .R.N.31208Kushari
111P.V. Mahuva Khurad851Mahuwawa Khurd
112P.V. Mujhahanalala1087Mujhahn Lala
113P.V. Gaur .R.N.11398Gaur
114P.V. Gaur .R.N.21425Gaur
115P.V. Gaur .R.N.31394Gaur
116P.V. Semrahva409Semarhawa
117P.V. Garibpatti650Garib Patti
118P.V. Mahuva Bujurag1302Mahuwawa Buzurg
119P.V. Loharauli1113Loharauli
120Mahanth.T.P.I.V. Vishunpura .R.N.11129Bishunpur
121Mahanth.T.P.I.V. Vishunpura .R.N.21260Bishunpur
122Mahanth.T.P.I.V. Vishunpura .R.N.31332Bishunpur
123P.V. Piprakanak846Pipara Kanak
124U.M.V. Rampur Avasthi .R.N.1823Rampur Awasthi
125U.M.V. Rampur Avasthi .R.N.2730Rampur Awasthi
126P.V. Dhusva1294Dhusawa
127P.V. Chamanpura892Bhujauli
128P.V. Udayapura902Udai Pura
129P.V. Dalan998Dalan
130P.V. Nautan .R.N.1818Nautan
131P.V. Nautan .R.N.2687Nautan
132P.V. Lagda929Lagra
133P.V. Guddijor .R.N.1760Guddijor
134P.V. Guddijor .R.N.2656Guddijor
135P.V. Mujhahanaghat658Mujahana Ghat
136P.V. Khajuriya631Khajuria
137P.V. Sohanipar905Sohnipar
138G.U.M.V. Rampur Tiwari462Rampur Tiwari
139P.V. Pandaypur1198Pandeypur
140P.V. Mahuapatan987Mahuapatan
141H.P.V. Dihabasant985Dihabasant
142P.V. Meharauna1084Mehrauna
143J.H.S. Pranpur1043Chakbandi Pranpur
144P.V. Noniyachhapra 1546Gobarai Khas
145P.V. Noniyachhapra 2750Noniya Chhapar
146P.V. Lahilpar Urf Ratanpura1133Lahilpar Urf Ratanpur
147P.V. Lahilpar Khas1130Lahilpar Urf Ratanpur
148P.V. Vaspar655Banspar
149P.V. Chakbudhan Urf Singhpur592Dhanauti Kalan
150P.V.Dhnauti Kala1449Dhanauti Kalan
151P.V. Pipraich .R.N. 1544Lakshmipur
152P.V. Pipraich .R.N. 2939Pipraich
153P.V. Kusmha Urf Belva725Kusmaha Urf Belwa
154J.H.S. Dambarpur Urf Jatmalpur1110Dambar
155P.V. Pagara Urf Prasiya1202Pagara Urf Parasia
156J.H.S. Badhara R.N.1675Badahara
157J.H.S. Badhara R.N.2874Badahara
158P.V. Pakadi Bujurag824Pakari Bujurug
159P.V. Chakbandi Urf Ghtailacheti1008Chakbandi Urf Ghataila Choti
160P.V. Ghtailagaji1322Ghataila Gaji
161P.V. Chakravadhus1367Chakwar Ghus
162Malivari .I.C. Gambhirpur905Gambhir Pur
163P.V. Madipar Bujurag615Madiparbujurg
164P.V. Chakmadho Urf Mathiya1292Chakmadho
165P.V. Bhalua1225Bhalua
166P.V. Asna831Asana
167P.V. Dulhu789Dulhu
169P.V. Mujhahana Urf Bhatpurva548Mujahna Urf Bhat Purwa
170P.V. Dhobi Chhapra437Dhobi Chhapar
171P.V. Pakadi Khas591Pakari Khas
172P.V. Batrauli1076Bhikham Chhapra
173P.V. Sirsiya465Sirsia
174A.R.D.I.C. Babhani .R.N.1967Babhani
175A.R.D.I.C. Babhani .R.N.2477Babhani
176P.V. Rautpar .R.N. 11081Rawatpar
177P.V. Rautpar .R.N. 2873Rawatpar
178J.H.S. Varuadih730Baruadih
179P.V. Kushmauni799Kusmauni
180J.H.S. Baikunthpur .R.N. 11310Baikunthpur
181J.H.S. Baikunthpur .R.N. 21001Baikunthpur
182P.V. Bhawanipur520Baikunthpur
183P.V. Kulkula Isthan Bariyarpur .R.N. 11388Bariyapur
184P.V. Kulkula Isthan Bariyarpur .R.N. 2406Bariapur
185N.P.Shahi .I.C. Bariyarpur .R.N.11327Bariapur
186N.P.Shahi .I.C. Bariyarpur .R.N.21190Bariapur
187N.P.Shahi .I.C. Bariyarpur .R.N.3847Bariapur
188N.P.Shahi .I.C. Bariyarpur .R.N.4767Bariapur
189P.V. Badhara Tola Bariyarpur .R.N.11168Bariapur
190P.V. Badhara Tola Bariyarpur .R.N.21055Bariapur
191P.V. Bhadsara Tola Bariyarpur .R.N.1989Bariapur
192P.V. Bhadsara Tola Bariyarpur .R.N.2920Bariapur
193P.V. Baraitha1047Baritha
194P.V. Amghat790Aam Ghat
195P.V. Belvaniya Urf Hasimchak .R.N. 11109Belwaniya
196P.V. Belvaniya Urf Hasimchak .R.N. 2605Belwaniya
197P.V. Sisva1183Siswa
198Yohiraj.D.B.J.H.S. Saraura .R.N.11038Saraura
199Yohiraj.D.B.J.H.S. Saraura .R.N.21223Saraura
200P.V. Mahui1243Mahui
201P.V. Karaundi1320Karaudi
202P.V. Madhopur .R.N. 11106Madhopur
203P.V. Madhopur .R.N. 2881Madhopur
204P.V. Parasiya Karkathi .R.N. 11318Parsiya Kakartahi
205P.V. Parasiya Karkathi .R.N. 21259Parsiya Kakartahi
206P.V.Khajuri Karauta .R.N.1259Bhagwan Chhapar
207J.H.S. Khajuri Karauta R.N.2715Khajuri Karouta
208J.H.S. Khajuri Karauta R.N.3798Khajuri Karouta
209P.V.Noonkhar .R.N.1799Noonkhar
210P.V. Noonkhar .R.N.2769Noonkhar
211J.H.S. Noonkhar .R.N. 1645Noonkhar
212J.H.S. Noonkhar .R.N. 2877Noonkhar
213J.H.S. Noonkhar .R.N. 31120Noonkhar
214P.V. Basdila .R.N. 11075Narouli Khem
215P.V. Basdila .R.N. 2868Padouli
216J.H.S. Narauli Sangram578Narouli Sangram
217P.V. Narauli Bhikham575Narauli Bhikham
219K.P.V. Bhawani Chhapra1061Bahadurpur
220P.V. Khukhundu .R.N.1642Khkhundu
221P.V.Khukhundu .R.N. 21117Khkhundu
222P.V. Khukhundu .R.N.3810Khkhundu
223J.H.S. Khukhundu .R.N. 1844Khkhundu
224J.H.S. Khukhundu .R.N. 2948Khkhundu
225J.H.S. Khukhundu .R.N. 3666Khkhundu
226P.V. Khirsar813Khirsar
227P.V. Sisvar524Sheswar
228P.V. Surha954Sheswar
229P.V. Sajhvar .R.N. 1355Sajhawar
230P.V. Sajhvar .R.N. 2508Sukarouli
231J.H.S. Jaitpura .R.N.1713Jogapur
232J.H.S. Jaitpura .R.N.21055Jaitpura
233J.H.S. Maghraich .R.N.1464Khajuri
234J.H.S. Maghraich .R.N.21487Magraich
235P.V. Dhanauti600Dhanouti
236P.V. Sisai1353Dhanouti
237P.V. Bardiha1339Bardiha
238P.V. Pavanar .R.N.1876Pawanar
239P.V. Pavanar .R.N.2784Babhani
240P.V. Pipra Shikla1322Pipra Shukla
241P.V. Rupai1451Pipra Shukla
242Harijan .P.V. Sathiyavan .R.N.1833Sathiyaon
243Harijan .P.V. Sathiyavan .R.N.2749Sathiyaon
244P.V. Ahirauli .R.N.11306Ahirouli
245P.V. Ahirauli .R.N.21089Ahirouli
246P.V. Aghila879Aghaila
247P.V. Pipra Devraj1193Pipara Devraj
248P.V. Jiraso1062Jiraso
249P.V. Belwa Babu946Belwa Babu
251P.V. Purna Chhapra1166Paran Chapara
252P.V. Parsauni1208Parsouni
253P.V. Sallahpur .R.N.11475Salhapur
254P.V. Sallahpur .R.N.2655Salhapur
255P.V. Deoria584Deoria
256P.V. Fathehpur844Fatehpur
257P.V. Teghra775Teghara
258P.V. Khoribari .R.N.1845Khori Bari
259P.V. Khoribari .R.N.21324Khori Bari
260P.V. Laxmipur1354Laxmipur
261P.V. Mahuravn984Mahurao
262P.V. Rampur .R.N.11147Rampur
263P.V. Rampur .R.N.21408Rampur
264P.V. Chakaur Tiwari699Chakara Tiwari
265P.V. Vankata Shiv1352Bankata Shiv
266P.V. Baidh Mishrauli770Mishrouli Diksit
267J.H.S. Dumari904Dumari
268P.V. Pipra Dixit1079Pipra Diksit
269P.V. Jigna Ditxit .R.N.1406Jigni Diksit
270P.V. Jigna Ditxit .R.N.21142Jigni Diksit
271P.V. Mishrauli Dixit .R.N.1461Mishrouli Diksit
272P.V. Mishrauli Dixit .R.N.21166Mishrouli Diksit
273P.V. Rampur Khurhuriya1210Bhatni Bazar (NP)
274Jal Nigam Office Bhatni .R.N.11366Bhatni Bazar (NP)
275Jal Nigam Office Bhatni R.N.2474Bhatni Bazar (NP)
276Subash .I.C.Bhatni. R.N.1801Bhatni Bazar (NP)
277Subash .I.C.Bhatni. R.N.21254Bhatni Bazar (NP)
278Subash .I.C.Bhatni. R.N.31018Bhatni Bazar (NP)
279Subash .I.C.Bhatni. R.N.41016Bhatni Bazar (NP)
280Subash .I.C.Bhatni. R.N.51306Bhatni Bazar (NP)
281Subash .I.C.Bhatni. R.N.6864Bhatni Bazar (NP)
282P.V. Hatva Nakhani .R.N.1518Bhatni Bazar (NP)
283P.V. Hatva Nakhani .R.N.21380Bhatni Bazar (NP)
284P.V Birsinghpur1048Birsinghpur
287K.P.V. Sahopar .R.N.1594Sahopar
288K.P.V. Sahopar .R.N.2945Sahopar
289P.V. Sahopar Tola Mahadeva 11369Sahopar
290P.V. Sahopar Tola Mahadeva Tola 2206Sahopar
291P.V. Barsath1338Barsath
292P.V. Rajaval .R.N.11111Rajawal
293P.V. Rajaval .R.N.2516Rajawal
294P.V. Bahorva765Bahorwa
295P.V. Mujuri Khurad802Mazuri Khurd
296J.H.S. Kamhariya .R.N.11097Kamaria
297J.H.S. Kamhariya .R.N.2559Kamaria
298P.V. Baidauli1010Baidwali
299P.V Mangraichi421Magraich
300P.V. Padari Panday R.N.11222Padari Pandey
301P.V. Padari Panday R.N.21032Padari Pandey
302P.V. Kola1420Kola
303P.V. Padari Jhhlipar1288Padari Jhilipar
304P.V. Bharauli665Bharouli
305P.V. Dubauli621Dubouli
306P.V. Majhvaliya R.N. 1629Chakrawa
307P.V. Majhvaliya R.N. 21206Majhwalia
308P.V. Mahuai Panday809Mahui Pandey
309P.V. Padari Wanmali488Padari Banmali
310P.V. Ghusari806Ghusari
311P.V. Semara430Samara
312P.V. Kodra Thakur594Kodra Thakur
313P.V. Kodra Dirgah695Kodra Dirgah
314J.H.S. Semra Ghusari335Ghusari
315J.H.S Badpurva .R.N.1997Badhapurwa
316J.H.S.Badpurva .R.N.2480Pivkol
317P.V.Khurdhar Khor1001Khurdhar Khor
318Shree Bhagwan L.M.V Mujuri Bujurag766Mazuri Buzurg
319P.V. Chandpar .R.N.1880Chandpar
320P.V. Chandpar .R.N.2705Chandpar
321P.V. Mishrauli521Misrouli
322P.V. Sakarapar954Sakarapar
323P.V. Devghat1082Devghat
324P.V. Chhapiya Jaidev .R.N.1261Tenua
325P.V. Chhapiya Jaidev .R.N.21244Tenua
326P.V. Jigna Mishra .R.N.1822Jigna Mishra
327P.V. Jigna Mishra .R.N.2776Jigna Mishra
328P.V. Kurmauth Thakur1093Kurmouta
329P.V. Gaunariya290Gaonria
330P.V. Chhavani Tola .R.N. 1 Bharahechaura1371Bharhe Choura
331P.V. Chhavani Tola .R.N. 2 Bharahechaura1286Bharhe Choura
332K.P.V. Bharhechaura .R.N.11436Bharhe Choura
333K.P.V. Bharhechaura .R.N.2782Bharhe Choura
334P.V. Chandauli457Chandouli
335P.V. Beharadavar .R.N. 11072Behra Daber
336P.V. Beharadavar .R.N. 2898Behra Daber
337P.V. Uska .R.N.11075Uska
338P.V. Uska .R.N.2747Uska
339P.V. Uska .R.N. 3811Uska
340J.H.S. Bhartoli Uska322Uska
341P.V. Savreji .R.N.1988Savreji
342P.V. Savreji .R.N.2794Savreji
343P.V. Savreji .R.N.3900Savreji
344J.H.S. Danaur .R.N.1994Danur
345J.H.S. Danaur .R.N.2537Danur
346J.H.S. Danaur .R.N.3544Danur
347M.I.C. Nonapar .R.N.1956Nonapar
348M.I.C. Nonapar .R.N.2799Nonapar
349M.I.C. Nonapar .R.N.3869Nonapar
350M.I.C. Nonapar .R.N.41195Nonapar
351P.V. Bhatni Khas821Bhatni Khas
352P.V. Singhi Diha1213Singhi Dih
353J.H.S. Babhanauli Kala .R.N.1963Babhanouli
354J.H.S. Babhanauli Kala .R.N.2583Babhanouli
355P.V. Vindwaliya Mishra .R.N.11170Babhanouli
356P.V. Vindwaliya Mishra .R.N.2456Madapahi
357P M V Dubauli591Dubouli
358P.V. Chauthiya710Dubouli
359P.V. Gardah Shrikant1357Putari
360P.V. Bharauli .R.N.1873Barthi
361P.V. Bharauli .R.N.21143Bharouli
362P.V. Vankata Dixit714Bharouli
363J.H.S. Payasi .R.N. 1957Pyasi
364J.H.S. Payasi .R.N. 21195Pyasi
365J.H.S. Payasi .R.N. 3643Bagusara

Last Updated on December 19, 2014