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Polling Booth in Purqazi Assembly Constituency

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Purqazi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Purqazi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Purqazi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Vidhalya Hosiyarpur Majra Badhai Khurd947Husainpur
2Prathmik Vidhyalay Bdhai Khurd Kamra No. 11346Badhai Khurd
3Prathmik Vidhyalay Akhlor977Aakhlaur
4Prathmik Vidhalya Madyam Ka Kamra Akhlor981Akhlor
5Kanya Pathsala Kamra No. 1 Bahedi997Badheri
6Kanya Pathsala Kamra No. 2 Bahedi817Badheri
7Prathmik Vidhyalay No 1 Kamra No 3 Bahedi1515Badheri
8Prathmik Vidhyalay Kamra No 1 Bahedi1457Badheri
9Prathmik Vidhyalay Kamra No 2 Bahedi1067Badheri
10Prathmik Vidhalya Purve Mohvana Kamra Rohana Khurd1000Rohana Kalan
11Prathmik Vidhalya Purve Mohvana Uttar Ka Kamra Rohana Khurd578Rohana Kalan
12Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Rohana Khurd1064Rohana Kalan
13Saras Vati Sadan Jooniyr Hai Sak Ul Uttri Bhag Rohana Khurd809Rohana Khurd
14Saras Vati Sadan Jooniyr Hai Sak Ul Uttri Bhag Sa Mila Howa Kamra Rohana Khurd723Rohana Khurd
15Saras Vati Sadan Juniyr Hai Sak Ul Dakshni Bhag Rohana Khurd1082Rohana Khurd
16Amrita In Tar Kalej Ka0 Na0 1 Rohana Sugar Mil1298Badheri
17Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 3 Sadpur922Sadpur
18Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Bhwan Sadpur1001Sadpur
19Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Malira870Sadpur
20Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 3 Malira635Malira
21Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Malira1383Sadpur
22Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Bhag Bannagar1286Bannagar
23Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Badkali810Barkali
24Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Badkali860Barkali
25Prathmik Vidhalya Jatnagla1284Jatnagla
26Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Bhag Kacholi1246Kacholi
27Prathmik Vidhalya Pashchimi Bhag Kacholi335Kacholi
28Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Didahedi1013Dhindhawali
29Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Didahedi955Dhindhawali
30Prathmik Vidhalya Kal Larpur708Kallarpur
31Prathmik Vidhalya Singalpur Kamra No 1482Singalpur
32National Hai School K. N.3 Dadhedukalan1371Dadherukalan
33National Hai School Pachmi Bhag Dhaddedukalan1494Dadherukalan
34National Hai School Dhaddedukalan1409Dadherukalan
35Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Bhag Dadhedu Khurd797Dadheru Khurd
36Prathmik Vidhalya Atirik T Kaksh Dadhedu Khurd706Dadheru Khurd
37Prathmik Vidhalya Pashchimi Bhag Dadhedu Khurd1489Dadheru Khurd
38Prathmik Vidhalya Mahmood Pur Urf Lakadsandha1305Mahmood Pura Lakarsandha
41Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Rukanpur673Rukanpur
42Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Pinna1359Pinna
43Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Pinna1260Pinna
44Balika Uch Chatar Ma0 Vi0 Shamli Road (Balika Inter College) Pinna1310Pinna
47Kal Yankari Kan Ya In Tar Ka0 Jagahedi Ka0Na0 1813Jagaheri
48Kal Yankari Kan Ya In Tar Ka0 Jagahedi Ka0Na0 2797Jagaheri
49Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Uttari Bhag Kajikheda1404Kazi Khera
50Prathmik Vidhaya Pachmi Bhag Kajikheda849Kazi Khera
51Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Narottampur1300Narottampur
52Juniyar Hai School Purvi Bhag Kinoni873Kinauni
53Jooniyar Hai School Pachmi Bhag Kinoni695Kinauni
54Juniyar Hai School Bich Ka Kamra Kinoni1293Kinauni
55Ravidas Mandir Bhavan Kinauni1035Kinauni
56Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Sanjhak1377Sanjhak
57Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Sanjhak1226Sanjhak
58Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 3 Sanjhak1265Sanjhak
59Uch Ch Pra0 Vi0 Khan Jhapur Ka0Na0 1539Khanjahanpur
60Uch Ch Pra0 Vi0 Khan Jhapur Ka0 Na0 21381Khanjahanpur
61Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Shahbudeenpur1221Shahbudinpur (CT)
62Bhartiya Sans Kar Ekedmi Joo0 Ha0 S Kool Ka0 Na0 1 Ekta Vihar Rudki Chungi Shahbudeenpur1121Shahbudinpur (CT)
63Bhartiya Sans Kar Ekedmi Joo0 Ha0 S Kool Ka0 Na0 2 Ekta Vihar Rudki Chungi Shahbudeenpur1012Shahbudinpur (CT)
64Basik Prat. Pa. Kamra No 1 Shahbudeenpur1166Shahbudinpur (CT)
65Basik Prat. Pa. Kamra No 2 Shahbudeenpur1140Shahbudinpur (CT)
66Prathmik Vi0 Ka0Na0 1 N Yajoopura Majra Shahbuddinpur1139Nayajupura Majra Shahbudinpur
67Prathmik Vi0 Ka0Na0 4 N Yajoopura Majra Shahbuddinpur1032Nayajupura Majra Shahbudinpur
68Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Nyajupura Majra Shahbudeenpur956Nayajupura Majra Shahbudinpur
69Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 3 Nyajupura Majra Shahbudeenpur555Nayajupura Majra Shahbudinpur
70Poorv Madh Ymik Vi0 Kaksh Na0 7 Nyajupura Majra Shahbudeenpur1038Nayajupura Majra Shahbudinpur
71Poorv Madh Ymik Vi0 Kaksh Na0 8 Nyajupura Majra Shahbudeenpur684Nayajupura Majra Shahbudinpur
72Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Mimlana1187Mimlana
73Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Mimlana1134Mimlana
74Eshiya Pablik S Chool Bajhedi Road Saifi Colony Saravat Ganv Tin Shed1083Sarwat (CT)
75Eshiya Pablik S Kool Bajhedi Rod Saifi Colony Saravat Ganv Tin Shed1223Sarwat (CT)
76Eshiya Pablik S Kool Bajhedi Rod Saifi Colony Saravat Ganv Kama No 51321Sarwat (CT)
77Eshiya Pablik S Kool Bajhedi Rod Saifi Colony Saravat Kamra No. 91377Sarwat (CT)
78Jayhin D In.Ka. Nasirpur Road Subhashnagar Saravat Ka.Na. 31200Sarwat (CT)
79Jayhin D In.Ka0 Nasirpur Road Subhashnagar Saravat Ka0Na0 81182Sarwat (CT)
80Jayhin D I0Ka0 Nasirpur Rod Subhashnagar Saravat Ka0Na0 7992Sarwat (CT)
81Jayhin D In.Ka. Nasirpur Road Subhashnagar Saravat Ka.Na. 4760Sarwat (CT)
82Jayhin D In.Ka. Nasirpur Road Subhashnagar Saravat Ka.Na. 1785Sarwat (CT)
83Jayhin D In.Ka. Nasirpur Road Subhashnagar Saravat Ka.Na. 51352Sarwat (CT)
84Jayhin D I0Ka0 Nasirpur Rod Subhashnagar Saravat Ga0N 61087Sarwat (CT)
85Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Kamra No.11098Sarwat (CT)
86Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Hall Kamra1126Sarwat (CT)
87Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Kamra No.2860Sarwat (CT)
89Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Kamra No.31033Sarwat (CT)
90Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Hall Main1009Sarwat (CT)
91Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Kamra No.41334Sarwat (CT)
92Barat Ghar Gandhi Colony Ka Hall Main1004Sarwat (CT)
93Ekta Primary School Adarsh Colony Sarvat Village1484Sarwat (CT)
94N S B Public School Aadarsh Colony Dakshini Pashchim Ka Kamra No 3 Sarwat Ganv1215Sarwat (CT)
95Holi Child Junior High School Pachenda Road Sarwat Ganv975Sarwat (CT)
96Holi Child Junior High School Pachenda Road Kamra No 4 Sarwat Ganv699Sarwat (CT)
97Holi Child Junior High School Pachenda Road Kamra No 7 Sarwat Ganv521Sarwat (CT)
98India Public School Aadarsh Colony Kamra No. 1 Sarwat Ganv1070Sarwat (CT)
99India Public School Aadarsh Colony Kamra No. 2 Sarwat Ganv572Sarwat (CT)
100A P Public School Pachenda Road Kamra No 1 Sarwat Ganv965Sarwat (CT)
101E0 Pi0 Pablik S Kool Pachenda Rod Ka0Na0 3 Sarwat Ganv920Sarwat (CT)
102E0 Pi0 Pablik S Kool Pachenda Road Ka0 Na0 2 Sarwat Ganv1011Sarwat (CT)
103E0 Pi0 Pablik S Kool Pachenda Rod Ka0Na0 4 Sarwat Ganv1141Sarwat (CT)
104Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Kamra No 1 Almaspur1233Almaspur (CT)
105Jo. Besik Vi0 Almaspur Ka0Na0 11029Almaspur (CT)
106Prathmik Vidhalya Ut Tri Bhag Ka0Na0 21399Almaspur (CT)
107Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Kamra964Almaspur (CT)
108Saksham Shiksha Sadan Almaspur Ka0Na0 11442Almaspur (CT)
109Saksham Shiksha Sadan Almaspur Ka0Na0 21113Almaspur (CT)
110Saksham Shiksha Sadan Almaspur Ka0Na0 31081Almaspur (CT)
111Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Mustafabad924Mustafabad
112Prathmik Vidhalya Atirik T Kaksh Ke Barabr Vala Ka .N0 2 Mustfabad658Mustafabad
113Samudayik Vikas Ken Dra Bhavan Mus Tfabad1456Mustafabad
114Janta In Tar College Pachain Da Kalan Ka Na0 10928Pachenda Kalan
115Janta In Tar College Pachain Da Kalan Ka0 Na0 15632Pachenda Kalan
116Janta In Tar College Pachain Da Kalan Pashchimi Kamara1281Pachenda Kalan
117Prathmik Vidhalya Pachenda Khurd Kalan889Pachenda Kalan
118Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Pancheda Khurd1418Pachenda Khurd
119Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1Kamra No 1 Meghakhedi848Meghakheri
120Prathmik Vidhalya No 1Kamra No 1 Meghakhedi720Meghakheri
121Harijan Chaupal Ut Tri Kamara Meghakhedi930Meghakheri
122Harijan Chaupal Dakshini Kamara Meghakhedi669Meghakheri
123Prathmik Vidhalya Ut Tri Kamara Rathedi1033Ratheri
124Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Sa Mila Da. Ka Kamra Rathedi955Ratheri
125Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Kamra Ratheri1062Ratheri
126Prathmik Vidhalya Bich Ka Kamra Rathedi1010Ratheri
128Prathmik Vidhalya Ut Tri Bhag Bajhedi896Bajheri
129Prathmik Vidhalya Poorvi Bhag Bajhedi Bich Ka Kamara648Badheri
130Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 1 Bajhedi1317Badheri
131Jooniyr Hai S Kool Dakshini Kamara Bajhedi842Badheri
132Jooniyr Hai S Kool Dakshini Kamre Ke Ut Tar Vala Kamara Bajhedi677Badheri
139Prathmik Vidhalya Bamanhedi1213Bamanheri
140Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Bhag Rampur1317Rampur
141Prathmik Vi0 Na0 1 Rampur Ka Ut Tri Bhag1234Rampur
142Guroovirjann D I0 Ka0 Rampur Ka0 Na0 31445Rampur
143Prathmik Vidhalya Bagowali1464Bagowali
144Juniyr Hai S Kool Ka0 Na0 Bagowali1391Bagowali
145Juniyr Hai S Kool Ka0 Na0 2 Bagowali967Bagowali
146Juniyr Hai S Kool Ka0 Na0 3 Bagowali577Bagowali
147Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Bagowali947Bagowali
148Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 3 Bagowali658Bagowali
149Juniyr Hai S Kool Ka0 Na0 4 Bagowali1359Bagowali
150Prathmik Vidhalya No 1 Uttari Bhag Sisona1410Sisona
151Prathmik Vidhalya No 1 Dakshini Bhag Sisona1328Sisona
152Prathmik Vi0 Bal Lupura Majra Sisauna491Ballupura Majra Sisona
153Prathmik Vidhalya Uttri Bhag Badhedi721Badheri
154Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Badhedi862Badheri
155Prathmik Vidhalya Bich Ka Kamra Badhedi936Badheri
156Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Datiyana1142Datiyana
157Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Datiyana1127Datiyana
158Praimri Kan Ya Pathshala Datiyana1402Datiyana
159Arya Kan Ya Pra0 Pa0 Poorvi Bhag Datiyana1378Datiyana
160Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Kamra Parai854Parai
161Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Kamra Parai777Parai
162Prathmik Vidhalya Medpur817Madpur
163Juniyar Hai School Dakshni Ka Kamra Rai799Raee
164Juniyar Hai School Bich Ka Kamra Rai797Raee
165Juniyar Hai School Uttari Bhag Rai1274Raee
166Prathmik Vi0 Badhivala1263Barwala
167Uch Ch Prathmik Vi0 Khampur Ka0 Na0 11203Khampur
168Uch Ch Prathmik Vi0 Khampur Ka0 Na0 21214Khampur
169Prathmik Vi0 Kolahedi Ka0 Na0 1394Simbhalki
170Prathmik Vidhalya Sembhalki896Simbhalki
171Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Khojanagla729Khojanagla
172Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Khojanagla750Khojanagla
173Juniyar Hai School Uttari Kamra Khuda1320Khudda
174Juniyar Hai School Dakshni Kamra Khuda1358Khudda
175Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Kamra Khuda1128Khudda
176Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Kamra Khuda1089Khudda
177Prathmik Vidhalya Mehraipur865Mahraipur
178Prathmik Vidhalya Bijopura1323Bijopura
179Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Bhag Chapar584Chhapar
180Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Chapar1008Chhapar
181Prathmik Vidhalya Dakshini Bhag Nya Kamra Chapar649Chhapar
182Jai Bharat In0 Ka0 Dax. Bhag Purvi Ka Phala Kamra Chapar966Chhapar
183Jai Bharat In0 Ka0 Dax. Bhag Purvi Ka Chotha Kamra Chapar800Chhapar
184Jai Bharat In0 Ka0 Dax. Bhag Purvi Ka Dusra Kamra Chapar919Chhapar
185Jaya Bhart I0 Ka0 Da0 Bhag Men Poorv Ka Panchatav Kamara Chapar784Chhapar
186Jai Bharat In0 Ka0 Dax. Bhag Purvi Ka Tishra Kamra Chapar852Chhapar
187Jaya Bhart I0 Ka0 Da0 Bhag Men Poorv Ka Chhatha Kamara Chapar720Chhapar
188Prathmik Vidhalya Jaibhagwanpur Majra Chapar876Jaibhagwanpur Majra Chhapar
189Prathmik Vidhalya Simarthi965Samarthi
190Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Bhawan Ka. No. 1 Kasumpur1156Kasampur
191Prathmik Vidhalya Naya Bhawan Kamra No 2 Kasumpur1454Kasampur
192Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Khindya1416Khindiya
193Prathmik Vidhalya Tajpur1204Tajpur
194Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Chapra963Chhapar
195Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Chapra822Chhapar
196Prathmik Vidhalya Uttari Kamra Retta Nagla1484Retanagla
197Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Uttari Kamra Kutubpur1034Kutabpur
198Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Dakshni Kamra Kutubpur1138Kutabpur
199Primary Kanya Pathsala Uttari Kamra Barla1298Barla
200Praimri Kan Ya Pathshala Dakshni Kamra Barla1455Barla
201Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Kamra Barla1292Barla
202Prathmik Vidhalya Bich Ka Kamra Barla727Barla
203Prathmik Vidhalya Bich Ka Sath Lga P0 Ka Kamra Barla856Barla
204Prathmik Vidhalya Pashchimi Kamra Barla1355Barla
205Harijn Praimri S Kool Ka Naya Bhavan Ka0 Na0 1 Baseda1476Basera
206Harijn Praimri S Kool Ka Naya Kamra Baseda1251Basera
207Harijn Praimri S Kool Ka Naya Bhavan Ka0 Na0 2 Baseda1308Basera
208Praimri Kan Ya Pathshala Pachmi Kamra Based1303Basera
209Praimri Kan Ya Pathshala Purvi Bhag Baseda1307Basera
210Juniyar Kanya Hai School Purvi Bhag Baseda1128Basera
211Juniyar Kanya Hai School Madhya Bhag Baseda1224Basera
212Prathmik Vidhalya Mlakpur Majra Baseda880Malakpur Majra Basera
213Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Bhasarhadei1029Bhainser Heri
214Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Bhasarheadi1006Bhainser Heri
215Prathmik Vidhalya Ghumwati938Ghumawti
216Kanya Ju. High Skool Kamra No. 1 Khaikhedi970Khaikheri
217Kanya Ju. High Skool Kamra No. 2 Khaikhadi745Khaikheri
218Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Khaikhedi858Khaikheri
219Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Khaikhedi1120Khaikheri
220Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Tajelheda1018Tajelhera
221Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Tajelheda1017Tajelhera
222Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Kamra No 1 Tajelheda957Tajelhera
223Prathmik Vidhalya No 2 Ka Kamra No 1 Tajelheda961Tajelhera
224Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Madla1460Mandla
225Rajkumar Janta In. Ka. Fluda Dakshni Kamra827Foloda
226Rajkumar Janta In. Ka. Fluda Bich Ka Kamra972Foloda
227Rajkumar Janta In. Ka. Fluda Uttari Kamra1113Foloda
228Prathmik Vidhalya Bhasani663Bhaisani
229Panchyat Ghar Bhasani761Bhaisani
230Prathmik Vidhalya Na0 2 Ka0 Na0 1 Lakhnauti Sthit Gram Haren Ti975Harenti
232Prathmik Vidhalya Abdulpur1266Abdul Pur
233Prathmik Vidhalya Purvi Bhag Bhojahedi1275Bhohjhaheri
235Praimri Skool Kan Ya Pathshala Kamra No 1 Purqazi1234Purquazi (NP + OG)
236Primary Skool Kanya Pathsala Kamra No 2 Purqazi860Purquazi (NP + OG)
237Kanya Ju. High Skool Kamra No. 1 Purqazi1041Purquazi (NP + OG)
238Kanya Ju. High Skool Vigyan Kash Purqazi747Purquazi (NP + OG)
239Kanya Ju. High Skool Kamra No. 2 Purqazi1524Purquazi (NP + OG)
240Kanya Ju. High Skool Kamra No. 3 Purqazi1249Purquazi (NP + OG)
241Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 1 Purqazi708Purquazi (NP + OG)
242Juniyar Hai School Sa Mila Kash Purqazi1113Purquazi (NP + OG)
243Pra0 Vi0 Purkaji Na0 1 Atirik T Kaksh Na0 1727Purquazi (NP + OG)
244Pra0 Vi0 Purkaji Na0 1 Atirik T Kaksh Na0 2960Purquazi (NP + OG)
245Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 4 Purqazi1407Purquazi (NP + OG)
246S. D. In. College Kamra No 1 Purqazi848Purquazi (NP + OG)
247S.D. In. College Bada Hal Kash Purqazi665Purquazi (NP + OG)
248S. D. In. College Kamra No 2 Purqazi1409Purquazi (NP + OG)
249S. D. In. College Kamra No 3 Purqazi955Purquazi (NP + OG)
250S. D. Inter College Chhota Hal Kaksh Purqazi758Purquazi (NP + OG)
251Prathmik Vi0 Sethpura Majra Purkaji Dehat1059Lakhnoti
252Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Kamheda973Kamhera
253Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Kamheda932Kamhera
254Prathmik Vidhalya Duheli1142Didaheri
255Prathmik Vidhalya Tuglakpur1194Tugalakpur
256Juniyar Hai School Uttari Kamra No 1 Tuglakpur1411Tugalakpur
257Prathmik Vidhalya Purana Bhawan Godhna1296Godhna
258Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Bhawan Godhana Bhawan Godhna1199Godhna
259Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 1 Harinagar Majra Jhabarpur1395Jhabarpur
260Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 2 Harinagar Majra Jabarpur1254Jhabarpur
261Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 3 Hari Nagar Majra Jhabarpur1166Jhabarpur
262Prathmik Vidhalya Nya Bhawan Shahjhapur Urf Randwali1229Shajhahanpur Urf Radawli
263Prathmik Vi0 Mirjapur Urf Shahjahanpur707Mirzapur Urf Shahananpur
264Prathmik Vidhalya Bhurahedi966Bhuraheri
265Prathmik Vidhalya Dhamat831Dhamat
266Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 1 Kallanpur915Kallarpur
267Prathmik Vidhalya Kamra No 2 Kallanpur1084Kallarpur
268Juniyar Hai School Kamra No 2 Kallanpur411Kallarpur
269Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vid Dhamat511Kallarpur
270Prathmik Vidhalya Noor Nagar1343Nurnagar
271Kishan Inter Kaleg Megha1085Shakarpur
273Prathmik Vidhalya Husainpur422Kherki
276Prathmik Vidhalya Bhadauli768Bhadoli
277Uch Ch Prathmik Vidhalya Ka0 Na0 3 Bhadaula343Bhadoli
278Prathmik Vidhalya Rajakal Lapur855Razkallapur
281Prathmik Vidhalya Almawala614Almawala

Last Updated on December 19, 2014