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Polling Booth in Pindra Assembly Constituency

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Pindra Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Pindra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pindra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Dandupur R.No.11365Dandupur
2P.P. Dandupur R.No.21062Dandupur
3P.P. Dandupur R.No.31297Dandupur
4P.P. Tilawar1364Chak Bankat
5P.P. Rasulaha R.No.11013Rasulha
6P.P. Rasulaha R.No.2906Rasulha
7P.P. Koilar1064Koilar
8P.P. Saripur639Chakiya
9P.P. Mahimapur R.No.11016Mahimapur
10P.P. Mahimapur R.No.21112Mahimapur
11P.P. Akorha R.No.1845Akorha
12P.P. Akorha R.No.2784Akorha
13P.P. Sarawa R.No.11226Sharawa
14P.P. Sarawa R.No.2928Sharawa
16P.P. Chakachamaran622Chak Chamran
17Tulasidas Inter Collage Anei R.No.11165Aneai
18Tulasidas Inter Collage Anei R.No.21286Aneai
19Tulasi Inter Collage Anei R.No.3825Bharthipur
20P.P. Lachchhirampur655Lachhi Rampur
21Kisan Milan Kendra Sonpurwa850Sonpurwa
23P.P. Raipur R.No.1860Raipur
24P.P. Raipur R.No.2651Raipur
25P.P.Balua R.No.11259Berwa
26P.P.Balua R.No.21050Berwa
28P.P. Pater800Patere
29P.P. Sherwanipur R.No.1694Serwanipur
30P.P. Sherwanipur R.No.2495Serwanipur
32P.P. Kuru R.No.11061Kuru
33P.P. Kuru R.No.2973Kuru
34P.P. Balarampur R.No.11090Balrampur
35P.P. Balarampur R.No.21460Balrampur
36J.H.School Birao R.No.1791Berwa
37J.H.School Birao R.No. 2458Berwa
38.P.P. Newada618Newada
40P.P. Kodai1252Newada
41Baladev Singh P.M.V. Ishwarpur344Newada
42P.P.Kharariya Khas R.No.11223Khariya Khas
43P.P.Kharariya Khas R.No.21480Khariya Khas
44P.P. Dhananjyapur1280Dhanrajaipur
46P.P. Madhumakhiya R.No.1989Madhumakhiya
47P.P. Madhumakhiya R.No.2852Madhumakhiya
48P.P. Siyaraha439Siswa
49P.P. Majhagawa Kala1306Majhgawan Kala
50P.P. Hasanpur R.No.11049Hasanpur
51P.P. Hasanpur R.No.2897Hasanpur
52P.P. Changawar R.No.1875Changwar
53P.P. Changawar R.No.2869Changwar
54P.P. Saipur1132Shaipur
55P.P. Nimaich1215Nimaich
56P.P. Natawa R.No.11215Chak Kharawan
57P.P. Natawa R.No.21111Chak Kharawan
58Jagnarayan Tiwari Vi. Sadhoganj R.No.11240Kharawan
59Jagnarayan Tiwari Vi. Sadhoganj R.No.21245Kharawan
60Jagnarayan Tiwari Vi. Sadhoganj R.No.31329Kharawan
61P.P. Haripur Kaniyar1189Kaniyar
62P.P. Kaniyar R.No.11269Kaniyar
63P.P. Kaniyar R.No.21070Kaniyar
64P.P. Vishwanathpur1094Bishwanathpur
65P.P. Kusmura R.No.11160Kushmara
66P.P. Kusmura R.No.2487Kushmara
67P.P. Itaha768Itha
68P.P. Kudi R.No.11273Kuri
69P.P. Kudi R.No.21428Kuri
70P.P. Kudi R.No.3826Kuri
71P.P. Kudi R.No.4696Kuri
73J.H.School. Fulawariya371Phulwariya
74P.P.Chilabila R.No.11436Chilbila
75P.P.Chilabila R.No.2780Chilbila
76Harihar Mahadev I.C. Devchandpur R.No.11233Devchandpur
77J.H.School Devchandpur R.No.2622Rasulpur
78P.P. Khataura736Rasulpur
79P.P.Gangkala R.No.11097Rasulpur
80P.P.Gangkala R.No.21270Gangkala
81P.P.Gangkala R.No.3278Gangkala
82J.H.School Kuwar843Kuwar
84P.P.Ghamahapur R.No.21153Hamirapur
85P.P. Hamirapur959Hamirapur
86J.H.School Belwa R.No.1878Belawa
87J.H.School Belwa R.No.21078Belawa
88J.H.School Belwa R.No 3754Belawa
89P.P.Lakhamipur R.No.11049Lakhmipur
90P.P.Lakhamipur R.No2766Lakhmipur
91P.P. Barjee R.No.11303Barzi
92P.P. Barjee R.No.21210Barzi
93Sri Bhagirath Maharaj I.C. Baraee1284Barai
94P.P. Nathaipur R.No.11353Tetua
95P.P. Nathaipur R.No.2899Nathipur
96P.P. Ahirani681Ahirani
97P.P. Tari R.No.1983Thari
98P.P. Tari R.No.21085Bhawanipur
99P.P. Fattepur590Fatehpur
100P.P. Sarveepur546Fatehpur
101P.P.Maksudanpatti457Maksudan Patti
102P.P. Dallipur847Dallipur
103P.P. Bikapur752Bikapur
104P.P.Barahi Newada R.No.11312Barhi Newada
105P.P.Barahi Newada R.No.21410Barhi Newada
106P.P.Barahi Newada R.No.3764Barhi Newada
107P.P. Harinathpur1291Harinathpur
108P.P. Barahikala R.No.11207Barhikala
109P.P. Barahikala R.No.21188Barhikala
112P.P. Tarsada R.No.1935Tarsara
113P.P. Tarsada R.No.21049Tarsara
114Saryu Prasad I.C. Kathirao1273Kathiraon
115P.P. Kathirao R.No.11096Kathiraon
116P.P. Kathirao R.No.21275Kathiraon
117P.P. Kathirao R.No.31139Kathiraon
118P.P. Kathirao R.No.4777Kathiraon
119P.P. Kathirao R.No.5736Kathiraon
120P.P. Kathirao R.No.61434Kathiraon
121P.P. Malhath R.No.1826Malhath
122P.P. Malhath R.No.2732Malhath
123P.P. Malhath R.No.31318Malhath
124P.P. Dabethuwa R.No.11053Debathua
125P.P. Dabethuwa R.No.2669Debathua
126P.P. Nakati403Nakati
127B.P.P. Bahaura R.No.11187Bachaura
128B.P.P. Bahaura R.No.21267Thatra
129P.P. Hibaranpur1084Rampur
130P.P. Rampur (1) R.No.11341Rampur
131P.P. Rampur (1) R.No.21093Rampur
132P.P Thana R.No.11105Rampur
133P.P Thana R.No.21384Thana
134P.P. Jamapur988Jamapur
135P.P. Pindarai R.No.1901Jamapur
136P.P. Pindarai R.No.2890Pindrai
137P.P. Pindarai R.No.31145Pindrai
138P.P. Ajai Pur969Ajaipur
139P.P. Asawalpur1047Aswalpur
140P.P. Asawalpur R.No.2553Aswalpur
141P.P. Thari1236Binda
142P.P. Surahi R.No.1711Surahee
143P.P. Surahi R.No.2814Surahee
144P.P. Binda R.No.11053Binda
145P.P. Binda R.No.2636Binda
146J.H.School Phoolpur R.No.1748Phoolpur
147J.H.School Phoolpur R.No.2762Phoolpur
148J.H.School Phoolpur R.No.31490Phoolpur
149J.H.School Phoolpur R.No.4920Phoolpur
150P.P. Mani942Mani
151B.P.P. Karkhiyaw R.No.11263Karkhiyaon
152B.P.P. Karkhiyaw R.No.2860Karkhiyaon
153B.P.P. Karkhiyaw R.No.3749Karkhiyaon
154B.P.P. Karkhiyaw R.No.41065Karkhiyaon
155P.P. Katharawa468Kaharaka
156B.P.P. Parsara R.No.1865Parshra
157B.P.P. Parsara R.No.2994Parshra
158B.P.P. Godhiya929Godiya
159P.P. Deoji1211Devji
160Panchayat Bhawan Vikrampur719Vikrampur
161J.B.V. Khalishpur R.No.11051Khalishpur
162J.B.V. Khalishpur R.No.2606Khalishpur
163P.P. Ratanpur962Ratanpur
164P.P. Jalalpur1147Ratanpur
165B.P.P. Dharsauna1009Dharsauna
166B.P.P. Barwa R.No.1910Barwan
167B.P.P. Barwa R.No2727Barwapur
168National I.C. Kadambari Kanan Pindara R.No.1862Pindara
169National I.C. Kadambari Kanan Pindara R.No.2805Pindara
170Natinal I.C. Kadambari Kanan Pindara R.No.31475Pindara
171National I.C.Kadambari Kanan Pindara R.No.4761Pindara
172Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.1873Pindara
173Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.2689Pindara
174Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.3817Pindara
175Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.4779Pindara
176Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.5838Pindara
177Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.6714Pindara
178Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.7817Pindara
179Swaraji Devi B.I.Co. Pindra R.No.8739Pindara
180P.P. Samogara1468Samogara
181P.P. Kathauli831Kaithauli
182P.P. Kathauli R.No.2736Kaithauli
183P.P. Puraraghunathpur R.No.11268Kaithauli
184P.P. Puraraghunathpur R.No.21243Pura Raghunathpur
185J.H.School Puraraghunathpur1407Pura Raghunathpur
186Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay I.C. Siswa R.No.11226Shishwa
187Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay I.C. Siswa R.No.2975Shishwa
188Pandit Deenday Upadhyay I.C. Siswa R.No.31324Shishwa
189Tapaswi I.Co. Rajpur R.No.11105Rajpur
190Tapaswi I.Co. Rajpur R.No.21329Rajpur
191Tapaswi I.Co. Rajpur R.No.31195Rajpur
192B.P.P. Amaut R.No.11030Amaut
193B.P.P. Amaut R.No.21315Amaut
194B.P.P. Amaut R.No.3725Amaut
195P.P. Chitaura1274Chitaura
197J.H.School Jhanjhaur R.No.21170Kharagpur
199J.H.School Jhanjhaur R.No.4375Kharagpur
200P.P. Aurao R.No1823Kharagpur
201P.P. Aurao R.No2788Auraon
202P.P. Kachhiya907Kachhiya
203B.P.P. Deoraeesarai R.No.1748Saray
204B.P.P. Deoraeesarai R.No.2865Saray
205B.P.P. Deoraeesarai R.No.31390Deorai
206Panchyat Bhawan Kanakpur926Kanakpur
207P.P. Ratwarbegpur475Ratwarbangpur
208J.H.School Sehmalpur R.No.1917Sehmalpur
209.H.School Sehmalpur R.No.2923Sehmalpur
210B.P.P. Belari701Belari
211B.P.P. Deendaspur R.No.1786Dindaspur
212B.P.P. Deendaspur R.No.2737Dindaspur
213B.P.P. Katauna1230Kathauna
214P.P. Bhadauli772Bhadewli
215Janata J.H.School Fattepur1081Fatehpur
217B.P.P. Nadoi R.No.11334Fatehpur
218B.P.P. Nadoi R.No.2430Fatehpur
219P.P. Gajokhar R.No.1961Fatehpur
220P.P. Gajokhar R.No.2677Fatehpur
221B.P.P. Badhauna1396Barona
222B.P.P. Udaypur1208Udpur
223B.P.P. Patirajpur1275Patirajpur
224J.H.School Heeramanpur R.No.11067Hiramanpur
225J.H.School Heeramanpur R.No.2641Hiramanpur
226B.P.P. Charo R.No.1957Charo
227B.P.P. Charo R.No.2729Charo
228P.P. Nathpur782Nathpur
229P.P. Mulka348Mulka
230P.P. Shahpur840Sahapur
231B.P.P. Karuma1261Karemuwa
232P.P. Bhagawatipur737Bhagwatipur
233Gram Vidhyapeeth I.C. Garkhara R.No.1763Garkhara
234Gram Vidhyapeeth I.C. Garkhara R.No.2769Garkhara
235Gram Vidhyapeeth I.C. Garkhara R.No.3924Garkhara
236Gram Vidhyapeeth I.C. Garkhara R.No.4951Garkhara
237Gram Vidhyapeeth I.C. Garkhara R.No.51291Garkhara
238P.P. Odar R.No.11482Odar
239P.P. Odar R.No.2751Odar
240P.P. Odar R.No.31257Kashipur
241P.P. Bhai1212Bhai
242P.P. Roh R.No.11313Roh
243P.P. Roh R.No.2609Roh
244P.P. Kiratpur635Kiratpur
245P.P. Saraishekhlard1157Sarai lard
246P.P. Chhatao R.No.11184Chantaw
247P.P. Chhatao R.No.2730Chantaw
248P.P. Jagdishpur R.No.11428Jagdishpur
249P.P. Jagdishpur R.No.21275Jagdishpur
250Panchayat Bhawan Jagdishpur1203Jagdishpur
251P.P. Sindhora R.No.1811Sindhora
252P.P. Sindhora R.No.2715Sindhora
253P.P. Sindhora R.No.31476Sindhora
254P.P. Sindhora R.No.41250Sindhora
255P.P. Sindhora R.No.51225Sindhora
256P.P. Maruee R.No.1812Mahuari
257P.P. Maruee R.No.2749Mahuari
258P.P. Maruee R.No.31278Mahuari
259P.P. Maruee R.No.41255Mahuari
260P.P. Shivpur475Shivpur
261P.P. Basantpur R.No.1986Basantpura
262P.P. Basantpur R.No.21003Basantpura
263P.P. Basantpur R.No.3625Basantpura
264P.P. Chakdulla433Basantpura
265P.P. Jathi R.No.11386Jathi
266P.P. Jathi R.No.21245Jathi
267J.B.P.P.. Bardagaon R.No.11321Baragaon (CT)
268J.B.P.P.. Bardagaon R.No.21326Baragaon (CT)
269I.C.Badagaon R.No.11276Baragaon (CT)
270I.C.Badagaon R.No.21380Baragaon (CT)
271I.C.Badagaon R.No.31282Baragaon (CT)
272I.C.Badagaon R.No.41439Baragaon (CT)
273P.P. Kavirampur R.No.1946Kawirapur
274P.P. Kavirampur R.No.2909Kawirapur
275P.P. Kavirampur R.No.3767Kawirapur
276P.P. Rampur872Rampur
278P.P. Pacharasi856Fatehpur
280P.P. Karampur1107Ratanpur
281P.P. Nindanpur R.No.1761Ratanpur
282P.P. Nindanpur R.No.21374Nindanpur
283Subhadra Kumar I.C. Basani R.No.11133Basni
284Subhadra Kumar I.C. Basani R.No.21429Basni
285Subhadra Kumar I.C. Basani R.No.31256Basni
286Subhadra Kumar I.C. Basani R.No.4818Basni
287Subhadra Kumar I.C. Basani R.No.5680Basni
288Subhadra Kumar I.C. Basani R.No.61318Basni
289B.P.P. Chitaipur Nahiya R.No.11434Nehiya
290B.P.P. Chitaipur Nahiya R.No.21175Nehiya
291J.H.School Chitaipur Nahiya R.No.11110Nehiya
292J.H.School Chitaipur Nahiya R.No.21096Nehiya
293B.P.P. Bhanpur1063Bhanpur
294P.P. Korra665Naikot
295P.P. Sarahad445Sarhad
296P.P. Ghoghari897Goghari
297J.H.School Barbaspur914Barbaspur
298P.P. Ghoghali948Ghoghali
299P.P. Murdi R.No.11341Murdi
300P.P. Murdi R.No.21144Tarapur
301B.P.P. Karmi Hawai Adda?Karmi
302B.P.P. Sujanipur?Sujanipur
303P.P. Baikunthpur?Baikunthpur
304Krishanadeo I.C. Mangari R.No.1?Newada
305Krishanadeo I.C. Mangari R.No.2?Newada
306Krishanadeo I.C. Mangari R.No.3?Newada
307Krishanadeo I.C. Mangari R.No.4?Mangari
308Krishanadeo I.C. Mangari R.No.5?Mangari
309K.J.H.School Gangapur?Gangapur
310B.P.P. Gajendra?Gajendra
311Awadh Narayan I.C. Boochi?Gajendra
312B.P.P. Mahagaon R.No.1?Mahgaon
313B.P.P. Mahagaon R.No.2?Mahgaon
314B.P.P. Mahagaon R.No.3?Mahgaon
315J.H.School Garthama?Garthma
316B.P.P. Basao R.No.1?Basawn
317B.P.P. Basao R.No.2?Basawn
318P.P. Ganjari?Ganzari
319P.P. Chakarma?Chakarma
320Panchayat Bhawan Bhatpurwa Khurd?Baraipur
321P.P. Mahadeopur?Mahadevpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014