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Polling Booth in Pathardeva Assembly Constituency

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Pathardeva Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Pathardeva

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pathardeva Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
2P.V Arjundiha964Arjundiha
3P.V Babhnauli635Babhnauli Math Purushottam
4J.H.S Banjariya R.N-1916Bagapar
5J.H.S Banjariya R.N-2506Bagapar
6P.V Basantpur1375Basantpur
7P.V Parsiya1220Parsia
8P.V Bhudipakad R.N-1830Parsia
9P.V Bhudipakad R.N-2784Bhudi Pakar
10P.V Karaj1087Karaj
11P.V Kanhauli375Kanhauli
15P.V Chainpur1062Chainpur
16P.V Vikram Vishunpur R.N-11036Bikaram Bishunpur
17P.V Vikram Vishunpur R.N-21338Bikaram Bishunpur
18P.V Samogar R.N-1934Samogar
19P.V Samogar R.N-21011Samogar
20P.V Samogar R.N-31223Samogar
22P.V Balkuan R.N-21016Balkuon
23P.V Jaisauli527Jaisauli
24P.V Chiuraha R.N-1833Chiuraha Khas
25P.V Chiuraha R.N-2672Chiuraha Khas
26P.V Chiuraha R.N-31309Chiuraha Khas
27P.V Gaunariya775HarKauli
28H.P.V Pipara Nayak770Pipara Nayak
29P.V Amarijhanga1432Amari Jhanga
30P.V Gotharasulpur R.N-1974Gotha Rasulpur
31P.V Gotharasulpur R.N-2902Gotha Rasulpur
33P.V Surchak896Surchak
36P.V Dhnauti Rajdiha R.N-1692Dhanauti Rajdiha
37P.V Dhnauti Rajdiha R.N-2893Sonadi
38P.V Haraiyan Basantpur R.N-11204Haraia Basantpur
39P.V Haraiyan Basantpur R.N-2559Haraia Basantpur
40P.V Vishunpur Murar1094Bishunpur Murar
41P.V Padauli(Padiyapar)1194Padiapar
42P.V Padiyapar1376Padiapar
43P.V Rampur Dullah1312Rampur Dullah
44P.V Mahava899Sahwa
45P.V Dhamaur1029Dhamur
46P.V Barwa Mansingh480Barwa Mansingh
47P.V Sahawa858Sahwa
48P.V Jangal Belwa1293Jangalbelwa
49P.V Jigani1189Jigani
51P.V Piparahi699Piparahia
52P.V Bhagwanpur380Piparahia
53P.V Nerui Amawa882Neruiamwa
59P.V Mahuadih R.N-11254Mahuadih
60P.V Mahuadih R.N-21221Mahuadih
61P.V Rampur Dube R.N-1797Rampur Dube
62P.V Rampur Dube R.N-2630Rampur Dube
65P.V Tila Tali790Tilatari
66P.V Pipra Madangopal R.N-11253Pipra Madangopal
67P.V Pipra Madangopal R.N-21348Pipra Madangopal
68P.V Pipra Madangopal R.N-31240Pipra Madangopal
69P.V Pipra Madangopal R.N-4668Pipra Madangopal
70P.V Rampur Hiraman1345Rampur Hiraman
71P.V Deoria Budhukhan1003N/A
72P.V Tawaklapur966Tawakkalpur
73P.V Sawrejimani R.N-1594Sawareji Mani
74P.V Sawrejimani R.N-2470Sawareji Mani
75P.V Pakadi Bujurg585Pakari Khurd
76P.V Sawreji Kharag R.N-1920Sawareji Kharag
77P.V Sawreji Kharag R.N-2960Sawareji Kharag
78K.I.C Baltikara1031Baltikara
79P.V Khadaich941Kharich
80P.V Sekhauna R.N-1707Sekhauna
81P.V Sekhauna R.N-2909Sekhauna
82P.V Bharwaliya429Sekhauna
83A.I.C Aripar(Barpar) R.N-11100Araipar
84A.I.C Aripar(Barpar) R.N-2710Araipar
85A.I.C Aripar(Barpar) R.N-3751Ijarahi Mafi
86P.V Jamuna R.N-1803N/A
87P.V Jamuna R.N-2546N/A
88P.V Sakrapar(Chururbhujpur)1136Sakarapar
89J.H.S Sakrapar Khurd1057Sakarapar Khurd
90P.V Sakrapar Bujurg664Sakatuan Buzurg
91P.V Parsauna1015Parsauni
92P.V Rampur Chandrabhan R.N-1949Rampur Chandra Bhan
93P.V Rampur Chandrabhan R.N-21167Rampur Chandra Bhan
94P.V Bhagwanpur R.N-1980Barwamir Chhapar
95P.V Bhagwanpur R.N-2625Bishunpur
96P.V Bankata1024Bankati
97P.V Barnai R.N-11270Barnai
98P.V Barnai R.N-2864Bairia
101P.V Sajhawa549Sajhawa
105P.V Belawar Dubawar1150Belawar Dubawar
106P.V Rampur Lala808Ranpur Lala
107P.V Pandeychak340Pandey Chak
108P.V Jaitpura626Jaitpura
109P.V Suryapura781Surajpura
110P.V Baliyawan1242Baliyaya
111P.V Banspar Bujurg848Banspar Buzurg
112P.V Mundera486Mandaria
113P.V Parsa Barwan R.N-11273Parsa Barawa
115P.V Gaura R.N-1904Gaur
116P.V Gaura R.N-21150Gaur
117P.V Gaura R.N-3787Gaur
118P.V Pokharbhinda348Pokhabhinda
119P.V Bahorpur1349Baraipur
122P.V Hetimpur R.N-11090Hetimpur
123P.V Hetimpur R.N-2899Hetimpur
124P.V Hetimpur R.N-3837Hetimpur
125P.V Hetimpur R.N-4780Hetimpur
126P.V Hetimpur R.N-51226Hetimpur
127P.V Dumari Ekhlas1473Dumari Ekhlakh
128P.V Jigani Musahebkhan311Jigani Musahib Khan
129P.V Kotawa R.N-1995N/A
130P.V Kotawa R.N-2646N/A
131P.V Sahodar Patti R.N-11250N/A
132P.V Sahodar Patti R.N-2770N/A
133P.V Rampur Jagdish Urf Siswan594Rampur Jagdishpur Urf Brindaba
134P.V Mundera Chand R.N-1811Mundera Chand
135P.V Mundera Chand R.N-2874Mundera Chand
136P.V Bhatani Bujurg925Bhatni Buzurg
138P.V Haraiyan R.N-11104Haraia
139P.V Haraiyan R.N-2674Haraia
140P.V Haraiyan R.N-3888Awarhi
141P.V Bhatani Dadan R.N-1978Bhatani Dadan
142P.V Bhatani Dadan R.N-2689Bhatani Dadan
143P.V Aktahiya816Aktahia
144H.P.V Rampur Shripal823Rampur Shripal
146P.V Nautan Hathiyagadh R.N-11192Nautan Hathiagarh
147P.V Nautan Hathiyagadh R.N-21319Nautan Hathiagarh
148P.V Nautan Hathiyagadh R.N-31282Nautan Hathiagarh
149P.V Deoria Nakchhed1245Deoria (Nakchhed)
150H.P.V Fulehara772Fulehra
151P.V Chakiya558Chakia
152P.V Pipra Daulakadam R.N-11108Pipra Daulakadam
153P.V Pipra Daulakadam R.N-2866Pipra Daulakadam
154P.V Pipra Daulakadam R.N-31087Pipra Daulakadam
155P.V Mathbhagwanpur408Math Bhagwam
156P.V Madapa841Maipa
158I.F Pakadi Birbhadra R.N-11206Parasia Bhandari
159I.F Pakadi Birbhadra R.N-21178Parasia Bhandari
160P.V Mundera Urf Baluahi815Shahjahanpur
161P.V Shanjahanpur R.N-1825Shahjahanpur
162P.V Shanjahanpur R.N-2658Shahjahanpur
163P.V Mundera Urf Deuraha1316N/A
165P.V Imiliya Urf Bhagwanpur549Ijarahi Mafi
166P.V Deshahi Deoria R.N-11346Deshi Deoria
167P.V Deshahi Deoria R.N-21290Deshi Deoria
168P.V Puraini1185Puraini
170P.V Mibibarwan522Nibi Barwa
171P.V Bharthapatti963Bharth Patti
172P.V Dighwa Pautawa1204Dighwapautwa
173P.V Baijnathpur841Baijanathpur
174P.V Madrapali Bharathrai1300Madrapali Bharthrai
175P.V Kaulachhapa1313Kaula Chhapar
178J.H.S Hariyapar926Hariapar
180A.G.V.L.M.V Barwanmirchhapar R.N-11030Barwamir Chhapar
181A.G.V.L.M.V Barwanmirchhapar R.N-21051Barwamir Chhapar
182A.G.V.L.M.V Barwanmirchhapar R.N-31215Barwamir Chhapar
183P.V Pauhari Chhapar678Pauhari Chhapar
184P.V Semari915Semri
185P.V Musahari R.N-11003Mushari
186P.V Musahari R.N-2746Mushari
187H.P.V Tawaklapur782Tawkalpur
188P.V Dwarika612Dwarika
189P.V Assitola Urf Mainpur1318Assitola Urf Mainpur
190J.H.S Tarkulwa888Tarkulwa
191J.H.S Tarkulwa R.N-2744Tarkulwa
192J.H.S Tarkulwa R.N-3731Tarkulwa
193J.H.S Tarkulwa R.N-4842Tarkulwa
194J.H.S Tarkulwa R.N-51089Tarkulwa
195P.V Balpur Shrinagar R.N-1995Balpur Shrinagar
196P.V Balpur Shrinagar R.N-2505Balpur Shrinagar
197P.V Alkhichhapar Urf Lackhmipur713Alkhi Chhapra Urf Laxamipur
198P.V Barwan Semara1066N/A
199P.V Rampur Jagdish Urf Brindawan1293Rampur Jagdishpur Urf Brindaba
200P.V Konhwaliya Baburai1264Konhawalia Bharthrai
201P.V Konhwaliya Bharathrai1205Konhawalia Bharthrai
202P.V Bhishwa R.N-1887Bhiswa
203P.V Bhishwa R.N-2893Bhiswa
204P.V Mahuawa Bajratar R.N-1972Mahuawan Bajaratar
205P.V Mahuawa Bajratar R.N-21091Mahuawan Bajaratar
206P.V Mahuawa Bajratar R.N-31433Mahuawan Bajaratar
207N.I.C Rampur Khas R.N-1888Rampur Khas
208N.I.C Rampur Khas R.N-2816Rampur Khas
209N.I.C Rampur Khas R.N-3992Rampur Khas
210N.I.C Rampur Khas R.N-41159Rampur Khas
213P.V Piprahiyan833Piparahia
214P.V Deurawa675Deurwa
218P.V Mahuari470Mahuaari
219J.H.S Mathiyaratti R.N-1845Mathia Rati
220J.H.S Mathiyaratti R.N-2970Mathia Rati
221P.V Bharauta1166Bharauta
222P.V Sisawan789Siswa
223P.V Sisawan R.N-2750Siswa
224P.V Mathiya Mahawal1219Mathia Mahabal
229Shri.Durga.I.C Sohanariya R.N-1779Sohanria
230Shri.Durga.I.C Sohanariya R.N-21077Sohanria
231P.V Amawa669Haraia
234P.V Jalua833Haraia
235P.V Mahuawa Khurd488Mahuwawa Khurd
237P.V Sonhula Ramnagar R.N-11386Sonhula Ramnagar
238P.V Sonhula Ramnagar R.N-21477Sonhula Ramnagar
239P.V Barthahi399Barthahi
240P.V Jamuni R.N-1841Jamuni
241P.V Jamuni R.N-2781Jamuni
242P.V Parsauni667Parsauni
243P.V Kanakpura R.N-11209Kanakpura
244P.V Kanakpura R.N-21186Kanakpura
245P.V Kanakpura R.N-31245Kanchanpur
246P.V Kawalachak Pratham993Babu Patti
247P.V Banrahanaharharpatti751Banraha Narhar Patti
248P.V Saraini599Saraini
249P.V Babupatti R.N-1842Babu Patti
250P.V Babupatti R.N-2538Babu Patti
251P.V Sitapatti761Sita Patti
253P.V Pagara775Sakatuan Buzurg
254P.V Rampur Dhautal1154Rampur Dhautal
255P.V Barai Patti1209Baraipatti
256P.V Sakutai1210Sakatua Khurd
257P.V Sakatua Bujurg818Sakatuan Buzurg

Last Updated on November 15, 2014