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Polling Booth in Nizamabad Assembly Constituency

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Nizamabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nizamabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nizamabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Pashchimpatti R.N.-11167Pachhim Patti
2P.V. Pashchimpatti R.N.-2727Pachhim Patti
3P.B. Purabpatti R.N.- 1802Purab Patti
4P.B. Purabpatti R.N.- 2898Purab Patti
5P.V. Bhimalpatti745Bhimal Patti
6P.V. Ibrahimpur776Ibrahimpur
7P.V. Katva662Atapur
8P.V. Gadhva852Garhwa
9P.V. Keshavpur Bartani1178Khada Rampur
10P.V. Chakiyaduberampur1063Chakia Dube Rampur
11P.V. Dharmdaspur582Dharamdaspur
12P.V. Belava Vishunpur811Belwa Bishunpur
13P.V. Banaharh R.N.1906Banahra
14P.V Banahara R.N.2609Banahra
15P.V. Shivrajpur R.N.1567Madarpur
16P.V. Shivrajpur R.N.21194Shivrajpur
17P.B. Ahiyai400Ahiyadi
18J.Ic. Atapur Ohani812Atapur
19P.V. Ohani1495Ramesarpur
20P.V. Sikandarpur825Sikanderpur
21P.V. Ibarahimpur465Ibrahimpur
22P.V. Muslimpatti R.N.11078Muslim Patti
23P.V. Muslimpatti R.N.2741Muslim Patti
24P.V. Semari R.N.1822Semari
25P.V. Semari R.N.2739Semari
26P.V. Kariyavar1364Chak Jorawal
27P.V. Manjhari1336Manjhari
28P.V. Bairampur R.N. 11014Bairampur
29P.V. Bairampur R.N. 2447Bishunpur
30P.V. Inarepur973Inarepur
31P.V. Govindpur1136Pura Pittu Rampur
32P.V. Shekhavaliya571Sekhvaliya
33P.M.V. Dhaniyakudi Naya Bhavan R.N. - 1828Daniya Kudi
34P.M.V. Dhaniyakudi Naya Bhavan R.N. - 2917Daniya Kudi
35P.V. Raghunath857Raghunathpur
36P.V. Nanhupur1023Nanhupur
37P.V. Kolhapur1282Kolpur
38P.V. Sodhari896Sodhari
39P.V. Chandabhari R.N.1893Chanda Bhari
40P.V. Chandabhari R.N.21060Chanda Bhari
41U.P.V. Chandabhari582Jamin Paliya
42P.V. Trimuhani808Trimuhani
43P.V. Dadara R.N.11014Dadra
44P.V. Dadra R.N.21057Dadra
45J.H.S Ishvar Nuruddinpur R.N. - 1702Isharpur Khas
46J.H.S Ishvar Nuruddinpur R.N. - 2879Nuruddinpur
47P.V. Larpur649Larpur
48P.V. Raisinngpur1198Bhuidharpur
49U.P.V. Raisingpur R.N.1425Sudanipur
50U.P.V. Raisingpur R.N.21381Raisinghpur
51P.V. Basahibandedaspur1429Basahi Bandedaspur
52P.V. Haraiya1375Haraiya
53P.V. Lakhanupur R.N. 1999Lakhnupur
54P.V. Lakhanupur R.N. 2785Lakhnupur
55P.V. Khalifatpur R.N.1957Khalifatpur
56P.V. Khalifatpur R.N.2871Khalifatpur
57P.V. Badasara Khalsa1346Badsara Khalsa
58P.M.V. Badasara Khalsa1064Badsara Khalsa
59P.V. Devriya770Deoria
60P.V. Gaura R.N. 1992Gaura
61P.V. Gaura R.N. 2902Gaura
62P.B. Badasara Ayama R.N.1910Badsara Aima
63P.B. Badasara Ayama R.N.21154Badsara Aima
64Yadunandan I.C. Khasbegpur887Khas Begpur
65J.K.J.H.S. Amilai983Amilai
66P.V. Maniyarpur765Maniar
67P.V. Kharakauli1244Kharkauli
68P.V. Lachehara1010Lachhehara
69P.V. Mehamauni R.N.1950Mehmauni
70P.V. Mehamauni R.N.2993Mehmauni
71P.V. Gadahan Khurd770Garhan Khurd
72P.M.V. Suriyadih864Suriyadih
73P.V. Ora R.N.11209Ora
74P.V. Ora R.N.21106Ora
75P.V. Bhitari1288Bhitari
76P.V. Bankat1024Bankat
77P.V. Mustafabad R.N. 1530Sarai Sagar
78P.V. Mustafabad R.N. 21026Kothihaar
79P.V. Chiraval474Chirawal
80P.V. Pura Achanak1085Pura Achanak
81P.V. Khutiya935Kotiya
82P.V. Gajaipur787Gajaypur
83P.V. Gadahannbujurg990Garhan Bujurg
84P.V. Bibipur1441Bibipur
85P.V. Nevada1352Newada
86K.P.V Khutauli1198Phulwariya
87P.V. Navapura1063Nawapura
88P.V. Mahuvar R.N. 1710Mahuwar
89P.V. Mahuvar R.N. 21119Mahuwar
90R.Ic. Tahabarpur R.N.11062Tahbarpur
91R.Ic. Tahabarpur R.N.2969Tahbarpur
92P.V. Tikapur1215Teekapur
93P.V. Medhi1386Merhi
94P.V. Kharchalpur927Kharchalpur
95P.V. Sardaha1371Sardaha
96P.V. Bhilauli Khalsa R.N. 1924Manna Patti
97P.V. Bhilauli Khalsa R.N. 2734Ramnipur
98P.V. Chakmajanu926Bhanipur
99P.V. Mukundpur R.N.1952Sahadatpur
100P.V. Mukundpur R.N.2666Mukundpur
101P.V. Begpur Ayama1349Molnapur
102P.V. Jamalpur Kaji R.N. 1774Jamalpur Kazi
103P.V. Jamalpur Kaji R.N. 2710Jamalpur Kazi
104P.V. Sofipur1063Sofipur
105P.V. Madhsiya Pratham R.N11382Madhsiya
106P.V. Madhsiya Pratham R.N. 21124Madhsiya
107P.V. Madhsiya Dvitiy966Madhsiya
108P.V. Lakhamanpurapatti Badalrai1096Lakhmanpurpatti Badalrai
109P.V. Dasoopatti728Dasu Patti
110P.V. Tekmalpur757Tekmalpur
111U.P.V. Shivrampur1274Shivrampur
112P.V. Khajepur1201Shyam Sundarpur
113P.V. Shivali R.N.11143Sheewli
114P.V. Shivali R.N.21258Majbhita
115P.V. Allipur R.N.11079Allipur
116P.V. Allipur R.N.2543Jahangeerpur
117P.V. Vishesharpur915Bhavanipur
118P.M.V. Jaminkatghar984Jamin Katghar
119P.V. Ranipur897Ranipur
120P.V. Budhanpatti892Katghar Babul
121P.V. Durvasa R.N.11206Durvasa
122P.V. Durvasa R.N.21311Durvasa
123P.V. Chakkamarali737Chak Kamarali
124P.V. Sultanpur1140Ramapur
125P.V. Uttama971Kithawe
126P.V. Banbeerpur R.N.1798Banvirpur
127P.V. Banbeerpur R.N.21095Banvirpur
128P.B. Dharamdaspur1167Parsadi Patti
129P.V. Mauna1291Mauna
130P.V. Kol526Kol
131J.Ic. Khutauli R.N 11159Khutauli
132J.Ic. Khutauli R.N 21011Khutauli
133P.V. Madhdupur R.N.1983Maddhupur
134P.V. Maddhupur R.N.2835Kalwari
135I.P.V. Mudiyar R.N. 11135Bhedhahi
136I.P.V. Mudiyar R.N. 21088Mudiyar
137U.P.V. Mudiyar R.N.11319Mudiyar
138U.Pv. Mudiyar R.N.2953Mudiyar
139H.P.V. Khanpur1014Khanpur
140P.V. Khanpur Chitaraval443Chitrawal
141P.V. Chamaradih R.N. 11106Chamradih
142P.V. Chamradih R.N. 2782Jamalpur
143P.V. Kaudiya R.N. 11132Kaudiya
144P.V. Kaudiya R.N. 21179Kaudiya
145P.V. Vidyavanpur951Dhannipur Bihav
146P.V. Karimpur715Mohiuddinpur
147H.P.V.Gahanikhurd758Gahani Khurd
148I.P.V. Tova R.N11099Toba
149I.P.V. Tova R.N2913Toba
150U.P.V Bakspur558Bakspur
151P.V. Meerpur690Mirpur
152Binapara I.C. Binapara R.N. 1902Beenapara
153Beenapara I.C. Beenapara R.N.21146Beenapara
154K.P.V . Sikahula R.N.11083Sikhula
155K.P.V . Sikahula R.N.21259Kadipur Gair A.
156P.B. Lahideeh631Mirjapur
157P.B. Lahideeh Atrikt Kaksh915Lahidih
158H.P.V. Dubaki651Dubaki
159P.V. Biradar1207Biradar
160P.V. Niyauj R.N.11196Niyauj
161P.V. Niyauj R.N.2566Niyauj
162P.V.Niyauj R.N.3636Niyauj
163U.P.V.Niyauj R.N.1906Niyauj
164U.P.V.Niyauj R.N.2617Niyauj
165P.V. Kajarakol594Kajrakol
166U.P.V. Mirzapur R.N.1940Mirjapur
168P.V. Mirzapur R.N.1652Shakurpur
169P.V. Mirzapur R.N.2863Rewrapravejpur
170P.V. Bijaharmainuddinpur1040Bijahar Mainuddinpur
171P.V. Ahamadabad748Ahamdabad
172P..V. Khairuddinpur475Khairuddinpur
173P.V. Hajaremalpur1311Hajaremalpur
174P.V. Vishunpur542Bishunpur
175S.J.K.I.C. Tundaval1086Jagdishpur
176P.V. Khada474Khada
177P.V. Mohanpur1018Moiya Ali
178P.V. Molanapur1342Paindapur
179P.V. Buddhasenpur1504Sihipur
180P.V. Kujiyari R.N. 1906Kunjiyari
181P.V. Kujiyari R.N. 2766Kunjiyari
182U.P.V. Saraysaif509Sarai Saif
183P.V. Sidhasultanpur R .N.1807Sidha Sultanpur
184P.V. Sidhasultanpur R.N. 21253Sidha Sultanpur
185P.V. Abadihaibrahimpur R.N.11148Avdiha Ibrahimpur
186P.V. Abadihaibrahimpur R.N.2338Chak Sodhi
187P.V. Rukunuddinpur404Ruknuddinpur
188P.V. Banajeerpatti R.N. 11200Bangirpur
189P.V. Banajeerpatti R.N. 21119Banjirpur
190M.S.K. Kendra Agasadamustafabad1374Asgara Mustfabad
191P.V. Khutahana R.N.1824Khutahana
192P.V. Khutahana R.N.2551Mohajjampur
193P.V. Kothiya597Kothiya
194K.P.V . Khankah R.N.1943Khan Kah
195K.P.V. Khankah R.N.2734Gahu Khor
197P.V. Kharewan1460Kharevan
198R.B.U.M.V1227Sarai Mir (NP)
203P.V. Saraymeer Pratham R.N. - 11115Sarai Mir (NP)
204P.V. Saraymeer Pratham R.N. - 2654Sarai Mir (NP)
205P.V. Saraymeer Pratham R.N. - 31511Sarai Mir (NP)
206P.V. Saraymeer Dvitiy1437Sarai Mir (NP)
207H.P.V. Khudakasta Urf Sarayameer1165Sarai Mir (NP)
208P.V. Sherwan R.N.11154Shervan
209P.V. Sherwan R.N.21165Shervan
210Ja0 Sariya Faijululum Sherwanr.N.11217Shervan
211Ja0 Sariya Faijululum Sherwan R.N.21002Shervan
212Mad0 Sirajululum Korauli Khurd1215Korauli Khurd
213P.V. Korauli Bujurag853Korauli Bujurg
214P.V. Kmalpur R.N. 11147Kamal Pur
215P.V. Kamalpur R.N. 21300Sadvaha
216P.V. Surahi Khurd R.N. 11080Surahi Khurd
217P.V. Surahi Khurd R.N. 2883Surahi Khurd
218P.V. Achalpur581Achalpur
219P.V. Israuli1125Israuli
220P.V. Pedara Gangapur R.N.1937Pedra Gangapur
221P.V. Pedara Gangapur R.N.21028Pedra Gangapur
222U.P.V. Saraimeer Sthit Pavailadpur R.N.11273Pavailadpur
223U.P.V. Saraimeer Sthit Pavailadpur R.N.21023Pavailadpur
224P.I.K. Khanpur R.N865Khanpur
227P.V. Kanitha R.N1954Kanaitha
228P.V. Kanaitha R.N.2999Araji Kanaiya
229P.V. Munishvarganj942Kolpur Kusaha
230P.V. Darikhashekhahamadpur931Darikha Shekh Ahmadpur
231P.V. Khandvari R.N.11004Khand Wari
232P.V. Khandvari R.N.2361Khand Wari
233I.S. Khandavari R.N. 1970Khand Wari
234I.S. Khandavari R.N. 21003Khand Wari
235P.V. Khalilabad579Khlilabad
236P.M.V.Sanjarpur R.N. 11193Sanjarpur
237P.M.V.Sanjarpur R.N. 21312Sanjarpur
238P.V. Sanjarpur - 1895Sanjarpur
239P.V. Sanjarpur R.N. 2796Sanjarpur
240Fatma Girl I.C. Daudpur989Daudpur
241P.V. Khodadadpur1437Khuda Dadpur
243P.V. Badahariya R.N. - 11455Sahapur
244P.V. Badahariya R.N. - 21083Badhariya
245J.H.S. Badahariya1021Mulrajpur
246P.V. Nevada R.N. - 1843Newada
247P.V. Nevada - 2879Newada
248J.H.S. Mohanath1025Mohunath
249P.V. Paravejabad884Parvejabad
250H.P.V. Vajirmalpur R.N. - 1833Wajirmalpur
251H.P.V. Vajirmalpur R.N. - 2888Wajirmalpur
252P.V. Chakbari1197Chakbari
253P.V. Barikhas - 1796Chakbari
254P.V. Barikhas R.N. 21250Barikhas
255P.V. Dihavabari701Dihwavari
256P.V. Gauspur R.N. 1896Gauspur
257P.V. Gauspur R.N. 2760Bevhara
258P.V. Asani1193Asani
259P.V. Shrikantpur416Srikantpur
260P.V. Bhauropurkala R.N.11287Bhairopur Kala
261P.V. Bhairopurkala R.N.1664Amhatofir
262P.V. Ghuripur860Dhuripur
263P.B. Masjidiya815Masjidiya
264K.P.V. Khatibpur1067Khatibpur
265P.V. Nasirpur Khalsa544Kisunpur
266P.V. Sahariya R.N.-1937Sahriya
267P.V. Sahariya R.N.-2649Sahriya
268P.V. Nizamabad1006Telipur
269J.H.S. Nizamabad R.N.-11468Nizamabad (NP)
270J.H.S. Nizamabad R.N.-21227Nizamabad (NP)
271J.H.S. Nizamabad R.N.-31313Nizamabad (NP)
272J.I.C. Nizamabad R.N.11231Nizamabad (NP)
273J.I.C. Nizamabad R.N.2977Nizamabad (NP)
274J.I.C. Nizamabad R.N.3444Nizamabad (NP)
275K.P.V. Nizamabad1187Nizamabad (NP)
276P.V. Yahiyapur381Yahiapur
277K.P.V. Dodopur R.N. 11005Daudpur
278K.P.V. Dodopur R.N. 21058Daudpur
279P.V. Viththalpur983Bithalpur
280P.B. Andhauri1063Andhauri
282P.V. Nadauli R.N. 21159Raghunathpur
283P.M.V. Nadauli652Sarai Pohi
284P.V. Miththanpurhadiali1472Mithanpur Hadi Ali
285P.V. Muiyanmakhadumpur1370Moiya Makhdumpur
286P.V. Gauspurghuri R.N. 1825Gauspur
287P.V. Gauspurghuri R.N. 2832Shekhpur Husam
288P.V. Fattanpur1249Mustafabad
289Shri Yashodalal Mishra U.M.V. Husampurbadaganv1376Husanpur Badagoan
290P.V. Rasulpurkajiyakubpur638Rashulpur Kajiakubpur
291P.V. Mainparpur945Main Parpur
292P.V. Gandhuvai R.N. 11146Gandhuvai
293P.V. Gandhuvai R.N. 21249Gandhuvai

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