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Polling Booth in Naugawan Sadat Assembly Constituency

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Naugawan Sadat Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Naugawan Sadat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Naugawan Sadat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School814Saleempur Nawada
4Junior High School902Chaudharpur
18Kisan Inter College589Deori Urf Hadipur
30Uchtar Prathmik Vidalya671Kumhariya
40A.K.G Inetr College1088Jalalpur Dhana
46Kisan Seva Sehkari Samiti451Devipur
48?1276Jaleelpur Baqqal
88Kanya Pathshala610Chhabi
104Surajwati Bal Niketan Junior High School354Turmafi
109Inter College761Jamuna Khas
136Panchayat Ghar812Apraula Maybag
137Junior Uchtar Madhymik Vidalya539Takhatpur
157Madarsa Babul Ilm Shahfarid Room 1760Naugawan Sadat (NP)
158Madarsa Babul Ilm Shahfarid Room 2748Naugawan Sadat (NP)
159Fatma Girls School826Naugawan Sadat (NP)
162Kanya Junior High School Room 1839Naugawan Sadat (NP)
163Kanya Junior High School Room 21326Naugawan Sadat (NP)
164Prathmik Vidalya Gula Talab Naugawan Sadat1218Naugawan Sadat (NP)
165S.A.M Inter College1093Naugawan Sadat (NP)
171Ansar Uloom Primary School728Naugawan Sadat (NP)
174Faridi Memorial Inter College1273Naugawan Sadat (NP)
201Rashtrya Inter College617Jabda
238Pushpa Devi Saraswati Inter College New Building858Mangupura
261Primary Pathshala Sihali Jagir Kaksh 11201Sihali Jageer
262Primary Pathshala Sihali Jagir Kaksh 21063Sihali Jageer
263Primary Pathshala Sihali Jagir Kaksh 3656Sihali Jageer
264Kanya Junior High School Sihali Jagir Kaksh 11055Sihali Jageer
265Kanya Junior High School Sihali Jagir Kaksh 2590Sihali Jageer
266Kanya Junior High School Sihali Jagir Kaksh 31106Sihali Jageer
267Kanya Junior High School Sihali Jagir Kaksh 4458Sihali Jageer
268Primary Pathshala Basi Sahsauli914Wasi Sahsauli
269Primary Pathshala Sultanther Mohmmadpur Kaksh 11189Sultanther Mohmadpur
270Primary Pathshala Sultanther Mohmmadpur Kaksh 21250Sultanther Mohmadpur
271Primary Pathshala Katai Kaksh 11063Katai
272Primary Pathshala Katai Kaksh 2501Katai
273Primary Pathshala Lisri Bujurg722Lisri Buzarg
274Primary Pathshala Bhikanpur Shumali1255Bhekanpur Shomali
275Primary Pathshala Choya779Chhoya
276Primary Pathshala Puthi816Pooti
277Primary Pathshala Basera Khurd537Basera Khurd
278Primary Pathshala Dagarpuri685Dagarpuri
279Primary Pathshala Pipli Daud998Peepli Daud
280Primary Pathshala Tanda1121Tanda
281Primary Pathshala Yakubpur1044Agapur Kalan
282Junior High School Yakubpur765Agapur Kalan
283Primary Pathshala Semla737Semla
284Primary Pathshala Alampur742Alampur
285Primary Pathshala Manota1346Manauta
286Primary Pathshala Machara Bhagbanpur917Machra Bhagwanpur
287Primary Pathshala Sahpur Urf Bhootkhaderi527Taharpur
288Primary Pathshala Makanpur Shumali946Makanpur Shumali
289Primary Pathshala Shergar1304Shergarh
290Primary Pathshala Nasirpur706Nasirpur
291Primary Pathshala Patai Bhur745Patai Bhoor
292Primary Pathshala Rajoha1392Rajoha
293Primary Pathshala Hafizpur550Hafizpur
294Primary Pathshala Khajuri580Khajoori
295Primary Pathshala Taharpur683Taharpur
296Primary Pathshala Babankheri Kaksh 11207Bawan Kheri
297Primary Pathshala Babankheri Kaksh 2622Bawan Kheri
298Primary Pathshala Karanpur Mafi Kaksh 11293Karanpur Mafi
299Primary Pathshala Karanpur Mafi Kaksh 2851Karanpur Mafi
300Primary Pathshala Ahraula Ahmad Yar Khan758Ahroula Ahmadpar Khan
301Primary Pathshala Rampur Bhur Kaksh 11022Rampur Bhoor
302Primary Pathshala Rampur Bhur Kaksh 2676Rampur Bhoor
303Primary Pathshala Mubarakpur Kalan Kaksh 11071Mubarakpur Kalan
304Primary Pathshala Mubarakpur Kalan Kaksh 2619Mubarakpur Kalan
305Primary Pathshala Shekhupur Kaksh 1 Jhakri1081Shekhupur Jhakri
306Primary Pathshala Shekhupur Jhakri Kaksh 2487Shekhupur Jhakri
307Primary Pathshala Chakori1128Chakori
308Primary Pathshala Domkhera573Doom Khera
309Primary Pathshala Mohmmadpur Bangar618Mohammadpur Bangar
310Primary Pathshala Balanagal389Bala Nagla
311Primary Pathshala Nagaliya Munshi619Nagaliya Munshi
312Primary Pathshala Oshamafi745Oasa Mafi
313Primary Pathshala Dehra1086Dehra
314Primary Pathshala Saheliya680Sehaliya
315Primary Pathshala Jihal1317Jeehal
316Primary Pathshala Nurpur Kalan622Noorpur Kalan
317Primary Pathshala Luhari Bhur693Luhari Bhoor
318Primary Pathshala Sabdalpur Shumali585Sabdalpur Shumali
319Primary Pathshala Bahadurpur Gulam Ali1077Bahadurpur Gulam Mohammad
320Primary Pathshala Tasiha Milak1102Tasiha
321Primary Pathshala Telipura Khalsa760Telipura Khalsa
322Primary Pathshala Pithkhera683Peeth Khera
323Primary Pathshala Tuklabad1506Tuklabad
324Primary Pathshala Umarpur249Umarpur
325Primary Pathshala Ghoshipura536Ghosipura
326Primary Pathshala Nagaliya Jat390Nagaliya Jat
327Primary Pathshala Pipli Mekchand632Peepli Meghchand
328Primary Pathshala Jalalpur Khurd469Koovi
329Primary Pathshala Kubi764Koovi
330Primary Pathshala Dehri Jat683Dehri Jat
331Primary Pathshala Ghront923Gharont
332Primary Pathshala Daulatpur Naheri441Daulatpur Nahni
333Primary Pathshala Daudpur Mehrul Nisha467Daudpur Mehrul Nisha

Last Updated on November 15, 2014