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Polling Booth in Mohan Assembly Constituency

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Mohan Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mohan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mohan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.H.S. Purthyava1168Purthiyawan
2G.P.S. Purthyava525Purthiyawan
3P.S. Pratap Kheda H/O Purthyava1490Purthiyawan
4P.S. Shishi808Sheeshee
5P.S. Manikapur H/O Shishi742Purthiyawan
6P.S. Parauri919Parauri
7P.S. Mavai1467Mawai
8P.S. Godva1050Gorwa
9J.H.S. Adaura R.N. 1783Adaora
10J.H.S. Adaura R.N. 2875Adaora
11P.S. Chandaura H/O Adaura924Adaora
12P.S. Katara Tarauna R.N. 1802Katra Tiraona
13P.S. Katara Tarauna R.N. 2777Katra Tiraona
14P.S. Nasirpur Nimaicha762Nasirpur Nimaicha
15P.S. Samad1381Samad
16P.S. Kothali371Tikara Samad
17P.S. Tikara Samad1154Tikara Samad
18P.S. Musalanva1298Musalwan
19P.S. Bhurkundi R.N. 11096Bhurkundi
20P.S. Bhurkundi R.N. 2772Bhurkundi
21J.H.S Dhamiyana1431Dhamiyana
22P.S. Thariya495Thariya
23P.S. Gohali508Gohli
24P.S. Gobra602Gobra
25P.S. Govindapur418Govaindpur
26P.S. Seemau R.N. 11288Simau
27P.S. Seemau R.N. 2539Simau
28P.S. Ajij Nagar543Ajij Nagar
29P.S. Khandval763Khandwal
31National School Auras R.N. 11335Auras (NP)
32National School Auras R.N. 21363Auras (NP)
33National School Auras R.N. 5688Auras (NP)
34National School Auras Haal R.N. 7828Auras (NP)
35P.S. Nandauli1328Nadaoli
36J.H.S. Nandauli471Nadaoli
37P.S. Geruva1165Geruwa
38P.S. Bachhauli R.N. 11043Bachhaoli
39P.S. Bachhauli R.N. 21135Bachhaoli
40P.S. Gangan R.N. 11207Gangan
41P.S. Gangan R.N. 21131Gangan
42P.S. Ahamadpur Kasimpur1156Ahamad Pur Kasimpur
43P.S. Javan737Jawan
44P.S. Karaundi898Karondi
45P.S. Kaithankheda373Kaithan Khera
46P.S. Rampur Gadhauva R.N. 11037Rampur Gadhaowa
47P.S. Rampur Gadhauva R.N. 21366Rampur Gadhaowa
48P.S. Baghauda504Baghaora
49P.S. Tikra Bav742Tikara Waw
50P.S. Bayari Ganv1343Bayari Gaon
51G.P.S. Bayari Ganv1264Bayari Gaon
52P.S. Hasanpur Pashchim Bav R.N.11474Hasanpur Pashimwaw
53P.S. Hasanpur Pashchim Bav R.N.2884Hasanpur Pashimwaw
54P.S. Sharifabad443Shareefabad
55P.S. Hajipur Gosha R.N.11238Hajipur Gosha
56P.S. Hajipur Gosha R.N.2493Hajipur Gosha
57P.S. Gaha Kheda725Mirjapur Ajganaw
58P.S. Mirjapur Ajiganv R.N.1947Mirjapur Ajganaw
59P.S. Mirjapur Ajiganv R.N.2862Mirjapur Ajganaw
60P.S. Mirjapur Ajiganv Extra Room920Mirjapur Ajganaw
61P.S. Naibasti538Mirjapur Ajganaw
62P.S. Saidapur725Saidapur
63P.S. Panapur498Panapur
64P.S. Rai1130Raipur
65P.S. Maini Bhavakheda1215Mainee
66P.S. Jamal Nagar R.N. 1719Gahrawa
67P.S. Jamal Nagar R.N. 2716Gahrawa
68P.S. Narayan Pur372Narayanpur
69P.S. Bairi638Bairee
70P.S. Baradev R.N. 1819Baradev
71P.S. Baradev R.N. 2935Baradev
72P.S. Gadhi Fatehadad943Gadhi Fatehabad
73P.S. Bahrauli Jahanpur784Bahraoni Jahanpur
74J.H.S. Rasulpur Bakiya R.N. 1843Rasulpur Bakiya
75P.S. Rasulpur Bakiya782Rasulpur Bakiya
76J.H.S. Rasulpur Bakiya R.N. 2678Rasulpur Bakiya
77P.S. Salempur598Salempur
78P.S. Shahpur Tonda R.N. 11076Salempur
79P.S. Shahpur Tonda R.N. 21042Shahpur Tonda
80P.S. Gharghta458Gharghata
81P.S. Narsa948Narsa
82P.S. Tala Saray R.N. 11065Tala Sarai
83P.S. Tala Saray R.N. 2741Tala Sarai
84P.S. Koraura759Koraora
85P.S. Koro Kalyan586Koro Kalyan
86J.H.S. Samadpur Bhava720Samadpur Bhawa
87P.S. Samadpur Hardas896Samadpur Jasmadha
88P.S. Sultanapur392Sultanapur
89P.S. Harauni Shamshuddinpur989Haraoni Samsuddinpur
90P.S. Pichavada786Pichwara
91P.S. Matariya917Matriya
92P.S. Aliyarpur325Aliyarpur
93P.S. Bakshikheda612Ataullah Nagar
94P.S. Baratikheda H/O Matariya460Matriya
95J.H.S. Pilkhna Rashidpur1059Pilkhana Rasidpur
96P.S. Chandauli Khurd632Chandoli Khurd
97P.S. Ghuramau625Ghooramu
98P.S. Dhakva Jagdishpur601Dhakwa Jagdishpur
99P.S. Ahamadpur Bande1059Dhakwa Jagdishpur
100P.S. Chharehra604Chhrehra
101P.S. Rafigarhi668Rafigadhi
102P.S. Faridipur1032Khapra Bhat
103P.S. Musepur665Moosepur
104P.S. Sairpur895Raipur
105P.S. Tegapur1014Rahmalinagar
106P.S. Chak Kushari787Chakkosehari
107P.S. Semra705Semra
108P.S. Nindemau R.N. 11022Nindemau
109P.S. Nindemau R.N. 2622Nindemau
110P.S. Unch Ganv1269Unach Gaon
111P.S. Chiriyari952Bibipur Chiryari
112P.S. Bibipur923Bibipur Chiryari
113P.S. Unchadwar1091Unacha Dwara
114P.S. Dhaura R.N. 1708Dhaora
115P.S. Dhaura Extra Room879Dhaora
116P.S. Dhaura R.N. 21103Dhaora
117P.S. Maljha765Maljha
118P.S. Koiya Madarpur956Koiya Madarpur
119P.S. Shankarpur R.N.1802Shanker Pur
120P.S. Shankarpur R.N.2694Shanker Pur
121P.S. Khapura Muslim922Khapra Muslim
122P.S. Chunauti446Chunaoti
123P.S. Hajipur Baburi H/O Hajipur Tareha869Hajipur Treha
124P.S. Mohiuddinpur546Mohiuddinpur
125P.S. Sheshpur Tareha642Shekhpur Treha
126G.J.H.S. Nevalganj R.N. 11104Newal Ganj
127G.J.H.S. Nevalganj R.N. 2577Hajipur Treha
128P.S. Nevalganj R.N. 1913Newal Ganj
129P.S. Nevalganj R.N. 2807Newal Ganj
130P.S. Ranikheda Jagir250Rani Khera Jageer
131Inter College Mohan731Mohan (NP)
135G.P.S. Mohan1035Mohan (NP)
136Inter College New Bulding Mohan792Mohan (NP)
140G.J.H.S. Mohan362Mohan (NP)
143P.S.Salakhemau1068Mohan (NP)
144P.S. Bhogla783Bhogla
145P.S. Nasaratpur Janglemau809Nasratpur Jangalmau
146P.S. Ranikheda Khalsa846Ranikhera Khalsa
147P.S. Hasanaganj R.N. 1933Ranikhera Khalsa
148P.S. Hasanaganj R.N. 3773Hasanganj
149G.P.S. Hasanaganj1068Hasanganj
150P.S. Hasanaganj R.N. 2467Hasanganj
151B.D.O. Office Hasanaganj402Mirjapur
152P.S. Bharha Samspur707Bharha Samadpur
153J.H.S. Gajaffarnagar781Gajaffar Nagar
154P.S. Jindaspur1033Jindaspur
155P.S. Hanseva695hasenwa
156P.S. Nijampur Pachigahana805Nijampur Pachgahna
157P.S. Maula Bankipur885Maola Bamipur
158P.S. Maula Bankipur Extra Room829Maola Bamipur
160P.S. Alampur Latifpur Urf Munnikheda R.N.11021Alampur Latifpur
161P.S. Alampur Latifpur Urf Munnikheda R.N.2558Alampur Latifpur
162P.S. Dayalpur1271Maolbi Khera
163G.P.S. Purabhar Urf Newtini R.N.11040Nyotini (NP)
164G.P.S. Purabhar Urf Newtini R.N.21487Nyotini (NP)
165Nalkup No.-2 Purabhar Urf Newtini1226Nyotini (NP)
166P.S. Purabhar Urf Newtini1156Nyotini (NP)
167P.S. Ikbalganj H/O Chandauli Khurd735Chandoli Bujurg
168P.S. Farahtpur682Farhatpur
169P.S. Rampur Bulakidas809Rampur Bulakidas
170P.S. Daudpur576Daudpur
171J.H.S. Paragikheda H/O Adampur Barethi1474Adampur Barethi
172P.S. Ajmatgarhi997Gaospur
173P.S. Barakheda1000Bara Khera
174J.H.S. Nai Sarany H/O Nimadpur R.N.1826Chandesawa
175J.H.S. Nai Sarany H/O Nimadpur R.N.21305Chandesawa
176P.S. Bhitva Gadankheda1133Gadan Khera
177P.S. Adampur Bhansi728Adampur Bhansi
178P.S. Kurauli1060Kuraoli
179P.S. Barauna Nyamatpur842Barona Niyamatpur
180P.S. Pura H/O Barauna Nyamatpur R.N.1844Barona Niyamatpur
181P.S. Pura H/O Barauna Nyamatpur R.N.21034Barona Niyamatpur
182P.S. Bhanpur693Bhanpur
183P.S. Kodra R.N.1850Kodra
184P.S. Kodra R.N.2742Kodra
185Comminity Development Center Sandana703Sandana
186P.S. Sandana974Sandana
187P.S. Semramau710Semramau
188P.S. Makdumpur Churma503Makdoompur
189P.S. Hulaskheda H/O Dhopa Jamoriya1039Dhopa Jamuriya
190P.S. Nyakheda H/O Madnapur557Madanapur
191P.S. Ohrapur Kaudiya641Oharapur Kodiya
192P.S. Lalpur807Lalpur
193Community Cooperative Society Navinagar517Lalpur
194Panchayat Ghar Tikvamau417Tikwamau
195P.S. Rampur Akhauli1445Rampur Akholi
196P.S. Samadpur Jasmda876Samadpur Jasmadha
197P.S. Jasmda Babban660Jasmadha Babban
198J.H.S. Jasmda Babban878Jasmadha Babban
199P.S. Khadvari Sadikpur950Khandwari Sadikpur
200P.S. Bhatpura1183Bhatpurwa
201P.S. Gauri1331Gauri
202P.S. Kherva Aladadpur861Kherwa Aladadpur
203G.P.S. Navai922Paharpur
204P.S. Navai1108Nawae
205P.S. Jhalotar1269Jhalotar
206P.S. Bara Bujurg1028Bara Bujurg
207P.S. Firojabad774Firojabad
208P.S. Chandpur Jhalihai650Chandpur Jhalhae
209P.S. Karasemau360Karsemau
210P.S. Naraynpur1117Narayanpur
211P.S. Singhanapur659Sighnapur
212P.S. Sundarpur728Sunderpur
213P.S. Kushalikheda H/O Bhauli1234Bhaoli
214J.H.S. Bhauli North981Bhaoli
215J.H.S. Bhauli South1033Bhaoli
216P.S. Bhauli1423Bhaoli
217P.S. Bagahri H/O Bhauli1026Bhaoli
218P.S. Chhoti Padariya H/O Bhauli1384Bhaoli
219P.S. Saray Govind372Sarai Govind
220P.S. Ibrahimpur412N/A
221P.S. Lakhanapur North758Kharehra
222P.S. Lakhanapur South1247Lakhnapur
223P.S. Sarany Indal756Sarai Indal
224P.S. Rampur1025Tikwamau
225P.S. Kunjpur1430Kunjpur
226J.H.S. Makoor R.N.1988Makur
227J.H.S. Makoor R.N.2813Makur
228J.H.S. Makoor R.N.3894Amramau
229P.S. Makoor767Makur
230G.P.S. Chheda H/O Jansar1106Jansar
231Panchayat Ghar Jansar949Jansar
232G.P.S. Jansar1065Jansar
233P.S. Dariyapur1187Jansar
234P.S. Bahauddinpur1307Baharuddeen Pur
235P.S. Sadhira923Sadhira
236P.S. Dilval1271Dilwal
237P.S. Birsinghi Maletha1366Birsindhi Maletha
238P.S. Nanatikur1132Nana Tikur
239P.S. Piprosa1178Athari
240P.S. Mundera1315Dahraoli
241P.S. Pakarignva409Pakri Gawan
242P.S. Ajijpur772Ajijpur
243J.H.S. Rainapur841Rainapur
244P.S. Itkuti1338Itkuti
245P.S. Sarosa948Saraosa
246P.S. Ajaiyakheda969Ajaiya Khera
247P.S. Bichpari1463Bichpri
248P.S. Jagdishpur R.N.1869Jagdeeshpur
249P.S. Jagdishpur R.N.2854Jagdeesh Pur
250P.S. Mahatvani655Mahatwani
251P.S. Ajgain R.N.11026Ajgain
252P.S. Ajgain Extra Room785Ajgain
253P.S. Ajgain R.N.21074Ajgain
254P.S. Kusumhar R.N.11210Kusumhar
255P.S. Kusumhar R.N.2941Ajgain
256J.H.S. Kushumbhi R.N. 11070Kushumbhi
257J.H.S. Kushumbhi R.N. 2716Kushumbhi
258P.S. Kushumbhi1349Kushumbhi
259J.H.S. Gaura Katheruva R.N.1696Gaora Katherua
260J.H.S. Gaura Katheruva R.N.21131Gaora Katherua
261M.L.I.K. Inter Cillege Jaitipur R.N.1671Jaitipur
262M.L.I.K. Inter Cillege Jaitipur R.N.2769Jaitipur
263P.S. Jaitipur1031Jaitipur
265P.S. Himmatgarh808Himmat Garh
266P.S. Bhajankheda726Makhdoompur
267P.S. Raypur Khailamau876Raipur Khelamao
268P.S. Mauhari787Mauhari
269National Girls Inter College Nawabganj R.N.11456Nawabganj (NP)
270National Girls Inter College Nawabganj R.N.21218Nawabganj (NP)
271National Girls Inter College Nawabganj R.N.4417Nawabganj (NP)
272National Girls Inter College Nawabganj R.N.3678Nawabganj (NP)
273Shyamlal Inter College Navabganj R.N.1953Nawabganj (NP)
274Shyamlal Inter College Navabganj R.N.2731Nawabganj (NP)
275Shyamlal Inter College Navabganj R.N.3906Nawabganj (NP)
276Shyamlal Inter College Navabganj R.N.4847Nawabganj (NP)
277P.S. Baruva846Baruwa
278P.S. Malanv R.N. 1877Malaon
279P.S. Malanv R.N. 2652Malaon
280J.H.S. Malanv927Malaon
281P.S. Pali846Pali
282P.S. Chamrauli898Chamaraoli
283Development Center Chamrauli1307Chamaraoli
284P.S. Daulatkheda142Chamaraoli
285P.S. Rahamatpur567Rahamatpur
286P.S. Sevra1286Sewara
287P.S. Kevana952Sewara
288P.S. Kanhaikheda R.N.1933Kewana
289P.S. Kanhaikheda R.N.2746Kewana
290P.S. Ravanhar645Ravanhar
291P.S. Etbarpur781Etbarpur
293P.S. Maddukheda989Madoo Khera
294P.S. Amretha930Amretha
295P.S. Parsandan R.N. 11342Parsandan
296P.S. Parsandan Extra Room601Parsandan
297P.S. Shivsad612Bhitrepar
298P.S. Sersa R.N. 11274Sersa
299P.S. Sersa R.N. 2588Sersa
300P.S. Baheriya Khurd812Baheriya Bujurg
301P.S. Marui Naimpur915Marwi Naimpur
302P.S. Gokulpur374Gokulpur
303J.H.S. Devi Jagdishpur644Jagdeesh Pur
304P.S. Painther1085Paithar
305P.S. Katehru1200Barela
306P.S. Jahngirabad591Jahangeerabad
307P.S. Saray Joga R.N. 1837Sarai Joga
308P.S. Saray Joga R.N. 21029Sarai Joga
309P.S. Kushahri836Kushehri
310P.S. Mahnaura R.N. 1921Mahnora
311P.S. Mahnaura R.N. 2792Mahnora
312P.S. Ashakheda R.N. 11394Ashakhera
313P.S. Ashakheda R.N. 2335Ashakhera
314J.H.S. Ashakheda1271Ashakhera
316P.S. Nathikheda829Himmat Garh
317P.S. Bhaisora1428Bhainsora
318P.S. Kapurkheda451Mirjapur
319P.S. Rudvara861Rudrawara
320P.S. Mohammadpur507Mohammad Pur
321P.S. Nandauha686Nadauha
322P.S. Arjunamau985Arjunamau
323P.S. Sarauti803Saroti
324P.S. Mirjapur573Rasulpur
325P.S. Rasoolpur748Rasulpur
326P.S. Sohramau R.N.1885Lalpur
327P.S. Sohramau R.N.21273Lalpur
328P.S. Hasanapur786Hinora
329P.S. Nibahri Klyanpur931Nibahari Kalyanpur
330P.S. Bajehra708Bajehra
331P.S. Tenduva Hiran Kuddi1210Tendewa Heera Kuddi
332P.S. Sheshpur685Balhaumao
333P.S. Balhaumau818Sheshpur
334P.S. Patakapur420Patkapur
335P.S. Ranipur R.N. 1806Ranipur
336P.S. Ranipur R.N. 2489Ranipur
337P.S. Paraura683Paraura
338P.S. Kotva R.N. 1721Kotwan
339P.S. Kotva R.N. 2632Kakraha Pathraha
340P.S. Dhannikheda691Naugawan
341P.S. Gorinda902Gorinda

Last Updated on November 15, 2014