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Polling Booth in Meerapur Assembly Constituency

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Meerapur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Meerapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Meerapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Pathshala R.No.1Nanheda1011Nanhera
2Prathmik Pathshala R.No2 Nanheda669Nanhera
3Prathmik Pathsahal Room No. 3 Nanheda463Nanhera
4Prathmik Pathshala Nanhedi965Nanheri
5Prathmik Pathshala R.No1 Gadala1167Gadla
6Prathmik Pathshala R.No.2 Gadala1221Gadla
7Prathmik Pathshala R.No.3 Gadala1139Gadla
8Prathmik Pathshala Rasulpur1357Rasulpur
9Harijan Panchayat Ghar Baruki760Rasulpur
10Prathmik Pathshala Baruki757Rasulpur
11Prathmik Pathshala1361Rasulpur
15Pratmik Pathshala Room No-2 Rahkda1184Rahkera
17Prathmik Vidyalaya No-2 R.N.1 Behda Thuru968Bahera Guru
18Prathmik Vidyalaya No-2 R.N.3 Behda Thuru713Bahera Guru
19Pratmik Vidyalaya No-2 R.N.2 Behda Thuru1121Bahera Guru
20Prathmik Pathshala Mahmoodpur Majra737Mahmoodpur Mazara
21Prathmik Pathshala Dheerahedi1448Dhiraheri
22Prathmik Pathshala Nirgajni745Nirgajani
23Harijan Barat Ghar 523Nirgajani
24Prathmik Pathshala R.N.1 Belda811Belra
26Prathmik Pathshala R.N.1950Belra
27Kanya Pathshala R.N.21044Belra
28Prathmik Pathshala R.N.1 Rahamatpur976Rahmatpur
29Prathmik Pathshala R.N.21041Rahmatpur
30Kanya Junior High School832Gadwara
33Prathmik Pathshala Naya Bhawan R.N.1 Sikri1317Sikari
34Prathmik Pathshala Naya Bhawan R.N.21233Sikari
35Junior High School R.N.11445Sikari
36Junior High School R.N.21216Sikari
37Prthmik Pathshala828Yogendra Nagar Majra Sikari
40Pra. Pathshala Maharajnagar Majra Majlispur1197Sitabpuri
41Inter Collage ????????Bhokarhedi (NP)
42Inter Collage R.N.21325Bhokarhedi (NP)
45Inter Collage R.N.6684Bhokarhedi (NP)
46Inter Collage R.N.51409Bhokarhedi (NP)
48Prathmik Pathshala No.5 ????????Bhokarhedi (NP)
49Karyalaya Town Area 1173Bhokarhedi (NP)
50Harijan Baraat Ghar Hall Western Part Bhokarhedi1007Bhokarhedi (NP)
51Harijan Baraat Ghar Hall Eastern Part699Bhokarhedi (NP)
52Pra. Pathshala R.N.1924Bhuwapur Majra Sukratari
55Panchayatghar828Shukartal Khadar
56Prathmik Patshala Shukartal Bangar885Shukartal Bangar
57Prathmik Vidyalaya R.N.2666Shukartal Bangar
58Prathmik School1098Ilahabas
61Kanya Uchh Prathmik Vidyalay1084Chhachharauli
62Prathmik Pathshala R.N.1 Vazirabad870Wazirabad
64Higher Primary School Room No. 1 Athai997Athai
65Prathmik School Athai1094Athai
66Prathmik School R.N.1 Yusufpur1042Yusufpur
69Junior High School R.N.2 Bhopa1409Bhopa
70Junior High School R.N.-3 Bhopa1251Bhopa
71Pratmik Patshala R.N.-1 Bhopa1317Bhopa
73Prathmik School North Side Nagla Bujurg1485Nagla Buzurg
74Prathmik School South Side R.N.11296Nagla Buzurg
75Prathmik School South Side R.N.2 South Side Nagla Bujurg342Nagla Buzurg
76Prathmik School Vilayatnagar Majra Nagla Bujurg749Nagla Buzurg
77Prathmik School No.1 R.N.1574Malpura
78Prathmik School No.1 R.N.1 Malpura744Malpura
79Prathmik School R.N.1 Kishanpur967Kishanpur
80Prathmik School Extra Room Kishanpur1017Kishanpur
81Prathmik School R.N.11160Kakrala
82Prathmik School R.N. 2 Kakrala1026Kakrala
83Prathmik School R.N.3 Kakrala636Kakrala
84Prathmik School No.1 ?????Morna
86M.S.Inter Collage R.N.31199Morna
87M.S.Inter Collage R.N.4 Morna1234Morna
88M.S.Inter Collage R.N.5 Morna1190Morna
89M.S.Inter Collage R.N.61037Morna
90Prathmik School Dariyabad466Dariya Bad
91Pratmik School R.N.11232Bhuwapur
92Prathmik School Kharpod1192Kharpaur
93Kanya Pathshala R.N.1 Behda Sadat861Behrah Sadat
94Kanya Pathshala R.N.4 Behda Sadat832Behrah Sadat
96Kanya Pathshala R.N.3742Behrah Sadat
97Kanya Pathshala R.N.5805Behrah Sadat
98Prathmik School Daulatpur1022Daulatpur
100Kishan Majdoor High School R.N.2; Chaurawala1010Chaurawala
101Kishan Majdoor High School R.N.4983Chaurawala
102Kishan Majdoor High School R.N.3875Chaurawala
103Kishan Majdoor High School R.N.5841Chaurawala
105Pratmik School Room No. 1 Karheda962Karhera
106Pratmik School Room No. 2 Karheda906Karhera
107Harijan Chopal Karheda1093Karhera
108Junir High School Room No.1 Tissa849Tissa
109Junior High School R.N.-4 Tissa901Tissa
110Junior High School R.N.-2 Bhopa914Tissa
112Pratmik Vidyalay1261Tissa
113Pratmik School Khokani1364Khokni
114Pratmik School R.N.-1 Rudhkali Fataali972Rurkali Fateh Ali
115Pratmik School R.N.-2 Rudhkali Fatehali1164Rurkali Talab Ali
116Pratmik School R.N.-3 Rudhkali Fatehali1110Rurkali Talab Ali
117Prathmik School New Bulding R.N. 1 Mirja Tilla Majra Jauli815Jauli
118Prathmik School New Bulding R.N.-2 Mirja Tilla Majra Jauli1052Jauli
119Prathmik School R.N.-1 Jauli968Jauli
120Prathmik School R.N.-3 Uttar Muhana Jauli842Jauli
121Prathmik School R.N.-2 Jauli1370Jauli
122Junior High School Jauli1138Jauli
123Prathmik School R.N.-1 Uttari Bhag Khadi Firojabad895Kheri Ferozabad
124Prathmik School R.N.-2 Uttari Bhag Khadi Firojabad876Kheri Ferozabad
125Prathmik School R.N.-3 Shouth Bhag Khadi Firojabad892Kheri Ferozabad
126Prathmik School R.N.-4 Shouth Bhag Khadi Firojabad881Kheri Ferozabad
127Prathmik Vidhalaya R.N.-1 Tevda1403Tewra
128Prathmik Vidhalaya R.N.-2 Tevda1422Tewra
129Purva Madhyamik Vidhalya Tevda1255Tewra
131Purva Madhyamik Vidhalya R.N.-3 Tevda660Tewra
132Junior High School R.N.-1 Kamheda1467Kamhera
133Junior High School R.N.-2 Kamheda1392Kamhera
134Prathmik School New Bulding R.N.1 Kamheda940Kamhera
135Prathmik School New Bulding R.N. 2 Kamheda660Kamhera
136Kanya Junior High School Uttari Bhag Kawal1056Kawal
137Kanya Junior High School Shouth Bhag Kawal1310Kawal
138Junior High School R.N.3 Kawal1302Kawal
139Junior High School R.N.4 Kawal1249Kawal
140Junior High School R.N.5 Kawal858Kawal
141Junior High School R.N.6 Kawal707Kawal
142Purva Madhamik Vidhalya R.N.-1 Dhansari1382Dhansri
143Purva Madhamik Vidhalya R.N.-2 Dhansari803Dhansri
144Purav Madhamik Vidhalya R.N.-4 Dhansari809Dhansri
145Purva Madhamik Vidhalya R.N.- 3 Dhansari875Dhansri
146Prathmik Patshlala Naipura Majra Dansari542Naipura Majra Dhansari
148Prthmik School R.N.21026Khai Khera
149Kishan Inter Collage ??????Kakarauli
150Kishan Inter Collage Room No.2997Kakarauli
151Kishan Inter Collage Room No.41480Kakarauli
152Kishan Inter Collage Room No.61246Kakarauli
154Prathmik Pathshala No.1??0??01Kakarauli
155Prathmik Pathshala No.2??0??02Kakarauli
160Prathmik School R.N.31055Jatwarah
161Prathmik School R.N.2 1367Jatwarah
162Prathmik School No.1 R.N.1 Salarpur933Salarpur
163Prathmik School No.1 Extra Room Salarpur906Salarpur
164Harijan Panchayat Ghar1133Salarpur
165Junior High School Room No-1887Sambhalhera
166Junior High School Room No-2923Sambhalhera
167Junior High School Room No-3905Sambhalhera
168Junior High School Room No-4856Sambhalhera
169Prathmik Pathshala Nayabhawan Room No. 1??????????Sambhalhera
170Prathmik Pathshala Nayabhawan Room No. 2846Sambhalhera
172Maharshi Dayanand Inter Collage1Jarwar
176Prathmik School Room No.3944Tandera
177Prathmik School Room No.2909Tandera
178Prathmik School Room No.4892Tandera
179Prathmik School No.2????????Tandera
180Prathmik School Room No.11087Nizampur
182Junior High School ??????? ????Kasampur Khola
186Prathmik Pathshala Room No.1512Shivpuri
189Junior High School Room No. 1816Shivpuri
190Junior High School Room No. 2706Shivpuri
200Prathmik School Aam Extra Room Meerapur869Miranpur (NP)
201Prathmik School Aam Room No. 21229Miranpur (NP)
202Prathmik School Aam Room No. 31296Miranpur (NP)
203Ramleela Bhawan Room No. 11497Miranpur (NP)
204Ramleela Bhawan Room No. 2 1297Miranpur (NP)
205Ramleela Bhawan Room No.3 Meerupur1147Miranpur (NP)
206Basic Prathmaik Kanya Pathshala Room No.1 Meerupur1009Miranpur (NP)
207Basic Prathmic Kanya Pathshala Room No.2 Meerpur1296Miranpur (NP)
208Sukkhan Lal Adersh Kanya Inter Collage Room No.1 Meerapur837Miranpur (NP)
209Sukhan Lal Adersh Kanya Inter Coolage Room No.2 Meerpur1039Miranpur (NP)
210Vashya Dharamshala Room No.11454Miranpur (NP)
211Vashya Dharamshala Room No.21312Miranpur (NP)
212Vashaya Dharamshala Room No.31220Miranpur (NP)
213Town Office Ka Hall Room No.11284Miranpur (NP)
214Town Office Ka Hall Room No.21436Miranpur (NP)
215Prathmik Pathshala New Bhawan Room No.1 Kithauda1410Kithora
216Prathmik Pathshala New Bhawan Room No.21143Kithora
217Faizam Junior High School Room No.31349Kithora
218Faizam Junior High School Room No.4 Kithauda1073Kithora
219Prathmik Pathshala Room No 1 Mukkalampura Majra Kithauda800Kithora
220Prathmik Pathshala Extra Room Mukalampura Majra Kithauda748Kithora
221Prathmik School Room No.2 Mukkalampur Majra Kithauda1066Kithora
222Prathmik School Room No. 1 Putthi Ibrahimpur1186Putthi Ibrahimpur
223Prathmik Kaniya Pathshala Putthi Ibrahimpur1413Putthi Ibrahimpur
224Prathmik School Tikaula558Tikaula
225Prathmik Pathshala Room No 1 Meehmoodpur Mungar477Mahmoodpur Moonger
226Prathmik School Room No 2 Syali604Siali
227Panchayatghar Ahmadwala Ahmadwal564Alampur
228Prathmik Pathshala New Bhawan Jiwanpuri Urf Ujyali Kala680Ujiyali Kalan Non Aht
229Prathmik School Hansawala612Hansawala
230Prathmik School Room No 1 Husainpur1129Husainpur
231Prathmik School Room No 2 Husainpur679Faridpur
232Prathmik School Lalpur920Lalpur
233Prathmik School Room No 1 Jalalpur Nella688Jalalpur Nila
234Prathmik School Room No 2 New Village Majra Jalalpur Neela760Jafrabad
236Prathmik School Room No 1 Hasampur1236Hashampur
237Prathmik School Room No 2 Hasampur1360Hashampur
238Prathmik School Hall Room Hasampur1250Hashampur
239Prathmik School Room No 1 Khedi Saray1006Kheri Sarai
240Prathmik School New Room Khedi Saray942Kheri Sarai

Last Updated on November 15, 2014