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Polling Booth in Mauranipur Assembly Constituency

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Mauranipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mauranipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mauranipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V.Bhatpura376Bhat Pura
2P.M.V Baraul928Baror
3P.M.V. Pipra977Pipara
4P.M.V. Pipra 21102Pipara
5Pri School Mavai538Mawai
6P.V.Madadiwali672Madha Dilawali
7P.V. Baghaira Naveen Bhawan Bhag Part 1866Baghaira
8P.V. Baghaira Naveen Bhawan Bhag 2813Baghaira
9P.V. Khilla531Khilla
10P.V. Baari Bujurg689Bari Bujurg
11P.M.V. Chandwari1066Chandwari
12P.V. Berwai877Berwai
13P.V. Khoh387Khoh
14P.V. Parsa821Parsa
15P.V. Bakayan637Bakayan
16Po.M.V. Ujyaan Bhag-11194Ujayan
17Po.M.V. Ujyaan Bhag-21125Ujayan
18P.V. Pacchargad904Pachchar Garh
19P.V. Itaura666Itaura
20P.V. Khdesar311Khadeshar
21Po.M.V. Dhamnakhurd1230Dabra Khurd
22P.V. Dhawara745Dhabara
23P.V. Saraul1134Saraul
24P.V. Baarei1079Barei
25P.V. Itawankhurd504Bakua Khurd
26P.M.V. Bakuwakhurd328Bakua Khurd
27P.V. Sikari Khurd557Sikari Khurd
28P.V. Tehrauli Khas Bhag-11116Tahrauli Khas
29P.V.Tehrauli Khas Bhag-2935Tahrauli Khas
30P..V. Gadikargao934Garhi Kargaon
31A.J.I.Ka. Tehrauli Bhag-11349Tahrauli Kalan
32A.J.I.Ka. Tehrauli Killa Bhag-21159Tahrauli Kalan
33A.J.I.Ka. Tehrauli Killa Bhag-3884Tahrauli Kalan
34P.V. Tai Jageer569Tai
35P.V. Tendua402Tenduwa
36P.V. Silauri936Silori
37P.V. Gaata919Gata
38P.V. Pasrai905Pasrai
39P.V. Ranyaara674Raniyara
40P.V. Jhala487Gundaha
41P.M.V. Dhawari Bhag-1783Dhawari
42P.M.V. Dhawari Bhag-2905Dhawari
43P.V. Luhargaun549Lohar Gaon
44P.M.V. Dubrai Bhag-11118Dhurwai
45P.M.V. Dubrai Bhag-2681Dhurwai
46P.V. Mabai470Mawai
47P.V. Sujwa800Sujawan
48P.V. Semari Ahiran522Semari Ahiran
49P.V. Lathwara561Lathawara
50P.V. Todi Naveen Bhawan593Rawatpura
51P.V. Rajwaara795Rajwara
52P.V Badaganj Poorvi Bhag1091Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
53P.V. Badaganj P.Bhag1143Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
54P.V. Bajar Bhag-1867Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
55P.V. Bajaar Bhag-2683Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
56P.M.V. Najarganj Bhag-11200Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
57P.M.V. Najargang Bhag-21329Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
58P.M.V. Najargang Bhag-31009Tondi Fatehpur (NP)
59P.M.V. Pandwaha Bhag-1833Pandwaha
60P.M.V. Pandwaha Bhag-21162Pandwaha
61P.V. Dugara1098Dugara
62P.M.V. Mahewa1408Maheba
63P.M.V. Bagrauni1319Bagroni Jagir
64P.V. Dewarikhurd975Deora Khurd
65P.V. Khaleelpura506Khalil Pura
66P.M.V. Nota Bhag-11065Nota
67P.M.V. Nota Bhag-2785Nota
68Panchayat Bhawan Nota1047Nota
69P.M.V. Hati Bhag-1955Hati
70P.M.V. Hati Bhag-21144Hati
71P.M.V. Bijana1069Bijna
72Panchayat Bhawan Bijana1260Bijna
73P.V. Basaar715Bansar
74Naveen P.M.V. Vijaygad1056Bijaigarh
75P.V. Tarbatyaoo531Bijaigarh
76P.V. Khjraha768Khajraha
77P.V. Ghangree580Khajraha
78P.M.V. Rajgir658Rajgir
79P.V. Lathesara425Lathesra
80P.M.V. Imaliya1372Imilia
81P.V. Satpura509Sitora
82P.V. Chadarughwari605Charhrau Dhawari
83P.V. Dadpura358Dadpura
84P.M.V. Bagrauni Jaageer487Bagroni Jagir
85P.V. Barampura Bhag-1953Baram Pura
86P.V. Barampura Bhag-2793N/A
87P.V. Khalar Bhag-1815Khalar
88P.V. Khalar Bhag-2771Khalar
89P.M.V. Karguankhurd Bhag-1831Karguwan Khurd
90P.M.V. Karguankhurd Bhag-2881Karguwan Khurd
91P.M.V. Achausa714Achausa
92P.M.V. Shamserpura1138Shamsherpura
93P.V. Bainda1322Benda
94P.V. Pathredy590Pathrendi
95Po.M.V. Atarsuan1107Karguwan Khurd
96P.V. Seriya977Seriya
97P.V. Semari1254Semri
98P.V. Indi392Indi
99P.V. Jauri568Jori
100P.M.V. Sarseda Bhag-1855Sarsenda
102P.M.V. Sarseda Bhag-2770Sarsenda
103P.V. Baraura785Baraura
104P.M.V. Purainiya408Pureniya
105P.V. Bankapahadi955Banka Pahari
106P.M.V. Naveen Bhawan Bankapahadi Bhag-1883Banka Pahari
107P.M.V. Naveen Bhawan Bankapahadi Bhag-2410Banka Pahari
108P.V. Atrauli482Atrauli
109P.M.V. Laudi963Londi
110P.V. Bhadokar1153Bhadokhar
111P.M.V. Ghuraiya Bhag-1933Ghuraiya
112P.M.V. Ghuraiya Bhag-21298Ghuraiya
113P.V. Basari1344Basari
114P.M.V. Maigao656Maigaon
115P.M.V. Puratani450Bhagoro
116P.V. Badwar1234Barwar
117P.V. Bela517Bela
118P.V. Atniya Rajapur Dehat440Rajapur
119P.V. Chiraura Bujurg1279Chhiraura Buzurg
120P.M.V. Vikrampurasani713Bikram Pura Sani
121P.V. Gada1007Garaha
122P.V. Barsingpura654Birsingh Pura
123P.V. Bhasaneh Bhag-11020Bhasneh
124P.V. Bhasaneh Bhag-2844Bhasneh
125P.V. Madhaupura918Madhu Pura
126P.V. Itatura715Itora
127P.V. Bittaura479Bitthaura
128P.M.V. Turkalehchoora782Turka Lahchura
129P.V. Kutaura585Kutaura
130S.J.N.U.M.V. Uldan Bhag-1955Uldan
131S.J.N.U.M.V. Uldan Bhag-21240Uldan
132S.J.N.U.M.V. Uldan Bhag-31451Uldan
133P.V. Amanpura471Amanpura
134P.V Baar Urf Rampur294Uldan
135Kasturba Gandhi Avasiya Balika School Sakrar Part 11479Sakarar
136Kasturba Gandhi Avasiya Balika School Sakrar Part 21176Sakarar
137Kasturba Gandhi Avasiya Balika School Sakrar Part 31117Sakarar
138Kasturba Gandhi Avasiya Balika School Sakrar Part 41361Sakarar
139J.B.S.N. Jawan Bhag-11194Jawan
140J.B.S.N. Jawan841Jawan
141P.V. Luhari1086Luhari
142P.V. Bamanneguan422Baman Naiguwan
143R.Po.M.V. Dhoda854Dhonda
144P.V. Sijaura709Sijaura
145P.M.V. Bhitaura1138Bhitaura
146N.P.V. Luhargaunbhat749Luhar Gaon Bhat
147P.V. Magarpur Bhag-11190Magarpur
148P.V. Magarpur Bhag-21202Magarpur
149P.V. Magarpur Bhag-31264Magarpur
150P.V. Adjaar1376Arjar
151P.V. Rampura359Rampura
152P.V. Santpura639Santpura
153P.V. Khisanikurd Bhag-11306Khisni Khurd
154P.V. Khisanikhurd Bhag-2862Khisni Khurd
155P.V. Kanaura535Kanaura
156P.V. Ninaura1039Ninaura
157P.M.V. Khisani Bujurg Bhag-1943Khisni Buzurg
158P.M.V. Khisani Bujurg Bhag-2749Khisni Buzurg
159P.V. Katera913Kathera (NP)
160P.M.V Kanya Kramottar Katera623Kathera (NP)
161R.I.Ka.Katera Bhag-1831Kathera (NP)
162R.I.Ka.Katera Bhag-2994Kathera (NP)
163R.I.Ka.Katera Bhag-31348Kathera (NP)
164P.V. Naween Katera771Kathera (NP)
165R.I.Ka.Katera Bhag-4826Kathera (NP)
166P.V. Rautyaana1012Katera Rural
167P.V. Bkhatiya Rawanpura1140Rewan
168P.V. Kadaudra922Katera Rural
169P.V. Padra Bhag-11061Padra
170U.P.V. Padra Bhag-21019Padra
171J.B.S. Narayach957Naraich
172Naween P.V. Bhata722Bhata
173P.V. Laraun1072Laron
174P.M.V. Pathguan 1893Path Guwan
175P.M.V. Pathguan 2711Path Guwan
176J.H.S. Kachnew Bhag-11268Kachaneo
177J.H.S. Kachnew Bhag-21179Kachaneo
178B.P.V. Kachnew636Kachaneo
179P.V. Kagar662Kagar
180Kanya P.M.V. Magarwara1121Magarwara
182P.V. Ghurat Bhag-11302Ghurat
183P.V. Ghurat Bhag-2827Ghurat
184P.V. Ghurat Bhag-3697Ghurat
185N.P.P. Budawali1146Budhawali
186B.P.-P. Silguva834Silguwan
187P.V. Ratauasa Bhag-1874Ratosa
188P.V. Ratusa Bhag-2791Ratosa
189P.V. Chirakna448Chirkana
190P.V. Nimauni644Nimoni
191P.V. Bagrauni828Bagarauni
192P.M.V. Palra Bhag-1985Palara
193P.M.V. Palra Bhag-21182Palara
194P.M.V. Palra Bhag-31249Palara
195Gairaha I.Ka. Gairaha552Gairaha
196B.P.V. Pachwara1022Pachwara
197Kanya.P.V. Pachwara1296Pachwara
198P.V. Sanaura625Sanaura
199P.V. Pathakarka932Patha Kharka
200P.V. Kanya Pathakarka1030Patha Kharka
201P.V. Chukari944Chaukri
202B.P.P. Rajpura 1789Rajpura
203B.P.P. Rajpura 2786Rajpura
204P.V. Bangradhawa Bhag-11439Bangara Dhawa
205P.V.Bangradhawa Bhag-2630Bangara Dhawa
206P.V. Sewara579Sewara
207P.M.V.Tikri Bhag 1951Tikari
208P.M.V.Tikri Bhag 2805Tikari
209P.V. Guda828Gudha
210P.V. Luhargaun Ranipur Bhag-11167Luhar Gaon Ranipur
211P.V. Luhargaun Ranipur Bhag-21329Luhar Gaon Ranipur
212P.P. Bhakaurao1034Bhoraro
213P.V. Pachauro1406Pachauro
214R.B.I.Collage.Ranipur Bhag-11274Ranipur (NP)
215S.M.J.U.M.V. Ranipur Bhag-1875Ranipur (NP)
216S.M.J.U.M.V. Ranipur Bhag-21424Ranipur (NP)
217R.B.I.Collage Ranipur Bhag-21469Ranipur (NP)
218D.C.B.S. Ranipur Bhag-1858Ranipur (NP)
219S.M.J.U.M.V. Ranipur Bhag-31452Ranipur (NP)
220S.M.J.U.M.V. Ranipur Bhag-41474Ranipur (NP)
221D.C.B.S. Ranipur Bhag-21272Ranipur (NP)
222D.C.B.S. Ranipur Bhag-3714Ranipur (NP)
223D.C.B.S. Ranipur Bhag-5837Ranipur (NP)
224D.C.B.S. Ranipur Bhag-41062Ranipur (NP)
225P.V. Khushipura Ranipur1146Ranipur (NP)
226P.M.V. Naibasti Ranipur Bhag-1971Ranipur (NP)
227P.M.V. Naibasti Ranipur Bhag-4840Ranipur (NP)
228P.M.V. Naibasti Ranipur Bhag-2727Ranipur (NP)
229P.M.V. Naibasti Ranipur Bhag-5787Ranipur (NP)
230P.M.V. Naibasti Ranipur Bhag-31368Ranipur (NP)
231P.V Bamhauri Suhagi 1782Bamhauri Suhagi
232P.V Bamhauri Suhagi 2854Bamhauri Suhagi
233P.V. Bauda Bhag-1932Baraura
234P.V. Bauda Bhag-2870Baraura
235P.V. Nawada695Nawada
236P.V. Atpei432Atpei
237P.V. Basaari1121Basari
238P.V. Chitawat1079Chitawad
239P.V. Kuan1070Kuwan
240P.V. Syawani Bujurg434Syawni Bugurg
241Naya.P.V. Kurencha944Kuraicha
242P.V. Budiya Bamhauri Bhag-1855Budhiya Bamhauri
243P.V. Budiya Bamhauri Bhag-2749Budhiya Bamhauri
244P.M.V. Veera Bhag-1754Bira
245P.M.V. Veera Bhag-2870Bira
246P.V. Vijarwara1279Bijarwara
247P.V. Madarwas1451Madarwas
248P.M.V. Sijaarau Bhag-1852Sijara
249P.M.V. Sijaarau Bhag-2349Sijara
250P.V Kakwara Bhag-11430Kakwara
251P.V. Kakwara Bhag-21389Kakwara
252Naween P.V. Bihta318Bihata
253P.V. Berbai1347Barei
254P.V. Rewan Bhag-1954Rewan
255P.V. Rewan Bhag-21064Rewan
256P.V. Rewan D. Bhag921Rewan
257P.V. Chimadwaara514Charhrau Dhawari
258P.V. Kishorpura735Kishor Pura
259P.V. Bachera736Bachera
260P.M.V. Gadawa Bhag-1984Garhwan
261P.M.V. Gadawa Bhag-2788Garhwan
262P.V. Budai861Budhai
263P.M.V. Syawari Bhag-11268Siaori
264P.M.V. Syawari Bhag-21249Siaori
265P.V. Siyawari1243Siaori
266Chiraulya U.M.V. Prathveepur Bhag-11384Siaori
267Chiraulya U.M.V. Prathveepur Bhag-21166Siaori
268P.V. Khanpura374Khan Pura
269P.V. Aksew Bhag-11116Akseo
270P.V. Aksew Bhag-21307Akseo
271P.V. Tilaira1181Tilera
272P.V. Madwa Bhag-1753Madwan
273P.V. Madwa Bhag-2811Madwan
274P.V. Larauni749Larauni
275Sankar Vidhya J.H.S. Khanuja Khandarka 1733Khandarka
276Sankar Vidhya J.H.S. Khanuja Khandarka 2759Khandarka
277P.V. Khanua842Khanuwan
278P.V. Itayal 1720Itaial
279P.V. Itayal 2849Itaial
280P.M.V. Itayal 1742Itaial
281P.M.V. Itayal 2823Itaial
282P.V. Sijaree Bujurg1247Sijari Bugurg
284P.V. Sijaree Khurd1463Sijari Khurd
285P.V. Bamhauri Bhag-11015Bamhauri
286P.V. Bamhauri Bhag-2953Bamhauri
287P.V. Chakara Bhag-1973Chakara
288P.V. Chakara Bhag-21091Chakara
289P.V. Bhatpura Bhag-1568Bhatpura
290P.V. Bhatpura Bhag-21153Bhatpura
291P.V. Raura1391Rora
292P.V. Ghatlehchoora Bhag-1985Ghatlahchura
293P.V. Ghatlehchoora Bhag-2936Ghatlahchura
294P.M.V. Dhawakar Bhag-11478Dhawakar
295P.M.V. Dhawakar Bhag-21374Dhawakar
296U.P.V. Dhawakar Bhag-31228Dhawakar
297P.V. Lakhesur440Dhawakar
298P.V. Dhamnapayak Bhag-1873Dhamna Payak
299P.V. Piprokhar598Piprokhar
300P.V. Dhamnapayak Bhag-21376Dhamna Payak
301P.V. Roopadhamna Bhag-1928Rupa Dhamana
302P.V. Roopadhamna Bhag-2929Rupa Dhamana
303P.V. Barauree Bhag-1800Barauri
304P.V. Barauree Bhag-2789Barauri
305P.V. Siyawanikurd1451Siyawnikhurd
306P.V. Medaki1247Merki
307P.V. Kotara Bhag-1947Kotra
308P.V. Kotara Bhag-21432Suhagpura
309P.V. Saptwaara475Saptwara
310P.V. Durgapur624Durgapur
311P.V. Railway Station Maudehat 11485Mau Dehat (OG)
312P.V. Railway Station Maudehat Bhag-21245Kharka Sani
313P.V. Railway Station Maudehat Bhag-3761Madha
314P.V. Kharkasaani1110Kharmasi Raiway Station
315P.M.V Karkasani436Kharka Sani
316P.V. Mailoni564Mailoni
317P.V. Jhankari929Jhankari
318P.V. Churari864N/A
319Bhumi Sa.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-1752Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
320Bhumi Sa.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-3993Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
321Bhumi Sa.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-2839Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
323Ragunathdas B.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-11362Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
325J.B.S. Dhawakarnaka Mauranipur Bhag-1842Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
326D.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-4730Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
327J.B.S. Dhawakarnaka Mauranipur Bhag-2895Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
328D.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-5633Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
329J.B.S. Dhawakarnaka Mauranipur Bhag-31393Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
330D.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-11268Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
331D.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-21485Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
332D.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-31131Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
333S.G.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-1824N/A
334S.G.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-4879Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
335S.G.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-2782Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
336S.G.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-5864Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
337S.G.I.Ka. Mauranipur Bhag-31009Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
338Raj Adarsh V. Mauranipur Bhag-1752Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
339Parshadiya A.P.M.V. Mauranipur Bhag-1793Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
340Raj Adarsh V. Mauranipur Bhag-21478Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
342Parshadiya A.P.M.V. Mauranipur Bhag-2818Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
343Raj Adarsh V. Mauranipur Bhag-31142Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
344J.B.S. Shivganj Mauranipur843Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
349J.B.S. Purani Mauranipur956Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
350J.B.S. Mauranipur920Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
352K.I.Ka. Mauranipur861Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
354Ragunathdas Bundelkhand I.Ka. Mauranipur983Mauranipur (NPP + OG)
359P.M.V.Bhadarwara Part 11225Bhadarwara
360P.M.V.Bhadarwara Part 21493Bhadarwara
361P.M.V.Bhadarwara Part 3890Bhadarwara
362P.V. Bukhara873Bukhara
363P.V. Badagav920Baragaon
365Panchyaat Bhawan Badagav1407Baragaon
366P.P. Rauni1215Roni
367P. School Pacbai745Singarwara
368Naween P.P. Kharkamaaf1180Kharakamuaf
369P.P School Sitaira821Sitaura
370P.P School Dhaypura1262Dhaipura
371P.P School Nayagaon969Naya Gaon
372P.V. Baruamaaf624Barua Muaf
373P. School Dhorra944Dhauri
374P.M.V. Dhaurra780Dhauri
375P. School Bakhter703Bakhtar
376P.V. Kailua448Kailua
377P.M.V.Churara Bhag 1790Churara
378P.M.V.Churara Bhag 21029Churara
379P.M.V.Churara Bhag 3900Churara
380P. School Kaimari404Kaimari
381P. School Mathupura1353Mathupura
382P.V. Panchampura612Panchampura
383P.V. Taktauli1201Taktoli
385P.V. Mailwaar713Mailwar
386P.M.V.Dhakarwara Part 1769Dhakarwara
387P.M.V.Dhakarwara Part 2749Dhakarwara
388P.V. Kadaura729Kadaura
389U.P.V. Kadura684Kadaura
390P.V. Ptha944Patha
392P.V. Bhandra1248Bhandra
393P.V. Purawa560Puruwa
394P.V. Dewarighat589Deori Ghat
395P.V. Basariya1115Basariya
396P.V. Khilara1034Khilara
397P.V. Harpura762Harpura
398P.M.V.Ghatkotra Part 11325Ghatkotra
399P.M.V.Ghatkotra Part 21168Ghatkotra
400P.M.V.Bhanpura Part 1922Bhanpura
401P.M.V.Bhanpura Part 2995Bhanpura
402P.M.V.Khakora Part 11006Khakora
403P.M.V.Khakora Part 21239Khakora
404Pri School Birguaon713Birguan

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