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Polling Booth in Mahmoodabad Assembly Constituency

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Mahmoodabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mahmoodabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mahmoodabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1J.H.S Ghaila R.No. 11039Ghaila
2J.H.S Ghaila R.No. 2410Ghaila
3P. S. Hirapur712Khetmani
5P.S. Balsinghpur1194Balsinghpur
6P.S. Paraparsadipur828Para Parsadipur
7P.S. Thatheriya592Pahla
8P.S. Bhagvantpur1163Bhagwant Pur
9P.S. Belahari519Jasmanda
10P.S. Eiswarwara1435Isarwara
11P.S. Saraiya Mahipat Singh R.No.1, ????0 ??0 ?????????????? ?0?01 P.S. Saraiya Mahipat Singh R.No.2637Saria Mahepat Singh
12P.S. Umarahar590Saria Mahepat Singh
13P.S. Kanchanpur Mahriya391Umarahar
14P.S. Jasmanda826Kanchanpur Maharia
15J.H.S. Kanchanpur Sthit Gedrapur, ?????0 ??0??0 ??????? ????? ???????? J.H.S. Kanchanpur Sthit Gedrapur668Jasmanda
16J.H.S. Musaidabad200Jasmanda
16P.S. Akabapur200Gaddrapur
17P. Bhavan Gaddipur1050Mushaida Bad
18P.S. Husainpur782Akbapur
19J.H.S. Mahariya369Gaddrapur
20P.S. Trilokpur896Husainpur
21P.S. Saddupur548Maharia
22P.S. Pahadapur252Trilokpur
23P.S. Shivrukhkala1277Sadhupur
24P.S. Inayatpur1021Paharapur
26P.Bavan Gangela891Pipri Chand
26P.S. Khamhariya891Inayatpur
27P.S. Sultanapur398Ghaila
28P.S. Bhurakura883Khamaria
29P.S. Tamanapur1089Sultanpur
30P.S. Rasulpur Tarai1247Bhurkura
31J.H.S. Berhaura488Tamnapur
33P.S. Afsariya Husainpur1230Rasulpur
33P.S. Sikandrabad1230Bedhaura
34K.I.C. Sariya Raja Sahab625Afsaria Husainpur
35P.S. Sansarpur997Sinkandrabad
36P.S. Sarayan Kadipur551Saraiya Raja Sahab
38P.S. Lachhimanpur1084Saraiyan Qadipur
38P. Bavan Gaura1084Tajpur
40P.S. Rasulpur618Gaura
40P.S. Pahala618Gaura
42P.S. Todakpur590Gaura
42P.S. Raipur590Pahla
43J.H.S. Launa R.No. 1273Todakpur
44J.H.S. Launa R.No. 21440Badhaiya Dih
46P.S. Sair824Launa
46P.S. Korar824Samhaiadih
47P.S. Ghuripur1182Ser
48P.S. Lodhaura Raja Sahab1303Kosar
49P.S. Bhanpur601Ghoori Pur
50P.S. Korauli798Ladhauhra Raja Sahab
52J.H.S. Ajeemabad H/0 Babupur698Korauli
52K.S. Babupur698Banjarwa
53P.S. Babupur1124Babupur
54P.S. Paliyakhurd1017Babupur
56P.S. Madarpur514Palia Khurd
56P.S. Nathupur514Katra
58P.S. Kesaripur915Mohammadpur Kala
59P.S. Asharafpur577Kesripur
60P.S. Bilauli Bazar275Asharafpur Raja Saheb
60S. Bhavan Bilauli Bazar275Kondri
62P.S. Shekhpur H/O Bilauli Bazar1062Bilauli Bazar
62J.H.S. Godhauri1062Mustafa Bad
63P.S. Majhigavan726Sheikhwa Pur
65P.S. Khanta H/O Ramdwari498Meera Nagar
69P.S. Joraura H/0 Pachdevrachauve, ????0 ??0 ?????? ?0 ??????????? P.S. Siktiha H/0 Pachdevrachauve R.No.11022Ushmanpur
69P.S. Siktiha H/0 Pachdevrachauve R.No.2, ????0 ??0 ??????? ?0 ??????????? ?0? 2 P.S. Sohariya, ????0 ??0 ??????? P.S. Sohariya, ????0 ??0 ??????? P.S. Sohariya, ????0 ??0 ??????? P.S. Sohariya, ????0 ??0 ??????? P.S. Bhauri, 1022Painipur
70Govt. Digree Collage R.No.2, ?????? ??? ??0 ????????? ?0?0 2 Govt. Digree Collage R.No.3688Shiharu Khera
70P.S. Ramkunda R.No. 1688Ram Dwari
71P.S. Ramkunda R.No. 21014Shiharu Khera
71G.G.I.C. Mahmoodabad R.No. 11014Ataura
72G.G.I.C. Mahmoodabad R.No. 2706Unera
73G.G.I.C. Mahmoodabad R.No. 31136Godhaura
73G.G.I.C. Mahmoodabad R.No. 41136Godhauri
73G.G.I.C. Mahmoodabad R.No. 51136Daulatabad
73P.S. Mahmoodabad R.No. 11136Ambapur
74P.S. Mahmoodabad R.No. 21401Kashupur
74P.S. Mahmoodabad R.No. 31401Pholwaripur
74P.S. Mahmoodabad R.No. 41401Majhgawan
75J.H.S. Sherapur H/O Behtachhavani R.No.1, ??0??0?????? ??????? ?0 ?????????? ?0?01 J.H.S. Sherapur H/O Behtachhavani R.No.2424Kashupur
75J.H.S. Sherapur H/O Behtachhavani R.No.3, ??0??0?????? ??????? ?0 ?????????? ?0?03 J.H.S. Sherapur H/O Behtachhavani R.No.4424Pholwaripur
75J.H.S. Noorpur R. No. 1424Majhgawan
75J.H.S. Noorpur R. No. 2424Majhgawan
76J.H.S. Noorpur R. No. 3553Kashupur
77Block Office Mahmoodabad R.No.1, ?????????? ???????? ????????? ?0?0 1 Block Office Mahmoodabad R.No.2599Panchdeora Chaube
78P.S. Niyamatpur Salauddinpur847Panchdeora Chaube
79P.S. Sundauli R.No. 1754Soharia
79P.S. Sundauli R.No. 2754Tejnipur
79P.S. Gulramau R. No. 1754Soharia
79P.S. Gulramau R. No. 2754Tejnipur
80P.S. Abdullapur1107Soharia
81P.S. Mubarakpur Kala969Soharia
82P.S. Bharaharmau614Mubarakpur Khurd
83P.S. Chhangapur855Bajidnagar
84P.S. Revan453Harar Mau
86P.S.Paitepur R.No-1407Firozpur
87P.S.Paitepur R.No-2779Behti Manshah
87P.S.Paitepur R.No-3779Bajwapur
88P.S.Paitepur R.No-4774Sirauli
89K.J.H.S.Paitepur R.No.1784Sariyan Bel Deo Singh
90K.J.H.S.Paitepur R.No.2698Shahinpur
91K.J.H.S.Paitepur R.No.31175Lodhasa
92P.S. Kesharwara604Kandichndpur
93P.S. Saidanpur655Madaripur
96P.S.Mitaura1461Asharafpur Raja Saheb
101P.S.Meeranager R.No.1817Paharapur
101P.S.Meeranager R.No.2817Gohli
102P.S.Bhitaura H/O Meeranager933Paharapur
105P.S.Samada R.No.1649Kaluwapur
105P.S.Samada R.No.2649Sukaipur
107P.S.Alampur867Mahmudabad (NPP)
108P.S.Umariya1250Mahmudabad (NPP)
109P.S.Bilashpurkalan1218Mahmudabad (NPP)
110P. Bhawan Haibatpur1253Mahmudabad (NPP)
111P.S. Ranni833Mahmudabad (NPP)
112P.S. Shikarpur450Mahmudabad (NPP)
113P.S. Bahlolnagar461Chtura Behed
115P.S. Tilpura954Mahmudabad (NPP)
117P.S. Samanpur Mafi364Mahmudabad (NPP)
118P.S. Vivekpur1134Mahmudabad (NPP)
119P.S. Shahri1076Mahmudabad (NPP)
121P.S. Davindapur900Mahmudabad (NPP)
122P.S. Baisanpurva H/O Imaliya Manpur, ????0 ??0 ???????? ?0 ?????? ?????? P.S. Agaiya, ????0 ??0 ????? P.S. Sahdeva, ????0 ??0 ?????? P.S. Mo.Pur Kadeem, ????0 ??0 ??0??? ???? J.H.S. Sahipur H/O Chandanpur, ????0?????? ???????939Mahmudabad (NPP)
123P.S. Turni Sthit Sahbajpur1138Mahmudabad (NPP)
124P.S. Angethuva R.No. 11293Mahmudabad (NPP)
125P.S. Angethuva R.No. 21077Mahmudabad (NPP)
126P.S. Goraicha655Mahmudabad (NPP)
127P.S. Helepara1328Mahmudabad (NPP)
128P.S. Pipri1000Mahmudabad (NPP)
129P.S. Alhanapur818Mahmudabad (NPP)
130P.S. Gaura853Mahmudabad (NPP)
132P.S. Kothaval Sthit Biseshar822Mahmudabad (NPP)
133P.S. Muradpur H/O Gaura1087Mahmudabad (NPP)
135P.S. Bhadesar R.No. 1821Mahmudabad (NPP)
137P.S. Bhadesar R.No. 2862Mahmudabad (NPP)
138P.S. Basavanpur470Mahmudabad (NPP)
139P.S. Semri R .No. 1708Mahmudabad (NPP)
140P.S. Semri R .No. 2837Mahmudabad (NPP)
141P.S. Semri R .No. 31025Gularamau
142P.S. Samardaha622Gularamau
143P.S. Dafara391Abdullapur
144P.S. Rudain R.No. 11364Purwarewan
144P.S. Rudain R.No. 21364Bakarpur M. Paitepur
145S.B.Bh.P.J.H.S. Chandpur Faridpur R.No. 1446Bharharmaw
146S.B.Bh.P.J.H.S. Chandpur Faridpur R.No. 2587Chhangapur
147J.H.S. Bakhari H/O Mahimapur1196Rewan
148J.H.S. Gangoliya H/O Karnapur384Shyamdaspur
150P.S. Itiya1274Paintepur (NP)
151J.H.S. Chandpur Lodhouni1025Paintepur (NP)
152P.S. Sadhuvapur813Paintepur (NP)
153P.S. Lodhauni H/O Tulapur710Paintepur (NP)
154P.S. Kodaura R.N. 11165Paintepur (NP)
155P.S. Kodaura R.N. 21209Paintepur (NP)
157P.S. Chandauli1250Kesarwara
158P.S. Itaila H/O Dariyapur R.No.1801Saidanpur
158P.S. Itaila H/O Dariyapur R.No.2801Banbirpur
159P.S. Tursena256Shadi Pur
161P.S. Banehra Birbal1355Mitaura
162S.G.U.M.B. Bhethramadhava841Nandanpur
162P.S. Kanchanpur Raja Sahab841Kanjia
162P.S. Paharapur H/O Khalganva841Jahanpur
162P.S. Bharthar R.No. 1841Seluhoamau
163P.S. Bharthar R.No. 2276Deo Ria
164P.S. Bharthar R.No. 31156Meera Nagar
165P.S. Chunka991Meera Nagar
166P.S. Virasi410Bhithaura
168P.S. Unchaganva H/O Deokaliya865Samda
169U.M.V. Unchaganva H/O Deokaliya R.No.1714Maharauli
183P.S. Baisanpurva H/O Imaliya Manpur456Agaiya
184P.S. Agaiya590Sahdewa
185P.S. Sahdeva1187Mohammadpur Kadim
186P.S. Mo.Pur Kadeem745Chandanpur
187J.H.S. Sahipur H/O Chandanpur997Kedarpur
188P.S. Kedarpur R .No. 11150Kedarpur
189P.S. Kedarpur R .No. 2702Yakubpur
189J.H.S. Kedarpur702Lodhaurawajid Ali
191P.S. Murtajanagar906Mal Sarai
191P.S. Malsaryan906Khetaura Atanagar
192S.S.S. Jairampur579Jairampur
194P.S. Jafarpur902Jairampur
194P.S. Lailkalan902Lailkalan
196P.S. Bhitaura770Samhaiadih
197P.S. Samanapur H/O Bhithaura399Lail Khurd
198P.S. Lailkhurd1234Mundera
199P.S. Jodhpur H/O Mundera1322Misirkha
200P.S. Mishrikha723Khapura
201P.S. Khapura746Shamshabad
202J.H.S. Samasabad R.No. 11121Shamshabad
203J.H.S. Samasabad R.No. 21124Shamshabad
203P.S. Samasabad1124Narapur
204P.S. Alaypur H/O Samasabad455Alawalpur
206P.S. Kishunpur R.No. 1546Karanpur Dih
207P.S. Kishunpur R.No. 2755Kishunpur
208P.S. Thakurpur H/O Kishunpur1175Lalpur
209P.S. Jainipur H/O Lalpur511Bardaha
210P.S. Bardaha989Ahibanpur
211P.S. Ahibanpur R.No. 1869Randa Khurd
211P.S. Ahibanpur R.No. 2869Lohangapur
213J.J.H.S. Bakahuva R.No. 1921Bakhuan
213J.J.H.S. Bakahuva R.No. 2921Khusarwa
215P.S. Lachchhipur1156Belauli Nankari
216P.S. Bilouli Nankari909Karan Khera
217P.S. Karanj Khera696Ram Dwari
218P.S. Ramduari1038N/A
219P.S. Devoriya1197Bajehra
219P.S. Bajehra R.No. 11197Behdamber
221P.S. Bajehra R.No. 21208Bajehra
222P.S. Bairagipur H/O Bajehra633Chandpur Seth
223P.S. Chandpur Seth776Khurwal
224J.H.S. Khurval R.No. 1727Khurwal
225J.H.S. Khurval R.No. 2361Markhapur
226P.S. Markhapur571Shahpur
227P.S. Sahpur697Nabiganj
228P.S. Naviganj880Banbirpur
229P.S. Banveerpur557Banbirpur
230P.S. Sosa H/O Banveerpur1142Sadarpur
231J.H.S. Sadarpur R. No. 11388Sadarpur
232J.H.S. Sadarpur R. No. 21081Behti
233P.S. Behti1116Saraiyan Chalakapur
234P.S. Sarayan Chalakapur1099Bangawan
235P.S. Banigavan550Jadawapur
236P.S. Jadvapur909Bhusana
237P.S. Bhusna863Bhusana
237P.S. Bhurkura H/O Bhusna863Bhurkura
239P.S. Hajipur680Bakhari Kala
239P.S. Bakharikurd680Bakhari Khurd
241P.S. Kothila340Soharwa
242P.S. Sohrava587Niba Dehra
243P.S. Nibadehara914Sheikhpur
244P.S. Shekhpur367Kham Hariyan Nankari
245P.S. Khamriya Nankari840Raj Parapur
246P.S. Rajparapur684Tikra
246P.S. Tikra684Tikri
248P.S. Manohrapur418Majhigawan
249P.S. Banjhbhari H/O Maghigavan980Rasulpur
249P.S. Rasulabad R.No.1980Rasulpur
250P.S. Rasulabad R.No.2638Rasulpur
251M.R.I.C Pokharakalan R.No. 1601Rasulpur
252M.R.I.C Pokharakalan R.No. 2718Pokhra Kalan
254P.S. Harraiya1349Dharmpur
254J.H.S. Dharampur1349Umrapur
256P.S. Loniyanpurva H/O Dharmpur931Suhela
257P.S. Rajparapur H/O Suhela630Suhela
258P.S. Suhela570Sheopur Deoria
259P.S. Shivpur Devoriya601Ghurehta
260P.S. Gharthari H/O Shivpur Devoriya608Angethua
293U.M.V. Unchaganva H/O Deokaliya R.No.1, ?0??0 ??0 ?????? ?0 ????????? ?0?0 1 U.M.V. Unchaganva H/O Deokaliya R.No.21261Tursena
293P.S. Jamunadeeh1261GHURHATA
294P.S. Hariharpur H/0 Mo.Pur Kalan876Banehra Birbal
295P.S. Shishtipur654Bhethra Madho
296P.S. Gulauli471Kanchanpur Raja Sahab
297P.S. Pachdevra Bhan1368Khal Gaon
298P.S. Bambhauri875Bharthar
300P.S. Kandari332Bharthar
302P.S. Marahmatnagr R.No. 11071Bhurkura
303P.S. Marahmatnagr R.No. 21153Deo Kalia
304P.S. Luhedi811Deo Kalia
305K.P.S. Luhedi736Deo Kalia
306P.M.V. Hiluwa821Jamuna Dih
308P.M.V. Pipramaf Room No. 1753Sishtipur
309P.M.V. Pipramaf Room No. 2633Gulauli
310P.M.V. Pipramaf Room No. 3412Pancha Deora Bhan
311P.S. Karpahadiya884Bambhaura
312U.P.S. Nanaura Room No. 1757Bilaspur Kalan
312U.P.S. Nanaura Room No. 2757Sallarpur
313P.S. Nanaura Pramukh829Marahmat Nagar
314Shri Gandhi V.M.J.H.S. Nanaura855Mauzzampur

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