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Polling Booth in Kunda Assembly Constituency

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Kunda Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kunda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kunda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Badera Room No. 01800Barera
2P.V. Badera Room N. 02838Barera
3P.V. Sahijani Room No. 11358Sahjani
4P.V. Sahijani Room No.2567Sahjani
5P.V. Sheshpur591Sheshapur
6P.V. Aluvamai831Aluamaee
7P.V. Mohamidpur613Mohamidpur
8P.V. Badagau Room N844Bargaun
9P.V. Badgau Room N. 2665Bargaun
10P.V. Duluvamai767Duluamai
11P.V. Tiwaripur Room No. 11169Tiwaripur
12P.V. Tiwaripur Room No.2479Tiwaripur
13P.V. Tiwaripur Room No.3975Babullapur
14P.V. Kiyavan1098Kiyawan
15Naveen P.V. Jirvabag Kiyanva918Kiyawan
16P.V. Lattara Room No. 011113Lattara
17P.V. Lattara Room N686Lattara
18P.V. Mirgadava1061Mirgarwa
19Ch.M.U.M.V. Jwalamukhi Mirgadva1141Mirgarwa
20P.V. Antamau1044Samaspur Sailwara
21P.V. Samaspur Sailvara Room No. 01948Karamganj
22P.V. Samaspur Sailvara Room No. 02583Karamganj
23P.V. Karamganj841Karamganj
24P.V. Bajahabhit1340Bajaha Bhit
25P.V. Chaurahi934Chaurahi
26P.V. Atauliya1363Atauliya
27P.V.Bariyava Room No. 01997Bariyawan
28P.V. Bariyavan1157Bariyawan
29P.V. Hinahu Room No. 01862Hinahun
30P.V. Hinahu Room No. 02816Hinahun
31P.V. Sindhaul410Sindharuparhar
32P.V. Kalakankar Room No. 011007Mohamdabad Uparhar Kalakankar
33P.V. Kalakankar Room N. 2796Mohamdabad Uparhar Kalakankar
34P.V. Sangarampur1032Sangrampurkachhar
35P.V. Kishundaspur592Kishandaspur
36P.V. Shahabad Room N. 1901Manikpur (NP)
37P.V. Shahabad Room N. 2766Manikpur (NP)
38S.S.S.Babhanpur1124Manikpur (NP)
39P.V. Babhanpur Room N. 1837Manikpur (NP)
40P.V. Babhanapur Room N. 2937Manikpur (NP)
41Kanya P.V. Babhanapur Room N926Manikpur (NP)
42Kanya P.V. Babhanpur Room N. 21087Manikpur (NP)
43I.C. Manikpur Room N. 11168Manikpur (NP)
44I.C. Manikpur Room N. 2944Manikpur (NP)
45I.C. Manikpur Room N. 31392Manikpur (NP)
46P.V. Chaukaparpur Room No. 01897Chaukaparpur
47P.V. Chaukaparpur Room No. 02879Chaukaparpur
48P.V. Dadauli Room No.11315Dandauli
49P.V. Dadauli Room N. 2670Karim Nagar
50P.V. Launda593Launda
51P.V. Aimasbhau1087Ama Asbhaun
52P.V. Yadavpatti Room N. 011013Bhanapur
53P.V. Yadavpatti Room N. 02499Patihar
54P.V. Mubarakpur Room No. 11345Mubarakpur
55P.V. Mubarakpur Room No. 02359Mubarakpur
56P.V. Mamauli649Mamauli
57P.V. Khamsara Room No. 011108Khamsara Uperhar
58P.V. Khamsara Room No. 02832Khamsara Uperhar
59P.V. Gotani Room N. 1922Gotani Uperhar
60P.V. Gotani Room N. 2759Gotani Uperhar
61P.V. Miriya Room No. 011152Miriya
62P.V. Miriya Room No. 021292Salempur Bauraha
63P.V. Maudara Room N. 11021Maudara Uparhar
64P.V. Maudara Room N. 2513N/A
65P.V. Maudara Room No. 031442Maudara Uparhar
66P.V. Bulakipur948Bulakipur
67P.V. Amilaha679Amilaha
68P.Bh. Tajuddinpur1184Tajuddinpur
69P.V. Karenti1225Karenti
70P.V. Dilerganj Room N. 11397Dilerganj
71P.V. Dilerganj Room No. 021249Dilerganj
72P.V. Sujauli Room N. 11022Sujauli
73P.V. Sujauli Room No. 02824Sujauli
74P.V. Shahavpur1444Sahabpur
75R.N.I.Ka.Pure Dhanau Room No. 011374Dehgari Jamalpur
76Ram Naresh I.C. Pure Dhanau Room N. 21297Dehgari Jamalpur
77P.V. Kusaahil Deeh Room N. 11037Kushahildih
78P.V. Kusaahil Deeh Room N. 2829Kachhi Patti
79P.V. Kusahil Bazar931Kushahil Bazar
80P.V. Radhauli1406Randhauli
81P.V. Keshavpur731Keshavpur
82P.V. Jakhamai Room No. 01851Jakhamaee
83P.V. Jakhamai Room No. 02900Jakhamaee
84P.V. Sahumai1151Sahumaee
85P.V. Mavaikala1356Mavaee Kalan
86P.V. Itaura1185Intaura
87P.V. Peeranagar Room N. 1877Ugapur
88P.V. Peeranagar Room N. 2990Peeranagar
89Janta U.M.V. Barai Room No. 1950Baraee
90Janta U.M.V. Barai Room N. 02808Baraee
91Janta U.M.V. Barai Room No. 31402Baraee
92Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Itaura Barai1059Baraee
93P.V. Panah Nagar Barai Room N. 11390Baraee
94P.V. Panah Nagar Barai Room N. 21318Baraee
95Kuldev B.J.H. Mahmadpur Barai558Mahamadpur Baraee
96T.P. I.C. Kunda Room N. 11156Kunda (NP)
97T.P. I.C. Kunda Room N. 2488Kunda (NP)
98T.P.I.C. Kunda Room N. 31407Kunda (NP)
99S.I.C. Purani Imarat Room N. 03982Kunda (NP)
100S.I.C. Purani Imarat Room N. 04679Kunda (NP)
101P.V. Kunda Room N.11432Kunda (NP)
102P.V. Kunda Room N. 2976Kunda (NP)
103P.V. Kunda Room N. 3833Kunda (NP)
104P.V. Rajanpur Room N.1934Kunda (NP)
105P.V. Rajanpur Room N. 2784Kunda (NP)
106P.V. Kunda(Naya Bhavan) Room No.1828Kunda (NP)
107P.V. Kunda(Naya Bhavan) Room No.21076Kunda (NP)
108P.V. Faredupur Room N. 11012Kunda (NP)
109P.V. Faredupur Room N. 2775Kunda (NP)
110S.I.C. Purani Imarat Kunda Room N. 11250Kunda (NP)
111S.I.C. Purani Imarat Room N. 02728Kunda (NP)
112P.V. Purana Kunda Room N. 01789Kunda (NP)
113T.P.I.C. Kunda Room No. 4921Kunda (NP)
114P.V. Tilauri Vikrampur1230Kunda (NP)
115P.V. Aghiya1178Aghiya
116P.V. Karimnagar Chausa1248Chausa
117P.V. Chaunsa1004Chausa
118P.V. Rahvai Room N. 1990Rahawaee
119P.V. Rahvai Room N. 2674Rahawaee
120P.V. Rahvai Room No. 31110Rahawaee
121Sanjay Gandhi J.H. School Rahavai804Rahawaee
122S.S.S. Mauli Room N. 11360Mauli
123S.S.S. Mauli Room N. 21214Mauli
124P.V. Mauli1280Mauli
125P.V. Benti1445Bainti Uparhar
126P.V. Devigarh Benti1315Bainti Uparhar
127P.M.V. Benti Room N. 01574Baititalab
128Pu.Ma.V. Benti Room No. 021281Baititalab
129P.V.N.Bh. Benti Room No. 011114Bainti Uparhar
130P.V. Naya Bhavan Benti Room N. 2480Bainti Uparhar
131P.V. Shahpur Room No. 011192Shahpur Uparhar
132P.V. Shahavpur Room N. 2954Shahpur Kachhar
133P.V. Banemau Room No. 01851Banemau Uparhar
134P.V. Banemau Room N. 2871Banemau Talab
135P.V. Lauva Sukhdevpur628Lavasukhdeopur
136P.Bh. Mohaddinagar1321Mohaddi Nagaruparhar
137P.V. Mohaddinagar1399Mohaddinagar Kachhar
138P.V. Balipur754Mohaddinagar Kachhar
139P.V. Maheva Mohanpur992Maheva Mohanpur
140I.C. Hathigavan Room N. 011306Hathigwan
141I.Ka.Hathigavan Room No. 02849Hathigwan
143P.V. Hathigava Room No. 011002Hathigwan
144P.V. Hathiganva Room N. 02874Hathigwan
145P.V. Puranemau Room No. 011109Purnemauuparhar
146P.V. Puranemau Room No. 021189Purnemautalab
147P.V. Puranemau Room No. 031160Purnemautalab
148P.V. Gayaspur Room N. 11272Gayaspur
149P.V. Gayaspur Room N. 21307Gayaspur
150P.V. Majhilganv Room N. 11416Majhil Geon
151P.V. Majhilgavan Room N0. 021022Majhil Geon
152P.V. Majhilganv Room N0. 03573Majhil Geon
153P.V. Majhilganv Room N0. 041469Majhil Geon
154P.V. Jamethi Room No. 011139Jamethi
155P.V. Jamethi Room No. 02798Jamethi
156P.V. Jamethi Room N. 3724Jamethi
157P.V. Jamethi Room No 41123Jamethi
158P.V. Jamethi Atirikt Room502Jamethi
159P.V. Pure Lalsahab1011Sariyawan
160P.V. Sariyanva Room N. 01853Sariyawan
161P.V. Sariyanva Room N. 021142Sariyawan
162P.V. Tajpur Room No. 01856Tajpur
163P.V. Tajpur Room No. 021066Shergarh
164P.V. Tajpur Room No. 031444Tajpur
165P.V. Khemipur Room No. 011252Khemipur
166P.V. Dhikuhi805Dhekuhi
167P.V. Basahipur Room No. 01823Basahipur
168P.V. Basahipur Room No. 02930Basahipur
169P.V. Raiyapur Room N. 11398Raiyapur
170P.V. Raiyapur Room N. 21306Raiyapur
171P.V. Raiyapur Room No. 031417Raiyapur
172P.V. Pahadpur Banohi1188Paharpur Banoahi
173Seadstore Saray Kirat1331Saraykirt
174P.V. Bhadari Room No. 011381Bhadri
175P.V. Bhadari Room No. 021225Bhadri
176P.V. Bachhandamau Room No. 011402Bachhandamau
177P.V. Bachhandamau Room No. 02906Bachhandamau
178P.V. Suniyavan Room No. 01898Suniyawan
179P.V. Suniyavan Room No. 02802Suniyawan
180J.L.I.C. Ramapur1267Ramapur
181P.V. Bhulsa976Bulsa
182P.V. Saraiya Parveshpur867Saraya Praveshpur
183P.V. Maharupur825Kabirpur
184M.M.D.J.H. School Akhtiyari Kotila830Akhitayari Kotila
185P.V. Bisahiya Room N. 11307Bisaihiya
186P.V. Bisahiya Room N. 21149Bisaihiya
187P.V. Bisahiya Room N. 31104Bisaihiya
188P.V. Shekhpur Ashik1501Shekhpur Ashik
189P.V. Diha1386Deeha
190P.V. Mishradayalpur Room No. 1808Mishradayalpur
191P.V. Mishradayalpur Room No. 2713Mahrajpur
192P.V. Khidirpur606Khidirpur
193P.V. Paranupur646Pranpur
194P.V. Bahadurpur798Bahadurpur
195P.V. Bachharauli1134Bachhrauli
196P.V. Pareva Narayanpur Room N. 11209Parewanarayanpur
197P.V. Parevanarayanpur Room N794Parewanarayanpur
198P.V. Pareva Narayanpur Other Room755Parewanarayanpur
199P.V. Kaimba Room No. 011027Kamba
200P.V. Kaimba Room No. 021161Kamba
201P.V. Kaimba Room No. 031338Kamba
202P.V. Malakarajakpur Room No. 01624Malakarajakpur
203P.V. Malakarajakpur Ati0 Room905Malakarajakpur
204P.V. Malakarajakpur Room No. 021436Malakarajakpur
205P.V. Narsinghpur Room No. 01661Shivrampur
206P.V. Narsinghpur Room No. 02871Narsinghpur
207P.V. Tikuri Dasharathpur634Tikuridashrathpur
208P.V. Ahibaranpur1393Tikuridashrathpur
209P.V. Naubasta1238N/A
210P.V. Parasipur Room No. 01759Kashipur Mohan
211P.V. Harishankarpur412Harishanker
212P.V. Parsipur Room No. 21286Kalyanpur
213P.V. Saja1252Saza
214P.V. Samaspur Room No. 01810Samaspur
215P.V. Samaspur Room No. 021011Samaspur
216P.V. Kanti Akhaibarpur1049Katiakhaiberpur
217P.V. Dhimi1022Dheemi
218P.V. Dariyapur783Dariyapur
219P.V. Jahanabad Room No. 011119Jahanabad Uparhar
220P.V. Jahanabad Room No. 021270Jahanabad Kachhar
221P.V. Bhadshiv1488Bhadisu
222P.V. Pingari1449Pingaree
223P.V. Ramgarh Banohi Room 011168Ramgarh Banohi
224P.V. Ramgadh Banohi Room N. 2753Andawan
225P.V. Mirpur Banohi907Barhaipur
226P.V. Silavatpur1013Silawatpur
227P.V. Bihar Room N1184Dever Patti
228P.V. Bihar Room N. 021036Dever Patti
229J.J.V.I.Ka. Bihar Room No. 01761Dever Patti
230J.J.V.I.Ka. Bihar Room No. 02826Dever Patti
231J.J.De.V.I.C. Bihar Room N. 3903Dever Patti
232J.J.De.V.I.C. Bihar Room N. 4656Teki Patti
233Ju.Ha.Sc. Tekipatti Room No. 011325Teki Patti
234Ju.Ha.Sc. Tekipatti Room No. 02831Teki Patti
235P.V. Saray Said Khan1123Saray Said Khan
236P.M.V. Autarpur Room N. 1753Autarpur
237Pu.Ma.V. Autarpur Room No. 02864Autarpur
238P.V. Karmajitpatti Room No. 011494Karmajeet Patti
239S.B.V. Chhenunga995Chheunga
240P.Bh. Fulpur Mauri1123Phoolpur Mauri
241P.V. Fulpur Mauri1023Phoolpur Mauri
242U.M.V. Maghi Chainagadh Room No11089Maghi Chaingarh
243U.M..V. Maghi Chainagadh Room N. 02995Maghi Chaingarh
244P.V. Puvasi Room No. 01943Punwasi
245S.B.B.Puvasi Room No. 01900Punwasi
246P.V. Puvasi Room No. 02668Punwasi
247P.V. Umari Kotila Room No. 011178Umari Kotila
248P.V. Umari Kotila Room No. 02534Umari Kotila
249P.V. Mahrajpur665Mahrajpur
250P.V. Malava Chhajaipur Room No. 011014Malawachhajaipur
251P.V. Malava Chajaipur Room N. 2569Malawachhajaipur
252P.V. Chhatar796Chhattar
253P.V. Jalalpur Barau650Jalalpurbaro
254P.V. Barau Room No. 011393Baro
255P.V. Barau Room No. 021395Baro
256S.B.B. Sundarganj(Ror) Room N. 01909Roar
257Si.B.V. Sundarganj(Ror) Room N. 021028Roar
258P.V. Raypur849Raypur
259P.V. Trilokpur1283Trilokpur
260P.V. Fulpur Rama1099Phoolpur Mauri
261P.V. Chakvad Room No. 011170Chakwar
262P.V. Chakvad Room No. 02942Chakwar
263S.B.V. Kamasin Devi1376Bhitipur Naine
264P.V. Tiwari Mahamadpur1170Tiwarimahmad Pur
265P.V. Khargipur556Khargapur
266P.V. Kodarajit1396Raishpur
267P.V. Narangpur761Narangpur
268Ne.Sma.I.Ka. Kodarajeet Dhanvasa Room No. 011021Dhanwasa
269Ne.Sma.I.Ka. Kodarajeet Dhanvasa Room No. 02727Dhanwasa
270P.V. Khargapur638Khargapur
271P.V. Kamolibirbhanpur1001Kamoliveer Bhanpur
272P.V. Malaknara609Malaknara
273P.V. Naudhiya779Naurhia
274P.V. Gogauri578Gogauri
275P.V. Barbaspur777Barbaspur
276P.V. Panchmahuva Room N. 11111Panch Mahua
277P.V. Panchmahuva Room N. 21172Panch Mahua
278P.V. Samaspurdamu Room No. 01672Kodrasal
279P.V. Samaspurdamu Room No. 02968Samaspur Damoo
280S.B.V. Karaini499Karainy
281P.V. Saray Babuin722Saraybabuien
282P.V. Saray Babuin Sthit Mahmadpur Bhav960Mahmadpur Bhav
283P.V. Mujedhi Khas668Mujethi
284P.V. Banshiyara1230Bansiyara
285P.V. Gaura578Gaura
286P.V. Bhav786Bhaw
287P.V. Bhav Dvtiya Bhavan1031Bhaw
288P.Bh. Bhatpurva374Bhatpurwa
289P.V. Maidhar453Maidhar
290J.H.S. Dharupur859Dharupur
291P.V. Siya Room N. 11337Shiya
292P.V. Siya Room N. 2662Shiya
293P.V. Siya Room N. 3924Shiya
294P.V. Siya Room N. 4678Shiya
295P.V. Atarsui518Atarsuie
296P.M.V. Ramdaspatti Room No. 011398Ramdas Patti
297U.M.V. Ramdaspatti Room No. 021148Ramdas Patti
298P.V. Budhepur1437Burhepur
299P.V. Rampur Room N. 011322Ramapur
300P.V. Rampur Room N. 02439Ramapur
301P.V. Kotava1138Kotwa
302P.V. Sarai Nahar1102Saroy Nahar
303P.V. Jamalamau Room No. 11096Jamlamau
304P.V. Jamalamau Room N. 02764Jamlamau
305P.V. Namdevpur1078Namdeopur
306P.V. Malak Tilhai1132Malak Tilhai
307P.V. N.Bh. Bedhangopalpur Room No. 01932Bendhan Gopalpur
308P.V. N.Bh. Bedhangopalpur Room No. 02684Babullapur
309Pu.Ma.V. Seraparpur Bedhangopalpur Room No. 011274Bendhan Gopalpur
310Pu.Ma.V. Seraparpur Bedhangopalpur Room No. 02875Bendhan Gopalpur
311P.V. Bihariya Room No. 011207Biharia
312P.V. Bihariya Room N. 2454Biharia
313P.V. Rasoolpur Nindura712Rasoolpur Nindura
314P.V. Jaisava1194Jaisawan
315P.V. Ibrahimpur657Ibrahimpur
316P.V. Kudha1060Ibrahimpur
317P.V. Barana Room1138Barna
318P.V. Barana Room No. 021135Barna
319P.V. Pithipur Room No. 01694Pithipur
320P.V. Pithipur Room No. 021357Pithipur
321P.V. Shakardha Pratham Bhavan Room N. 011474Shakerdaha
322P.V. Shakardha Pratham Bhavan Room N. 021400Shakerdaha
323P.V. Shakardha Dwitiya Room N. 01992Shakerdaha
324P.V. Shakardaha Second Room No. 021483Shakerdaha
325P.V. Shakdaha Other. Room 011037Shakerdaha
326P.V. Shakdaha Other. Room 02564Shakerdaha

Last Updated on December 19, 2014