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Polling Booth in Kerakat Assembly Constituency

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Kerakat Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kerakat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kerakat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P S Itaili976Itaili
2P S Rasulpur Ojhainiya North Side1287Rasulpur Ojhaniya
3P S Rampur North Side1326Rampur
4P S Hanuwadeeh915Hanuadih
5P S Sosapatti559Sosapatti
6P S Bijhwarsarang1289Bijhwar Sagar
7P S Naipura East Side893Naipura
8P S Naipura Middle Side1061Naipura
9P S Narainpur316Narainpur
10P S Shahabuddinpur297Shahabuddinpur Lurkhuri
11P S Kanhauli1019Kanhauli
12P S Gaddipur1253Suchitpur
13Gob U M V Muftiganj East Side861Udiasan Urf Mufti Ganj
14Gob U M V Muftiganj Middle Side1393Udiasan Urf Mufti Ganj
15P S Bhogipatti1371Bhogipatti
16P S Nishan North Side983Nishan
17P S Nishan South Side998Nishan
19P S Jamuwari947Jamuari
20P S Mahimapur385Mahimapur
21P S Kundi South Side789Kundi
23P S Amara North Side1162Amara
24P S Amara South Side611Amara
25P S Aswara North Side994Aswara
27P S Lurkhuri455Lurkhuri
28P S Bhadewara East Side1271Bhadeora
29P S Bhadewara North Side1000Bhadeora
31P S Bhadewara West Side1070Bhadeora
32P S Parauwa1242Paruwa
33P S Bhuili North Side1112Bhuili
34P S Bhuili South Side1183Bhuili
36P S Bari North Side1312Bari
37P S Bari South Side995Bari
38P S Suraila East Side1029Suraila
39P S Suraila West Side807Suraila
40P S Dhanapur576Dahanpur
41P S Tara East Side719Tara
42P S Umari996Umari
43P S Pauni1159Pauni
44S V Bhawan Bhausinghpur912Bhawsinghpur
45Jhs Pesara East Side1203Pesara
46Jhs Pesara Middle Side1037Pesara
47Jhs Pesara West Side1124Pesara
48P S Sakara North Side1110Sakara
50P S Sakara South Side1029Sakara
51P S Mehauda East Side812Mehaura
52P S Mehauda West Side1089Mehaura
53Jhs Bagthari East Side1412Bagthari
54Jhs Bagthari West Side1240Bagthari
55Adarsh I C Murara North Side1052Murara
57Adarsh I C Murara South Side1124Murara
58P S Khatahara1137Khathara
60P S Mallupur746Mallupur
61P S Ajorpur1203Ajorpur
62P S Kadahara1101Kadahara
64P M V Ahan North Side1024Ahan
66P S Ahan South Side596Ahan
67P S Murtazabad North Side1192Murtazabad
68P S Murtazabad South Side926Murtazabad
69P S Harikaranpatti345Dewakalpur
70P S Dewakalpur1379Dewakalpur
71Nalde Kuldev I C Belaon North Side1119Belawon
72Nalde Kuldev I C Belaon Middle Side961Belawon
73Nalde Kuldev I C Belaon South Side528Badwar
74P S Matiyari919Matiyari
75P S Katahari North Side1328Katahari
76P S Katahari South Side741Katahari
77Panchayat Bhawan Katka824Katka
78P S Vijaipur East Side1145Bijaipur
79P S Vijaipur West Side1101Bijaipur
80Jhs Virampur North Side1013Birampur
81Jhs Virampur Middle Side926Birampur
82Jhs Virampur South Side443Birampur
83P S Kevati526Kevati
84Panchayat Bhawan Bairagiya93Bairagiya
85P S Balaipur East Side1061Balaipur
86P S Ghurahupur1097Ghurahupur
87P S Lakthepur1134Lakathepur
88Jhs Pasewa North Side1030Pasewan
90Jhs Pasewa South Side1245Pasewan
91Jhs Pasewa Middle Side885Pasewan
93P S Dewakali East Side1494Deokali
94P S Dewakali Middle Side920Deokali
95P S Vikrampur593Vikrampur
96P S Meerpur472Meerpur
97P S Jaigopalganj Dharaura North Side1258Dharaura
98P S Chaukiya1235Chaukian
99P S Ataraura911Atrora
100P S Gangauli764Gangauli
101Hargovind Singh Jhs Jaigopalganj Dharaura1122Hurhuri
103P S Tariyari North Side1009Tariyari
104P S Tariyari South Side1373Tariyari
105P S Dilla Ka Pura(Usarpur)706Umarwar
106P S Sahura684Sahura
107P S Parmanandpur1389Parmanandpur
108P S Brahmanpur North Side945Brahamanpur
109P S Brahmanpur South Side677Baramanpur
110P S Belahari1388Belhari
111P P Pataura1304Pataura
112B B Sadhanapeeth I College Pataura696Pataura
113P S Paliya480Paliya
114Ikbal Inter College Suratpur1369Suratpur
115P S Karmauna756Madhopur
116P S Akauni1367Pipari
117Shiraje Hind H S School Murki864Murki
120P S Sultanpur1156Sultanpur
121Bhagwant I C Amihit North Side1069Amhit
122Bhagwant I C Amihit South Side887Amhit
124Umv Senapur North Side1116Senapur
125Umv Senapur Middle Side1177Senapur
126Umv Senapur South Side751Senapur
127P S Kukraudha281Kukraundha
129P S Puranpur East Side615Charanadih
130P S Puranpur West Side981Puranpur
131P S Basgit1104Basgit
132P S Sarki1389Sarki
133P S Banjarepur1236Banjarepur
134P S Dehari East Side911Dehari
135P S Dehari West Side661Dehari
136K P S Dehari East Side744Dehari
137K P S Dehari West Side942Dehari
138P S Deduwana North Side1079Deruwana
139P S Deduwana Middle Side1228Deruwana
140P S Nadauli754Nadauli
141Jhs Akbarpur North Side1117Akbarpur
142Jhs Akbarpur South Side1048Akbarpur
143Jhs Akbarpur Middle Side1031Akbarpur
144Jhs Chhitauna East Sid1044Chhitauna
145Jhs Chitauna1126Chhitauna
146P S Kusaila North Sid866Kusaila
147P S Kusaila South Side690Kusaila
148P S Chaura955Chaura
150P S Pachawar East Side821Pachwar
151P S Pachawar West Side780Pachwar
152P S Surhurpur725Surhurpur
154P S Sijhwara1019Sijhwara
155K P S Shahabuddinpur North Side930Sahabuddinpur
156K P S Shahabuddinpur South Side520Sahabuddinpur
157P S Khepatpur338Sahabuddinpur
158Jhs Sarauni Purab Patti East Side914Sarauni Purab Patti
160Jhs Sarauni Purab Patti Middle Side1245Sarauni Purab Patti
161Jhs Sarauni Purab Patti West Side623Sarauni Purab Patti
162P S Sarauni Paschim Patti North Side1372Sarauni Paschhim Patti
163P S Sarauni Paschim Patti South Side635Sarauni Paschhim Patti
164Inter College Maniyara818Kerakat (NP)
166Public Inter College Maniyara731Sihauli
167Public Inter College Maniyara Middle Side944Kerakat (NP)
169P S Bhairobhanpur Sthit Gram Murlipur461Murlipur
170P S Maniyara691Maniyara
172Adarsh P S Saraibiru East Side1091Bhairo Bhanpur
173Adarsh P S Saraibiru West Side1225Saraibiru
174K P S Shekhzada North Side1405Kerakat (NP)
175K P S Shekhzada South Side959Kerakat (NP)
177Shivmurti B Inter College Kerakat1256Kerakat (NP)
178Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Luttipur Narhan North Side1353Kerakat (NP)
179Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Luttipur Narhan Middle Side1420Kerakat (NP)
180Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Luttipur Narhan South Side1189Kerakat (NP)
181P S Chakraret(Narhan)766Narhan
182P S Haudawa (Narhan)1152Narhan
183P S Kerakat(Normal School Campus)1218Narhan
185Navnirmit P S Udaichandpur East Side1027Udaichandpur
187Navnirmit P S Udaichandpur West Side992Udaichandpur
188K Jhs Udaichandpur North Side1166Udaichandpur
189P S Basbari East Side891Bansbari
190P S Basbari West Side905Bansbari
191P S Dewariya(Bambawan)995Bambawan
192P S Bagerawa615Bagerwa
193P S Bambawan1218Bambawan
194Kisan Umv Thanagaddi East Side1237Thana Gaddi
196Kisan Umv Thanagaddi West Side1338Thana Gaddi
197P S Tadawa1327Tarawa
199P S Kohari827Kohari
200P S Auwar North Side1088Auwar
201P S Auwar South Side1092Auwar
202Jhs Mai North Side827Mai
203Jhs Mai South Side1012Mai
204Jhs Mai Middle Side800Mai
205P S Mai North Side1261Mai
206P S Tusauri North Side1010Tusauri
207P S Tusauri South Side867Tusauri
208P S Chaktari373Chaktari
209P S Bhadehari East Side973Bhadehari
210P S Bhadehari West Side956Bhadehari
211Pmv Mishran Chhoti Bhadehari577Bhadehari
212P S Chhataripur North Side950Chhataripur
213P S Chhataripur South Side1309Ailia
214P S Rampur442Rampur Soiri
215P S Saraiya988Saraiya
216P S Khutahana374Khutahna
217Kutir Inter College Chakke924Khalispur Khurd
219P S Jarhila Kala1079Jarahila Kalan
220P S Chhatideeh North Side1155Chhati Dih
221P S Chhatideeh South Side1312Chhati Dih
222P S Mathurapur North Side653Mahuwari
223P S Mathurapur South Side988Mahuwari
224P S Kanuwani North Side1150Kanuwani
225P S Kanuwani South Side1467Kanuwani
226Pmv Tekurideeh1163Kanuwani
227P S Makhdoompur1247Makhdumpur
228Panchayat Ghar Makhdoompur514Makhdumpur
229P S Thaur1281Thaur
230P S Rehari890Rehari
231P S Kusaon1247Kusanw
232Jhs Bhaupur North Side968Bhaupur
233Jhs Bhaupur Middle Side948Bhaupur
234P S Jagapur1262Jagapur
235P S Khewasipur North Side935Khewsipur
236Jhs Khewsipur618Khewsipur
237P S Bind North Side630Binde
238P S Bind South Side612Binde
239K P S Marahi1121Marhi
240Umv Kharagsenpur822Kharagsenpur
243P S Sohani North Side1000Sohani
244P S Maha Ka Pura1011Sohani
247P S Nihalapur663Nihalapur
248Sahzadi B V Naupur1333Naupur
249P P Asmaanpatti1160Naupur
250P S Naupur West Side593Naupur
251Panchayat Ghar Naupur1168Naupur
252Navnirmit P S Barai Khas East Side1453Barai
253Navnirmit P S Barai Khas West Side1293Barai
254P P Nuwav898Nunaw
255P S Barai East Side511Nunaw
256P S Masauda (Behada)1204Behara
257Jhs Behada South Side1142Behara
258Jhs Behada Middle Side796Behara
259P S(Arka) Behada East Side1336Behara
260P S Behada West Side1203Behara
261P S Saroj Badewar East Side1103Saroj Barewar
262P S Saroj Badewar West Side358Saroj Barewar
263Panchayat Bhawan Saidkhanpur706Saidkhanpur
264P S Bhitari North Side1012Bhitari
265P S Gopalpur481Gopalpur
266P S Shivrampur Khurd927Shivram Pur Khurd
267Janta I C Ratnupur North Side1024Ratnupur
268Janta I C Ratnupur Near Office535Patel
269P S Shivrampur Kala731Shivram Pur Kalan
270P S Jamuwa1022Jamua
271P S Gulara West Side1037Gulara
272P S Barahimpur602Barahimpur
273P S Jamsar972Jamsar
274P S Parapatti719Parapati
275P S Dewrai North Side1120Deorai
276P S Dewrai West Side414Deorai
277P S Bagi485Bagi
278P S Ghod Daud North Side1071Ghordaur
279P S Ghod Daud South Side608Ghordaur
280P S Bantari693Bantari
281P S Baluwa894Balua
282P S Parsaudi536Parsauri
283P S Baraichh Middle Side887Baraichha
284P S Ramgarh South Side430Birbhanpur
286P S Kosade(Bhaisa)906Bhainsa
287P S Bhaisa North Side383Bhainsa
288P S Bhaisa Middle Side1383Bhainsa
289P S Bhaisa South Side881Bhainsa
290P S Baramanpur1286Brahamanpur
291P S Umarwar North Side778Umarwar
292K P S Umarwar North Side724Umarwar
293P S Parsadipur(Umarwar)1203Umarwar
294P S Mahuli902Mahuli
295P S Barachha1171Baraichha
296P S Kodare(Gobara)709Gobra
297P S Gobara North Side411Gobra
298P S Gobara Middle Side1177Gobra
299Jhs Mahadewa1230Kusarna
302P S Tejpur North Side992Tejpur
303P S Tejpur South Side1140Tejpur
304P S Laxmi Narain School Bhaura North Side882Bhaura
305P S Laxmi Narain School Bhaura Middle Side978Bhaura
306K P S Bhaura484Rampur Bhaura
307P S Daudpur409Daudpur
308P S Akhaipur1087Akhaipur
309B V Narainpur East Side1044Narainpur
310P S Chakara1046Chakra
312P S Mandupur1256Mandupur
313P S Gothauli Middle Side813Gothauli
315P S Dewlaspur1190Devlaspur
316Panchayat Bhawan Baluwa Bijaipur384Balua Bijaipur
317Jhs Khujjhi North Side1174Khujjhi
318Jhs Khujjhi South Side1002Khujjhi
319P S Lebaruwa East Side1246Lebrua
320P S Sidhauni1199Sidhauni
321P S Bishunpur Lebaruwa East Side1145Bishun Pur Lebrua
322P S Bishunpur Lebaruwa West Side960Bishun Pur Lebrua
323P S Ailiya East Side934Ailia
324P S Ailiya West Side887Ailia
325P S Amuwar808Amuwar
326P S Panihar Chhawani1000Panihar
327P S Murkha East Side854Murkha
328P S Murkha West Side797Murkha
329Jhs Kanaura Middle Side1160Kanaura
330Jhs Kanaura South Side986Kanaura
331P S Amiliya North Side854Amiliya
332P S Amiliya South Side866Amiliya
334P S Brahmanpur Middle Side603Brahmanpur
335Jhs Hirapur Machahati East Side1042Hirapur Machahati
336Jhs Hirapur Machahati Middle Side1291Hirapur Machahati
337Jhs Hirapur Machahati West Side636Hirapur Machahati
338P S Bardeeha North Side957Bardiha
339P S Aklakhimandupur971Umari
341P S Satmesara North Side1231Satmesara
342P S Satmesara South Side965Satmesara
343P S Deeha1034Diha
344P S Abahadpur962Abahadpur
345P S Amrauna East Side919Amrauna
346P S Amrauna West Side787Amrauna
347P S Karanehuwa Uchehuwa East Side920Karnehua Uchehua
348P S Karanehuwa Uchehuwa West Side599Karnehua Uchehua
349P S Jhanjhapar(Taraon)946Tarawan
350P S Taraon Middle Side1225Tarawan
351P S Taraon South Side1218Tarawan
352P S Kashidaspur556Kashidaspur
353M H School Koilari North Side1179Koilari
354M H School Koilari Middle Side913Surakpur
355M H School Koilari South Side567Koilari
356P S Ramdattpur666Bhimpur
357P S Kusumhi North Side810Kusumahi
358P S Kusumhi South Side751Kusumahi
359P S Jarasi North Side998Jarasi
360P S Jarasi South Side957Jarasi
361P S Bhulandeeh1094Bhulandih
362P S Loharakhor586Loharakhor
363P S Kasili768Kasili
364P S Habusahi North Side915Habusahi
365P S Habusahi South Side827Habusahi
366P S Bodsarkala323Bodsarkalan
367P S Bodari North Side952Bodari
368P S Bodari South Side640Bodari
369P S Bodsar Khurd1357Bodasar Khurd
370Umv Pokhara518Pokhara
371P S Kachhawan North Side1393Kachwan
372P S Kachhawan South Side1364Kachwan
373P S Navnirmit Vidyalay Second Kachhwan1280Kachwan
374P S Anegpur538Anegpur
375P S Ramdevpur East Side1240Ramdevpur
376P S Ramdevpur West Side1038Ramdevpur
377K Jhs Dobhikhas1235Chaktand
378P S Hariharpur Sthit Mazara Badaiyapar1138Hariharpur
379P S Hariharpur Middle Side1115Hariharpur
380P S Hariharpur South Side1299Hariharpur
381P S Hariharpur1074Hariharpur
382P S Hatawa988Hatwa
384P S Barmalpur North Side564Barmalpur
385P S Barmalpur South Side856Barmalpur
386R V M Inter College Chandwak North Side1381Chandwak
387R V M Inter College Chandwak East Side828Chandwak
389R V M Inter College Chandwak South Side856Chandwak
391P S Chandwak263Chawarwar
392P S Hardasipur565Hardasipur
393P S Khaliyakhas957Maniyarepur
394P S Chaubepur786Jamunibari
395P S Biri East Side1419Bari
396P S Biri West Side886Bari
398P S Jamunibari North Side599Jamunibari
399P S Barauti764Barauti
400P S Rasada1257Rasra
401P S Hardattpur526Hardattapur
402P S Puranpurp S Puranpur439Puranpur
404P S Thunhi East Side986Thunhi
405P S Thunhi West Side760Thunhi
406P S Madar1113Madar
407P S Baktahi1323Dhanarkha
408P S Chitako East Side1042Chitkon
409P S Chitako Middle Side282Chitkon
410P S Lokapatti764Lokapatti
411P S Marikpur1280Marikpur
412P S Second Hisampur North Side1125Hisampur
413P S Second Hisampur Middle Side1132Hisampur
414P S First Hisampur Bag Me South Side940Hisampur
415P S Majhili1401Majhili
416P S Baba Ka Pura Madi North Side1248Marhi
417P S Baba Ka Pura Madi South Side1286Marhi
418Umv Madi East Side1193Marhi
419Umv Madi Middle Side873Marhi
421Umv Madi North Side535Marhi
422`P S Ataharpar1188Ataharpar
423P S Bisauri1233Bisauri
424P S Patarahi1077Patrahi
425P S Kopa East Side1398Kopa
426P S Kopa West Side1028Kopa
427P S Dudhauda778Dudhaura
428P S Bahiri1186Bahiri
429Umv Rehari North Side942Rehari
430Umv Rehari South Side634Rehari
431P S Barahpur610Barahpur
432P S Ghutatha770Ghuttha
433P S Amiliyasani715Amilia Sani
434P S Kakarapar790Kakrapar
436Jhs Balrampur East Side786Balirampur
437Jhs Balrampur West Side1156Balirampur
438P S Narkata Fok1065Narkata Phonk
439P S Laharchak899Laharchak
440P S Padrachha Kot632Parrakchhkot
441P S Badawa693Bhagtauli
442P S Chandepur East Side1032Chandepur

Last Updated on December 19, 2014