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Polling Booth in Karhal Assembly Constituency

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Karhal Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Karhal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Karhal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Booramai404Buramai
2P.P. Nagla Bag441Buramai
3V.P.P. Amamai968Amamai
4P.P. Gadhiya Ahladpur1078Ahaladpur
5J.H.School Gadhiya East Room1223Ahaladpur
6P.P. Prathvipur523Pirthipur
7P.P. Singhpur957Singhpur
8P.P. Sarsai Masoompur1167Sarsai Masumpur
9P.P. Dadupur550Dadupur
10Shrikrashan U.M.V. Sahabrampur East Room903Sahabrampur
11Shrikrashan U.M.V. Sahabrampur West Room743Sahabrampur
12P.P. Atikullapur North Room846Attikullapur
13P.P. Nagla Bada1058Kabrai
14P.P. Kanjhara East Room608Kanjhara
15J.H.School Nagla Taak418Kanjhara
16P.P. Lahtoi Shahjahanpur835Lahtoi Shahjahanpur
17P.P. Madaravali803Madrawali
18P.P. Bhoorepur763Bhurapur
19P.P. Parashrampur461Parasrampur
20P.P. Dhakpura645Dhakpura
21P.P. Kalandarpur566Dhakpura
22P.P. Redapur1282Rerapur
23P.P. Sunoopur819Sunupur
24P.P. Navatedha1180Nawa Urf Teda
25P.P. Bhagvatipur876Bhagwatipur
26P.P. Shajhajipur Room No. 1505Sajhajipur
27P.P. Shajhajipur Room No. 21012Sajhajipur
28P.P. Nagla Raghu(Nitavali)603Nitawali
29P.P. Nagla Aniya974Urthan
30P.P. Nitavali964Nitawali
31P.P. Nagla Madari580Nagla Madari
32P.P. Nagla Ati535Nitawali
33P.V. Takhiya833Urthan
34Nahar Kothi Bujhiya843Urthan
35J.H. School Urthan1370Urthan
36P.P. Nagla Jangi870Urthan
37P.P. Harwai1066Harwai
38P.P. Kakvai683Kakbai
39P.P. Longpur488Longpur
40P.P. Bamtapur963Bamtapur
41P.P. Agrapur570Agrapur
42P.P. Nagla Manjh1399Bamtapur
43P.P. Nagla Tilok865Masarpur
44P.P. Masarpur476Masarpur
45P.P. Mamsirpur1045Mamsirpur
46P.P. Kamalpur448Kamalpur
47P.P. Kanchanpur803Nakau
48P.P. Nakau South Room856Nakau
49P.P. Manikpur Parasrampur619Manikpur Parasrampur
50P.M.V. Manikpur (Gopalpur)662Gopalpur
51Jain Inter Collage Karhal Room No. 4993Karhal
52P.P. Hardashpur824Karhal
53Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal932Karhal
54Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal (Room No.25)860Karhal (NP)
55Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal (Room No.26)957Karhal (NP)
56Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal (Room No.27)1488Karhal (NP)
57Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal (Room No.28)814Karhal (NP)
58Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal (Room No.29)841Karhal (NP)
59Azad Hind Inter Collage Karhal (Room No.30)1500Karhal (NP)
60P.P. Karhal Room No. 011492Karhal (NP)
61P.P. Karhal (Room No.02)1341Karhal (NP)
62J.H. School Karhal North Room900Karhal (NP)
63J.H. School Karhal South Room1313Karhal (NP)
64Kanya P.P. Karhal East Room1238Karhal (NP)
65Kanya P.P. Karhal West Room1149Karhal (NP)
66Islamiya School Karhal Room No 1899Karhal (NP)
67Islamiya School Karhal Room-021337Karhal (NP)
68Narsingh Inter Collage Karhal Room No. 011214Karhal (NP)
69Khetriya Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Karhal Room No. 01561Karhal (NP)
70Khetriya Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Karhal Room No. 02952Karhal (NP)
71P.P. Simrau593Simrau
72P.P. Kutukpur Bujurg767Kutukpur Buzurg
73P.M.V. Andani Room 1544Andani
74P.M.V. Andani Room 2978Andani
75P.P. Nagla Khushal406Andani
76P.P. Mahuti700Kutukpur Nasirpur
77P.P. Madhapur568Kamalpur
78P.P. Dudgaon1224Dudgaun
79P.P. Bhatoha883Nagla Mateya
80P.P. Sahas795Sahas
81P.P. Ninauli Room-011151Ninoli
82P.P. Nagla Danda884Ninoli
83J.H.School Nagla Shabha963Ninoli
84P.P. Bansak643Bausak
85P.P. Tikona812Bausak
86P.P. Nadraila625Nadrela
87P.P. Gambhira East Room899Gamhira
88P.P. Emanpur1324Aimanpur
89P.P. Nagla Dayal1154Kirthua
90P.P. Khutara767Kirthua
91J.H. School Kirthua1438Kirthua
92P.P. Khajurara Ijjatpur1319Khajurara Ijjatpur
93P.P. Ranipur697Khajurara Ijjatpur
94Panchayatghar Mohammdpur Nagriya1017Muhammadpur Nagaria
95P.P. Nanmai1121Muhammadpur Nagaria
96V.P.P. Rajpur1019Rajpur
97P.P. Rahamtullapur Room-01784Rahmatullaapur
98P.P. Beenepur437Rahmatullaapur
99J.H. School Hajipurnera819Hajipur Nera
100P.P. Hajipurnera906Hajipur Nera
101P.P. Abdulnaveepur417Abdulnabipur
102P.P. Belahar552Abdulnabipur
103P.P. Ishmailpur386Ismailpur
104P.P. Saraymugalpur615Sarai Mugalpur
105P.P. Aurangabad632Aurangabad
106P.P. Madhamai831Marahamai
107J.H.School Daloopur1217Daloopur
108P.P. Nagla Bhupal548Daloopur
109P.P. Sajavarpur1390Sajawarpur
110P.P. Balpura Room 011372Balpura
111P.P. Nagla Bhood256Balpura
112P.P. Kanikpur772Kanikpur Khijarpur
113V.P.P. Nagla Mandhata1112Nagla Mandhata
114P.P. Bahasi536Bahsi
115J.H. School Chandikara622Chandikara
117P.P. Gadhiya Bhadaul1190Chandikara
118P.P. Alampurdeha815Alampur Deha
119P.P. Phoolapur Room No 11174Phulapur
120P.P. Phoolapur Room No 2327Phulapur
121P.P. Shothara West Room1148Sothara
122P.P. Emahasan Nagar803Amahasan Nagar
123P.P. Nagla Bhaikhan388Nagla Bhai Khan
124J.H. School Barnahal1159Barnahal
128P.P. Dalelnagar903Barnahal
129P.P. Jafarpur773Barnahal
130P.P. Muradpur431Barnahal
131Kanya P.P. Salook Nagar792Barnahal
132P.P. Goliyapur574Goliyapur
133Kanya P.P. Hakeempur480Hakimpur
134P.P. Katholi741Mohanpur
135P.P. Nagla Naya599Rasulpur
136P.P. Adoopur749Anupur
137P.P. Barhiya513Anupur
138P.P. Sondara889Sondra
139Mohan Inter Collage Lakhanmau1354Lakhan Mau
140P.P. Vinayakpur1157Lakhan Mau
141P.P. Jaitpur690Jaitpur
142P.P. Gopiyapur1051Gopiyapur
143P.P. Shranga Nasirpur819Saringa Nasirpur
144U.P.V. Pairarshahpur East Room897Pairar Shahpur
145U.P.V. Pairarshahpur West Room972Pairar Shahpur
146P.P. Dariyapur812Dariyapur
147P.P. Jagannathpur920Jagannathpur
148P.P. Kailashpur1447Kalashpur
149P.P. Alamgeerpur422Alamgirpur
150P.P. Ekhara1373Ikahra
151P.P. Nivhara1133Nibhara
152P.P. Kanakpur Sada1020Kanikpur Sada
153P.P. Prahaladpur1069Prahladpur
154P.P. Khushalpur695Khushalpur
155P.P. Keshopur1270Kesopur
156P.P. Mugalpur772Mugalpur
157P.P. Banigawan781Bangawan
158P.P. Gadhiya Ganeshnagar875Bangawan
159P.P. Nagla Naroo447Kasoli
160P.P. Kasauli773Kasoli
161P.P. Virthua998Birthua
162P.P. N. Tor596Birthua
163P.P. Saiyadpur Kehari670Saiyadpur Kahari
164P.P. Shahjahanpur655Shahjadpur
165P.P. N. Dihuli Room No. 11079Dehuli
166P.P. N. Dihuli Room No. 2970Dehuli
167P.P. Semari1045Hajipur Samari
168P.P. Khedamahan1017N/A
169P.P. Nagla Moonjh687N/A
170P.P. Sukurullapur658Shukrullapur
171Panchayatghar Gadhiya Jainpur862Garhia Jainpur
172P.P. Tirkara Daulatpur575Terkara Daulatpur
173P.P. Muhabbatpur Labhaua1338Ahmadpur
174P.P. Nagla Budhua509Ahmadpur
175P.P. Dhobai1131Dhowai
176P.P. Gondai597Gaundai
177P.P. Rampura498Rumpura
178P.P. Gotpur701Gotpur
179P.P. Mahalarpur439Gotpur
180P.P. Naurmai744Normai
181P.P. Kharaua481Kharaua
182Kanya P.P. Meethepur961Mithepur
183P.M.V. Nagla Premi446Kumheri
185P.P. Nagla Atiram633Kumheri
186Panchayat Ghar Kumhari938Bhidaura
187P.P. Manona1212Manauna
188Panchayat Ghar Asarohi1108Asrohi
189P.P. Nagla Kehari407Chandpura
190P.P. Sailamau673Chandpura
191P.P. Chandpura1001Chandpura
192P.P. Jothari765Jaothri
193P.P. Dostpur899Dostpur
194P.P. Bhidaura1019Bhidaura
195Panchayat Ghar Bhatani945Bhatani
196P.P. Dannahar544Bhatani
197P.P. Darwah Room No-011269Darwah
198P.P. Darwah Room No 02460Darwah
199P.P. Nagla Asha647Darwah
200P.P. Lapganwa East Room489Lapgavan
201P.P. N. Bag402Lapgavan
202P.P. Fazilpur974Fazilpur
203P.P. Bamhori Abahar Room No. 1895Bamhauri Awahar
204J.H.School Bamhori Abahar Room No. 2554Bamhauri Awahar
205P.P. Nadau553Bamhauri Awahar
206P.P. Chapari Musalmeen1122Kosma Musalmeen
207P.P. Bhainsamai985Kosma Musalmeen
208J.H. School Kosama Hinood Room 01713Kosma Hinood
209J.H. School Kosama Hinood Room 02772Kosma Hinood
210P.P. Nagla Maharam1159Ataharaina
211P.P. Ataharaina377Ataharaina
212P.P. Haraina1268Ataharaina
213J.H. School Talibpur965Talibpur
215P.P. Vidhoona908Bidhuna
216P.P. Kairawali1067Kerawali
217P.P. Nagla Ramsingh617Kosma Hinood
218P.P. Naykoond757Kosma Hinood
219P.P. Dhakrai937Kosma Musalmeen
220P.V. Lakhai206Kosma Musalmeen
221P.P. Kosama Musalmin South Room1384Kosma Musalmeen
222P.P. Nagla Raja568Kosma Hinood
224P.P. Chapari South Room679Kosma Hinood
225J.H. School Chapari710Kosma Hinood
226P.P. Divrauli513Divauli
227P.P. Kudahar354Kudahar
228P.V. Kakrara342Jat Khera
229P.P. Nagla Naikapur550Jawapur
230P.P. Nagla Himmatpur461Jawapur
231P.P. Nagla Chhedi West Room645Jawapur
232P.P. Javapur West Room614Jawapur
233P.P. Javapur East Room1177Jawapur
234P.P. Kanikpura544Jawapur
235J.H. School Rathera West Room1079Rathera
237P.P. Rathera1033Rathera
238Shiksha Sadan Inter Collage North Room942Kuchela
239P.V. Nagla Udi655Kuchela
240P.P. Doodibari769Kuchela
241P.P. Kuchela403Kuchela
242J.H. School Kuchela1192Kuchela
243P.P. Akbarpur551Kuchela
244P.P. Nagla Sabha384Kuchela
245P.P. Nagla Bhagpur East Room572Bada Gaon
246P.P. Nagla Bhagpur West Room324Bada Gaon
247P.P. Beriyahar523Bada Gaon
248P.P. Nagla Sakari376Bada Gaon
249P.P. Udhanna942Gangsi
250P.P. Gangasi South Room1086Gangsi
251K.J.H. School Gangasi1254Gangsi
252P.P. Harchandpur982Lalpur Sadhini
253P.P. Lalpur Sathini871Lalpur Sadhini
254P.P. Sathini Dalippur934Sathni Dalippur
255P.M.V. Halpura788Halpura
257P.P. Dharmangadpur Nagriya763Dharmangadpur Nagariya
258P.V. Imaliya398Dharmangadpur Nagariya
259P.P. Tindauli882Tindoli
260P.V. Sitapur472Tindoli
261P.P. Barauli North Room1374Barauli
262P.P. Badanpur514Halpura
263P.P. Daulatpur708Kakan
264P.P. Makrandpur611Kakan
265P.P. Jasavantpur1026Sagauni
266P.P. Lalpur1169Sagauni
267P.P. Sagauni666Sagauni
269P.P. Power House685Auden Padariya
270P.P. Jijhai659Sathni Dalippur
271P.P. Baijnathpur797Auden Padariya
272P.P. Audanya Padariya1034Auden Padariya
273P.V. Vichhiya783Auden Padariya
274P.P. Padariya848Auden Padariya
275P.M.V. Nagla Jula468Auden Padariya
276Chitragupt Mahavidhayalay Audenya Padariya1093Auden Padariya
277P.P. Keeratpur984Bhagpur
278P.P. Vikrampur612Kakan
279P.P. Nagla Dandi414Kakan
280P.P. Kankan962Kakan
281K.P.P. Daulatpur730Kakan
282P.P. Lahera Emanipur1227Lahara Annipur
283P.P. Ratibhanpur1180Rati Bhanpur
284P.P. Nagla Bank879Rati Bhanpur
285P.P. Nagla Manu1284Rati Bhanpur
286P.P. Rooppur853Rati Bhanpur
287P.P. Ghitauli923Ghitoli
288P.P. Ghamurra722Augautha
289Ramratan U.M.V. Patarahar444Augautha
290P.P. Jagatpur322Augautha
291P.P. Angautha1478Augautha
292P.P. Chittrapur592Augautha
293P.P. Gopalpur Naveen Bhavan535Augautha
294P.P. Nagariya East Room914Augautha
295P.P. Kakariya699Augautha
296P.P. Veerpur807Dharm Raj Pur
297P.P. Dharmangadpur832Dharm Raj Pur
298P.P. Jaurai862Dharm Raj Pur
299P.P. Nagla Jhala751Dharm Raj Pur
300J.H. School Usaneedha Room No. 011148Usnida
301J.H. School Ushneedha Room No 02884Usnida
302P.P. Chanakpur443Usnida
303P.P. Nagla Mani673Usnida
304P.V. Nagla Bakhati439Usnida
305P.P. Budharra976Budhrra
306J.H. School Nagla Kanchan Room N0. 011212Nagla Kanchan
307P.V. Nagla Amar Singh601Nagla Amarsingh
308P.P. Kothiya577Kothiya
309J.H. School Shahjadpur586Shahjadpur
310P.P. Vikrampur Room 011188Bikrampur
311P.P. Vikrampur Room No. 2847Bikrampur
312P.P. Neelkanthpur405Neelakanthpur
313P.P. Surajpur654Aurangabad
314P.P. Pranpur560Aurangabad
315P.V. Mohkampur538Ahmadpur
316P.P. Nagla Jatvan488Pachaver
317P.V. Nagla Anti633Pachaver
318J.H School Pachawar Room No 021021Pachaver
319P.P. Nasirpur958Nasirpur
321P.P. Nagla Salehi953N/A
322Naveen P.V. Tisah1212Tisah
323J.H. School Akbarpur Aunchha East Room1387Akbarpur Aunchha
324J.H. School Akbarpur Aunchha Room 041437Akbarpur Aunchha
325J.H. School Akbarpur Aunchha West Room-01941Akbarpur Aunchha
326P.P. Nagla Pachena380Akbarpur Aunchha
327P.P. Akbarpur Aunchha Room No 011271Akbarpur Aunchha
328P.P Gurai Room No. 1674Gurahi
329P.P. Cheetai534Chitayi
330P.P. Nagla Har561Chitayi
331P.P. Nagla Savaj820Nagla Sauj
332P.P. Mahanand373Nagla Mahanand
333P.P. Devpura901Devpura
335P.P. Jauhari Nagar865Kurawali
336Samudayik Vikas Kendra Kurawali521Kurawali
337P.P. Bhagvantpur1374Madhan
338Panchayat Bhavan Madhan1169Madhan
339K.P.V. Madhan1218Madhan
340P.P. Kheriya1322Madhan

Last Updated on December 19, 2014