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Polling Booth in Hathras Assembly Constituency

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Hathras Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Hathras

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hathras Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Islamiyan Junior High School Mendu R.N. 03968Rahna
2Nehroo Inter College Mendu R.N.01638Rahna
3Nehroo Inter College Mendu R.N.02563Garhi Nandram
4Nehroo Inter College Mendu R.N.03299Naupora
5Nehroo Inter College Mendu R.N.04730Sumarat Garhi
6Primary School Nagla Kharag866Garaw Garhi
7Primary School Nagla Dhaurpur675Mahamudpur Barsai
8Primary School Devinagar597Mahmud Barsai
9Aadarsh Vidhya Devinagar R.N.011081Mahmud Barsai
9Aadarsh Vidhya Devinagar R.N.021081Srinagar
10Primary School Nagla Kesho1448Ruheri
11Primary School Mauhari1001Ruheri
12Primary School Barauli469Ruheri
13Primary School Vahanpur R.N.011090Amarpur Ghana
14Primary School Vahanpur R.N.02605Amarpur Ghana
15Primary School Nagla Tajnaa795Shahpur Khurd
16Primary School Kailora1230Kindauli
17Primary School Bhadaamai998Dayanatpur
18Primary School Hajipur533Nagla Ummed
20Primary School Paharpur688Akhaipur
20Primary School Pavloi688Khanpur
22Primary School Bhogaunv Nagla Jayas915Aundua
26Primary School Baghaoo535Nagla Battisa
27Kanya Junior High School Rajpur625Komari
27Primary School Anuruddhpur625Nagla Patua
28Primary School Nagla Imaliya986Nagla Kashi
28Manikchandra Ucchtar Maa0 Vidh0 Laadpur R.N.01986Nagla Pritam
29Manikchandra Ucchtar Maa0 Vidh0 Laadpur R.N.021084Utara
30Primary School Sikandarpur712Utara
31Primary School Sithraulee606Chandaiya
32Kanya Junior High School Jalalpur Ta. Shahajadpur R.N. 011043Ninamai
33Kanya Junior High School Jalalpur Ta. Shahajadpur R.N. 021050Tikari
34P.S. Gangchauli298Tikari
35P.S.Nagla Aliya571Dhatroi
40P.S 842Thulai
42P.S.Tiparas R.N. 011219Salempur
43P.S.Tiparas R.N. 02302Salempur
44P.S.Nagla Khan1336Salempur
44P.S.Gadhi Girdhara1336Jaitpur
44P.S.Gadi Jaini1336Salempur
44P.S. Paikabada1336Jaitpur
46P.S.Nayavans Surangpura613Tonda
47Junior High School Nayavans259Tonda
48Tp.S. Tarfara R.N. 01798Rampur
49P.S. Tarfara Rn. 021200Rampur
50P.S.Kashiram Township R.N0 01766Rampur
51P.S.Kashiram Township R.N0 021348Harauli
52P.S.Kalvaree R.N. 01782Ajitpur
53P.S.Kalvaree R.N. 02631Alipur Ta Daryapur
54Junior High School Nagala Bhim Bhag Kalvari590Bhopatpur Ta Dariyapur
55Kashatiya Development Office Gijarauli R R.N. 01694Amokhri
56Kashatiya Development Office Gijarauli R R.N. 021481Dariyapur
58Jawahar Ismarak Inter College Meetai692Dariyapur
59Jawahar Ismarak Inter College Meetai R.N.01404Dariyapur
59Junior High School Meetai404Katra
62P.S.Kuvarpur R.N.O973Uswa
62P.S.Kuvarpur R.N. 02973Nagla Paupa
63P.S.Nagala Vans440Kaliyanpur Kishor Nagla
64Junior High School Nagala Beech Nagala Lachchhi350Harauli
69P.S.Nagla Dhan Singh399Bhojgarhi
71Primary School Nahroi1399Lutsan
72Primary School. Inaytapur Bajheda R.N.11193Lutsan
73Praimari School Asneta Jahangirabad R.N.1762Lutsan
73Primary School. Shahapur Kutub R.N.1762Nagla Nai
74Primary School. Ibrahimapur R.N.1737Nagla Vairishay
74Primary School. Alahadadapur Nivri R.N. 1737Nagla Babu
74Primary School. Alahadadapur Nivri R.N.2737Nagla Dansray
75Primary School. Alahadadapur Nivri R.N. 3995Tilothi
76Primary School. Alahadadapur Nivri R.N.4766Tilothi
77Primary School. Talaspur Khurd R.N.1840Khorna
78Primary School. Talaspur Khurd R.N.2464Jagipur
79Primary School. Roravar R.N.1725Jagipur
87Primary School. Govindapur Fagoi R.N.11046Sasni Dehat
87Primary School. Haibtapur Fagoi R.N.11046Sidh Nagar
87Primary School. Amarpur Kondara R.N.11046Hari Nagar
88Primary School. Nogva Arjun R.N.11096Sasni Dehat
88Primary School. Kaithavari R.N.11096Nagla Malia
88Primary School. Nurapur R.N.11096Nagla Tal
89Primary School. Madar Kheda R.N.1895Sasni (NP)
90Primary School. Bithna R.N. 1578Sasni (NP)
91Primary School. Bithna R.N.21188Sasni (NP)
92Primary School. Lalgadhi R.N.1908Sasni (NP)
95Primary School. Vad Vamani R.N.1768Virra
96Primary School. Baroli Bhikam R.N.1647Nagla Kehariya
97Primary School. Bhamarola R.N.1348Tilothi
97Junior High School Shahari Madnagdhi R.N. 1348Nagala Bijaiya
98Primary School. Ranihal R.N.1943Gopalpur Urf Bhootpura
99Primary School. Karahala Gourwa R.N. 1395Nagla Sewa
100Primary School. Karahla Bagri R.N.11177Vadhanu Shikohabad
101Primary School. Shahari Madngri R.N. 1598Vadhanu Shikohabad
102Junior High School Bahmati R.N.11443Jalalpur Sasni
104Primary School. Dhorrapalan R.N.1836Nagla Singh
105Primary School. Akbarpur R.N.11420Gohana
105Primary School. Akbarapur R.N.21420Naya Nagla
106Primary School. Mandala R.N.1406Nagla Jahru
107Primary School. Balbhadrapur R.N.11225Sikur Akbarpur
108Primary School. Rana R.N. 1953Sikur Akbarpur
109Primary School. Digsi R.N. 11196Nadauna Nagla Lachhi
110Primary School. Chandapura R.N.1527Nadauna Nagla Lachhi
111Kanya Primary School. Binupur R.N.11207Nagla Loka
112Primary School.Pinjari Nagri R.N.11449Mamauta Kalan
112Mohani Inter Colage Badhon R.N.11449Nagla Khanda
113Primary School. Badhola Haji R.N.1893Mamauta Kalan
113Primary School. Bhartapur R.N.1893Nagla Ramsingh
114Primary School. Rustampur Naimabad R.N. 11258Basai Kazi
115Junior High School Hirapur Husainapur R.N.1420Basai Kazi
116Junior High School Hirapur Husainapur R.N.21386Samamai Ruhal
116Junior High School Kirtapur Nimana R.N.11386Nagla Ratna
118Primary School. Lhorra Nagla Badhon R.N.1384Samamai Ruhal
119Primary School. Dunai R.N.1533Samamai Ruhal
119Primary School. Parsahara R.N.1533Dhimarpura
120Primary School. Nahara R.N.1582Ramnagar
121Primary School. Amrapur Nahara R.N.1831Khera Firozpur
122Primary School Keshonpur Jofri R.N. 1841Nagla Fatela
123Primary School. Kariliya R.N.11034Lauharra
124Primary School. Lhausra Bisavan R.N.1865Lauharra
124Primary School. Rustamapur Akhan .N.1865Nagla Baldev
124Junior High School Lhausra Bisavan R.N.1865Nagla Sarda
124Primary School. Vajidapur Nada R.N.1865Nagla Rod
125Primary School.Hayatpur Hingotiya R.N.11048Jaraiya Gada Khera
126Primary School. Salemapur Mafi R.N.1703Jaraiya Gada Khera
128Primary School. Tajpur Rasulpur R.N.1978Bijahari
129Primary School. Tajapur Rasulapur R.N.2728Bijahari
130Sarswati Vidya Mandir Asrafapur Jalal R.N.1586Bijahari
130Sarswati Vidya Mandir Asrafapur Jalal R.N.4586Asha Nagar
130Sarswati Vidya Mandir Asrafapur Jalal R.N.2586Gopal Nagar
130Sarswati Vidya Mandir Asrafapur Jalal R.N.5586Shastri Nagar
131Sarswati Vidya Mandir Asrafapur Jalal R.N.3862Bijahari
131Sarswati Vidhya Mandir Asrafapur Jalal R.N.6862Bangarh
133Prathmik Vidyalya Dhera Room No 21050Bijahari
134Prathmik Vidyalya Galand Room No 1832Bijahari
134Prathmik Vidyalya Galand Room No 2832Shikshak Nagar
135Prathmik Vidyalya Galand Room No 3892Raghaniya
136Prathmik Vidyalya Galand Room No 4911Raghaniya
136Pra. Vi. N0 2 Galand Room No 1911Nagla Sukakha
137Primary School Kanauja1213Sathiya
139Purv Madyamik Vidyalay Kanauja1440Basgoi
139Primary School Matiyala1440Nagla Bag
139Khristraja Sentpaul School Masoori1440Nagla Veerbal
143Purv Madyamik Vidyaley Masoori1024Hardpur
144Junior High School Masoori965Nagla Garhu
148Primary School Kushliya493Dinavali
152Primary School No.-1 Jalalabad829Larauta
155Primary School No.-2 Jalalabad(Rajwahe K Kinare)879Bilkhaura Kalan
156Junior High School Noorpur448Bilkhaura Khurd
158Purv Madyamik Vidyaley Noorpur1111Susayat Khurd
158Primary School Didwari Urwf Chitauda1111Hashimpur
159Janta Shiksha Sadan Madhyamik Vidhyalay Samaypur807Nagla Rund
159Primary School Karimnagar Katiyar Urf Akalpur807Nagla Bhoora
160Primary Vidyaley No.2 (Madaiya Wali)345Dwarikapur
161Primary School No.2 Nahal (Madaiya Wali)729Tatarpur Mauharia
164Primary Vidhyaley No.1 Nahal (Bus Stand K Pass)879Sahajpura
165Primary School No.1 Nahal (Bus Stand K Pass)293Nahloi
168Primary School Mahiuddinpur Dhabarsi552Bhim Nagriya
170Primary School Nigrawati816Sandalpur
170Primary School Nidauri816Nagla Ajmeri
172Primary School Masauta1542Garhi Tamana (CT)
173Dr.Ambedkar Inter Colleg Indergadhi19Garhi Tamana (CT)
181Dr.Ambedkar Madol Primary School Indergadhi377Garhi Singha
184Primary School Kudiyagadhi476Naya Bans
187Primary Schook Kallugadhi478Nagla Mani
191Primary School Mayur Vihar563Nagla Girdhari
196Primary School Bhurgarhi720Bad Nagla Athwaria
199Adarsh Kanya Ha.Secendary School Dasna815Jogia
199Bahal Pramiry School Dasna815Nagla Sarak
199Bahal Primary School Dasna815Nagla Kunvarji
200Primary School Yasingarhi839Jogia
201Azad Memo.Inter College Dasna657Hatisa Bhagawantpur
203Adhtyamiknagar Inter Coll.Dasna619Hatisa Bhagawantpur
211Primary School Sadatnagar Iqla863Hathras (NPP + OG)
212Primary School Inayatpur839Hathras (NPP + OG)
213Primary School Raghunathpur1229Hathras (NPP + OG)
214Primary School Dinanathputhi1018Hathras (NPP + OG)
216P.V.Shekhupur Adhar Singh737Hathras (NPP + OG)
218P.V.Sabalpur1027Hathras (NPP + OG)
220P.V.Rahmapur1216Hathras (NPP + OG)
222P.V.Havilya849Hathras (NPP + OG)
224P.V.Daravatpur1258Hathras (NPP + OG)
226P.V.Rampur Khudapur979Hathras (NPP + OG)
228P.V.Jaduvanspur1433Hathras (NPP + OG)
231P.V.Sahpur Bandi1144Hathras (NPP + OG)
232P.V.Khetupur (Haphijpur)982Hathras (NPP + OG)
233P.V.Barepur681Hathras (NPP + OG)
235P.V.Ballampur1048Hathras (NPP + OG)
238P.V.Bhadsan R.N.11102Hathras (NPP + OG)
239P.Vbhadsan R.N.11450Hathras (NPP + OG)
240P.Vberi Dhankar937Hathras (NPP + OG)
241P.V.Baruvai1092Hathras (NPP + OG)
242P.V.Halaua1206Hathras (NPP + OG)
244P.V.Laxmanpur215Hathras (NPP + OG)
246Sarvodya Inter Kollage Safar R.N.1375Hathras (NPP + OG)
247Sarvodya Inter Kollage Safar R.N.2872Hathras (NPP + OG)
249P.V.Baripura870Hathras (NPP + OG)
251P.V.Saidpur955Hathras (NPP + OG)
254P.V.Seupur721Hathras (NPP + OG)
255P.V.Rasulpur Kala779Hathras (NPP + OG)
256P.V.Lal Ka Purva1504Hathras (NPP + OG)
258P.V.Durvaspur854Hathras (NPP + OG)
260P.V.Beri Kapriya1211Hathras (NPP + OG)
262P.V.Pratvipur793Hathras (NPP + OG)
266P.V. Ratanpur Gadiya1158Hathras (NPP + OG)
268P.V.Ruraa Auraiya1174Hathras (NPP + OG)
271P.V.Dera Banjaran1340Hathras (NPP + OG)
274P.V.Vighepur957Hathras (NPP + OG)
276P.V.Ajuapur972Hathras (NPP + OG)
281J.H.V.Ballapur838Hathras (NPP + OG)
282P.V.Chandpur956Hathras (NPP + OG)
285P.V.Shauri Gadiya1496Hathras (NPP + OG)
288J.H.V.Shauri Gadiya Purva Madan Singh1106Hathras (NPP + OG)
290J.H.V.Baura Navalpur856Hathras (NPP + OG)
292P.V.Baura723Hathras (NPP + OG)
295P.V.Purva Udot1283Hathras (NPP + OG)
299P.V.Kakriyha1045Hathras (NPP + OG)
300Janata Enter Collage Bihruni1341Hathras (NPP + OG)
301P.V.Maujampur373Hathras (NPP + OG)
304P.V. Halepur1419Hathras (NPP + OG)
305P.V. Bisalpur296Hathras (NPP + OG)
307J.H.V.Juaa681Hathras (NPP + OG)
308P.V. Juaa888Hathras Dehat (CT)
309P.V. Phuttatal1023Dhakpura
310P.V.Phatehpur Lakhmi1087Dhakpura
310P.V.Muraina Ramdatt1087Nagla Mahendra
311P.V.Madiya Mallahan588Dhakpura
311P.V. Pathepur Ramu588Adarsh Nagar
311P.V. Shibupur588Krashna Nagar
312P.V. Adasi1241Hathras (NPP + OG)
313P.V.Tikampur R.N.1612Dadanpur Dhakpura
313P.V.Tikampur R.N.2612Nagla Rani
317P.V.Phatehpur Baini917Ratan Garhi
318P.V. Sadullapur832Sokhana
321P.V.Kataramanepur Phaphund1134Mendu (NP)
322P.V. Kasba Phaphund First R.N.1429Mendu (NP)
323P.V.Kasba Phaphund First R.N.21464Mendu (NP)
324G.L.K.Inter Collage Kasba Phaphund R.N.11440Mendu (NP)
325G.L.K.Inter Collage Kasba Phaphund R.N.2825Mendu (NP)
326G.L.K.Inter Collage Kasba Phaphund R.N.31270Mendu (NP)
327G.L.K.Inter Collage Kasba Phaphund R.N.4705Mendu (NP)
328P.V.Kasba Phaphund Second R.N.11009Nagla Khargu
329P.V.Kasba Phaphund Second R.N 2909Dhaurpur
329Radha Ballam Inter Collage Phaphund R.N 1909Kurar
330Radha Ballam Inter Collage Phaphund R.N. 21238Devinagar (CT)
331Radha Ballam Inter Collage Phaphund R.N. 31514Devinagar (CT)
332Radha Ballam Inter Collage Phaphund R.N. 41277Devinagar (CT)
333P.V.Kothipur922Nagla Keson
334P.V. Saray Biharidas717Mauhari
336P.V. Ujitipur858Vahanpur
339P.V. Fakkarpur1471Kailora
344P.V. Buranpur1371Pavloi
344P.V. Tarai1371Sarai Amar Singh
346P.V.Munshipur691Sheikhupur Madan
349P.V. Barua1122Rajpur
350P.V. Taiyabpur711Anuruddhapur
350P.V. Bhaupur Phaphund711Suratpur
352P.V.Khanpur Phaphund R.N. 11414Larpur
357P.V.Khanpur Phaphund R.N. 21147Jalalpurt Shahjadpur
358P.V.Purva Jasa1305Gangchauli
359P.V. Siganpur1259Nagla Hira Singh
362P.V. Kainjari776Dadanpur Dhakpura
364P.V. Purvahira632Tiparas
365P.V. Lakhnapur R.N. 1518Nagla Khan
367P.V. Lakhnapur R.N. 2382Garhi Jaini
370P.V.Jamuha R.N. 11173Kumrai
371P.V.Jamuha R.N. 21217Shahjadpur
373P.V.Jamuha R.N. 31101Shahjadpur
375P.V.Ghabar Purva1382Tarphara
379Samudayik Bhavan N.T.P.C.Dibiyapur396Kalwari
381V.T.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 11209Gijrauli
382V.T.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 2994Gijrauli
383V.T.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 3840Mitai
384V.T.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 41041Mitai
385V.T.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 5785Mitai
386V.G.D.Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 11270Mitai
387V.G.D.Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 2527Patti Samant
387V.G.D.Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 3527Bulgari
388V.G.D.Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 4999Chandapa
389V.G.D.Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 51107Kumarpur Nagla Bans
390P.M.V.Dibiyapur R.N.1799Dargawan
390P.M.V.Dibiyapur R.N. 2799Kunwarpur
391P.M.V.Dibiyapur R.N. 3594Kumarpur Nagla Bans
391P.M.V.Dibiyapur R.N. 4594Nagla Bans
392P.V.Dibiyapur R.N. 11396Nagla Lacchhi
392P.V.Dibiyapur R.N. 21396Nagla Beech
392P.V.Dibiyapur R.N. 31396Nagla Amra
393R.B.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N.11343Kapura
393R.B.Inter Collage Dibiyapur R.N. 21343Kothi
393P.V.Umari R.N. 11343Nagriya
394P.V. Umari R.N. 2521Kapura
394P.V.Umari R.N. 3521Nagla Dhansingh

Last Updated on November 15, 2014