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Polling Booth in Hargaon Assembly Constituency

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Hargaon Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Hargaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hargaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Banihar721Haidarpur
4P.S. Gurdhapa R.N. 1707Sujaval Pur
5P.S. Gurdhapa R.N. 21126Dadwara
5P.S. Bakipur1126Banihar
7P.S. Dadwara721Gurdhapa
8P.S. Barosa808Bakipur
8P.S. Parsehra Sharifpur East808Sarain Raja
8P.S. Parsehra Sharifpur West808Chelwara
9P.S. Bhatpurwa R.N. 1570Dadwara
10P.S. Bhatpurwa R.N. 21420Barosa
11B. V. M. Hargaon R.N.11270Parsehra Sharifpur
12B. V. M. Hargaon R.N.21043Parsehra Sharifpur
13B. V. M. Hargaon R.N.3779Bhatpurwa
14P.S. Pipra Mill Hargaon R.N.1683Bhatpurwa
15P.S. Pipra Mill Hargaon R.N.21288Hargaon (NP)
16P.S. Pipra Mill R.N. 31271Hargaon (NP)
17P.S. Benipur Raja1158Hargaon (NP)
18P.S. Noorpur1114Hargaon (NP)
19P.S. Surjipara615Hargaon (NP)
21J.H.S. Kyoti Kalan R.N.1894Benipur Raja
22J.H.S. Kyoti Kalan R.N.2405Nurpur
23P.S. Dostpur Majhgawan1002Surji Para
24P.S. Bhikpur R.N. 11285Keotikalan
25P.S. Budhanpur R.N. 11405Keotikalan
26P.S. Rahi1034Dostpur
27P.S. Turtipur867Bhikhpur
29P.S. Ismailpur Hemlet Jalalipur East1014Budhanpur
30P.S. Ismailpur Hemlet Jalalipur West1272Rahi
30Sankul Bhawan Ismailpur1272Raksha
31J.H.S. Sadullapur1241Turdipur
34P.S. Mahanandpur484Jalalipur
35P.S. Mudikhera393Jalalipur
35P.S. Bhadeva North393Sadhuwapur
35Ps Bhadeva South393Sherfapur
37Panchayat Ghar Bhadeva394Mahanandpur
38P.S. Masoodpur Hemlet Fattepur Meerabehad598Mudi Khera
39P.S. Vayajpur1033Bhadewan
41P.S. Richin R.N.1794Bhadewan
42P.S. Richin R.N.2836Fatteypur Meera Bihand
43P.S. Kalyaanpur748Bayajpur
44J.B.V. Uchepur Hargaon R.No.1895Richhin
45J.B.V. Uchepur Hargaon R.No.21086Richhin
45P.S. Firozpur1086Fazilpur
46Panchayat Bhawan Nayagaon1473Kaliyanpur
47J.H.S. Saraipitthu R.No 11463Hargaon (NP)
48J.H.S. Saraipitthu R.No 21071Hargaon (NP)
49J.H.S. Saraipitthu R.No.4703Hargaon (NP)
50J.H.S. Saraipitthu R.No.5608Hargaon (NP)
51P.S. Kabeerpur791Hargaon (NP)
52J.H.S. Madnapur924Hargaon (NP)
54P.S. Parsehranath1015Hargaon (NP)
56P.S. Gaurapatti R.N. 1609Madanpur
56P.S. Baksohiya609Khatkari
57P.S. Pipraghuri1261Persehra Nath
57J.H.S. Rauna1261Kazipur
61P.S. Ruknapur1379Rauna
61P.S. Akhtiyarpur R.N. 11379Akhatyarpur
61P.S. Jhariya1379Jagna
61P.S. Khamhauna R.N. 11379Jadavpur
62P.S. Narharpur1006Ruknapur
63P.S. Raipur666Akhatyarpur
64P.S. Shekhapur Musepur699Jhariya
65P.S. Semribhan R.N. 2992Khamauna
66P.S. Parsehramaal911Narharpur
67P.S. Khajuha748Raipur
70P.S. Pichaura580Bedelia
71P.S. Armi R.N. 1465Bedelia
71J.H.S. Kusiyari465Khazuha
73P.S. Naunair North878Pichhaura
73P.S. Naunair South878Kaima
75P.S. Badeliya953Nauneri
76P.S. Saklanpur1148Raipur
76P.S. Malihabad1148Jasrathpur
77P.S. Pachehra R.N. 2808Saraiyarah
78P.S. Narottampur942Saklanpur
79P.S. Badkherwa855Nauneri
80P.S. Kallapur729Pachehra
81P.S. Sikandarpur323Narottampur
82P.S. Salempur580Bad Kherwa
82P.S. Nigoha R.No.1580Shivpuri
83P.S. Nigoha R.No.21112Gadanapur
85P.S. Fattepur Matinpur428Salempur
89P.S. Belamau Kala R.N. 1777Fatteypur
89Ps Belamau Khurd777Pchanapur
89P.S. Sultaanpur777Belmau
91P.S.Dholai Kalan380Belamau Khurd
92P.S. Semri Motmadpur1058Sultanpur
92P.S. Arrokhamajatpur1058Ganeshpur
92P.S. Birahimbad1058Bhairampur
94P.S. Pagroi689Sultanpur
95P.S. Sihanipara1258Sultanpur
96P.S. Dholai Khurd541Sultanpur
97P.S. Nauwa Mahmoodpur R.N.1592Sultanpur
98P.S. Nauwa Mahmoodpur R.N.2.757Sultanpur
99P.S. Gauriya Kalan R.N 1527Pagroi
100Baraat Ghar Rasulapur1234Dholai Kala
101P.S. Pipri1010Nauwa Mahmoodpur
102P.S. Guraipur793Nauwa Mahmoodpur
106P.S. Khajurya Awasi R.N. 1391Pipri Kalan
107P.S. Gaura Arjunpur1010Shivpuri
107P.S. Narsohi1010Guraipur
107P.S. Shahmaholi1010Bahadurnagar
108P.S. Badagaon575Khajuria Awasi
109P.S. Bhurjiha1165Gaura Arjunpur
110P.S. Dharnag963Nersohi
112P.S. Uljapur1054Badan Gaon
113Ps Newada Pream Singh1116Bhujiha
114P.S. Sailumau North484Daranager
115P.S. Sailumau South511Nawada
116P.S. Umri979Uljapur
117P.S. Shadipur368Newada Premsingh
119Panchayatghar Mahsinghpur1008Selumau
123P.S. Shahpur487Shadipur
123P.S. Shahpur Dalawalpur487Umeri
124P.S. Pakarya Dhapupur318Mahsinghpur
125P.S. Fattepur Mafi854Shahpur
126P.S Rikhauna R.N. 1850Shahpur
126P.S. Rikhauna R.N. 2850Dalawal
127P.S. Rikhauna Second1003Pakriya Dhapupur
128P.S. Haribaspur618Fatteypur Mafi
129P.S. Belahri759Rakhauna
130P.S. Daseliya782Rakhauna
131P.S. Majhigawan637Rakhauna
132P.S. Dena414Rakhauna
133P.S. Bihariganj391Belhari
135P.S. Sonari1070Majhigawan
136P.S. Dharmupur719Daina
137P.S. Ahmadpur Kanja871Bihariganj
138P.S. Saidapur880Sunari
139P.S. Gujra732Sunari
139P.S. Nasirapur732Dharampur
141P.S. Nankari854Saidapur
143P.S. Mubarkpur895Gaura
145P.S. Gadi701Mubarakpur
145P.S. Bahadurpur701Nankari
147P.S. Ramuwapur534Firozpur
148P.S. Murarpur551Gadhi
149P.S. Adawal Khurd796Husenpur
149P.S. Musepur Mutwalli796Bahadurpur
150P.S. Khadanya601Ramuwapur
151P.S. Bedaura R.N. 1454Ramuwapur
152Ps Kasraila R.N.11147Adhawal Khurd
153P.S. Deverya R.N. 1962Museypur Mutwalli
155P.S. Nakuri793Bedaura
156P.S. Sahaniyapur Ho Katiyara881Kasraila Deoriya
157P.S. Katiyara.851Bhudkuri
158P.S. Magaruwa794Nakuri
159P.S. Bariyadeeh551Katiyara
159Ps Bisnupur551Sahaniyapur
160J.H.S Pokhrapurwa.1499Kalyanpur
161P.S. Pokhra1435Bariadih
162P.S. Harirampur763Bariadih
163P..S. Punnapur1241Bishunpur
169P.S. Moharsa611Harirampur
170P.S. Deirama745Bahera Kuthehara
170P.S. Kakrahi R.N. 1745Pooranpur
170P.S. Kakrahi R.N. 2745Nyamupur Bhaisha
172P.S. Chandnapur983Deirama
173P.S. Mahadev Atra R.No. 11320Kakarahi
174P.S. Mahadev Atra R.No. 2900Kakarahi
175J.H.S. Mahadev Atra R.No. 1525Kakarahi
176J.H.S. Mahadev Atra R.No. 2537Chandanpur
177P.S. Sultanpur Takiya1132Mahadeo Atra
178P.S. Dahirapur Ho Sultanpur Takiya787Mahadeo Atra
179P.S. Poglipur Ho Mahuwatal735Mahadeo Atra
180P.S. Mahuwatal820Mahadeo Atra
181P.S. Nawvapur1060Sultanpur Takiya
182P.S. Bhadurpur Ho Bhagutipur619Sultanpur Takiya
183J.H.S. Akechandpur Fariedpur793Mahuwatal
184P.S. Behda Kodhara730Mahuwatal
185P.S. Koriya Gangadas1133Nanwapur
186Ps Ibrahimpur Ho Jagdishpur532Bhagauteepur
187P.S. Koriya Bishunbawali1093Akai Chandpur Faridpur
189P.S. Katesar.1044Koraia Gangadas
190J.H.S Katesar R.No. 1837Jagidshpur
191J.H.S Katesar R.No. 2740Koraia Bishun Bavali
191P.S. Momnabad Ho Pattikatesar740Jagidshpur
192P.S. Udanapur Koraiya R.No. 1776Katesar
193P..S Koraiya R.No. 1838Katesar
194P.S. Koraiya R.No. 2753Katesar
195P.S. Udanapur Koraiya R.No. 2954Patti Katesar
196J.H.S Mudrasan R.No. 11218Udnapur Koraia
197J.H.S Mudrasan R.No. 2549Udnapur Koraia
198P.S. Vazeerpur484Udnapur Koraia
199P.S. Mallapur R.No 11033Udnapur Koraia
200Ps Mallapur R.No 21241Musiana
201P.S. Chauciya Ho Paitala1160Musiana
202P.S. Patala848Vazirpur
204J.H.S Navinagar R.No 11020Mallapur
205J.H.S Navinagar R.No 2510Paitala
206J.H.S. Navinagar R.No 3901Paitala
206P.S. Navinagar901Koraia Jangal
207P.S. Fatepur Ho Navinagar1136Nabi Nagar
208P.S. Tahepur1184Nabi Nagar
209P.S. Akichanpur Tappa R. No 11188Nabi Nagar
210P.S. Akichanpur Tappa R. No 2624Nabi Nagar
211V.D.Inter Collage Singhnapur Ho Ragwa461Nabi Nagar
212P.S. Ragwa1080Tahpur
213P.S. Nibauri R. No 1830Akai Chandupur Tappa
214P.S. Baherwa1390Akai Chandupur Tappa
216P.S. Nibauri R. No 21267Ragua
217P.S. Rawal1001Nibauree
218P.S. Akaichanpur Berly754Nibauree
218Ps Bilariya R. No 1754Baherua
219P.S. Bilariya R. No 21385Nibauree
220P.S. Kishunpur R. No 1922Rawal
221Ps Kishunpur R. No 2589Akai Chandpur Baretee
222P.S. Akbapur770Bilariya
223P.S. Jagmalpur766Bilariya
225J.H.S Lalpur752Kishunpur
226P.S. Sahajadpur680Jagmalpur
227P.S. Baraiti Jalalpur R. No 11420Jagmalpur
227P.S. Baraiti Jalalpur R. No 21420Akabapur
228P.S. Dhakera R. No 11099Lalpur
229P.S. Dhakera R. No 2698Shahajadpur
230P.S. Dariyapur881Baretee Jalalpur
231P.S. Sultanpur Sahpur R. No 1757Baretee Jalalpur
232P.S. Sultanpur Sahpur R. No 2897Dakhera
233P.S. Tandakala956Dakhera
234P.S. Peerakpur R. No 11147Dariapur
235P.S. Peerakpur R. No 2806Sultanpur Shahpur
237P.S. Baherwa Ho Amitiya1000Tada Kalan
238P.S. Amitiya943Pirakpur
239P.S. Rajaepur758Pirakpur
239J.H.S Rajaepur758Tada Kalan
240P.S. Jarthuwa735Amitia
241Ps Khijrapur939Amitia
242P.S. Newada1227Rajepur
243P.S. Firojpur Gadsari474Rajepur
247P.S. Dingura Ho Belwa Digura1259Narainpur
247P.S. Dandpurwa Ho Belwa Digura1259Firojpur Garsari
247P.S. Mazari Karienda Ho Bhadfar1259Sulemanpur
247Jhs Bhadfar R. No 11259Nevada Navagaon
248Jhs Bhadfar R. No 2514Belva Digra
249Ps Rukhara581Belva Digra
250Ps Nibiya Sekhnapur Ho Rukhara1065Bhadfar
251Ps Bahiya Bahirpur508Bhadfar
252Ps New Hajaripurwa Ho Ammba1224Bhadfar
253Jhs Ammba1062Rukhara
254Ps Chandesuwa R. No 1996Rukhara
255Ps Chandesuwa R. No 21479Bahia Bahirampur
256Ps Belsuwa Ho Chandesuwa736Anba
257Ps Sahapur R. No 1774Anba
258Ps Sahapur R. No 21466Chandesua
259Ps Chiniya542Chandesua
260Ps Midaniya820Chandesua
261Ps Donwa Ho Sekhnapur R. No 11120Shahpur
262Ps Donwa Ho Sekhnapur R. No 2961Shahpur
263Ps Rukanapur723Chenia
264Ps Umariya Ho Pipariya R. No 1726Midnia
265Ps Umariya Ho Pipariya R. No 21445Sekhanapur
266Ps Pipariya876Sekhanapur
267Ps Tejwapur1341Rukhara
268Ps Dholna Ho Tejwapur1117Pipria
269Ps Bhadphar Frist550Pipria
270Ps Kusepa R. No 1514Pipria
271Ps Kusepa R. No 2948Tejawabpur
272Ps Ramuwapur Ho Pattidaheli503Tejawabpur
273Ps Amarnagar1279Chandava Sot
274Ps Gurela840Kuseba
276Ps Ratuli1443Patti Daheli
277Ps Pasura Belwa R. No 1865Amar Nagar
278Ps Pasura Belwa R. No 2686Amar Nagar
278Ps Marsanda R. No 1686Gurela
279Ps Marsanda R. No 21256Ratauli
280Ps Adamalpur940Pashura Belva
281Ps Darapur741Pashura Belva
282Ps Samoliya938Marsanda
283P.S. Pinduriya1011Marsanda
284P.S. Umara Ho Pinduriya1105Admalpur
285P.S. Ramrudha925Darapur
286P.S. Mahasi988Sumali
288P.S. Jalhapur879Pinduria
293P.S. Musiyana575Mahasi
294P.S. Sonsari500Mahasi
294P.S. Khalepurwa Ho Budhanapur500Jalhapur
295J.H.S Kodari Ho Samodideeh1364Musiana
296P.S. Samodideeh1177Sonsari
297P.S. Gaurchukhadiya1080Budhnapur
297P.S. Harkhibehad1080Ahrori
298P.S. Chandi975Samaudi Dih
299P.S. Bareti873Samaudi Dih
300P.S. Belwagohaniya1110Gaur Chaukhdia
301P.S. Phoolpur Guniya658Harkhee Behar
302P.S. Guniya Khurd581Chandi
303Ps Barsinghwa Ho Khairipatti R. No 1576Bareti
304P.S. Barsinghwa Ho Khairipatti R. No 2644Belwa Gauhaniya
306P.S. Supauli430Guniya Khurd
307P.S. Makhubehedh.915Khairi Patti
308Ps Kodara Ho Parwatpur R. No 1986Chatela
308P.S. Kodara Ho Parwatpur R. No 2986Ramuwapur
311P.S. Jalhepur1240Parvatpur
312P.S. Gadausa R. No 1807Parvatpur
312P.S. Gadausa R. No 2807Kodri
312P.S. Bangawa807Bhithia Jalepara
314P.S. Dhurdha Sstist Srinager1196Gadausa

Last Updated on December 19, 2014