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Polling Booth in Garautha Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

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Haryana Assembly Election Result Haryana Assembly Election Results Live Updates 2019

Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

By Poll Election 2019 By Poll Election Result 2019 Live Updates

: Final By Poll Election Result summary By Poll – States Constituency Name Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin Final Result Arunachal Pradesh Khonsa West Smt. Chakat Read More…

Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019: Devendra Fadnavis 2nd Chief minister to complete Five Years in Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, is the member of (MLA) from Nagpur South-West, and has served five years as chief minister of Maharashtra. He is the first CM who has served full term Read More…

Results Live Updates 2019 Lok Sabha (General) Election Results 2019 – Live Updates

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Live Updates     21:09:15 केंद्रीय मंत्री गिरिराज सिंह बेगुसराय से 4.2 लाख मतों के भारी अंतर से जीते।#VerdictWithTimes #ElectionsWithTimes #ElectionResults2019 — NBT Hindi Read More…


When we set out on the 2019 journey, the scenario was quite fuzzy. The opposition parties were resurgent after the 2018 Assembly Elections. Congress was brimming over with confidence, and Read More…

Garautha Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Garautha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Garautha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Chhewata1078Chheota
2P.V. Dibiyapur485Diviyapur
3P.V. Ata661Ata
4P.V. Sajauni395Sajauni
5P.M.V. Buderakala662Budhera Kalan
6P.V. Pirauna328Pirauna
7J.H.S.Buderaghat963Budhera Ghat
8P.V.Lohagarh U. Part-11132Lohagarh
9P.V.Lohagarh U. Part-2352Lohagarh
10P.M.V.Lohagarh Part-1686Lohagarh
11P.M.V.Lohagarh Part-2666Lohagarh
12Kanya P.V. Lohagarh Part-1785Lohagarh
13Kanya P.V. Lohagarh Part-2855Lohagarh
14S.S.S.Pt. N.D.Tiwari Jhs Sersa-11213Sersa
15P.V. Sersa1190Sersa
16S.S.S.Pt. N.D.Tiwari Jhs Sersa-2810Sersa
18P.V. Karhee946Karai
19P.V. Dhhegpura431Karai
20P.V. Madorakala561Madora Kalan
21P.V. Tigrakala324Tigra Kalan
22P.V. Imiliya State740Imliya(Moth)
23P.V. Era451Aira
24U.M.V. Sesa1211Sesa
25P.V. Sesa439Sesa
26U.P.V. Kanaichha610Kanaucha
27P.V. Kharaila312Kharila
28P.V. Kashipura367Kashipura
29P.V. Jarhakala642Jarha Kalan
30P.V.Maharajganj Dheri1116Maharaj Ganj
31P.M.V. Maharajganj499Maharaj Ganj
32P.V. Dhera386Dhera
33P.V. Badaira630Badaira
34P.V. Khakal432Khakal
35Subhash I.C. Poonchh-11185Poonchh
36Subhash I.C. Poonchh-21167Poonchh
37Bhagirath I.C. Poonchh-11129Poonchh
38Bhagirath I.C. Poonchh-21377Poonchh
39P.V. Fatehpur State856Fatehpur (State)
40P.V. Salemapur501Salemapur
41P.V. Maboosa397Maboosa
42P.V. Dhamdhauli153Dhamdhauli
43P.V. Khooja814Khuja
44P.V. Baroda1216Baroda
45P.V. Sakin -1894Sakin
47U.P.V.Sakin Part-1786Sakin
48U.P.V.Sakin Part-2881Sakin
49U.P.V.Sakin Part-3694Sakin
50U.P.V.Sakin Part-4840Sakin
51P.V. Badokhari1128Badokhari
52P.V. Kuiya439Kuiya
53P.V. Sajokhari388Sajokhari
54P.V.Pracheen Vijaygarh Thane Ke Pas Samthar760Samthar (NPP)
55P.M.V. Nagar Kshetra Samthar777Samthar (NPP)
56Nagar Palika Parishad K.U.M.V.Samthar Part-1755Samthar (NPP)
57Nagar Palika Parishad K.U.M.V.Samthar Part-2829Samthar (NPP)
58Nagar Palika Parishad K.U.M.V.Samthar Part-3497Samthar (NPP)
59Nagar Palika Parishad K.U.M.V.Samthar-41049Samthar (NPP)
60Nagar Palika Parishad K.U.M.V.Samthar-5725Samthar (NPP)
61Nagar Palika Parishad K.U.M.V.Samthar-6731Samthar (NPP)
62Maharaja Veer Singh G.I.C. Samthar Part-1778Samthar (NPP)
63Maharaja Veer Singh G.I.C. Samthar Part-2874Samthar (NPP)
64Maharaja Veer Singh G.I.C. Samthar Part-3445Samthar (NPP)
65Maharaja Veer Singh G.I.C. Samthar Part-4852Samthar (NPP)
66Karyalay N.P.P. Samthar1312Samthar (NPP)
67K.P.M.V. Samthar767Samthar (NPP)
68Naveen Kanya P.V. Samthar874Samthar (NPP)
69Adarsh P.V. Samthar Part-1800Samthar (NPP)
70Adarsh P.V. Samthar Part-2816Samthar (NPP)
71P.V. Bahadurpur785Bahadur Pur
72P.V. Pahadpura State989Paharpura (Estate)
73P.V. Belmakala675Belma
74N.K.P.V. Bangri851Bangari
75P.V. Chirgaon Khurd1252Chir Gaon Khurd
76P.V. Dhaurka856Dhaurka
77P.V. Gyaraee622Gyarai
78P.V. Khilli796Khilli Jhansi
79P.V. Sikandara781Sikandra
80P.V. Babai1287Bawai
81P.V. Chitguan1108Chitgunwa
82P.V. Madorakhurd1400Madora Khurd
83P.V. Panari1312Panari
84P.V. Kayala738KAyla
85P.V. Amraukh1336Amraukh
87P.V. Bhujond769Bhujond
88P.V. Ahrauli496Ahroli
89P.V. Jarhakhurd459Jarha Khurd
90P.V. Amgaon1254Ammargarh
91P.V. Maheluwa570Mahluwa
92P.V. Kadoora945Kandaur
93P.V. Magraura545Magraura
94P.V. Mahuakhera506Mahua Khera
95P.V. Basobai1068Basowai
96P.V. Pachobai700Pachobai
97P.V. Datawalikala1102Datawali Kalan
98P.V. Angthari328Angthari
99P.V. Belma1136Belma Kalan
100Kanya P.V. Belma970Belma Kalan
101P.V. Lawan1401Lawan
102P.V. Budawali1139Budhawali
103P.V. Todi976Todi
104P.V. Gulpura247Gulpura
105P.V. Sena1031Saina
106P.V. Paraichha221Paraichha
107P.V. Silari294Silari
108K.P.V. Bamhrauli Part-11269Bamhroli
109P.V.Bamhrauli Part-11146Bamhroli
110P.V. Bamhrauli Part -21285Bamhroli
111P.V. Tada696Tanda
112U.P.V. Jaura Part-11060Jaura
113P.V. Jaura480Jaura
114P.V. Amkhera362Jaura
115K.C.P.I.C. Moth Part-11160Moth (NP)
116K.C.P.I.C. Moth Part-2853Moth (NP)
117K.C.P.I.C. Moth Part-3704Moth (NP)
118K.C.P.I.C. Moth Part-4804Moth (NP)
119K.C.P.I.C. Moth Part-5837Moth (NP)
120K.C.P.I.C. Moth Part-6791Moth (NP)
121Adarsh Inter Collage Moth Part-1720Moth (NP)
122Adarsh Inter Collage Moth Part-2421Moth (NP)
123Adarsh Inter Collage Moth Part-3560Moth (NP)
124Adarsh Inter Collage Moth Part-4814Moth (NP)
125Adarsh Inter Collage Moth Part-51004Moth (NP)
126Adarsh Inter Collage Moth Part-61108Moth (NP)
127P.V Bhauraghat1043Bhora Ghat
128P.V. Saran340Saran
129P.V. Imiliya485Imliya(Moth)
130P.V. Khiriyaghat832Khiriya Ghat
131P.V. Saujana528Manik Pura
132P.V. Patharra595Barthari
133P.V Barthari713Barthari
134Kanya P.V. Nimoniya639Nimonia
135Naveen P.V. Kumhrar648Kumhrar
136J.H.S Kumhrar945Kumhrar
137P.V. Atariya936Atariya
138P.V. Padari989Panari
139P.V. Khajoori695Khajuri
140P.V. Bamhroli State682Bamrauli Estate
141P.V. Kandaur785Kandaur
142P.V. Saurai656Saurai
143P.V. Chandar421Chandar
144P.V. Bajhera State637Bajhera Estate
145P.V. Pahadpura262Paharpura(Moth)
146P.V. Simiriya1049Semari
147P.V. Pandauri715Pandauri
148P.V. Dasna563Dasna
149P.V Ladawara727Ladawara
150P.V. Birguan479Baghonia
151Kanya P.V. Shahjahanpur902Shahjahanpur
152P.V. Shahjahanpur1079Shahjahanpur
153P.V. Pulgahna916Pargahna
154P.V. Khadaua759Khadauwa
155P.P Puliya1196Puliya
156P.V. Barnaya871Barnaya
157P.V. Bajeeta188Jera
158P.V. Jera377Jera
159P.V. Chhapar1290Chhapar
160P.V. Pasaiya671Pasaiya
161Gandhi Gramoudyog .U.M.V Bharosa Part-1973Bharosa
162Gandhi Gramoudyog .U.M.V Bharosa Part-2911Bharosa
163Kanya P.V. Rev Part-1739Reb
164Kanya P.V. Rev Part-2741Reb
165U.P.V. Bakuan Bujurg Part -11385Bakuwn Bujur
166U.P.V. Bakuan Bujurg Part -2978Bakuwn Bujur
167P.V Dehguan378Deguwan
168U.P.V Patti Kumharra1424Patti Kumharra
169P.P Nandkhas1182Nadkhas
170P.V. Puranad395Puranad
171P.V. Talaud735Talaur
172P.M.V. Talaud1217Talaur
173P.V. Gaduka Part-1855Gadooka
174P.V. Gaduka Part-2608Gadooka
175P.V. Pabai720Pawai
176P.V. Pargahna847Pulgahana
177P.V. Semari1098Semari
178P.M.V Semri998Semari
179Mahant R.D.I.C Ammergarh Part-11320Ammargarh
180Mahant R.D.I.C Ammergarh Part-21423Ammargarh
181Mahant R.D.I.C Ammergarh Part-31410Ammargarh
182P.V. Naveen Kumahariya Bhawan Part-1862Kumhariya
183P.V. Naveen Kumahariya Bhawan Part-2980Kumhariya
184P.V. Chelara1252Chelra
185P.V. Nandpura447Nandpura
186P.V. Karkos1141N/A
187P.V. Ludhiyaee1018Ludhiyai
188U.P.V Birhata452Barhata
189P.M.V. Nandsiya950Nandsiya
190P.V. Dewara593Deora
191Goswami Tulsidas Vidhyapeeth Inter College Erich Part 1946Erich (NP)
192Goswami Tulsidas Vidhyapeeth Inter College Erich Part 2862Erich (NP)
193Goswami Tulsidas Vidhyapeeth Inter College Erich Part 31119Erich (NP)
194Goswami Tulsidas Vidhyapeeth Inter College Erich Part 4514Erich (NP)
195Goswami Tulsidas Vidhyapeeth Inter College Erich Part 51378Erich (NP)
196Girls Junior High School Erich Part1792Erich (NP)
197Girls Junior High School Erich Part 2688Erich (NP)
198P.School Dikoli1313Dikoli
199P. School Sahpura Bujurga322Shahpur Buzurg
200Junior High School Goti Part 1918Gonti
201Junior High School Goti Part 2803Gonti
202P. School Jhabra1244Jhabra
203P. School Jakhanwara626Jakhanwara
204Junior High School Bhadarwara Bujurga Part 1722Bhadar Wara Buzurg
205Junior High School Bhadarwara Bujurga Part 2592Bhadar Wara Buzurg
206P. School Devra Bujurga420Deora Buzurg
207Hanumant Inter College Bamour Part 1774Bamor
208Hanumant Inter College Bamour Part 2874Bamor
209Hanumant Inter College Bamour Part 3897Bamor
210Hanumant Inter College Bamour Part 4886Bamor
211Lokmanya Tilak Inter College Iskil Bujurga Part 11447Eskil Buzurg
212Lokmanya Tilak Inter College Iskil Bujurga Part 21013Eskil Buzurg
213P. School Nekera267Naikera
214Girls Primary School Gendakabula529Genda Kabola
215P. School Katharri448Katharri
216P. School Gora330N/A
217Junior High School Labhera1146Labhera
218P. School Hardua984Harduwa
219P. School Rautanpura546Rautan Pura
220P. School Teherka704Teharka
221Junior High School Vilatikhet986Bilati Karkey
222P. School Vilatikarke1099Bilati Karkey
223P. School Sagoli989Sagauli
224Junior High School Khadeni678Khadaini
225Shankar Vidhyapeeth Junior High School Patha1072Patha
226P. School Farida599Pharida
227P. School Chhirora Khurd461Chhiraura Khurd
228P. School Sutta Part 1816Sutta
229P. School Sutta Part 2771Sutta
230New Primary School Khushipura Sutta1197Sutta
231P. School Singar Part 11101Singar
232P. School Singar Part 21274Singar
233P. School Riya1321Riyan
234P. School Ahrora1131Ahraura
235P. School Malehta597Malehta
236P. School Kudri1220Kudri
237P. School Behtar551Behatar
238P. School Gokul1110Gokal
239P. School Dudi794Dundi
240Junior High School Kuraitha Part 1882Kuretha
241Junior High School Kuraitha Part 21162Kuretha
242P. School Dhakneshwar1118Dakhaneshwar
243P. School Bargai Khagar1117Bargain Khangar
244P. School Jakhora1041Jakhaura
245P. School Dhanora Part 1818Dhanaura
246P. School Dhanora Part 21222Dhanaura
247P. School Pahra464Pahara
248P. School Khama324Khama
249P. School Tharro503Tharro
250Girls Primary School Pratappura345Pratappura
251P. School Devri937Deori
252P. School Ghatiyari448Ghatiyari
253P. School Barmain962Barmain
254P. School Kharvanch988Kharwanch
255P. School Dhamnodh542Dhamnod
256P. School Machlikanch302Dhamnod
257Junior High School Part 11073Kakarwai
258Junior High School Part 21008Kakarwai
259Junior High School Part 3998Kakarwai
260P. School Kachhir1286Kachir
261P. School Hira Nagar1164Hiranagar
262P. School Kharka987Kharka
263Junior High School Siya Part 11013Siya
264Junior High School Siya Part 21055Siya
265P. School Parsuwa Part 11068Parsuwa
266P. School Parsuwa Part 21009Parsuwa
267P. School Gadvai Part 1833Garhwai
268P. School Gadvai Part 2732Garhwai
269Junior High School Asta Part 11101Asta
270Junior High School Asta Part 21132Asta
271P. School Madpura519Madpura
272P. School Alampura1089Alam Pura
273P. School Nagra984Nagra
274P. School Bargai Aheer528Nagra
275P. School Adjara779Arjara
276P. School Bachheh1261Bachheh
277P. School Dodiya362Karguwan Buzurg
278P. School Sirvo1139Sirbo
279P. School Amli866Amali
280P. School Chandrapura369Chand Pura
281P. School Chaukri687Chokri
282P. School Kargva Bujurga Ekal Room535Karguwan Buzurg
283P. School Narayanpura Gursarai Part 11427Gursarai (NPP)
284P. School Narayan Gursarai Part 21063Gursarai (NPP)
285Primary School Bus Stand Gursarai Part 1830Gursarai (NPP)
286Kher Inter College Gursarai Main Building Part 1802Gursarai (NPP)
287Kher Inter College Gursarai Main Building Part 2936Gursarai (NPP)
288Kher Inter College Gursarai Main Building Part 31044Gursarai (NPP)
289Kher Inter College Gursarai Main Building Part 41275Gursarai (NPP)
290Kher Inter College Gursarai Main Building Part 51333Gursarai (NPP)
291P. School Bus Stand Gursarai Part21003Gursarai (NPP)
292P. School Bus Stand Gursarai Part 3568Gursarai (NPP)
293P. School Matvana Gursarai1227Gursarai (NPP)
294Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 1878Gursarai (NPP)
295Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 2817Gursarai (NPP)
296Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 3954Gursarai (NPP)
297Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 4960Gursarai (NPP)
298Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 51135Gursarai (NPP)
299Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 6359Gursarai (NPP)
300Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 7479Gursarai (NPP)
301Kher Inter College Gursarai Girls Department Part 81151Gursarai (NPP)
302P. School Urdu Medium Gursarai993Gursarai (NPP)
303P. School Madori Part 11046MADORI
304P. School Madori Part 2878Gursarai
305Junior High School Madori853MADORI
306P. School Lakhawati847Lakhawati
307P. School Khairo530Kheri
308P. School Nunar656Gohnar
309P. School Bhadarwara Khurd Part 1861Bhadarwara Khurd
310P. School Bhadarwara Khurd Part 2573Bhadarwara Khurd
311P. School Nagar659Bhadarwara Khurd
312Junior High School Kairokhar Part 11068Kairokhar
313Junior High School Kairokhar Part 2949Kairokhar
314P. School Saigua853Saiguwan
315P. School Ragholi577Raghauli
316P. School Durkhuru Part 1978Durkhuroo
317P. School Durkhuru Part 2832Durkhuroo
318P. School Dumrai1346Dumarai
319P. School Ramaura464Ramora
320P. School Nipan Part 11044Nipan
321P. School Nipan Part 2556Nipan
322A.J.I.C Garautha Part 11130Garautha (NP)
323A.J.I.C Garautha Part 2518Garautha (NP)
324A.J.I.C Garautha Part 31117Garautha (NP)
325A.J.I.C Garautha Part 4707Garautha (NP)
326A.J.I.C Garautha Part 5901Garautha (NP)
327A.J.I.C Garautha Part 6704Garautha (NP)
328A.J.I.C Garautha Part 7861Garautha (NP)
329Girls Primary School Garautha1033Garautha (NP)
330Junior High School Veerpura1043Birpura
331Girls Inter Coolege Garautha1037Durkhuroo
332P.School Garautha Khurd660Garautha (NP)
333P. School Sheela428Shila
334P. School Haibatpura1007Haibat Pura
335P. School Madha869Marha
336P. School Gohna646Gohna
337P. School Bhagvantpura731Bhagwant Pura
338Pu Ma Vi. Bijoura Part 11325Bijaura
339Junior High School Bijora Part 2224Bijaura
340Junior High School Ranapura Part 1732Rana Pura
341Junior High School Ranapura Part 2803Rana Pura
342P. School Pasora1467Pasaura
343P. School Bangra Part 1813Bangra
344P. School Bangra Part 2776Bangra
345P. School Birona918Bangra
346P. School Dhipkai1229Dhipkai
347P. School Rampura Part 1948Ram Pura
348P. School Rampura Part 2737Ram Pura
349Junior High School Motikatra Part 1841Moti Katra
350Junior High School Motikatra Part 2593Moti Katra
351P. School Bararoo874Bararoo
352P. School Sujanpura721Sujan Pura
353P. School Jasvantpura New Building994Jaswant Pura
354P.School Jalalpura782Jaswant Pura
355Gandhi Junior High School Simardha Part 11107Simardha
356Gandhi Junior High School Simardha Part 21000Simardha
357P. School Nimgahna846Nimgahna
358Junior High School Khadora Part 1959Khadaura
359Junior High School Khadora Part 2668Khadaura
360P. School Mathaniya501Mathaniya
361P. School Gorpura1093Gorpura
362P. School Kedartai1091Kedar Tai
363P. School Chaturtai1158Chatur Tai
364P. School Kheri1313Kheri
365P. School Gudha Part 1964Gurha
366P. School Gudha Part 21039Gurha
367P. School Markua Part 1834Mar Kuwan
368P. School Markua Part 2745Mar Kuwan
369Junior High School Puchhi Part 1935Puchhi
370Junior High School Puchhi Part 2779Puchhi
371P. School Avni Part 11160Eoni
372P. School Avni Part 21320Eoni
373Girls Primary School Avni Extra Room1198Eoni
374P. School Sahpura Khurd1007Shah Pura Khurd
375P. School Imlota835Imlota
376P. School Barota695Barota
377P. School Sonakpura Part 1952Sonak Pura
378P. School Sonakpura Part 2816Sonak Pura
379P. School Kotra1103Kotra
380P. School Lidhora972Lidhora

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