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Polling Booth in Gainsari Assembly Constituency

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Gainsari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Gainsari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gainsari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Baghelkhand1300Baghail Khand
2P.P. Bangai1085Bangai
3P.P. Bangai Extra Room638Bangai
4P.P. Visharampur1353Rampur
5P.P. Bhagvanpur Room No 11197Bhagwanpur
6P.P. Madarhva Room No1753Madrahwa
7P.P. Laokikhudra East Bhag952Lauki Khurd
8P.P. Laokikhudra West Bhag602Lauki Khurd
9P.P. Nagai842Nagai
10P.P. Chhapiya Sukhrampur Room No 1876Chhapia Sukhrampur
11J.H.School East Bhag Shitlapur699Shitlapur
12J.H.School.Extra Room Shitlapur821Shitlapur Dehat
13J.H.School West Bhag Shitlapur1308Shitlapur Dehat
14P.P. Madhavdeeh685Madhav Deeh
15P.P. Madhavdeeh Extra Room984Madhav Deeh
16P.P. Paraspur Karaonda East Bhag1051Paraspar Karaunda
17P.P. Paraspur Karaonda West Bhag1015Paraspar Karaunda
18P.P. Ramvapur East Bhag1241Ramwapur
19P.P. Ramvapur West Bhag1112Ramwapur
20P.P. Madhaya Nagar1445Madhya Nagar
21Panchyat Bhawan Charan Gahiya1431Charan Gahiya
22P.P.Mankuora Kashiram North683Mankaura Kashiram
23P.P. Mankuora Kashiram South827Mankaura Kashiram
24P.P. Semri1346Semri
26P.P. Ganeshpur1018Ganeshpur
27P.P. Pipra Durga Nagar955Pipra Durga Nager
28P.P. Chainpur East Bhag846Chainpur
29P.P. Chainpur West Bhag789Chainpur
30P.P. Janakpur1388Janakpur
31P.P. Nevalgarh720Newal Garh
32P.P. Lohti545Lohti, Bagahia
33Bhartiya Laghu M.V. Ratanpur Jhhinghaha (Balapur) North Bhag996Ratanpur Jhingha
34Bhartiya Laghu M.V. Ratanpur Jhhinghaha (Balapur) South Bhag874Ratanpur Jhingha
35Kanya P.P. Jarva East Bhag1292Mohkampur
36Kanya P.P. Jarva West Bhag640Mohkampur
37P.P. Kandhaidih719Bethania Kandhai Dih
38P.P. Raniyapur1010Raniapur
39P.P. Raniya Pur Extra Room520Raniapur
40P.P. Songarha621Son Garha
41P.P. Mutehara585Bhutehara
42P.P. Vishunpur Kalan1028Bishunpur Kalan
43P.P. Ganvirya Kalan740Ganwaria Kalan
44P.P. Khkhara839Khakhara
45P.P Ludhuori1382Laukahwa Madar Bux
46P.P. Bargadava Kala743Bargadwa Kalan
47P.P. Ramvapur1247Ramwapur
48P.P. Darjiniy972Lalpur
49P.P. Amawa Bans583Amwa Bas
50P.P. Bhojpur Tharu1205Bhojpur Tharu
51P.P. Thakura Pur East Bhag363Thakurapur
52P.P Thakura Pur West Bhag1449Thakurapur
53P.P. Jamdahra673Jamdhara
54P.P. Bakauli Dalpur East Bhag489Bakawli Dalpur
55P.P. Bakauli Dalpur West Bhag1303Bakawli Dalpur
56P.P. Lathavar1194Latthawar
57P.P. Sathi North Bhag734Sathi
58P.P. Mahua South Bhag1026Sathi
59P.P. Singh Muhani873Singh Mohni
60P.P. Gaisri1324Gainsari
61R.J.H.School Gaisri Room No 1787Gainsari
62R.J.H.School Gaisri Room No 2934Gainsari
63R.J.H.School Gaisri Extra Room1382Gainsari
64P.P. Khargaura1395Khargaura
65P.P. Chaypurava1262Chaipurwa
66P.P. Khamahariya932Khamhariya
67P.P. Nava Nagar1017Nawanagar
68P.P. Puraina East Bhag968Puraina
69P.P. Puraina West Bhag982Puraina
70Pu0 M0 V0 Padrauna1454Padrauna
71P.P. Laibudva1193Laibudwa
72P.P. Sonpur1337Sonpur
73P.P. Jeetpur738Jeetpur
74P.P. Jeetpur Extra Room771Jeetpur
75P.P. Matehana1039Muda Dih
76P.P. Sirsihva550Sirsihwa
77P.P. Sadva Gulriha East Bhag717Sadwa Gulriya
78P.P. Sadva Gulriha West Bhag953Sadwa Gulriha
79P.P. Majauli1196Majhauli
80P.P. Parsa Palaidih1362Parsapalai Dih
81P.P. Bakauli Rajpur Room No 11434Bakauli Razpur
82P.P. Bakauli Rajpur Room No 2960Bakauli Razpur
83P.P. Mahadev Shivpur1295Mahadev Shivpur
84P.P. Jignihava1127Jignihwa
85P.P. Bhaduva Shankarnagar1244Bhaduwa Shanker Nager
86P.P. Jamuni Kala Room No 11354Jamuni Kalan
87P.P. Bhadui580Bhadui
88P.P. Sanjhaval1069Sanjhwal
89P.P. Chauhattar Khudra632Chauhattar Khurd
90P.P. Baghi Sir952Baghisheer
91P.P. Chatoor Nagar603Chatur Nagar
92P.P. Dulhindeeh979Dulhin Dih
93P.P. Rahmarwa708Rahmarwa
94P.P. Dhandhara1091Dundra
95J.H. School Nachaura1306Nachaura
96P.P. Luxmi Nagar North Bhag1033Laxmi Nager
97P.P. Luxmi Nagar South Bhag1004Laxmi Nager
98P.P. Viloha North Bhag779Biloha
99P.P. Viloha South Bhag878Biloha
100P.P. Sukhrampur East Bhag852Sukhrampur
101P.P. Sukhrampur West Bhag772Mohanpur
102P.P. Mohanpur1341Mohanpur
103P.P. Turkauliya East Bhag1170Turkaulia
104P.P. Turkauliya West Bhag1172Turkaulia
105P.P. Deeh Surat Singh1441Dih Suratsingh
106P.P. Nachauri710Nachawri
107J.H. School Chamarbojhhiya847Chamarbojhia
108P.P. Nathayeedeeh East Bhag992Nathai Dih
109P.P. Jagdishpur882Jagdeeshpur
110P.P. Dihrupsingh488Deeh Roop Singh
111P.P. Motipur Kudoha678Motipur Kuroha
112P.P. Barhyapurwa914Bagahia
113P.P. Kodri1164Kodri
114P.P. Pakdi Patoha1295Pakri Patoha
115J.H. School Janki Nagar East Bhag986Janki Nagar
116J.H. School Janki Nagar Madhya Bhag916Janki Nagar
117J.H. School Janki Nagar West Bhag1487Janki Nagar
118P.P. Mahri1067Mahri
119P.P. Bhojpur712Bhozpur
120P.P. Beerpur1312Beerpur
121P.P. Govindpur1182Govindpur
122P.P. Bijuliya1372Bijuliya
123J.H. School Tengnahwa875Tegnahwa
124P.P. Kewalpur1054Kewalpur
125P.P. Chaukiya1191Chaukiya
126P.P. Ramnagra East Bhag840Ramnager
127P.P. Ramnagra West Bhag888Ramnager
128P.P. Jahandariya1180Jahandariya
129P.P. Jamuwariya North Bhag947Jamveriya
130P.P. Jamuwariya South Bhag649Jamveriya
131Panchyat Bhwan Jhhauwa866Jhawwa
132J.H. School Kudwa1018Kurwa
134P.P. Belhasa Achalpur760Belhasa
135P.P. Harnahwa Susta939Harnahwa Susta
136P.P. Gaura East Bhag749Gaura Bagnha
137P.P. Gaura West Bhag789Harnahwa Susta
138P.P. Manki East Bhag843Manki
139P.P. Manki West Bhag858Manki
140J.H. School Pipra Room No 11000Pipra
141J.H. School Pipra Room No 2975Pipra
142J.H. School Pipra Room No 3599Pipra
143P.P. Koyalkhar1250Koyal Khar
144P.P. Gulriha Ahirauli Room N0 1772Gulriha Ahrauli
145P.P. Gulriha Ahirauli Extra Room786Gulriha Ahrauli
146P.P. Gulriha Ahirauli Room No 2708Sahiyapur
147P.P. Sadwapur575Sadwapur
148P.P. Ghoplapur796Misrauliya
149P.P. Kather North Bhag1077Kather
150P.P. Kather South Bhag1108Kather
151P.P. Majhhauwa1127Mahuwa
152P.P. Kudi411Kudi
153P.P. Itayee1197Kidi
154P.P. Chaubepur935Chaubeypur
155P.P. Maszidiya664Masjidiya
156P.P. Visunpur Mahuwa North Bhag950Mahua
157P.P. Visunpur Mahuwa South Bhag1014Mahua
158Kanya P.P. Jaitapur1237Jaitapur
159P.P. Pakdi1195Pakri
160P.P. Singh Nath736Padkhuri
161P.P. Naobasta Kala798Naubasta Kalan
162P.P. Ganwariya1184Ganwariya
163P.P. Trilokpur1025Tirlokpur
164P.P. Beni Nagar1048Beney Nagar
165P.P. Chivtihwa924Chintihwa
166P.P. Ratanpur1428Ratanpur
167P.P. Vijai Nagar North Bhag904Vijay Nager
168P.P. Vijai Nagar South Bhag959Vijay Nager
169P.P. Bhainsahwa East Bhag1003Mankaura
170P.P. Bhainsahwa West Bhag979Bhaisahwa
171P.P. Basantpur North Bhag1000Basantpur
172P.P. Basantpur Extra Room785Basantpur
173P.P. Basantpur South Bhag655Basantpur
174J.H.School Madhya Nagar1383Madhya Nagar
175P.P. Semrahna Room No 11183Samrahna
176P.P. Semrahna Room No 21434Samrahna
177P.P. Ganwariya Bagulaha1154Ganwaria Bagulaha
178Kisan J.H.School Sonhati1494Sonhati
179P.P. Aurahiya North Bhag1270Aurahwa
180P.P. Aurahiya South Bhag1337Aurahwa
181P.P. Dhawayee751Dhawai
182P.P. Dhawayee Extra Room904Dhawai
183P.P. Manpur1225Manpur
185P.P. Sangrampur881Sangrampur
186P.P. Lalpur Bhuwandeeh837Lalpur Bhawan Dih
187P.P.Bhagavanpur Shivpura1332Bhagwanpur Seopur
188P.P. Madrahwa1192Madrahwa
189P.P. Ramwapur722Ramwapur
190P.P. Mankapur North Bhag801Mankapur
191P.P. Mankapur South Bhag793Mankapur
192P.P. Rajderwa1187Rajderwa
193P.P. Ram Nagar1460Ramnagar
194P.P. Sugawan599Sugaon
195P.P. Banjariya427Banjeria
196P.P. Harraiya Chandarsi810Haraiya Chandrasi
197P.P. Harraiya Chandarsi Extra Room757Haraiya Chandrasi
198P.P. Sishaniya Ghoplapur1355Sishania Ghoplapur
199P.P. Sishaniya Ghoplapur Extra Room214Sishania Ghoplapur
200P.P. Khakha Deyee1253Khakhadeyi
201P.P. Motipur Hadahwa1302Motipur Harahwa
202P.P. Bishunpur Tantanwa North Bhga1236Bishunpur Tantanwa
203P.P. Bishunpur Tantanwa South Bhga1223Bishunpur Tantanwa
204P.P. Bishunpur Tantanwa Madhya Bhga710Bishunpur Tantanwa
205P.P. Bhaggaur549Bhaggaur
206P.P. Pachperwa East Bhag1228Pachperwa (NP)
207Kanya P.P. Pachperwa West Bhag1227Pachperwa (NP)
208P.P. Pachperwa963Pachperwa (NP)
209Lok M.T.I.C. Pachperwa Kha Bhawan Room No 1965Pachperwa (NP)
210Lok M.T.I.C. Pachperwa Kha Bhawan Room No 2631Pachperwa (NP)
211Lok M.T.I.C. Pachperwa Kha Bhawan Room No 31154Pachperwa (NP)
212Lok M.T.I.C. Pachperwa Kha Bhawan Room No 41195Pachperwa (NP)
213J.H. School Pachperwa North Bhag765Pachperwa (NP)
214J.H. School Pachperwaextra Room790Pachperwa (NP)
215J.H. School Pachperwa South Bhag878Pachperwa (NP)
216P.P. Sishaniya Bargadhi North Bhag823Sishania Bargadhi
217P.P. Sishaniya Bargadhi South Bhag962Sishania Bargadhi
218J.H.School Bargadwa Room No 1835Bargadwa Saif
219J.H.School Bargadwa Room No 2720Bargadwa Saif
220P.P. Bargadwa Saif North Bhag1042Bargadwa Saif
221P.P. Bargadwa Saif Extra Room628Bargadwa Saif
222P.P. Bargadwa Saif Madhya Bhag1089Bargadwa Saif
223P.P. Ramnagra737Ramnagar
224P.P. Bahuti902Bahuti
225P.P. Gurchihwa North Bhag979Gurchihwa
226P.P. Gurchihwa South Bhag821Gurchihwa
227J.H. School Nawdeeh666Naw Deeh
228P.P. Harkhadi1230Harkhari
229P.P. Bangarh1000Bangarh
230P.P. Kalyanpur1055Kalyanpur
231P.P. Siswa918Siswa
232P.P. Khadgaura893Khadgaura
233P.P. Banghusri709Bangarh
234P.P. Suganagar Dumri1365Suganager Domri
235P.P. Rajderwa Tharoo1155Razderwa Tharoo
236P.P. Bhagwanpur Kodar885Bhagwanpur Koder
237P.P. Chandanpur North Bhga538Chandanpur
238P.P. Chandanpur South Bhga1248Chandanpur
239P.P. Bhushar Purai925Bhushar Purai
240J.H. School Bishunpur Vishram1491Bishunpar Bisrampur
241P.P. Kohar Gaddi Kodar996Koher Gaddi Koder
242P.P. Motipur Semri1219Motipur Semri
243P.P. Imaliya Kodar1194Imlia Koder
244P.P. Semrahwa545Semarhawa
245P.P. Bethaniya Karahiya Room No 1755Bethania Karaihil
246P.P. Bethaniya Karahiya Room No 21111Bethania Karaihil
247P.P. Beerpur Semra813Beerpur Semra
248P.P. Kolhuai707Kolhai
249P.P. Kolhuai Extra Room833Kolhai
250P.P. Dhudwaliya655Thudhwaliya
251P.P. Madni1087Madni
252P.P. Dhobauliya518Dhobauliya
253P.P. Rehra948Rehra
254P.P. Hariharpur749Hariharpur
256P.P. Belbhariya764Balbharia
257P.P. Bishunpur Kodar815Bishunpur Koder
258P.P. Majgawan North Bhag970Mazgawan
259P.P. Majgawan South Bhag898Mazgawan
260P.P. Pakdi Jeetpur386Pakrijeetpur
261P.P. Dhamauli1482Dhamauli
262P.P. Sidhwapur1255Kushmahar
263P.P. Farendi1282Farendi
264P.P. Pokhar Bhitwa907Pokhar Bhitwa
265P.P. Mishrauliya873Misrauliya
266J.H.School Bairihwa (Bhojpur) Room No 1854Bairihwa
267J.H.School Bairihwa (Bhojpur) Room No 2865Bairihwa
268P.P. Bhather East Bhag1020Bhather
269P.P. Bhather West Bhag1076Bhather
270Sanshadhan Kendra Chorsi1080Chorsi
271P.P. Parsa Vijuwa North Bhag1098Parsa Bizuwa
272P.P. Parsa Vijuwa South Bhag1239Parsa Bizuwa
273P.P. Trilokpur Dumri East Bhag858Tirlokpur
274P.P. Trilokpur Dumri West Bhag1055Tirlokpur
275P.P. Luxmi Nagar1325Laxmi Nager
276P.P. Narayanpur Thumhawa1254Narainpur Thamuha
277P.P. Shankarpur Kalan1209Shankerpur Kalan
278P.P. Badgo1177Badagau
279P.P. Moti Nagar737Motinager
280P.P. Narayanpur Judwaniya651Narainpur Jurwalia
281P.P. Manoharapur623Manoherpur
282P.P. Tilkahna826Tilkahna
283P.P. Tilkahna Extra Room795Tilkahna
284P.P. Turkauliya1159Turkaulia
285P.P. Laukahwa809Laukahwa
286P.P. Adamtara Room No 1809Adamtara
287P.P. Adamtara Room No 2721Adamtara
288P.P. Bemiha North Bhag765Bemiha
289P.P. Bemiha Extra Room821Bemiha
290P.P. Bemiha South Bhag956Bemiha
291P.P. Naubasta790Naubasta
292P.P. Pipriha Jamuni1429Pipra Jamuni
293P.P. Narchahwa Saif North Bhag855Narchahwa Sanoman
294P.P. Narchahwa Saif South Bhag947Narchahwa Saif
295P.P. Madhwa Nagar Khadar1298Madhwa Nager Khader
296P.P. Bargadha Sohna575Bargadha Sohna
297P.P. Imiliya Khadar1219Imlia Khader
298P.P. Lalbhariya506Lalbharia
299P.P. Madrahiya1008Madarahia
300P.P. Chhapiya599Chhapia
301P.P. Sakri Kuinya1373Sakri Kulya
302P.P. Malda795Malda
303P.P. Malda Extra Room802Malda
304P.P. Basahwa1132Sakalha
305J.H.School Achkawapur713Achkawapur
306P.P. Harnahwa Parsiya895Harnahwa Parsiya
307P.P. Sirsihwa603Sirsihwa
308P.P. Gobri North Bhag969Gobri
309P.P. Gobri South Bhag660Gobri
310P.P. Satni285Satni
311P.P. Hati1029Dhankhar Pur
312P.P. Bhagwanpur Khadar North Bhag1119Bhagwanpur Khadar
313P.P. Bhagwanpur Khadar South Bhag621Laibudwa
314P.P. Kataiya Bhari1296Kataiya Bhari
315P.P. Gaura Bhari East Bhag897Gaura Bhari
316P.P. Gaura Bhari West Bhag764Gaura Bhari

Last Updated on November 15, 2014