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Polling Booth in Dhampur Assembly Constituency

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Dhampur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Dhampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V.Ourangshahpur Banwari1375Tibri
2P.V. Husainpur Hameed1266Tibri
4P.V.Kopa309Hakimpur Megha
5P.V.Shahalipur Nichal735Aurangshahpur Banwari
6Panchayat Ghar Nathadoi1254Husainpur Hameed
10P.V.Kodupura1184Nathadoi Bila Ahatmali
10P.V. Noorpur Chhibri R.No.11184Nathadoi
10P.V. Noorpur Chhibri R.No.21184Nandgaon
11P.V.Badshahpur Laxmisain922Kodupura
12P.V.Mohd.Alipur Lalman1392Noorpur Chibri
13P.V.Azampur Jamnibhan R.No.11155Noorpur Chibri
13P.V.Azampur Jamnibhan R.No.21155Badshahpur Shah Mo.
14P.V.Sadtabad912Badshahpur Laxmisain
15P.V.Nwada Saidpur Jalal Urf Bhootpuri1056Mohmad Pur Lal
16P.V.Fahtehpur Jamal1265Azampur Jamnibhan
20P.V.Mohd.Pur Jamal929Fatahpur Jamal
20P.V.Hafizabad Shrki R.No.1929Fatehpur Lal Ahatmali
21P.V.Hafizabad Shrki R.No.2606Fatahpur Jamal
21P.V.Hafizabad Shrki R.No.3606Fatehpur Lal Ahatmali
22P.V.Laider Pur703Mohd. Pur Jamal
23Kisan J.H.School Mubarakpur Tappa Bharti1254Hafijabad Sharki
24P.V.Asphabad Bhawan972Hafijabad Sharki
26P.V.Umarpur Bangar483Laidarpur
28Panchyat Ghar Mohd.Pur Sada1086Asfabad Bhavan Bila Ahatmali
30P.V.Phatehpur Lal645Mohmadpur Sada Bila Ahatmali
31P.V.Shekhpur Bhavra838Gajrola Bila Ahatmali
31P.V.Chak Shahjani838Goyli Bila Ahatmali
32P.V.Mohd.Pur Sultan781Fatehpur Lal Bila Ahatmali
33P.V.Hakimpur Shakarganj R.No.1771Shekhpur Bhawra
33P.V.Hakimpur Shakarganj R.No.2771Tarkolimadan
34P.V.Nangli Ladan R.No.1985Chak Shahjani
35P.V.Nangli Ladan R.No.2672MO. Pur Sultan
36P.V.Nangli Ladanr.No.3848Hakimpurshan Karganj
37P.V.Nangla Ganna610Hakimpurshan Karganj
38P.V.Nangla Nansai603Nangli Ladan
39Purv Ma.Vi.Ramthera863Nangli Ladan
42P.V.Wajirpur Bhagwan1046Nangal Nensi Ahatmali
43P.V.Dhampur Husainpur R.No.11027Khajurajat
43P.V.Dhampur Husainpur R.No.21027Abunasirpur
43P.V.Dhampur Husainpur R.No.31027Ramthera
44P.V.Dhampur Husainpur R.No.4610Wazir Pur Bhagwana
45P.V.Rasulpur Imma1111Dhampur Husainpur
46P.V.Aladinpur Bhatpura1005N/A
47P.V.Gajupura1019Dhampur Husainpur
48R.S.M.I.C.Rampur Bhola R.No.11070Dhampur Husainpur
49R.S.M.I.C.Rampur Bhola R.No.2508Rasulpur Imma
50R.S.M.I.C.Rampur Bhola R.No.31185Aladinpur Bhatpura
51P.V.Mohd.Alipur Inayat511Gaju Pura
52Sarswati P.V.N.P.Dhampur R.No.1416Rampur Bhola
53Sarswati P.V.N.P.Dhampur R.No.21095Suhagpur
54K.M.I.C.Dhampur R.No.11361Suhagpur
55K.M.I.C.Dhampur R.No.2496Mohammad Alipur Inayata Ahatma
56K.M.I.C.Dhampur R.No.31100Dhampur (NPP)
57Kanya Purv Ma.Vi.Dhampur R.No.1970Dhampur (NPP)
58Kanya Purv Ma.Vi.Dhampur R.No.21380Dhampur (NPP)
59Kanya Purv Ma.Vi.Dhampur R.No.3920Dhampur (NPP)
60Kanya Purv Ma.Vi.Dhampur R.No.4699Dhampur (NPP)
61Laxmi Kanya Pa.Dhampur R.No.11027Dhampur (NPP)
62Laxmi Kanya Pa.Dhampur R.No.2678Dhampur (NPP)
63Laxmi Kanya Pa.Dhampur R.No.31087Dhampur (NPP)
64Laxmi Kanya Pa.Dhampur R.No.4843Dhampur (NPP)
65P.V.Tilak School Dhampur R.No.11094Dhampur (NPP)
66P.V.Tilak School Dhampur R.No.2705Dhampur (NPP)
67Shiwaji N.P.School Dhampur R.No.1794Dhampur (NPP)
68Shiwaji N.P.School Dhampur R.No.2810Dhampur (NPP)
69G.K.Gokhle School Dhampur1040Dhampur (NPP)
70Ba.U.Ma.Vi.Shi.Park Dhampur R.No.11325Dhampur (NPP)
71Ba.U.Ma.Vi.Shi.Park Dhampur R.No.21295Dhampur (NPP)
72Ba.U.Ma.Vi.Shi.Park Dhampur R.No.31137Dhampur (NPP)
73Kanya U.Ma.Vi.Dhampur832Dhampur (NPP)
74Madarsa I.Pu.Dhampur R.No.11323Dhampur (NPP)
75Madarsa I.Pu.Dhampur R.No.2905Dhampur (NPP)
76Madarsai.Pu.Dhampur R.No.31478Dhampur (NPP)
77J.H.School Arbiya Madrsa Dhampur R.No.11171Dhampur (NPP)
78J.H.School Arbiya Madrsa Dhampur R.No.21038Dhampur (NPP)
79Jain K.Pa.Dhampur R.No.11047Dhampur (NPP)
80Jain K.Pa.Dhampur R.No.2695Dhampur (NPP)
81Jain K.Pa.Dhampur R.No.3948Dhampur (NPP)
82K.I.C.Dhampur R.No.1770Dhampur (NPP)
83K.I.C.Dhampur R.No.2762Dhampur (NPP)
84P.V.Chota Shiv Mandir Dhampur R.No.11013Dhampur (NPP)
85P.V.Chota Shiv Mandir Dhampur R.No.21086Dhampur (NPP)
86P.V.Alawalpur1353Dhampur (NPP)
87P.V.Deettanpur1134Dhampur (NPP)
89Rani Phool Kumari K.I.C.Sherkot R.No.1736Dhampur (NPP)
90Rani Phoolkumari K.I.C.Sherkot R.No.2918Alavalpur
91Rani Phoolkumari K.I.C.Sherkot R.No.3812Ditanpur
92Rani Phool Kumari K.I.C.Sherkot R.No.4722Ditanpur
93Rani Phool Kumari K.I.C.Sherkot R.No.51019Sherkot (NPP)
94P.J.M.I.College Sherkot R.No.11143Sherkot (NPP)
95P.J.M.I.College Sherkot R.No.2981Sherkot (NPP)
96P.J.M.I.College Sherkot R.No.3960Sherkot (NPP)
97P.J.M.I.College Sherkot R.No.41043Sherkot (NPP)
98P.V.Afgagan Pratham Sherkot R.No.11057Sherkot (NPP)
99P.V.Afgagan Pratham Sherkot R.No.21186Sherkot (NPP)
100P.V.Afgagan Second Sherkot1032Sherkot (NPP)
101N.P.Karyalaya Sherkot735Sherkot (NPP)
102Dax.Vai.I.Co.Sherkot R.No.11040Sherkot (NPP)
103Dax.Vai.I.Co.Sherkot R.No.21032Sherkot (NPP)
104Dax.Vai.I.Co.Sherkot R.No.31108Sherkot (NPP)
105Dax.Vai.I.Co.Sherkot R.No.41146Sherkot (NPP)
106Dax.Vai.I.Co.Sherkot R.No.5931Sherkot (NPP)
107Dax.Vai.I.Co.Sherkot R.No.6663Sherkot (NPP)
108P.J.M.I.C. Sherkot Purvi930Sherkot (NPP)
110Ji.P.K.U.Ma.Vi.Sherkot R.No11099Sherkot (NPP)
111Ji.P.K.U.Ma.Vi.Sherkot R.No2826Sherkot (NPP)
112R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.11033Sherkot (NPP)
113R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.21426Sherkot (NPP)
114R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.31140Sherkot (NPP)
115R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.4720Sherkot (NPP)
116R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.5972Sherkot (NPP)
117R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.6549Sherkot (NPP)
118R.U.M.I.C.Sherkot R.No.7760Sherkot (NPP)
119Islamiya School Purana Thana Sherkot R.No.1966Sherkot (NPP)
120Islamiya Schoolpurana Thana Sherkot R.No.2566Sherkot (NPP)
121Islamiya School Purana Thana Sherkot R.No.31402Sherkot (NPP)
122Islamiya School Puran Thana Sherkot R.No.41205Sherkot (NPP)
123Islamiya School Purana Thana Sherkot R.No.5945Sherkot (NPP)
124R.U.M.P.V.Sherkot R.No.1706Sherkot (NPP)
125R.U.M.P.V.Sherkot R.No.2847Sherkot (NPP)
126R.U.M.P.V.Sherkot R.No.3678Sherkot (NPP)
127P.V.Jamalpur Udaychand1063Sherkot (NPP)
130P.V.Shahalipur Uttamchand1341Sherkot (NPP)
131Purv.Ma.Vi.Latifpur Urf Sipahiwala R.No.1450Jamal Pur Udaychand Bila Ahatm
132Purv.Ma.Vi.Latifpur Urf Sipahiwala R.No.2802Jamal Pur Udaychand Bila Ahatm
133P.V.Berkhera Tanda R.No.1764Jamal Pur Udaychand Bila Ahatm
135P.V.Berkhera Tanda R.No.2786Latifpur Bila Ahatmali
136P.V.Wazirpur Jagir1257Latifpur
138P.V.Jamapur988Berkhera Tanda Bila Ahatmali
139Janta I.C.Mukarpuri.R.N0.1975Biharipur Bila Ahatmali
140Janta I.C.Mukarpuri.R.N0.2976Bajirpur urf Madeyo
141P.V.Palki Aman1089Jamanpur
142P.V.Balkishanpur1267Mukerpuri Bila Ahatmali
143P.V.Nangla Budhwa932Mukeempur
143Purv.Ma.Vi.Umarpur Asha932Basera Khadar
145P.V.Mustphapur Taiyb1432Bakshanpur
146P.V.Saidpur Viru536Nangla Budhava
147P.V.Alhaipur R.No.11284Umarpur Asha Ahatmali
148P.V.Alhaipur R.No.2504Umarpur Asha Bila Ahatmali
149P.V.Alhaipur R.No.31184Mustafapur Tayyab Bila Ahatmal
150P.V.Alhaipur R.No.4351Saidpur Biro
151Panchyat Ghar Alhaipur R.No.11014Alhaipur
152Panchyat Ghar Alhaipur R.No.2762Alinargar
153Panchyat Ghar Alhaipur R.No.31057Alhaipur
154P.V.Nurullapur Udaychand R.No1758Alhaipur
155P.V.Nurullapur Udaychand R.No21001Alhaipur
158P.V.Mirzapur Palla587Mohari
159Kisan Seva Kendra Mojampur Jaitra1015Norullapur Uda1Achand
160P.V.Mojampur Jaitra R.No.1761Mohra
161P.V.Mojampur Jaitra R.No.2739Mohra
162P.V.Mojampur Jaitra R.No.31421Meerpur Palla
163Kanya U.Ma.Vi.Mojampur Jaitra833Mozampur Zaitra
164Public I.C.Mojampur Jaitra R.No.1868Mozampur Zaitra
165Public I.C.Mojampur Jaitra R.No.21223Mozampur Zaitra
167P.V.Bamnauli980Mozampur Zaitra
168P.V.Harra Ahamadpur Jalal1034Mozampur Zaitra
169P.V.Wajirpur Harwans881Mozampur Zaitra
169K.Purv Ma.Vi.Amkhera Shanjarpur881Nangala Goonga
171P.V.Sadullakhanpur1027Hara Ahmad Pur Jalal
174Prve Ma.Vi.Vajidpur Veeru1335Amkhera Shajarpur
175P.V.Mohdpur.Veeru1202Sadulla Khanpur
175P.V.Mohd.Alipur Bhikkan1202Shahjadpur Taru
175Panchyat Ghar Mojampur Suraj1202Raghu Nathpur
176P.V.Sarkthal Madho966Wazidpur
177P.V.Nidru Khas Pratham R.No.1556Mohammad Pur Biru
178P.V.Nidru Khas Pratham R.No.21475Mohammad Alipur Bhikan
179P.V.Nidru Khas Second R.No.1695Mozampur Suraj
180P.V.Nidru Khas Second R.No.2670Sarak Thal Madho
181P.V.Nidru Khas Second R.No.31196Nindru Khas
182P.V.Salawa1429Nindru Khas
183P.V.Khuzistanagar1480Nindru Khas
184P.V.Slemsrai Sarai925Nindru Khas
185P.V.Nurllapur Cheema756Nindru Khas
186Ba.L.Da.I.C. Chakrajmal R.No.11026Salawa
189Ba.L.Da.I.C. Chakrajmal R.No.2595Narullapur Chima
190Ra.Ka.U.Ma.Vi.Chakrajmal R.No.11150Buapur Khem
190Ra.Ka.U.Ma.Vi.Chakrajmal R.No.21150Wazir Pur Lal A.
191Ra.Ka.U.Ma.Vi. Chakrajmal R.No.31308Chakrajmal
191P.V.Nasirpur Banwari1308Chakrajmal
192P.V.Ajitpur Dasi895Chakrajmal
193P.V.Bakshanpur R.No1713Chakrajmal
194P.V.Bakshanpur R.No21075Chakrajmal
195Purv Ma.Vi.Manpur Shivpuri1268Chakrajmal
196P.V.Jagupura815Azitpur DasI
197Purv Ma.Vi.Salarabad999Bakshanpur
198P.V.Thathjat R.No.11348Bakshanpur
199P.V.Thathjat R.No.21109Manpur Sinpuri
200P.V.Shekhpur Thath434Jagupura
201P.V.Buapur Nathu R.No.11058Salarabad
202P.V.Buapur Nathu R.No.21144Thata Jat
203P.V.Hariyana508Thata Jat
204P.V.Sherpur Kaliya591Shekhpur That
205P.V.Keshopur870Buapur Nathu
209P.V.Jamalpur Mahipat1461Keshopur
209P.V.Rampur Dulli1461Raipur
209P.V.Hasanpur Palki1461Hajipur
210P.V.Sarkthal Sani R.No.1514Keshopur
211P.V.Sarkthal Sani R.No.2927Rampur Dulli
212P.V.Chak Mohd. Nagar693Hasanpur Palki
214P.V.Nangla Bhajja914Sakarthal Sani
214P.V.Ibrahimpur Narayan914Mohamad Alipur Abhaichand
215P.V.Jothimma R.No.11460Chak Mohmad Nagar
215P.V.Jothimma R.No.21460Puran Pur
216P.V.Umarpur Khadar1262Nangla Bhjja
217P.V.Nawasa Kesho1027Ibrahimpur Nara1An
218Purv Ma.Vi.Saddober961Jot Himma Bila Ahatmali
220P.V.Rasulpur Mohd.Kuli R.No.1653Umarpur Khadar
221P.V.Rasulpur Mohd.Kuli R.No.31319Navada Kesho
223Purv.Ma.Vi.Kadrabad Khurd613Saddovar Bila Ahatmali
225P.V.Amirpur737Rasulpur Mo. Kuli
226P.V.Jasmor1113Rasulpur Mo. Kuli
227Ba.K.Pa.Khallpur996Kadrabad Khurd
232P.V.Seohara R.No.11230Safi1Abad
232P.V.Seohara R.No.21230Khaleelpur
233P.V.Seohara R.No.3535Sadharanpur
233P.V.Seohara R.No.4535Saurampur
234P.V.Seohara R.No.5919Seohara (NPP + OG)
235M.Q.I.C.Seohara R.No.11027Seohara (NPP + OG)
236M.Q.I.C.Seohara R.No.21364Seohara (NPP + OG)
237M.Q.I.C.Seohara R.No.31019Seohara (NPP + OG)
238M.Q.I.C.Seohara R.No.4712Seohara (NPP + OG)
239M.Q.I.C.Seohara R.No.5672Seohara (NPP + OG)
240M.Q.I.C.Seohara R.No.61069Fazalpur
242Khand Vikas Karyaly Budhanpur Seohara R.No.1976Seohara (NPP + OG)
243Khand Vikas Karyaly Budhanpur Seohara R.No.2908Seohara (NPP + OG)
244R.S.P.I.C.Seohara R.No.21153Seohara (NPP + OG)
245R.S.P.I.C.Seohara R.No.3928Seohara (NPP + OG)
246R.S.P.I.C.Seohara R.No.4928Seohara (NPP + OG)
247Bidla I.C.Seohara R.No.1930Seohara (NPP + OG)
248Bidla I.C.Seohara R.No.21164Seohara (NPP + OG)
249Digmber Jain Mandir Samiti I.C. Seohara R.No. 11278Seohara (NPP + OG)
250Digmber Jain Mandir Samiti I.C. Seohara R.No. 21338Seohara (NPP + OG)
251Digmber Jain Mandir Samiti I.C. Seohara R.No. 31323Seohara (NPP + OG)
252Digmber Jain Mandir Samiti I.C. Seohara R.No. 41308Seohara (NPP + OG)
253Digmber Jain Mandir Samiti I.C. Seohara R.No.51285Seohara (NPP + OG)
254M.Q.Kanya I.C.Seohara R.No1811Seohara (NPP + OG)
255M.Q.Kanya I.C.Seohara R.No2697Seohara (NPP + OG)
256M.Q.Kanya I.C.Seohara R.No31061Seohara (NPP + OG)
257M.Q.Kanya I.C.Seohara R.No4553Seohara (NPP + OG)
258M.Q.Kanya I.C.Seohara R.No5857Seohara (NPP + OG)
259Dhan Narayan Ram Nryan Dani Mahila Ma.Vi.Seohara R.No.1604Seohara (NPP + OG)
260Dhan Narayan Ram Nryan Dani Mahila Ma.Vi.Seohara R.No.2996Seohara (NPP + OG)
261Dhan Narayan Ram Nryan Dani Mahila Ma.Vi.Seohara R.No.3592Seohara (NPP + OG)
262Dhan Narayan Ram Nryan Dani Mahila Ma.Vi.Seohara R.No.41178Seohara (NPP + OG)
263Dhan Narayan Ram Nryan Dani Mahila Ma.Vi.Seohara R.No.5879Seohara (NPP + OG)
264P.V.Dindarpur1068Seohara (NPP + OG)
266P.V.Milak Beniram963Seohara (NPP + OG)
269P.V.Palanpur624Milak Beniram
269P.V.Sherpur Reni624Rafipur
273Adrash J.H.School Sabdalpur R.No.1724Sherpur
273Adrash J.H.School Sabdalpur R.No.2724Sherpur Raini
274Primary School Rusulpur Bhawer Ah.1033Rahtauli
274Primary School1033Nangla Jajan
275Primary School Room 1960Sabalpur
276Primary School Room 2764Sadalpur

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