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Polling Booth in Budhana Assembly Constituency

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Budhana Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Budhana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Budhana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Praimari School788Karaunda
3Harijan Panchayat Ghar1004Karaunda
4Junior High School1299Khera Mastan
10Praimari Kanya Pathshala Fugana1295Fugama
11Chopal Jaharveer Badwali1063Fugama
13Chopal Harijan Alsan Patti Fugana1103Fugama
14Praimari School N0. 1 Uttari Bhag Dungar836Dungar
15Praimari School N0. 1 Dakshini Bhag Dungar813Dungar
16Praimari School N0. 1 Paschimi Bhag Dungar740Dungar
17Praimari School N0. 1 Purvi Bhag Dungar727Dungar
18Praimari School Uttari Bhag Loi1337Loi
19Praimari School Daxini Bhag Loi1235Loi
20Praimari School Purvi Bhag Fatehpurkheri1249Fatehpur Kheri
21Praimari School Paschimi Bhag Fatehpurkheri886Fatehpur Kheri
24Praimari School Jaula1494Jaula
25Midil School Jaula1186Jaula
26Shri Parsvanath Jain Inter College1123Jaula
31Jinvani Vidya Mandir Junior High School752Jaula
39Kanya Pathshala1210Parasoli
41Junior High School Rajpur Chhajpur1227Majra Garhi
42Praimari Pathshala Naya Bhawan Rajpur Chhajpur1340Rajpur Chajpur
43Praimari School Rajpur Chhajpur1319Rajpur Chajpur
45Praimari Pathshala970Hariya Khera
48Primary School No.11361Biral
50Praimari School No.21269Biral
52Thakur Moolchand Inter College848Kamruddeen Nagar
54Kanya Shakumbari Inter College1014Kuralasi
56Kanya Pathshala Kuralsi1041Kuralasi
57Praimari School Bahalolpur271Bahlolpur
61Arya Inter College1411Baroda
62Praimari School Satheri905Satheri
63Praimari School Midkali1255Mindkali
68Praimari School Purvi Bhag841Bitaoda
69Praimari School Paschimi Bhag789Bitaoda
71Islamiya School Bitawda920Bitaoda
74Kanya Junior High School1106Budhana (NP + OG)
76Kanya Junior High School Extra744Budhana (NP + OG)
79Kanya Junior School933Budhana (NP + OG)
80D.A.V. Publik School564Budhana (NP + OG)
84Ucch Prathmik Vidyalay907Budhana (NP + OG)
88D.A.V. Inter College923Budhana (NP + OG)
96Swami Kalyan Dev Kanya Mahavidyalay Tanki Ki Or Se841Budhana (NP + OG)
98Swami Kalyan Dev Kanya Mahavidyalay Bajar Ki Or Se783Budhana (NP + OG)
99Soami Kalyan Dev Kanya Mahavidyalay Bajar Ki Or Se1110Budhana (NP + OG)
100Praimari School Mohalla Mandi766Budhana (NP + OG)
103Praimari School N0.2772Safipur Patti (OG)
104Praimari School No.2 R0 No 2 Safhipur Patti( Budhana Dehat )872Safipur Patti (OG)
105Azad Morden Public Junior High School1473Safipur Patti (OG)
108Praimari Patshala1223Husainpur Kala
112Praimari School Naya Bhavan901N/A
117Praimari Patshala Ukavali1235Ukaoli
118Praimari Pathshala Badkata1191Barkata
119Jai Jawala Purv Madhyakmik Vidhlaya1022Kurthal
122Prathmik School Kutubpur Datiyana971Kutubpur Datiyana
123Prathmik School585Mahaljana
124Praimari School Atali1496Atali
125Praimari School N0. 1 Nagava1006Nagwa
129Kanya Pra.Patshala Mundhabar1147Mundbhar
130Primary School Naya Bhavan Mundhabar949Mundbhar
131Junior High School Mundhabar670N/A
138Prathmik Vidyalay No. 2768Sisauli (NP)
139Prathmik Vidyalay742Sisauli (NP)
140Prathmik Vidyalay No.21119Sisauli (NP)
141Ambadakar Bhavan U. Bhag Sisuali753Sisauli (NP)
142Ambadakar Bhavan D. Bhag Sisuali931Sisauli (NP)
143Praimari School Khadi Sundiyan1226Kheri Sundyan
147Praimari School Halolli1056Haloli
149Praimari School Sadruddinnagar1121Sadrudeen Nagar
150Harijan Chopal Saddruddinnagar518Sadrudeen Nagar
151Naya Primary School Gram Ke Purab Main1365Bhora Khurd
153Harijan Chopal Bhorakhurad423Bhora Khurd
154Praimari School Po. Bhag Bhoorakanlan1355Bhora Kalan
155Praimari School Paschimi. Bhag Bhorakalan1192Bhora Kalan
156Purvi Madhyamik Vidhlaya1151Bhora Kalan
157Purav Madhyamik Vidhlaya1023Bhora Kalan
158Beeaj Godam Bhorakalan727Bhora Kalan
162Praimari School Purana Garhinoabad1211Garhi Nawabad
163Praimari School Naya1129Garhi Nawabad
165Praimari Kanya. Patshala Garhinoabad965Garhi Nawabad
166Primary School R No 2 Jaitpur906Jaitpur
167Kishan Inter College1221Kharad
171Harijan Chopal Kharad1112Kharad
172Primary School New Building Rno-1 Kurava1313Kurawa
173Primary School New Building Rno-2 Kurava1306Kurawa
174Primary School Gadmalpur823Garhmal Pur
175Praimari School Raipur Aterana988Rampur Aterna
177Islaimaya School1185Mandwara
178Islamiya School1042Mandwara
179Praimari School Luhsana1167Luhsana
180Bharat Savak Samaj Inter College1469Luhsana
182Prathmik Vidyalayroom No.2 Habibpur Sikari1098Habeebpur Sikri
183Praimari School Kherigani1269Kheri Gani
186Primary School Mohd.Pur Rai Singh1240Mauhammadpur Raisingh
187Praimari School Purana Bahramgarh1100Bahramgarh
188Primary School Khanpur616Bawana
189Praimari School Ambedkar Bhawan Ke Pas927Umarpur
192Praimari School Ambdkar Bhawan Ke Pas740Umarpur
194Praimari Schoolnaya791Umarpur
196Praimari School Dhindhawali1147Dhindhaoli
197Praimari School Uttari Bhag Aadampur1136Adampur
198Primary School Dakshini Bhag Aadampru1037Adampur
201Praimari School Paschimi Bhag Dulhera1258Dulehra
202Praimari School Purvi Bagh Dulhera614Dulehra
203Praimari School Uttari Bahg Bahadarpur Garhi1158Bahadurpur Garhi
204Praimari School Dakshini Bahg Bahadarpur Garhi457Bahadurpur Garhi
205Panchyat Ghar Uttar Bahg Kakara1198Kakra
206Panchayat Ghar Dakshini Bagh Kakra1168Kakra
207Adarsh Junior Basic Vidhaliya1240Kakra
211Praimari School Rasulpur Jatan1188Rasoolpur Jatan
212Panchayat Ghar Rasulpur Jatan867Rasoolpur Jatan
213Praimari School Chandpur1209Chandpur
214Kanya Inter College1128Shahpur (NP)
219Junior High School Gokalpur1466Shahpur (NP)
223Kasturba Gandhi Balika Adarsh Vidyalay1117Shahpur (NP)
224Adarsh Junior Basic Vidhlaiya932Shahpur (NP)
226Prathmik Vidyalay Dakshini Bhag Palda747Palda
227Prathmik Vidyalayuttari Bhag Palda785Palda
232Praimari School No.1836Palri
234Praimari School No. 1962Palri
236Praimari School No. 2962Palri
238Praimari School Naya Bhawan947Shaoron
242Praimari School Purana Bhawan Uttar Bhag Shoro853Shaoron
243Praimari School Purana Bhawan Dakshini Bhag Shoro751Shaoron
244Praimari School Purana Bhavan Extra1482Shaoron
245Chopal Patti Harsariy Dakshani Bhag Shoro763Shaoron
246Chopal Patti Harsariy Uttari Bhag Shoro767Shaoron
247Chopal Chamaran Patti Harsari Shoro998Shaoron
248Chopal Patti Peerbhadash Shoro1204Shaoron
249Prathmik Vidyalay No. 2 Shahdabbar1304Shahdabbar
250Prathmik Vidyalay No.1 Shahdabbar989Shahdabbar
251Praimari School Khijarpur1042Khizzarpur
252Praimari School Sultanpur583Sultanpur
253Islamiya Madrsa Purvi1293Kasrewa
254Islamiya Madrsa Paschimi Bhag772Kasrewa
260Praimari School Prurvi Bhag Shahjuddi1383Shahjuhdi
261Junior High School R.N.1936Goela
263Junior High School R.N 3819Goela
265Praimary School No.2 804Goela
266Praimari School No. 2 Extra737Goela
269Praimari School Uttar Bagh Dhanayan1352Dhanayan
270Praimari School Hajurnagar822Hazur Nagar
271Praimari School Dabal999Dabal
272Praimari School Kitas1134Kilasa
273Praimari School Inchora423Inchaura
274Praimari School Mandavli Bangar1148Mandawali Bangar
275Praimari School Mandawali Khaddar975Mandawali Khadar
278Islamiya Madarsa949Kalyanpur
280Harijano Ki Dharamshala Alipur Aterna1112Alipur Aterana
283Panchayat Ghar Shahpur Basi645Shahpur Basi
284Praimari School Velli1004Valli
285Praimari School No. 2 Velli969Valli
286Praimari School Nasirpur718Nasirpur
287Praimari School Purana Tanda Majra1262Tanda Mazra
288Praimari School Naya Tanda Majra1190Tanda Mazra
292Islamiya School Rasulpur Dabheri1496Rasulpur Dabheri
296Praimari School Uttar Bagh Husanabad Bhanwada760Husainabad Bhambara
297Praimari School Dakshini Bhag Husainabad Bhanwada791Husainabad Bhambara
298Purv Madhyamik Vidyalay Husainabad Bhanwada1350Husainabad Bhambara
299Islamiya School Purvi Bhag Husainabac Bhanwara859Husainabad Bhambara
300Islamiya School Paschimi Bhag Husainabac Bhanwara821Husainabad Bhambara
301Praimari School Uttari Bhag Riyawali Nagla1268Riawali Nagla
302Praimari School Dakshini Bhag Riyawali Nagla1289Riawali Nagla
303Islamiya Madarsa Uttari Bhag Riyawali Nagla765Riawali Nagla
304Islamiya Madarsa Madhya Bhag Riyawali Nagla818Riawali Nagla
305Islamiya Madarsa Dakshini Bhag Riyawali Nagla439Riawali Nagla
306Prathmik Vidyalay Riyawali Nagla920Riawali Nagla
310Praimari School Naya Bhawanroom N0. 2 Mubarikpur660Mubarakpur
311Praimari School Dakshini Bhag Khubbapur1484Khuwaspur
312Praimari School Aliyarpur Deh765Aliyarpur Dei
313Praimari School Purvi Bhag Basdhada992Basdhara
314Praimari School Paschimi Bhag Basdhada924Basdhara
316Junior High School Basdhada974Basdhara
317Praimari School Dinkarpur962Dinkarpur
318Mahanand Junior Vadik High School1136Dinkarpur
319Praimari School Sohajani Tagan963Sohanjni Tagan
320Kanya Patshala Uttari Bhag1135Sohanjni Tagan
321Kanya Patshala Dakshani Bhag Shogani Taggan1026Sohanjni Tagan
322Navgagrati Junior High School806Purbaliyan
328Prathmik Vidyalay No. 11434Purbaliyan
333Harijan Panchayat Ghar Mandir Ke Pas Purbaliyan1484Purbaliyan
334Praimari School Nijampur984Nijampur
337Kanya Pathshala Jeevna1314Jeewna
338Praimari School Harijan Abaadi Se Jeevna943Jeewna
339Prathmik Vidyalay Morkukka1289Morkukka

Last Updated on November 15, 2014