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Polling Booth in Bithari Chainpur Assembly Constituency

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Bithari Chainpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bithari Chainpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bithari Chainpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pra0 Pathshala Dohariya1233Dogharia
2Pra. School Simara Ajuba Begum526Simra Ajooba Begum
3Pra. Pathshala Khajuriya340Khajuria Brahmnan
4Pra. School Bhartol900Bhartaul
5Pra. School Bhartol Extra784Bhartaul
7Pra. School Saidpur Khajuriya822Saidpur Khajuria (CT)
8Ju. High School Saidpur Khajuriya747Saidpur Khajuria (CT)
12Pra. School Mohanpur863Mohenpur (CT)
15Ju. High School Mohanpur1263Mohenpur (CT)
16Jun.High School Mohanpur1292Mohenpur (CT)
17Mohanpur School New Bhawan Nikat Old Mohanpur1284Mohenpur (CT)
19Shyam Bihari Memorial Ju. High School Mohanpur Road Nakatiya1433Mohenpur (CT)
20S. Gloriyas Public School Adarash Colony Mohanpur1306Mohenpur (CT)
23Jalkal Office Sachiv Thiriya Nizawat Khan1491Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
24Jawahar Meena Inter College Thiriya Nizawat Khan22Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
25Jalkal Office Sachiv Office Thiriya Nizawat Khan Sabhagar1275Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
26Sarvant Quater B Block Jalkal Office Sachiv Office Thiriya Nizawat Khan610Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
27Maktab Darul Ulum Ju. High School Thiriya Nizawat Khan1187Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
29Jalkal Office Ka Sayukat Office2026Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
32Pra. School1321Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
33Pra School803Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
34Pra School Extra807Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
35Girls Jun. High School Thiriya Nizawat Khan450Thiriya Nizamat Khan (NP)
37Pra School New Bhawan1440Parsona (CT)
38Pra. School New Bhawan1385Parsona (CT)
40Pra Pathshala Manpuriya1220Manpuria Delel
41Pra School Bhindoliya1212Bhindaulia
43Pra School Nariyawal802Naryawal
45Pra School Gopal Nagariya Anoop894Gopalpur Nagaria Anoop
46Pra School Sundarpur407Sunderpur
47Pra School Prataspur1088Parataspur
48Primary School Saidpur Lashkariganj1086Saidoopur Lashkariganj
51Pra Patshala Dharupur Thakuran1059Dharoopur Thakuran
52Jun. High School Padarathpur1325Padarathpur (CT)
54Pra School Padarthpur828Padarathpur (CT)
56Jun. High School Udala Jagir611Urla Jagir
60Pra. Pathshala Tahtajpur422Tahtajpur
61Pra School Faridapur Inayat Khan935Faridapur Inayat Khan
62Pra Pathshala Kishanpur Mazara Udala Jagir384Faridapur Inayat Khan
63Pra Pathshala Alampur Gazraula1017Alampur
65Pra Schjool Udayapur Jashrathpur1074Udaipur Jasrathpur
66Pra School Udayapur Jashrathpur1309Udaipur Jasrathpur
67Pra. School Saripur875Saripur
68Jun. High School Banipur Shadat683Benipur Sadat
69Pra. School Tayyatpur935Taiyaytpur
70Jun.High School Bithari Chainpur895Bithri Chainpur
73Jun. High School543Balipur Ahmedpur
74Pra. Pathshala Uganpur659Uganpur
75Pra. School Nawadiya Jhada728N/A
76Pra. School Puranapur1282N/A
77Pra. School Kuwadada Kurmiyan489N/A
78Pra School Nougawa Harshapatti953N/A
79Pra. School Tiwariya591N/A
80Pra. Pathshala New Bhawan Singhai Murawan1153N/A
82Pra. Pathshala Kohani524N/A
83Pra. School Bhagoutipur624N/A
84Pra Pathshala Nagipur565N/A
85Pra. Pathshala Trikuniya650N/A
86Pra. Pathshala Kamua Kala658N/A
87Pra. Pathshala Kesharpur1179N/A
88Jun.High School Kesharpur350N/A
90Pra. Pathshala Kesharpur Extra240N/A
91Pra. School Saidpur Kurmiyan986N/A
93Pra. Pathshala Laxmipur362N/A
94Pra. School Nathu Rampura730N/A
95Pra. Pathshala Sahua398N/A
96Pra. Pathshala Isamailpur525Ismailpur
97Pra. Pathshala Khaikheda560N/A
98Pra. School Pharapur Vaswan Nagariya670N/A
99Pra. Pathshala Patpraganj191N/A
100Pra. School Pareva Kuniya1443N/A
101Pra. School Sarkada731N/A
102Pra. School Lahiya1231N/A
103Pra. School Bhandhariya1048N/A
104Pra. Pathshala Bhaganapur381N/A
105Girls Patshala699N/A
106Pra. Pathshala New Bhawan Murdikhurad Kala1348N/A
107Pra. School Sishaiya761N/A
108Pra. School Gunga824N/A
109Bharat Sewak Samaj High Secandary School1089N/A
110Pra. Pathshala Amlonipur383N/A
111Pra. Pathshala Tandwa371N/A
112Pra. Pathshala1090N/A
113Pra. Pathshala Bhaat317N/A
115Pra. Pathshala Rohtapur475N/A
116Pra. Pathshala Bichra Balkishanpur589N/A
117Pra. Pathshala Dhaneti Kharagpur954N/A
119Pra. Pathshala Khajuhai710N/A
121Pra. Pathshala Jitaur648N/A
123Pra. Pathshala Gokilpur383N/A
124Pra. Pathshala Naya Bhawan Mehgawan Urf Uncha Gaon592N/A
125Office S.R. Samiti Itauaa Sukhdevpur1465Itawa Sukhdevpur
126Pra. Pathshala Viria Narayanpur1115N/A
127Pra. Pathshala Behti Deha Jageer931N/A
136Block Office Kareli964N/A
137Block Office Aganbardi1098N/A
140Pra Pathshala Jheel Gautiya1075N/A
141Pra. Pathshala Kargaina Nirmaan1311N/A
143Pra. Pathshala Kargaina1086N/A
145Ju. High School1203N/A
148Kanya Pathshala Kargaina583N/A
150Pra. Pathshala Chanehti1465Chaneti
155Ju. High School Kandharpur R.No. 11459N/A
156Pra. Pathshala Kandharpur1404N/A
157Ju. High School Kandharpur1748N/A
158Ju. High School Kandharpur R.No. 2108N/A
159Pra. Pathshala Nirmaan Bhawan Lakhaura1234N/A
160Pra. Pathshala Pargawan1077N/A
161Pra. Pathshala Umarsiya728N/A
163Pra. Pathshala Sirsa547N/A
164Pra. Pathshala Mirzapur470N/A
165Pra. Pathshala Varinagla869N/A
166Pra. Pathshala Bukhara1122N/A
169Pra. Pathshala Paalpur Kamaalpur917N/A
170Pra. Pathshala New Bhawan Paalpur Kamaalpur718Palpur Kamalpur
171Maharana Pratap H.Sec. School Maanpur Ahiyapur550N/A
172Pra. Pathshala Maanpur Bhoor690N/A
174Pra. Pathshala Maanpur Chikatiya989N/A
176Pra. Pathshala Varkaliganj418N/A
177Pra. Pathshala Bhauaapur744N/A
178Pra. Pathshala Babhiya976N/A
179Ju. High School Babhiya964N/A
180Ju. High School Kyara1118N/A
183Pra. Pathshala Manjha377N/A
184Pra. Pathshala Jagatpur382N/A
185Ju. High School Simra Voripur1242Simraboripur
186Pra.Pathshala Karaunda740N/A
187Pra. Pathshala Taal Gautiya528N/A
189Pra. Pathshala Harduaa753N/A
190Pri Path Churha Navadia656Churha Navdia
191Pri Path Kishansinghpur495Kishan Singhpur
192Pri Path Rafiabad519Rafiabad
193Pri Path Dheerpur650Dheerpur
194Pri Path Rehmanpur810Rahmanpur
195Pri Path Dasipur781Dasipur
196Pri Path R.No. 1 Jaitpur Sharifpur901Jaitpur Shareefpur
197Pri Path R.No. 2 Jaitpur Sharifpur529Jaitpur Shareefpur
198Panchayat Ghar Milak Majra Jaitpur Sharifpur623Jaitpur Shareefpur
199J.H. School Valei Bhagwantpur1235Walaibhagvant Pur
200Pri Path Mushrafpur779Musraf Pur
201Pri Path Jainpur Qadrabad428Jainpur Kadarabad
202Pri Path Mirzapur748Mirjapur
203Pri Path Shivnagar Champatpur535Shivnagar Champatpur
204Pri Path Kanharpur1243Kandharpur
205Pri Path Paravahanddinpur1091Prawaha Uddinpur
206Pri Path Vamyana1426Bamiana
207Pri Path Bhojpur1097Bhojpur
208J.H. School Premrajpur708Prem Rajpur
209Pri Path Sahasa1382Shahasa
210Pri Path Bhindaura1191Bhindaura
211Pri Path Rutiya556Rutia
212J.H. School R.No. 1 Ahmednagar Urf Visharatganj1350Bisharatganj (NP)
213J.H. School R.No. 2 Ahmednagar Urf Visharatganj1008Bisharatganj (NP)
214J.H. School R.No. 3 Ahmednagar Urf Visharatganj879Bisharatganj (NP)
215J.H. School R.No. 5 Ahmednagar Urf Visharatganj841Bisharatganj (NP)
216J.H. School R.No. 4 Ahmednagar Urf Visharatganj1418Bisharatganj (NP)
220Pri Path Jalalnagar1150Jalal Nagar
221Pri Path Gidauli776Gularia Uprala
222Pri Path R.No. 1 Nisoi1226Nisoi
223Pri Path R.No. 2 Nisoi617Nisoi
224Pri Path Noorpur Bujurg554Noorpur Buzurg
225Pri Path Noharahasanpur590Nauhara Hasanpur
226Pri Path Prahaladpur350Pahladpur
227Pri Path Ismailpur826Ismailpur
228Pri Path Manpur380Kunwarpur
229Pri Path Dhakora720Dhakoura
230Pri Path R.No. 1 Sidullaganj468Sadullaganj
231Pri Path R.No. 2 Sadullaganj471Jagmanpur
232J.H. School R.No. 1 Atarchedi1004Atarchedi
233J.H. School R.No. 2 Atarchedi816Atarchedi
234Pri Path Nainpur Majra Atarchedi278Atarchedi
235Pri Path Bilauri947Bilauri
236Dharmpal Singh Kanya U.M.V. Ramnagar Majra Bilauri1073Bilauri
237Pri Path Mohammadpur Pathra730Mohammadpur Pathra
238Pri Vidha Motipura Majra Pathri1078Pathra
239Pri Path R.No. 1 Tanda785Tanda
240Pri Path R.No. 2 Tanda983Tanda
241Pri Path Musrah526Musraha
242Pri Path Siholia750Siholia
243J.H. School Paschami1342Degoi
244J.H. School R.No. 3 Digoi Paschim563Degoi
245Pri Path Dalippur804Dilippur
246Pri Path Kiratpur605Keeratpur
247Pri Path Naugawan417Naugawa
248Pri Path Vagarpur562Bangarpur
249Pri Path R.No. 1 Khuli Naya Bhawan1150Khuli
250Pri Path R.No. 2 Khuli Naya Bhawan863Khuli
251Pri Path Yusufpur486Nitoi
252Pri Path Hajratpur674Hazratpur
253Pri Path Bhikampur370Bheekampur
254Pri Path R.No. 1 Sendha1155Sendha
255Pri Path R.No. 2 Sendha867Sendha
256Iffco K.V. R.No. 1 Sendha1183Iffco Census Village (CT)
257Iffco K.V. R.No. 2 Sendha1230Iffco Census Village (CT)
258Pri Path Malgawan882Malgawan
259Pri Path Karapia Brahmnan316Karpia Brahmnan
260Pri Path Mohammadganj368Mohammad Ganj
261Pri Path Karpia Khas371Karpia Khas
262Pri Path Chingri Balkishan1233Chigari Wal Kishanpur
263Pri Path Pachtaur467Pachtor
264Pri Path Islamabad929Ismailpur
265J.H. School Kusari767Kusari
266Pri Path Shekhupur Urf Biharipur672Bakarganj
267Pri Path Waqarganj666Bakarganj
268Pri Path Vehta Lalach271Bheta Laluch
269Pri Path Bhartana906Bhartana
270Major Suresh Bhatnagar U.M.V. R.No. 1 Kuddha1146Kuddha
271Major Suresh Bhatnagar U.M.V. R.No. 2 Kuddha487Kuddha
272Pri Path Pakhurni968Pakhurani
273Pri Path Makrandpur Tarachand849Makranmpur Tarachand
274Pri Path Nitoi667Nitoi
275Sri Mohan Memorial U.M.V. R.No.1 Sirohi1101Sirohi
276Sri Mohan Memorial U.M.V. R.No. 2 Sirohi1264Sirohi
277Pri Path Sarari828Sirairi
278J.H. School Majhara785Majhara
279Pri Path Nagla986Nagla
280Pri Path Rudrapur Majra Naurangpur817Naurangpur
282J.H. School Naurangpur944Naurangpur
283Pri Path Dalpatpur345Dalpatpur
284Pri Path R.No. 1 Singha809Singha
285Pri Path R.No. 2 Singha612Singha
286Pri Path Kakri359Katka Barat
287Pri Path Gaharra982Gaharra
288Pri Path Rampur Kaankar1220Rampur Kakar
289Pri Path Dapta Shyampur1139Dapta Shyampur
290Pri Path Shyampur230Dapta Shyampur
291Pri Path Sarau737Sarau
292Pri Path Katka Raman1106Katka Raman
293Atamaram I.C. R.No. 3 Ballia876Ballia
294Atamaram I.C. R.No. 2 Ballia951Ballia
295Atamaram I.C.R.No. 4 Ballia1343Ballia
296Atmaram I.C. R. No. 5 Ballia1298Ballia
297Pri Path Katka Bharat1064Katka Barat
298Pri Path R.No. 1 Naugawan Thakuran1128Nogawan Thakuran
299Pri Path R.No. 2 Naugawan Thakuran597Nogawan Thakuran
300Pri Path Takhtpur Majra Naugawan Thakuran720Nogawan Thakuran
301Pri Path Jamalpur465Jamalpur
302Nirichad Bhawan Khera1031Khera
303Pri Path R.No. 1 Bhamora1140Bhamora
304Pri Path R.No. 2 Bhamora1276Bhamora
305Pri Path Nakatpur693Nakatpur
306Pri Path Devipur321Devipur
307Pri Path Nausara Majra Kyonashadipur1170Keona Sadipuur
308Pri Path Kyona Shadipur686Keona Sadipuur
309Pri Path Padri757Pandri
310Rambharosey I.C. R.No. 1 Devchara1250Devchara
311Rambharosey Lal I.C. R.No. 2 Devchara1230Devchara
312Rambharosey Lal I. C. R.No. 3 Devchara1169Devchara
313Rambharosey Lal I.C.R.No. 4 Devchara1038Devchara
314Pri Path Rampur Bujurg1256Rampur Buzurg
315J.H. School R.No. 2 Rampur Bujurg885Rampur Buzurg
316Pri Path Kundaria Ikhlashpur973Kundaria Akhlaspur
317Pri Path Sultanpur371Sultanpur
318J.H. School Rajupur870Rajupur
319Pri Path Shahbazpur676Shahabaj Pur
320Pri Path Dhaka1223Dhaka
321Pri Path R.No. 1 Akha Mu01197Akha Mustkil
322Pri Path R.No. 2 Akha Mu01187Akha Mustkil
323Hawaldar Abdul Hamid I.C. Vahanpur695Akha Mustkil
324Pri Path Majnupur1470Majnupur
325Pra Path Rafiabad955Rafiabad
326Pri Path R.No. 1 Kaimua969Kemuwa
327Pri Path R.No. 3 Kaimua598Kemuwa
328Pri Path R.No. 2 Kaimua698Kemuwa
329Pri Path R.No. 1 Sardarnagar1070Sardar Nagar
330Pri Vidha R.No. 2 Sardarnagar1154Sardar Nagar
331Pri Path Kohni Pratappur767Kohani Pratappur
332Pri Path Badhrai Kuiyaan1038Badrai Kuinya
333Pri Path Nawadia697Nabadia
334Pri Path Alampur Zafrabad1136Milak Mansarampur
335Pri Path Makrandpur Dharajeet1219Milak Mansarampur
336J.H. School Saidpur Kani452Rampur Buzurg
337Pri Path Langoora1189Langura
338Pri Pth Chandaua776Chandowa
339Pri Path Fatehpur Sarathu425Fatehepur Saradu
340Pri Path R.No. 1 Avra1130Milak Majhra
341Pri Path R.No. 2 Avra921Abra
342Pra Path Chakarpur923Chkarpur
343Pri Path Champatpur1346Champatpur
344J.H. School Sirsa1215Sirsa Bichhuriya
345Pri Path Bichuraiya Sirsa958Sirsa Bichhuriya
346Pra Path R.No. 1 Harrampur746Harirampur
347Pri Path R.No. 2 Harrampur853Harirampur
348J.H. School Ghilaura1341Guleli
349Pra Path Banara1195Vnara
350Pri Path Firozpur664Firozpur
351Pri Path Dhanaura800Dhanaura
352Pri Path Gausganj813Tajpur Nawadia
353Pri Path Lehar588Lahar
354Pri Path Keeratpur Sthith Gram Keeratpur647Mai Keeratpur
355Pri Path Jhijri957Jhinjhari
356Pri Path Milak Majra Jhijri409Jhinjhari
357Pri Path Trikunia Majra Lehar526Lahar
358J.H. School Himmatpur692Himmatpur Urf Taharpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014